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Time-Saving Tips for Managing a Newsletter

Time-Saving Tips for Managing a Newsletter

Managing a newsletter is a huge topic and many thick books are written about it, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to make this article a comprehensive resource on the topic. Still, if you are new to newsletter management, here are some very, very basic tips that will help you have the process under control.Subscribe to our newsletter for updates

Choose a Reliable WordPress Plugin

There are many ways to skin a cat and if you want to run a newsletter, there are many platforms that power it. However, all equal, the best choice is a WordPress newsletter plugin because it is much cheaper than the other alternatives, the leading WordPress newsletter plugins are very powerful and they have offer all the features you will need. If you choose a good newsletter plugin, then newsletter management will be a very easy task.

Provide an HTML and a TXT Version

A busy newsletter manager will always look for ways to make the task easier and to him or her it might look like a waste of time to provide two versions of the newsletter. However, since both HTML and TXT versions have their pros and cons and more importantly, there will always be users who won’t be able to receive HTML versions of your newsletter, it is only wise to offer both. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it manually – many good WordPress newsletter plugins do it automatically and the only thing you will have to do is check if the output is OK.

Always Include Roundups

This is a tip to help you save your time, while aiming at better results. Roundups of your site content are easy to prepare, they fill the newsletter well, and they will push your readers to check your site for more details. The simplest form of a roundup is to include the headlines and the intro from the articles on your site in your newsletter and point to the site for more. Of course, if you aren’t under time constraints (lucky you!) you can create original roundups especially for the newsletter but since this isn’t necessary, don’t regret if you can’t do it.

Always Have Some Timeless Content in Stock

One of the pressing things about running a newsletter is that it is best to publish it on schedule than at random intervals. This means that when the publish day is dooming, you must have the issue ready. If you are busy, it is quite possible you won’t have the time for this and you will be missing deadlines pretty often. To make your life easier, you can stock some timeless content (i.e. howto articles as opposed to news pieces) and include it when you don’t have the time to write original content.

Track Your Conversions

I don’t know what your expectations were when you started a newsletter but if you see it doesn’t work the way you imagined it – i.e. it doesn’t increase your sales and/or the traffic to your site, this means you need to make adjustments. It makes no sense to waste time and effort on fruitless activities. If you track your conversions, you will now what is working well and what needs to be improved. With the right WordPress newsletter plugin tracking conversions is very easy but it will help you spot weak areas that don’t deserve so much attention, so that you can concentrate on the areas that have a better potential.

I guess every newsletter manager has his or her small secrets about how to manage the process. There are many more tips I can tell you but for a short article these will suffice. If you do have cute tips on your own, you could share them in the comments section.

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Well it has been seen that newsletter can quickly become a monster if you don’t have the proper systems in place to manage the beast. I think this was really an interesting article. The information you have provided in this article would surely help most of the people. Thanks for sharing it.

A newsletter can become quite a beast taking all your time and capacity. This is why one must look for ways to do things in an efficient manner.

Ah yes, the “how to article”, I always make sure I done one at least once a month, some I publish, some I don’t, just for such occasions where I am busy. Can be an absolute life saver at times. Great tips.

Thanks for posting these tips on how to maintain newsletters. Developing an effective system saves time and energy without sacrificing content quality.

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