Vietnam Facebook Ban – Vietnam Rejects Facebook but Zuckerberg is OK

Vietnam Facebook Ban, Mark Zuckerberg allowed

HANOI, Vietnam (TAL) — The Vietnam govt’s decision to block its citizens from using Facebook doesn’t stop the Facebook’s CEO,  Mark Zuckerberg from vacationing in the country – since the country is known  as the best tourist centre in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg spent this Christmas Eve in the popular tourist destination, Ha Long Bay, says the local official Trinh Dang Thanh.

A media run by the State claims that Zuckerberg arrived in Vietnam on December 22 – six days ago.mark zuckerberg photos

Zuckerberg while on vacation in the country spent Christmas Day at an eco-lodge in the northern mountain town of the city, Sapa and rode a buffalo, Le Phuc Thien, deputy manager at Topas Ecolodge reports.


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Facebook, the popular social networking site was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. But, the Vietnam’s aggressive Internet censors block access to the site and some other websites on the internet. However, some young Vietnamese easily bypass the restrictions and still make use of the site.

Vietnam’s aggressive Internet censors block access to Facebook and other websites, but young Vietnamese easily bypass the restrictions.

Facebook is unwelcome in Vietnam but its CEO is highly accepted in the country.