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How To Host A Mobile App? An In-Depth Understanding Of Mobile App Hosting

In mobile app development, no smartphone apps could exist in a vacuum, this is the fact and not gibberish. Except for the most basic utility and game kinds of apps, rarely do mobile apps work in a standalone mode. They need network access to get different kinds of information. For instance, if you’re building a location-based deals app, in order to retrieve deals that pertain to that area, the app would require some kind of server access.

As you move forward in the mobile app creation process, the most common questions that you’d be happy to ask include how to host a mobile app and on what server, how much hosting it costs, and if you truly need hosting for your app. And, the moment an item of hosting comes out as an indispensable part of putting an app to operation always comes: you wrote apps, requested an estimate from a mobile app development company, and then there’s the ‘hosting’ item. Let’s explore our guide to mobile app hosting!

Hosting, the Secret to a Mobile App Success

In the extremely competitive mobile market today, the margin for error with mobile applications is slim. Regardless of how advanced a mobile app may be, it could become irrelevant easily if the security is inferior, unable to remain online, slow loading, or simply users aren’t able to experience the app in the way they were meant to. 

So, how does a business ensure that they check all the important boxes to see their apps take flight in the already saturated mobile app market? Before beginning any project, developers should establish the right hosting provider to help in delivering an end product that’s successful.

3 Major Mobile App Hosting Requirements

Three major hosting requirements to help you make the decision include the following. 

1. Flexibility

In the world of mobile app development services, the fast innovation pace in mobile software and hardware requires any business to focus on looking for a hosting provider that could meet their individual requirements. This means choosing a service provider that understands the project terms and with services that reflect the app’s natural lifespan. 

2. Reliability

For an organization, an outage could cause major complications, from a startup to a global organization. Going for a hosting provider that maintains robust uptime levels historically is key to deploy a successful application. A provider that’s highly reliable makes certain that the app could be accessed easily by end-users whenever, wherever. 

3. Scalability

It’s critical for a service provider to support an influx of users. If the popularity of the mobile app takes off, new users could skyrocket in just minutes. An app that’s up-and-coming couldn’t afford to scare new users away who are frustrated, and lost ultimately by a slow or dropped service. 

How to Host a Mobile App - An In-Depth Understanding of Mobile App Hosting
Most times, the success of your mobile app depends on many factors, one of such is the mobile app hosting infrastructure. Here is an in depth guide to mobile app hosting covering the nitty-gritty of the practice.

3 Vital Tips in Mobile App Hosting

These are very cogent and vital criterion to consider while deciding your next mobile app hosting company out of many available out there:

1. Code Mobile Backend with Tools for the Solution Provider

Using the current formats and instruments to code a mobile backend is clever. For instance, some cloud service providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon offer healthy devices that could help in backend coding. Regardless if it’s as simple as using MBaas, you still could depend on the cloud or the solutions provider. 

Cloud specialist companies therefore could help you viably in addressing the app facilitating prerequisites. 

2. MBaaS

Mobile backends as service providers are the most sensible option for hosting smartphone apps for business organizations. The hosting provider has the app and makes you accomplish a fast time-to-market. It’s essential to choose the MBaaS that’s most suitable for your app. 

Hosting business smartphone apps with the cloud is critical on the off chance that you are trying to get in touch with a big crowd. Cloud hosting, as a matter of fact, presents a proposition that’s very convincing. 

3. Code yourself

Mobile backend coding by yourself isn’t an easy task. However, it does have several advantages. Self-coding, above all, offers you tons of customization options. In case you run on a confined spending plan, you could proceed without a lot of stretch pick VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting admins such as Hostinger to get the backend of your app ready for action. 

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3 Types of Mobile App Hosting Solutions

Knowing the why, what, where, and when of your mobile app hosting requirements will help you finding the how of the equation. When hosting your app is concerned, the server type to host on may make or mar the success of the app. Let’s explore the different types of hosting options we have:

1. Shared Hosting

Meaning that one server machine is shared in numerous websites. In general, these have preconfigured operating systems and server-side software. In this kind of software, there is on additional software that should be installed. 

