Turbo Charge Your Blog's Traffic With Yolasite AdWords Coupon

We all know the importance of web traffic, and without it, no significant success would be made.

This blog post is coming to you as a support, if you’re looking for more targeted traffic from Google. Due to popular demand, my friend Olawale (CEO, asked me to update my previous post on this subject matter.

So, I’m taking it up from there. Yes, you can get a free $50 – $100 worth of Adwords coupon code for targeted advertising. I started using Yolasite when it was still in its maiden age, bearing a different name entirely. It was known as “” in the past few years, but later, the management decided to change the domain name and redirected every visitor to this unique name.

The Steps Below Would Help You Secure Your Own AdWords Coupon. Bear in mind though, it’s not totally free. You’ve got to invest some money, but this investment could still be done elsewhere, where you neither get an advertising voucher or a reward for spending your money (your Yolasite AdWords Coupon code problem solved once you follow the steps mentioned below).

Instead of investing your hard earned money elsewhere, you can use it judiciously. I’m not in any way affiliated to, you can see the direct linking to the homepage, not an affiliate hoplink.

Why Advertise On Google?

There are many benefits of advertising on Google, using their cute search engine placement. For those of use who don’t have the time and inclination to tweak, optimize, write quality articles, build relevant backlinks and all those stress, you can easily get 10,000 of targeted buyers to your website or blog by this time tomorrow. How?

By simply placing an ad on Google. It’s going to appear on the right side of Google search engine. This particular discount voucher, can also be used in distributing your ads across several high trafficked sites, causing an influx of targeted traffic, subscribers and desperate buyers.

Register With

You need to register with to qualify for their voucher. After registering, you should build free website with their website builder. It’s not going to cost you a dime to set up a sub-domain web page. Usually, you’ve the choice to select any template you want. And believe me, there are great templates on this website.

Just like every website builder portal, you either decide to stick with the free package or upgrade to the Premium.

Why Upgrade To Silver/Premium!

There are several benefits of upgrading to premium package. It’s also called the Silver Package.

1. You get a custom web address: (Instead of, you get Being creative is the key to a great domain name. Unlike other domain sites, you don’t get rewards when you get a domain name with them, you only get what you paid for. But for this unique site, you get a domain name by upgrading to their silver package, and get rewarded with $100 voucher to advertise.

2. Custom web address: Get a professional, memorable web address – $34.95 value

3. Unlimited Premium Styles: Make your site beautiful with over 100 professional design templates – $29.95 value

4. Premium quality hosting with 99.9% up time

5. Free advertisement: With Google and Facebook credits, start getting free traffic to your website – $100 value

6. Advanced statistics: Learn valuable information about your audience and site traffic

7. Premium support: Contact our  priority phone and email support if you need help

8. Footer removal and no Yola branding on your website

9. Additional storage: Get 5GB of storage & upload files up to 100MB in size

10. Brand identity: Create your own unique logo with Logoworks – $49 value

And all these can be gotten with a meager $99.9/year.

So get started with today, register for free, upgrade to Silver and enjoy amazing benefits that other sites can’t give.

This is a guest post written by my friend Michael Chibuzor who in reply to my email wrote this to make people  understand better about my previous post on this topic, “How To Get Free $150 AdWords Coupon To Advertise On Google”.

Blogging Tips

How To Get Free $150 AdWords Coupon To Advertise On Google

How much free targeted traffic is enough?

What’s the greatest concern of every website owner? Wow, I heard you right it’s “TRAFFIC.” But not just any form of traffic, what you need is targeted traffic. The right traffic is what makes the big difference between the money you earn and how responsive your email list is.

How to Get Free Adwords Coupon for free Google Advertisement

Case Study

If you’re selling gardening tools, it’s important that the only people who visit your website, are those interested in gardening tools.

If a finance consultant comes to such site, he’ll not understand what you are selling and will definitely walk away. To avoid this, you need targeted traffic. It’s the live-wire of your internet business. In this informative article, I want to reveal some smart ways you can get free AdWord coupons code. With this code, you can advertise your business on #1 search engine, driving quality traffic that makes you happy.

Why AdWords Is Targeted

There are several PPC platforms on the internet, but AdWords still remain the best. I’ve not been using Google AdWords for years, until recently when I saw the huge impact it has left. But it could cost you some money – that’s why you need to be keen to this article and learn how to get free coupons for your business.

Are you ready to discover? Lets go.

1. Get Free $100 AdWords Voucher From Hostgator.


This is the first place to grab a free $100 Google AdWords voucher. This might not be a big reward but it’s a good start. It took me 6 months to earn my first $100 online when I started affiliate marketing back in 2009. With this voucher, you can be able to target long-tail keywords, optimize your campaigns and drive laser-targeted traffic that converts.

How Do You Get This?

It’s not totally free per say. All you have to do is to sign up for hostgator’s hosting account. As an internet business owner, registering a new domain and hosting sites isn’t a new practice. It’s a must if you want to build a system that splits money weekly. Don’t trust those who pride themselves as self-made millionaires, without websites.  See details on hostgator

It’s there strategy to rip you off. You need a website to succeed online. Period!

Isn’t this wonderful? Before the advent of free coupon codes, you still host your website but there is no reward for doing so. But today, it’s a different ball game – host your website for as low as $3.96/month and get a whopping $100 to advertise on Google.

As you can see, I’m not promoting any affiliate offers here. Every link is direct link so you can get the code when necessary actions have been taken. If you need extra traffic to your site/blog, you need it.

2. Get Free $50 AdWords Voucher from Yolasite

Another place where you can get $50 free AdWords voucher without buying anything is via yolasite. This is a web 2.0 site that has unique features. You can build free website or blog with their platform. It works like blogger but this looks exceptionally beautiful. The importance of backlinks cannot be over emphasized. Yolasite helps you to build free quality backlinks by creating your own site, as a sub-domain to their primary domain.

Once your site is up and running, you’ll be able to get a free $50 delivered to your inbox. However, you can upgrade to their premium web package that enables you to get your own domain name, access premium web templates and build an interactive site like forums and membership site. No need for stressful coding if you’re not technically inclined.

So, there you go. 2 simple ways to get $150 Google AdWords voucher for free. It’s all good if you start right away, but check your marketing calendar and decide when this is important to you. See you at the top!

Image credit: hosgator