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How is Technical SEO Beneficial for Increasing Traffic of a Blog?

You may all have heard about blogging is getting popular rapidly due to plenty of reasons. Well, many people are choosing this method to promote their business whereas others are also finding a career in it. You can see a lot of competition in this field because millions of people are getting into it. You can’t easily get success with simple content because the requirements are increasing day by day. People are investing a couple of dollars and also their precious time in order to have great results.

No doubt, many methods can help you to make your blog popular or stand above the others. You should choose the reliable method by doing proper investigation. You can consider an effective method to increase the performance of the blog. Some people are ignoring SEO when it comes to their blogs, but it is not the right thing. There’s need to frequently check out all the essential factors that can help to make their blogs successful on the internet. SEO is the main key factor that they should always take into consideration to take the steps further.

In this post, you can easily read all about the techniques and methods which can be used to increase traffic to your blog. You should always read these details carefully in order to understand what you should do to improve the ranking of your blog on the search engines. You should focus more on the technical SEO to gain the maximum traffic for your blog. You can also check out the main factors outlined in below post that are playing an important role in increasing visitors to blogs.

Technical SEO Is Good: How Is It SEO Beneficial for Increasing Traffic of a Blog?

Google Technical SEO - How Is It SEO Beneficial for Increasing Traffic of a Blog

Pay attention to links and content

Basically, there are two main factors to which you should pay attention; links and content. You should always focus to build quality link to your blogs in order to increase its visitors. You can either employ guest writing expert to work that round for you or a PR to get the best results. In order to develop a quality link profile, you can write posts for the other blogs. In addition to this, getting featured is also a good option that you can choose to get results.

Content is always considered as king, and you also need to treat it as such. If you are posting quality content to your blog, then it can automatically grab the attention of countless visitors. The content should be well written and SEO optimized.

Factors related to Technical SEO

After considering the basic factors, the next step you should take is to run a critical technical SEO checkup. If you have a blog, then get help from these technical SEO practices and get the desired number of visits with ease. If you want to know about the key technical SEO elements, then you should check out some important points that have been listed below.

  • Remove the thin content

When it comes to a blog, then you should always try to remove the thin content present on the category pages. The thin content is also a big problem that should be resolved quickly to increase the traffic to a blog. If your site has a lot of pages with the thin content and the low quality, then you need to remove them. You can also take any other step to resolve this problem and to improve the traffic for a blog.

  • Improve the page speed

Sometimes a poor site speed can result into less traffic. If you are also facing such problem, then take a step forward to improve it. You can either use plugins or the other methods available to choose from such as trimmy down on the site resources. You should also focus on the speed of the page at the beginning, and it is also the right way. The presence of the different images, fonts, and the other factors can also affect the speed of the page so you should take care of them.

  • Structure of the page is important

If you are not paying attention to the page’s structure, then it can also lead to several issues for your blog. Many pages can be seen where the header tags have been used for styling purposes. Well, it is not the right way because these should be use to give a good structure to a page instead of the other reasons. Pay attention to the header tags and the other factors that are affecting the structure of your blog at a high level.


No doubt, advertisements are the best method that helps a blogger to earn money. If you are a blogger, then you can easily understand all about it. When you use too many ads on your page, then it can also affect the visitors a lot. Using a lot of ads on your page can help to make money, but it can also affect the performance of the site. You should always notice this thing otherwise you can face many issues and a reduction in the number of page visitors.

Well, it is important to pay attention to all these technical SEO factors in order to gain the best advantages for your blog. Keeping all these things in mind can help a blogger to reach the top pages of search engines; that could amount to thousands of visits in a few days.

The final words

In order to be a successful blogger, you should pay attention to technical SEO properly. You can also take help from expert and professional seo consultant to avail the quality services. The professionals can help a blogger to gain the desired results for their blogs. You can also boost up the ranking of your blogs on the search engine by hiring experts or the other professional services related to SEO.

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Informative article but I think there is more to the SEO in terms of being technical. That’s a reason most digital marketers are tagging themselves as a technical marketer.

I learnt that technical SEO is the most important ranking factor of google. Thanks for the well researched article.

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