For instance, if the shared standard provided by the hosting provider comes with MySQL 5.1 and you want to use MySQL 5.5, then it’s unfortunate. There are a lot of shared hosting shortcomings when it comes to reliability. For those reasons, shared hosting only suits low traffic sites. It is imperative that I mention this in this definitive guide to mobile app hosting.

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2. Hosting VPS

VPS means a Virtual Private Server. This makes use of OS virtualization so that one huge server could run numerous isolated OS as virtual machines. Here, a user has thorough control over the operating system and the software installed on it. 

Most Virtual Private Server plans are based mainly on the number of available dedicated RAM to the virtual machine. While VPS hosting plans begin with as low as 256MB of dedicated RAM, in general, the development of a web app, it’s advised that you must use 1GB RAM with VPSD. As the app goes into production, a VPS with more RAM could be installed as per your app’s requirement and the traffic expected. 

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

This is the same to a VPS in the sense that you have complete OS control, as well as the software installed on it. The entire server nonetheless is available to your app and without virtualization involved. The hardware of a server could be provisioned as per the app requirement. 

The cost per month would depend on the provisioned hardware. In general, unmanaged dedicated hosting plans begin at $170-$180 per month. 

4. Hosting in the Cloud

Cloud hosting could be deemed as a big pool of computing resources. You could provision servers on the fly as needed, as opposed to dedicated servers where you need to notify your hosting provider three to four days ahead about the required computing capacity of your app. 

The resources used by your app could be scaled either up and down within minutes as needed in a cloud infrastructure. A cloud based server, in its lowest form is the same as a regular VPS. The moment you require more computing power than just one server, cloud hosting could deliver a lot of useful solutions. 


You need to examine and analyze your hosting prerequisite with care to use the best facilitating option for your business mobile app. MBaaS as a rule offers the most elevated benefits, especially if your requirement is time-to-market. 

Most times, the success of your mobile app depends on many factors, one of such is the mobile app hosting infrastructure. Here’s an in-depth guide to mobile app hosting.

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4 Enterprise WordPress Hosting Perks To Skyrocket Your Business Growth

It is true that WordPress (WP) helps in powering almost 30 percent of the web. Yet, people believe that it is not more than just a blogging platform. To be candid, WP is also ideal for managing big businesses to offer powerful, flexible, and safe solutions for a range of industries. Then, you can reap the benefits of the platform if you use WP with a perfect hosting plan.

Choosing a hosting service is also not as simple as it seems. You should ask what support you would get from the hosting provider. The worst scenario is your website having downtime or email issue. That is the reason why enterprises need a credible enterprise web hosting service and it is mission-critical for entrepreneurs. Again, you need to decide whether to choose a $10 a month service or a $200 a month. It calls for research. Therefore, take some time out of your busy schedule to shop around for hosting services and solutions.

There is no assurance that a provider can prevent 100 percent of the technical glitches. However, it is ideal to hire hosting services that you can call for instant resolution without any delay. Coming back to WP hosting, it offers practical solutions for your business needs. Here are some of the top benefits of enterprise wordpress hosting solutions:

Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise WordPress Hosting Solutions

4 Enterprise WordPress Hosting Perks To Skyrocket Your Business Growth
Here are the top four benefits of using enterprise wordpress hosting solution for your small or large scale business.

Topnotch security

The crucial aspect of any online business is transaction security. It is more applicable for businesses that are soft targets of internet hackers, resulting in malicious attacks and stealing confidential customer or business data. WP protects your business website from malware attacks and brute force. Then, you would also require advanced features to ensure your website’s security.

WP offers mission-critical security to business websites and enterprises. These include server hardware and WP applications together with hosting network. It secures your enterprise website from familiar threats, rate limits access attempts, and code injection attacks. It minimizes the possibilities of DDoS attacks as well as Brute Force as mentioned earlier in this article.

