UnoTelly let’s you watch Netflix, Hulu, Pandora & others free

Based on my test, prior to this review, I am proud to say UnoTelly is the leading VPN service that offers free popular US and UK channels like; Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc. to non US residents.


For example, where I live, all this services are so much limited, what we previously do is to subscribe to VPN redirect service, but usually, there are so many hitches we experience with those services, the major being lagging in their networks etc.


UnoTelly allows you watch your favorite TV show anywhere you are without limiting accessibility to your online content. Truth, there are few Netflix and Hulu VPN redirect services available online these days, but UnoTelly leads them in various ways,

  • Cheaper than any other
  • Never complicated to set up
  • Faster, no network break the VPN redirect services used to have, maybe it’s because it is a direct DNS service.

Let me not forget to tell you this, UnoTelly is the first direct DNS service, others are redirect, you suffer lagging as well as a middle-man intervention.


UnoTelly supports a number of Devices

The devices supported by UnoTelly ranges from Computers to TV devices, Mobile devices and Routers etc. visit to check if your device is compatible.

How to Setup UnoTelly

There are different ways to setup UnoTelly, as it supports almost all Operating systems.

My device runs on Windows 7, so that is what I will use for my explanation. Never get worried, you will get a setup tutorial for your device at UnoTelly’s website.

Step 1

Visit on your browser.

Please note down the nearest DNS addresses that are displayed in your browser, you may write it down or copy it somewhere.

Step 2

Click ‘start’ on your system and open ‘control panel’

Step 3

Under ‘Network and Internet,’ click ‘view network status and tasks’

Step 4

On the left side bar, click ‘change adapter settings’

Steps 5

Choose the connection you are using, if wireless, right click ‘wireless connection,’ if wired, right click ‘local area connection’ and choose ‘Properties’

Step 6

Choose ‘Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4),’and click ‘Properties’

Step 7

Choose ‘Use the following DNS server address’ and enter the DNS addresses you got from step 1 above.

Step 8

Click ‘ok’ ‘ok’, close everything, restart you computer and go to, then you are good to watch any of the channels without any limitation through UnoTelly.

Note: If UnoTelly refuses to configure on your device, you will have to contact customer service through UnoTelly website. Although, as at the time I am writing this review, UnoTelly is still working on the compatibility for 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and public connections such as hotels and campus connections.