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An ultimate review of the online video editor – FlexClip

Videos are great ways to get people talking. They attract likes and social media interactions. We often wonder then how to make unique videos. It is challenging to navigate with all the tools that are available on the market. FlexClip is one of them that surely you’ve heard of it.

This article will introduce you to this tool, the FlexClip online video editor, its features, and its price, without forgetting to summarize customer opinions on it.

Overview of FlexClip online video maker

Overview of FlexClip online editor

FlexClip is a tool that allows you to create or edit videos online for free. You can make videos without being a digital expert. This application is completely free to use online and does not require any purchase or download. All you need is a good internet connection, and you’re good to go. It is an efficient way to create short and original videos without getting lost in complicated features.

Its video editing, design, and editing interface are relatively easy and simple to learn. This tool is an all-in-one editor, as it allows you to do multiple tasks at the same time. If you have many videos and want to stitch them together, you can do it with just one click with FlexClip.

Features of FlexClip online video editing tool

Features of FlexClip online video editor

Those who like to create and edit videos without worrying about them are well served with this software. Indeed, like video editing software that are known, FlexClip Video Maker offers classic tools that are easy to understand for its users. This tool allows you to collect multiple videos, edit them, or cut them. You can also add text, music, or special effects without having to invest in expensive software.

At the moment, FlexClip works with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. However, the tools that are offered are sufficient and rich enough to prepare quality video edits. This all-in-one video editor can trim videos with small borders. You can also edit rich color and professionally designed texts. It also allows you to decorate your video and easily edit it by adding background music or voiceover. With FlexClip, you can mute voiceover or adjust your audio video at your fingertips. It is a video editing tool capable of responding to your request, allowing customization of audio posts.

How to create videos using FlexClip video editor?

How to create videos using FlexClip

Here are the steps to follow to take advantage of FlexClip free online video editing tool:

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website.
  • Then, you should create a free account that you can use as many times as you want.
  • In the text section, insert texts according to your needs by following your chosen logo’s predefined style.
  • To insert music, go to the “Music” section. You can add your music or the stock music, and adjust the final volume.
  • To be able to add watermarks, go to the “Settings” section.
  • With FlexClip, you can adjust the format, position, size, and opacity of the videos.

The advantages of FlexClip online video editor

The advantages of FlexClip

In addition to the fact that it is completely free, FlexClip has many advantages, namely:

  • This video editing tool is easy to use, and the processing speed is two to three times faster than other software in the same category. Thus, editing videos is done in a few minutes.
  • Regardless of the format of the video, it can be done very quickly.
  • In addition, soundtracks can be downloaded, and voiceovers can be recorded.
  • Zooming out or in can be performed on an image.
  • You can access free artistic photos for personal and commercial use.
  • You can also search the media library for movies and photos if you don’t have one.
  • It supports multiple resolutions, which are 1080P, 720P, and 480P.
  • The presence of 1: 1, 16: 9, 9:21,4:5, and 9:16 ratios make it easier to play videos on smartphones, desktops, and other devices.
  • Its primary advantage is the automatic saving of videos to your account.

What is the price of FlexClip?

What is the price of FlexClip

Usually, when we talk about software, we find several subscription formulas often linked to different functionalities. This is the case for FlexClip, a free offer that allows you to process up to 12 projects with a 1-minute video.

For paid, monthly, or annual plans, you have the base plan of $ 4.99 / month or $ 59.88 / year. This Basic plan gives you access to 720P HD downloads, 50 projects, a custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

The Plus plan, which is $ 7.99 / month or $ 95.88 / year, entitles you to Full HD 1080P downloads, processing up to 200 projects with five stock videos per project and lasting 10 minutes at most for each video, a personalized watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

The Business plan, which is $ 19.99 / month or $ 239.88 / year, enables you to get Full HD 1080P downloads, processing up to 1000 projects with unlimited stock videos per project and lasting 30 minutes at most for each video, a personalized watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

Summary of customer reviews

Summary of customer reviews

Many people have used other authoring and editing tools and have turned to FlexClip Video. Its ease of use is one of the strengths of this software. This online tool seems to be created for everyone, as anyone can easily access it. FlexClip users are delighted with being able to process and create all types of videos. Thus, they can create personal videos (birthday, wedding, etc.) and quickly post them on different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For companies and small businesses, the videos created on this online software are beneficial as they help boost sales and increase traffic. In short, this software is an excellent and super easy to use video editor. Even users who have used it for the first time are not disappointed. The quality of the videos is perfect, and the features are multiple to customize the videos effectively. Voiceover, background music, or watermark, all are available for free.

FlexClip fulfills its functions wonderfully. It also allows you to create slide shows. Individuals and businesses will find this video editing software an excellent ally for easily creating quality videos.


Video SEO: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search

Videos have emerged as the most versatile medium for engaging people. Its popularity can be understood from the fact that YouTube, which was launched in 2005, is today at number two position just behind Facebook with more than 1.5 billion monthly users. Today, nearly 720,000 hours of videos get uploaded every day on YouTube alone. YouTube SEO is important to get your video noticed by people in such a crowded space. What you will need to is make a wise selection for the SEO company that can perform a video SEO for you for better results and for the right target group.

When it comes to videos, the search algorithm follows a two-fold approach as the search engine wants to come up with relevant results that maximize viewer engagement and satisfaction. To satisfy these two requirements, the algorithms take into account ‘relevance’ and ‘watch time’. Thus, you need to satisfy both these requirements of video SEO.  Relevance can be taken care of by optimizing the Metadata and for increasing the watch time you need to take the following steps.