When it comes to security architecture, enterprise wordpress hosting protects against spyware, key loggers, malware, Trojan horses, adware, and viruses. It helps in setting up a robust web application firewall offering protection from a range of attacks. Besides securing your mission-critical business data from unscrupulous hackers, WP hosting also helps in retaining data for a long time and recovering the same in emergencies such as server downtime or system snags.

Outstanding scalability

As an enterprise, you cannot belittle the importance of scalability, particularly if you own online business. It means how your company adapts to unexpected changes like a surge in your website traffic. Most of the times, a change in one aspect of your enterprise will affect the other. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, a rise in the number of customers may require more additional employees to answer consumer queries, which affects your recruitment numbers.

When your WordPress site gains traction, it would need extra power for seamless website performance and efficiency. Besides, WordPress Hosting collates customer information effectively. A website lacking the potential to scale smoothly is susceptible to crash, thus affecting your business adversely. Opting for the right website hosting solution will help you avoid such problems.

With WP hosting, you can set up data that will sync to the Amazon data centers, thus helping your business to manage the increased strain on your server on a universal scale.

There are more benefits to a hosting plan than you can imagine. Yes, an apt plan would help you geo-replicate website information as well as avoid expensive overloads through data distribution uniformly in various locations. WP does not house geo-replication on its own and therefore, you must opt for dedicated enterprise hosting that proves beneficial for giant corporations.

Retaining data and recovery

When you own online business, it should have the potential to retain data. Make it your top priority. Now, it is relevant owing to the regulations laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementing stringent non-compliance penalties.

When you opt for enterprise WordPress hosting, you rest assured that your business data is backed up properly. Besides, your mission-critical business information is also recoverable and recallable via advanced cloud setups. The powerful technology and the right implementation of the perfect hosting plans ensure data storage precisely.

You can benefit from regular data backups, thus keeping your business and customer information secure. You can recall the data when there is a necessity. A proper hosting plan provides clients the capability to download data files to some local PC with the help of a simple click.

Besides securing confidential client data, an enterprise-level WP hosting solution would ensure the safety of the internal system controlling all information. There is a redundancy plan to duplicate crucial system elements so that you can back up information at times of an emergency or in an event of a system failure or technical snag. These offer huge benefits to enterprises, big and small.

Unmatched customer service

No matter what hosting solution you choose, it should offer unparalleled customer service and support round-the-clock. It is more essential for enterprise hosting of online ventures. Now, that is obvious because large corporations and huge online operations mean increased and regular customer inquiries that are complex and need the perfect resolution in less time.

Your business should have the ability to respond to all queries fast and effectively. That is the reason why you need WP enterprise hosting plans to provide responses based on priority and importance, especially for users who have raised tickets based on the plan. These are typical situations in any online business because a technical snag that cannot be resolved internally would call for instant resolution by a professional to reduce the impact of the problem.

Make the most out of enterprise-level priority support through a trained and expert team that delivers ticket-oriented support throughout the day. There are options such as live chat, phone support at defined times to help troubleshoot technical problems quickly.


For successful business operation online, you need a WP hosting plan that offers exceptional benefits. It will help you take your enterprise to the next level.

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Cloud vs Shared Hosting Comparison: Everything You Need To Know

Cloud hosting provides hosting on virtual servers whereas shared hosting provides a server that you have to share with other users. The primary difference between cloud and shared hosting is whether you want to store your files on a single machine or multiple servers. Commonly shared hosting is chosen by the websites that are in their earlier stage because they do not need many resources and do not get that much traffic. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is preferred by people whose websites and businesses are well established.

Both cloud and shared hosting offer different services and have their own specialties. In this article, you will read the basic differences between a cloud web host and a shared web host.

Cloud vs Shared Hosting Comparison: The Pros and Cons

Cloud vs Shared Hosting comparison by TechAtLast
Cloud vs Shared Hosting Comparison: In actual sense, both cloud and shared hosting offers the client range of services and have their pros and cons (own specialties). Explore to know which wins in our cloud vs shared hosting comparison post.

