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Several features to go out of Yahoo Messenger on December 14th

Yahoo, the internet king, and the first name that got popular after the advent of the internet. It was one of the first internet service that offered free Email service, one more business it created and became a big player in it was the messenger service, I can count it as the most efficient and ancient messenger service provider. The Yahoo messenger, gave room for different categories of people to meet all over the world, you can cross from one room to another, meeting people, and chatting with them instantly, no barrier, no racism, no differences, Yahoo is the first that does it better.

Other services on the Yahoo messenger includes the Video conferencing, Voice Phone calls and international text messaging to certain countries, it services was incorporated with the Windows Live. Yahoo messenger packs it all, becomes the most interesting. But recently, the CEO thinks it is time to make a transformation.

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Yahoo going through a transition for the Yahoo messenger

From the Yahoo Messenger Blog, we report,

The former king of the internet has a lot of challenges to address, Marissa Mayer; Yahoo CEO feels it is time to make some transformations.

One of the most interesting features enjoyed on the Yahoo messenger is the Yahoo! Voice Phone, group messaging and Video conferencing, Marissa announced that all these features will be leaving in few weeks.

The Yahoo messenger public chat rooms will close down, the integrated network, Yahoo Messenger Pingbox will also the leaving the show, by 14th December, the Microsoft friend list will still appear on the ancient messenger, but IM will no longer be possible.

To cap it all, the Yahoo! Voice Phone In and Phone Out will find its way off the hood by January 30, 2013. A landline service is also available on this network, the one run by Jajah. With immediate effect, users will be unable to add funds to their accounts, and refunds will be made for current balances. The features was a rival to Messenger-to-Messenger calls and Skype, but will still be available on Yahoo Messenger, but the Yahoo owned voice service will be suspended.

If you had readily observed it on your Android or iOS device, the features cut removes a bit in function, more features you will enjoy remains the free international SMS text service, that goes straight to the phone of your recipient and it available in few countries across the world, some of which includes; the Philippines, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Canada and Kuwait. The Yahoo messenger – Facebook support service will still be available.

It seems Facebook is the ruler now; no one can do without the network.

A lot of features to miss from the Yahoo messenger, the CEO have not explained why the special features known with the messenger will be going off, but we promise to keep you posted as we get more news cover.

Are very good fans of the Yahoo messenger? What will you miss from the list of the features Yahoo will be removing and why do you think Yahoo is removing them?

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