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When Trends and Technology Collide: A Guide You Should Read This Year

Trends often come and go, but when they collide with technology something different happens. Often, it causes a disruption to whatever industry they are in. Take taxis, for example. The introduction or an easy-to-use app and on-demand ride shares have caused quite the disruption in recent years. The same applies to the vaping industry and how it has made a name for itself, and so on. Some trends and tech are slower to be picked up by the general populace than others, but make no mistake in thinking they aren’t just as important.

4 Famous Trends and Technology Collision Examples

When trends and technology collide, it often causes a paradigm shift. To help you understand how this occurs, follow this guide and take these examples to heart:

Smart Watches

Smart watches offer more maneuverability without the clunk of a smartphone. They are not a replacement, however – simply a good tool to have to make full use of the smartphone without always having it in your hand. Great for business people and those on the go, it will allow you to track your movements, fitness, and even can also incorporate a music device or answer phone calls. Essentially, it gives you the ability to be hands-free, but your phone does need to be nearby for its Bluetooth capabilities to be at their best.

Smartwatches indicate a trend moving towards handless devices. This trend has also been picked up by voice-activated personal assistants, and allow for more control over your tech without directly interacting with it.

Smartwatch - When Trends and Technology Collide. What Happens?
Smartwatches are trendy in nature. Aside the luxurious aspect of wearing them, they also offers you extra features that makes your life much easier. Multitasking becomes easier with them – thanks to trends and technology collision coming into effect simultaneously.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a specific type of smartwatch that is leading the way towards the future. Not only can they be used to help people get more active in their day-to-day life, but they have also been used to reward customers. Gyms, for example, can offer a discount to users who are regulars, thus encouraging them to be healthier every day.

Fitness Tracker Has Heart rate monitor that lets you stay in form - one of the good things of trends and technology collision
Fitness trackers lets you monitor your heart rate, and health status on the go and this is one of the best examples of what happen when trends and technology collides unexpectedly.


Vaping is a true hybrid of an enduring trend and technology. Vaping has been around for a while, but it is only recently that the industry has finally taken a leap into the future. Not only can you enjoy modern and sleek designs like those from NJOY, you can also fully customize the experience if you want to. Have a bigger vapor cloud for vape cloud competing, or a smaller cloud for a more discrete and respectful experience in public. Whatever your choice, you can personalize it, all while enjoying more variety in e-liquid than ever before.

Vaping Industry - When Trends and Technology Collides

Vaping has opened up possibilities for new dispersal methods, too; from medicine to caffeine, what’s in your e-liquid could change drastically in the future.

New Luxury Textiles

In the fashion industry, there are a few instances where trends and technology have collided. Sustainable and innovative textiles, for example, have arisen due to the trend shifting towards a more sustainable attitude. This in turn helps the planet and gives fashionistas a new class market to enjoy.

Another shift is towards less waste production. This helps companies be more sustainable, make greater use of their materials, and even brings about the future of custom-made clothing and products for users. Between machine advances and 3D printing, the world is looking to be a completely customizable one.

Luxury Textiles Industry
Luxury textile industry has in recent times attracted new sets of technological advancements – from reusable to custom made production, to reduction in wastage and lots more. The industry has improved greatly.

Technology advances can make our world so much better for everyone involved, but not all tech advances will see the light of day. By combining new tech with trends or old favorites, companies around the world can give themselves a greater edge over their competition and even forge the way into the future.

By Olawale Daniel

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