1. Resources

A shared server shares the resources with many other users, resulting in limited resources for all the clients. However, mostly all shared hosting companies offers a beginners help kit and guidelines to getting started for newbies to get everything they need to get online, including free domain registration, email accounts, automatic server backups, and at times, a SSL security certificate. The technical details of your server maintenance such as operating system updates and security patches will be taken care of as well. In cloud vs shared hosting comparison, cloud hosting has multiple servers that add their resources together and host multiple websites. More resources are available to each customer because of the added hardware.

2. Scalability

When we talk about scalability in between cloud vs shared hosting, cloud hosting has the upper hand. When a website is in its beginning stages, it will not require much storage space, but once it starts to grow, you will definitely need more of it. Shared hosting is not made to fit the requirements of websites with high traffic. On the contrary, cloud web hosting has the ability to grow along with your business, and it enables you to scale up or down according to your needs.

3. Cost

Because of shared resources, the cost is also lesser than other web hosting services and the payment is done on a monthly or yearly basis. Many cloud hosting plans invoice customers for the number of computing resources they consumed over a given time period, but if you do not keep track of the apps in your cloud, you might end up paying more. If you plan out your objectives for your cloud, maybe your bill will be cheaper.

4. Speed

Your website’s speed can be very slow if it is being hosted by a shared web host. This is one of the no-nos of shared hosting! The reason is that other websites are sharing the storage space and all the resources, so in case one of them takes up too much of them, your website will get slower, or worse, even crash. In cloud hosting, every website has a separate set of resources, and your site is always up and running.


The advantages of a web host vastly depend on your needs. If your website does not get much traffic and you have a limited budget, a shared hosting plan will easily do the job. For businesses and websites that demand greater resources, cloud hosting is an obvious choice.

In a nutshell, both shared and cloud hosting offers wide ranges of exclusive hosting solutions and have their pros and cons and we’ve been able to highlight some of them in this cloud vs shared hosting comparison post. To drive home points for your choice hosting feature, I believe this cloud vs shared hosting comparison would have offered you some resources to help your quest.

Barbara Morgan is an IT enthusiast and tech content writer based in the USA. She is professional web developer with a passion to dig into Linux servers tuning. With years of experience in the field as an IT beginner, she has been featured on host of websites across the world including TechAtLast. She regularly posts at – a Managed Hosting Provider in USA.

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How to Grow Your Business with Quality Web Hosting & Design

When you own a business, having a good online presence can be a major factor in whether it is successful or not. With so many people relying on the internet to help them find the products or services they need, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is not only easy to find, but that it also offers a quality user experience once potential customers land on your site. Of course, this means that you’re going to have to take everything from your web hosting to the overall design and SEO of your site into consideration. Fortunately, a company like Network Solutions will be able to provide the web hosting and design packages you need for every stage of your business growth.

Steps to Grow Your Online Business with High Quality Web Hosting and Design Services

Web development service
Connecting your company’s website with the visitor’s emotion has a lot to do with the caliber of team efforts behind its development. After high quality web hosting, web development is the only thing that could make your business successful online.

A Great Looking Website is just the Beginning

An essential part of any successful business is not just having a website, but having a website that is well designed and provides the functionality users need. Whether it’s easy navigation or it’s an aesthetically pleasing layout, your website is often the first impression customers will have of your business. It is important that this first impression is a good one.

Of course, a quality website is more than just a great way to impress your customers, it can also be a huge ranking factor. For example, Google considers ease of navigation as well as mobile friendliness to be important factors in how your site will rank in their search engine. Additionally, a visitor’s ability to find what they need on your website can affect whether or not they return.

Quality Web Hosting and Design services
You want to know how to create a very successful online brand? Very simple, get a very high quality web hosting and design service provider to give you a fast track service. As much as we preach DIY, we are certain some of you would still prefer click and go option to save time. This post focuses on addressing just that.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company is Crucial

When choosing a hosting company, it’s important to make sure that you have thoroughly evaluated your business needs. It’s important to not underestimate the impact that a good web hosting company can have on the success of your business. For example, being able to rank with the search engines is an essential step in gaining quality, targeted traffic to your website. Of course, this targeted traffic is also more likely to convert into paying customers. However, if you have a website that is frequently down, you’re not only going to rank lower, but you’ll quickly begin losing what little traffic you were able to gain. This can certainly have a major effect on your overall revenue.

