Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 8

New Windows 8 devices launched by ASUS

Last month, Microsoft announced its new Windows 8 operating System, ever since, device makers has started releasing devices that run on the new OS by the father of all software. The Windows 8 launch was not left out with the Windows Phone 8 that will be running mobile devices, and so many Smartphone makers had already been rolling out their devices running on the Windows Phone 8. ASUS is a well known PC giant who has partnered with Microsoft to produce its Windows 8 devices.

Asus Windows 8 devices

ASUS Windows 8 devices lineup

ASUS has made series of the Windows 8 devices in lineup as found on the ASUS global website. Some of the devices are touch gadgets and they includes; Zenbook Touch, VivoBook, Transformer Book, VivoTab and the all in one desktop PC. VivoBook and ZenBook are touch-enabled series of laptop while the VivoTab and Transformer Book are hybrid tablet that is packed with Keyboard dock.

The Zenbook touch is the Windows 8 device flagship gadget. It is a laptop powered by the newest Intel core i5 or i7 processors and supported by 4GB RAM with an internal storage of 128 GB.

The Windows 8 device has a display of 13.3 inch Full HD IPS that is touch enabled. It doesn’t really has much differences from the new Zenbook. The new Windows 8 devices is an Ultrabook that has a nearly impossible light weight. Borneo post online says, “Build quality is still superb”.

ASUS also made Windows 8 devices it called VivoBook, they are series of laptop that are thicker than the Zenbook, these VivoBook devices are available in two sizes, the 10.1 and the 14 inches. These Windows 8 devices are touch enabled powered by Intel core i3 and i5 processors.

Another Windows 8 device from ASUS is the VivoTab series, these tablets could be converted to laptops. ASUS packed these devices with optional keyboard dock and has an integrated battery. ASUS is also claiming that this Windows 8 devices packs a battery life of up to 19 hours using the dock. The VivoTabs are of two sizes, the 11.6 inch with the RT 10.1 inch version.

Finally in the lineup of the ASUS Windows 8 devices is the Transformer Book which combines the qualities of the standard notebook along with that of a tablet. It is powered by Intel core i7 processor at the highest model of the Transformer Book Windows 8 device. Some of the hardware involves, the keyboard dock, integrated battery, and it includes a standard hard disk for memory boost. The upper portion of the book archives the RAM and main memory.

Which of these wonderful ASUS Windows 8 devices would you prefer to buy?