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How to Make Use of SEO Tactics to Get More Readers to Your Blog

Hi all, I just want to share with you a valuable information which I know will benefits you a lot.

Traffic is not just to get them to your website but keeping them forever is what I know to be a genuine traffic. If you are still getting more than 1000 traffics per day on your website and you were unable to make money from the site. I think that type of traffic are not traffic at all (they are what I know as website server inflator), their purpose on your blog or website is to come and disturb the server, those type of visitors are not what you need for better internet business experience.

However, if you do not want to keep on experiencing this type of situation, what are the things that you need to do in order to the best from your SEO traffic generation strategies.

Using trending working tactics to get more readers on your blog

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Read More and Write More!

The best way I have come to realize about getting traffic online is writing more and reading more. If you do not read, what are you going to write for others?

Readers are leaders so that is the reason why you have to keep on reading and start implementing it. Go to other website in your niche and read their post, construct your own ideas and make a good post, write it and publish it, but before you publish that post read the next line for what you need to do so that you can get good result at the end..

Focus More on Keywords Research

Keyword research toolwill help you a lot in your online business career once you know the tricks. Since most of the popular keywords are already occupied, you just need to do your research as par what you think internet surfers can be looking for on the web that can make google to direct them to you. You know very well that Google is working like a waiter that is working in a popular hotel, which you used to go to when you are travelling. The waiter will be the one that will show you the way to your room, also will he help you carry some of your belongings to the room. So also is google acting as a waiter for your website (your site is the hotel in this explanation) and the Google will not stop until they help your readers to get to the destination before returning and that is the reason you need to write mainly on keywords that google love.

Befriend Google

When I am talking about befriending google, what I really mean in a more context is that you should try to do what google website crawler likes to see and read and in return, you will get the result you wish to get. Getting traffic has a lot to do with your ability to make google to fall in love with your website.

What are the ways I can use to make google my friend?

I know you would ask me this; the solution to this is by making your website layout speaks well for google to see your blog as an authority. If your site do not have good template, you need to get one as this has a lot to do with your site authority. In addition, the rate at which your website loads can have negative effect on your google ranking. Your website must be able to load within seconds. If your site is taking too much time to respond to server request, you just have to solve it fast before it is too late so that you can keep on getting the best from all your SEO traffic techniques.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that, your website can get more readers if you try to change the way you look at your site and focus on what others says about it so that you can use that to improve on your site perform. You can use online services like to check your website speed with another site to know how far you are going and if you notice that your site is too slow, you need to do something about it fast before it is too late. This article is part of a series titled “201 Ways to Promote Your Website for Consistent Traffic Intro“, you can read the rest of the series here.

By Olawale Daniel

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