Security is also a big concern when choosing a web hosting company. While any website can be vulnerable to malware or hacking, a reputable hosting company will provide regular backups to a remote server. You can use these backups to recover your website, if necessary.

When you’re looking for the right solution for your business website, it’s important to choose a company that will be able to work with you to develop the custom look you need. Every business is unique, but a quality web design service will have the flexibility to give your site the look and functionality necessary for your specific needs. Additionally, when you work with a company that is able to not only provide you with a professionally designed website, but that can also provide quality web hosting service, you’ll be able to team these essential needs together with one company. Your web hosting and design company will be able to better understand your unique business needs and will work with you to ensure that you get the custom solutions needed to grow your business.


Having a good online presence can be a determining factor on whether your business will excel or not, and you cannot have such without a good web design and high quality web hosting service provider at your rescue.

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Web Host Demystified: A Guide to Choose the Right Web Host

What should you look for in a web host? Which criteria should you use to pick out the right one? How can you tell whether the host you chose will prove useful, reliable, communicative, and professional?

These are a couple of the questions you need to ask yourself while trying to pick a web host. Make a wrong move, and you might end up with a lot of stress. A right host, on the other hand, will enable you save yourself valuable energy, time, and grief over the long haul.

How low can web host company go to provide you the best of service? As an understudy server management technician, here are things your boss expects you know about web host company. Failure to know these beforehand could cost you the job of your dream. These are what experts are saying about choosing the right web host company.

The Simplest Ways to Choose the Best of Web Host 

Web Host Selection: Choosing the Web Hosting company
Web Host Selection Techniques: Here are the three main things to look for in a web host if good and high quality service delivery means a lot to you. Choosing a web hosting company for your business website rightly will be much beneficial to your online business success.

What to Look For 

Great web hosting boils down to security, speed, and support. Scalability, of course, is also crucial. To this end, you need to get a host that will help you scale your site rapidly especially if you are in a market where the audience keeps on growing. Further, the host should give your website the resilience it needs to handle sudden bursts of traffic.

That said, there are different types of hosting services – each with its prices. From a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars a month, there is no shortage of these crucial services.

Managed services, virtual private servers, and cloud hosting are better suited for small business. After all, these services cost anywhere between $10 and $100 a month. For more sophisticated hosting, you might consider going with a dedicated host who’ll handle all your web traffic needs.

The Perfect Commercial Host: A Myth? 

In general, it is highly doubtful that you will ever get the perfect web hosting company. Although you might be financially prepared for the costs associated with this type of service, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the host you pick up will end up being the best.

This industry is fascinating in the sense that high prices don’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the high-quality support and service you will be expecting. The only thing you can (in all probability) be sure of is that rock-bottom prices don’t deliver top notch support either.

So, what should you do? As one who has been in this industry for so long, I would recommend that you settle for a fair trade-off between reliability, price, and the features that you are willing to handle.

Picking the Right Host for Your Website

To decide what a web host has to offer, some people check disk storage features and bandwidth. Others consider the hosting provided.

In brief, to make the right decision, you must do the following:

  • Know and understand your hosting needs
  • Research on uptime guarantees and the web host’s reliability
  • Check whether they have host upgrading options
  • Find out more about the hosting features being provided (such as how many add-on domains are allowed) and see if they match your needs
  • Ask about the prices both at sign up and at renewal
  • Check the hosting control panel
  • Carefully scan the web host’s terms of service to understand their server use policy and account suspension specifications
  • Check whether there are other supporting features with the service (such as environmental friendliness aka green web hosting, and site backup, among others)

After dealing with the above, it might also prove useful if you are careful about signing up because the host promised unlimited services. A couple of web hosts offer so-called unlimited bandwidth and storage for a couple of dollars every month. In most cases, you’ll discover that this unlimited hosting isn’t what you thought.

You can, therefore, be sure that if you only have to pay $5 a month, the terms of service will specify something in the lines of the host being allowed to shut you down or throttle your performance after you hit a given usage level.

Apart from the above, it always helps to ensure that your domain name is yours. If yours is a fledgling business, only sign up with web hosts who will allow you to own your domain.

Such ownership will give you the freedom to change the service provider when and as needed. Further, having the domain in your name means that you will continue enjoying any of the SEO benefits you earned when you were with your ex- web host.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you have a rough idea about how to get your website online, you are set to start making a killing for yourself. Use the guide above to get started on the first step towards total internet access – choosing the right web host. Here is a last tip: Many web hosts offer discounts and coupon codes through their affiliate sites. It’s not unusual to get more than 60% off your first year. So, once you find the hosting company of your choice, go on Google and search for a discount code for this particular company. Chances are you will find plenty of bloggers who offer a coupon code.

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3 Main Things to Look for In a Web Host – An Holy Grail Guide to Choosing a Perfect Web Hosting Provider for Your Business

Today, having a website is a crucial part of business success. In the digital age of today where a huge percentage of our daily tasks are carried out online, having a website and a good online presence is one of the most important priorities for any business in any industry. From corner shops to global firms, a business website is vital for both keeping engagement levels high with your existing customers and attracting new ones. When putting together and launching your website, one of the main decisions you must make is regarding web hosting. We’ve listed some of the main things to look for in a web host.

Factors for picking the right web host for your business needs.

Web Host Selection: Choosing the Web Hosting company
Web Host Selection Techniques: Here are the three main things to look for in a web host if good and high quality service delivery means a lot to you. Choosing a web hosting company for your business website rightly will be much beneficial to your online business success.

Customer Support

First of all, the service that your site is hosted on is mainly responsible for its performance. If your site is lagging in speed or experiences downtime, this is often a fault at the server end and therefore you will need to get in touch with your web host in order to get it repaired. Opting for a web hosting service which offers round-the-clock support is essential for more businesses, as if you are relying on your website to attract more traffic and make more sales, it will need to be up, running and accessible at all times.


The price of web hosting should be taken into as much consideration as any other business cost that you are going to commit to paying. Often, web hosting is priced on a monthly or yearly basis, meaning that you will not only need to decide how much you can afford to pay now, but also how much you expect to be able to afford in the future. When determining how much you are willing to part with for web hosting, it’s always a good idea to look for a price that combines good value for money with excellent value services. Free or extremely cheap hosting services should always be avoided as these tend to be on shared servers and subsidized by ads.

Type of Hosting

Finally, the type of hosting that you choose is also a decision that you’ll need to carefully consider. There are various types of hosting that are suitable for business websites, however, you will need to carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each before determining which is best for your business specifically. Shared hosting is one of the most popular choices and is often the cheapest; however, the lower price can often restrict your website, and your business growth. Cloud hosting is a reasonably priced alternative which will give you more room to grow and provide better performance. Along with that, VPN or dedicated hosting can be the better option for larger businesses, or companies which aim to pursue high amounts of future growth.

When designing your business website, your web host is one of the major decisions. Picking the right web host is vital for your business, as your hosting can have a huge effect on your website performance, reputation, and even your SEO.

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What does Host1Plus VPS hosting has to offer?

VPS hosting is a great choice for many internet users, blog creators, developers and IT people in general.VPS Hosting

Let’s investigate why people choose VPS server.

First of all, virtual private server says that it is private. What that means?

It means that VPS runs on its own operating system and only one person controls it, you do not share it with other people like you would if you chose shared (web) hosting.

VPS servers have just a tiny bit less power than dedicated servers but they are much cheaper for people who are looking for a competitive priced service. People of all ages can use VPS server because it is easy to set up and control.

Host1Plus offers a one click application auto-installer to make life easier for its customers.

Server selection from Host1Plus VPS Hosting

I will go over the plan called Silver since it is the most popular one from Host1Plus.VPN Hosing

The Host1Plus VPS hosting Silver plan gives you 1 CPU, 768 RAM, 30 GB of HDD+SSD and 1000 Bandwidth.

These resources I have just mentioned are not set in stone. What fascinates me is that you can edit these resources the way you want them to be, depending on how much specific resources you need you can adjust them accordingly.

Additional features of the Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Host1Plus VPS Hosting also has some additional features that they offer in accordance to hosting. One of the greatest software which is a huge help for starting bloggers and web creators. This software can install Joomla, Magenta, Oxid, PrestaShop, WordPress and osCommerce systems to your website.VPS Hosting

In addition to this, you can choose one out of five different locations your server will be held at. I would highly advise to choose the nearest location to your place as it will bring you more speed to your service.host1plus VPS Hosting sever location

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Accept your Choice Payment Systemhost1plus VPS Hosting payment options

For the convenience of their clients Host1Plus VPS Hosting accepts a huge range of payment methods. This makes the life for clients much easier as they can pick their own preferred payment method. You can pay with PayPal, WeMoney, Alipay, Skrill, EBANX, cashU, bitcoins and much more.


All these extra features that Host1Plus VPS Hosting offers are great and it really makes them stand out from the crowd. Their excellent server location is a choice for many clients because they can cover a lot of ground by putting their servers smartly across the globe. Professional and friendly support really makes you feel at home and you just simply can’t say no to Host1Plus as they are the best at what they do.

Take a tour to the Host1Plus VPS Hosting Official Website for more


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5 Checklist for Choosing Web Hosting Companies

Every day, there is someone starting a new site or transferring an existing site to a different web hosting company. The following are five important things you need to consider before settling for any web hosting provider.

Checklist for Web Hosting Companies

Money-back guarantee/Trial period

You need to find out if the web hosting company offers a money-back guarantee or a trial period. The fact is, no matter how much research you have done before making a choice, there is still the possibility of making a mistake.

In addition, the hosting provider could suddenly change its management, or its services and policies. The quality of support may deteriorate or prices could rise unexpectedly. Therefore, if the company offers you a money-back guarantee or a trial period, then you won’t have to continue paying for your bad decision.

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Technical support/Customer serviceChecklist for choosing web hosting companies

Regardless of how much knowledge and experience you have, you are bound to experience problems with your website occasionally. This means you will have to get in touch with customer support. Some companies offer support on a 24-hour basis, while some are only available during certain hours of the day. Before signing up for any hosting plan, find out what kind of technical support and customer the web hosting company offers.

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Track record

Find out which other sites are being hosted by the provider on the same server which is likely to host your site. Viewing such a site will give you an idea about the kind of services being offered by the web hosting company. You can use free online tools to check how fast the pages of the site load. You could also send an email to the site’s webmaster to find out their opinion about the hosting company.

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Core hosting provider or web hosting reseller?

There is nothing wrong with purchasing services from a web hosting reseller. However, you need to know if your problems will be handled directly, or if they will be passed on to the ‘parent’ company. It does not make sense to purchase services from an intermediary when you can reach the source directly.

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Special offers

Since web hosting is a very competitive business, many companies would be willing to offer special incentives or wave setup fees if you signup immediately. Usually, special offers are either placed in advertisements or listed in the web hosting provider’s site.

What many buyers don’t know is that frequently, sales people are allowed to give ‘extra special incentives’ to customers who are almost paying for services, but are hesitating. Such offers are meant to ensure that the sale is closed.

Therefore, before you sign up for the hosting plan, find which special offers you can get from the provider. You may be surprised to realize that there are very generous offers available.

What are other certain factors you normally consider before selecting web hosting companies? Please share them with us.

Web Hosting

Top 5 Traits to Look for in a Great Web Host

Whether you opt to go with a free web hosting service or one that requires payment, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the package that best meets your needs and the demands of your customers, clients, or readership.

But if you don’t know what to look for, you may be inclined to pick a web host based solely on what they charge (or don’t charge), or you might wind up paying too much for useless extras like unlimited space that you’ll never use.

So whether you’re looking to launch your first website or you want to find a service that is better than the one you currently use, here are just a few traits you’ll want to consider when you start your search for a great web host.web hosting

1. Guaranteed uptime: Reliability is the number one trait you want in a web host.  You cannot run a successful website if you’re constantly worrying about whether or not your customers can access your pages.  So look for a host that offers high guaranteed uptime – like 99%.  No one can offer 100% simply because they will likely have to shut down for maintenance, upgrades, and so on every once in a while.  But you should also seek a service provider that puts their money where their mouth is with guarantees on uptime and recompense should you suffer service interruptions beyond scheduled downtime.

2. Speed:  Both bandwidth and data transfer can play a role in how your customers access your site.  Bandwidth has to do with the amount of traffic you can support, and this is based either on the capabilities of your web host or the artificial limits they impose on your site.  Either way, exceeding a set bandwidth could result in a failure of your site, although if the host is limiting usage, they are more likely to bill you for overages than shut you down.  As for speed of data (how quickly pages load), that is determined by your host’s network connection.

3. Space: You may not need a lot of space now for your content, but that could change over time, so look for a web host that has options for upgrading if you end up needing more space down the road.

4. Zero ads:  Okay, so you’re probably only going to have to deal with ads on your site if you opt for a free web hosting service.  But believe it or not, there are free options out there that don’t include ads; you just might have to do some homework to find them.  And of course, you can always go with a paid service if you want to ensure that nobody else is posting ads on your website.

5. Tech support:  This is the feature that most people consider last, but it is still important.  You don’t want to find yourself facing questions or concerns about your website with no means of getting the answers you need.  And if you’re facing a situation like a blackout or data loss of some type, you definitely want to be able to contact your service provider for answers and assurances that the issue will be hastily rectified.

Evan Fischer is a contributing writer for Website Host Review, where you can browse the top small business web hosting companies to find the one that’s right for you.

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How a Reliable Small Business Web Hosting Can Increase Sales

Increase Sales with Small Business Web Hosting

In a small business website, you will need a very reliable small business web hosting provider so you can cater the needs of your customers online. Do you know that you can also boost sales when you enroll in a small business web hosting plan? Here’s how its done:

Reliable service

When we say reliable, the web server must stay on for 24 hours a day to seven days a week. Occasional upgrade/ backup is required but it should only last for a couple of minutes, not hours.Black Background Design

Quick and responsive customer service

When problems occur, the web hosting provider should provide quick and responsive customer service so that you can get answers fast and stay updated with any developments to keep the quality service they are offering.

Tools and web applications

If all things go smoothly, expect to see lots of visitors flocking to your website. Do not forget that you will need an application for checking out products, signing up, etc so customers can enjoy the ease-of-use your website offers.


The web is all about discounts so when discount season digs in, you have to go with the flow in order to gain more customers. Do not worry because your customers can buy products you offer at discounted price in which you, can also benefit from.

Choose the Better Plan

And to save money for your monthly bills, settle for unlimited offers like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email, SQL. Because the unlimited offers are cheaper than opting for a fixed plan. Sometimes, fixed plan will give you hidden charges like when you exceed their bandwidth/disk space limit which will be costly every time the limit exceeds.

Setting up a small business website with small business web hosting is very easy. First select a small business web hosting plan from your chosen web hosting provider. Be sure to follow these simple steps before you buy upgrades, etc.

Features like unlimited disk space web hosting is a must in a business web hosting.
SQL server and other forms of database is very essential because these are where all you post are staying.

A small business web hosting provider has “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) control panel in which you and even non-techie people can operate an manage a website.

Remember to keep your website open at all times to prevent loss and damage to your computer.

If you count the numbers you will see how much money you can get.

Small business web hosting plans are cheap if you compare it to setting up your own web host which could cost thousands of dollars. The plans are offered at a cheap $20 to $50 per month.

The ads in your website generate revenues when visitors click into it, so lets say the cost per click is $1, if you have 100 clicks, you’ll get $100.

Add to that the revenues you will be getting when selling a product.

The advantage of having a small business web hosting provider will not only save you money but also generate profits through leads and CPA (Cost Per Action) deals.