Here are a few ways to optimize your video search to get noticed.

Video SEO - 7 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search
Video has proven over the time to catch more audience attention than written text and audio, and it is one of the reasons why you need to invest quality time in video SEO to get good results.

1. Choose an Apt Title

Title plays an important role in getting your video noticed. It should be chosen in such a way that the content present in the video becomes clear in the title itself.  You should include the ideal keywords in the first half of the title and your branding should be done in the latter half. If you want to upload a series, then include the episode number at the end of the title.

2. Choose and Appropriate Hosting Platform

The hosting platform you choose to upload your video depends on the goal you want to achieve from it. Ascertain whether your goal is to gain new leads, increase traffic or generate brand awareness. The hosting platforms differ with the goal. For instance, for generating brand awareness, YouTube and Vimeo are the best platforms. If your motive is to increase traffic, then these platforms are not ideal because once the video gets indexed, the traffic will be diverted to these platforms rather than your website. Thus, choose an appropriate hosting platform based on your goal.

3. Insert a Transcript

It’s better to include video transcripts rather than basic transcripts to make your video more scrapable by search bots. To excel with using transcript in your video marketing, what you will need is to find an SEO company that can set up a video SEO campaign with all necessary addons.

4. Make Thumbnail Images Engaging

Thumbnail images can be displayed in different formats and sizes. As these images are displayed across the platform as well as outside, it is important to use high-resolution, compelling, strong, relevant and vibrant images. High resolution will ensure that images will appear crisp and clear to viewers irrespective of the size of the thumbnail. It is found that videos with custom human thumbnails have a 30% higher play rate than those without. So, make them count by uploading engaging images. While shooting a video, you should, in fact, remember to take shots that can be turned into great customized thumbnails.

5. Tags

Another important thing to optimize is tags. The descriptive keywords that help the people find your videos are called tags. If you are uploading your video on YouTube, then the YouTube search algorithm indexes tag up to 270 characters. You should make the most of this 270-character limit count in your video SEO practice. You should make use of this word limit to describe your video beautifully. It is also recommended to use the keywords used in the title of the video here too.

6. Optimize Video Description

Video SEO requires you to optimize your video’s description. It’s important to describe it in the most appealing manner by inserting some of the primary keywords in it.

7. Have Compelling Video Openings

If the viewer abandons the video after watching it for a few seconds, it goes against you because watch time is an important criterion that search algorithms look for. To compel the users to watch the entire video, you have to keep few things in mind. Firstly, the opening of the video should be strong and engaging. Secondly, the length of the video should be ideal. A study suggests that 7-16 minutes long videos engross a majority of viewers. Other than these two, the video quality should be good and the story you tell through it should be gripping to maintain the interest right till the end.

These are some of the ways to optimize your video search. Most of the points discussed here are aimed at addressing two keys requirements of search algorithms, which are ‘relevance’ and ‘watch time’.

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Explainer Videos Gimmicks: How Tech Startups Can Benefit from Video Explainers

When it comes to content marketing for tech startups, explainer videos are a great way to interact with potential customers. Online video is such a powerful force that, video content is anticipated to account for more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

The moment a tech startup opens their doors they’re under constant pressure to situate themselves within the market and develop a unique value proposition. Being able to communicate their values to a diverse audience is often the difference between a successful startup and one that folds. A professional explainer video opens a dialogue with the target audience in an engaging way.

Tech giants like Google have often used explainer videos to break down their services without boring potential customers. This concept can be used by startups and SMEs to introduce and explain new products without bombarding prospects with unnecessary information.

There are many video formats to choose from. Next, to a traditional real live video, a great option for tech businesses is animation. Animated explainers work especially well when trying to highlight and visualize intangible products like SaaS services. Whether you choose to produce a live or animated video, you’ll definitely make yourself stand out from the crowd. Below we take a look at how tech startups can benefit from video explainers. 

Ways Tech Startups Can Benefit from Explainer Videos

Explainer video animation
To drive home your point in a shorter time, investing in video content marketing campaign will be handy. You can leverage explainer video to virally give a better impression of your ideas.

1. Developing a Brand Voice

Developing a clear and relatable brand voice is one of the main advantages of explainer videos. Without a clear voice, it’s difficult for customers to relate to your product and how your business can help solve their problems.

An explainer video that includes business storytelling based on buyer personas can help to personalize your marketing strategy and develop a relationship between you and your customers. This is important for tech startups because most solutions are aimed towards a target demographic rather than a broader audience.

2. Social Media 

In the last few years, video content has become a massive force on social media. Today, 45% of people spend more than an hour per week watching Facebook or YouTube videos. As a result, video content is one of the most effective ways to engage prospects on social media.

Developing presence on social media and connecting with this audience can really help a novice business to break through and it’s not easy to stand out in an industry as competitive and dynamic as new technologies. Simply adding a video to your Facebook or Twitter account can help to increase your online presence and draw the attention of new customers.

3. Demonstrate Your Solution

One of the unique challenges faced by the tech industry is that it can be hard to get customers interested in mechanical or mundane solutions (particularly if you are offering a complex SaaS solution).

For example, animated explainer videos enable you to demonstrate your solution in a way that the customer can easily understand. In many cases, it can be difficult to convey the benefits of your product without a visual accompaniment and a vivid animation can come in handy to demonstrate your products or services.

Explainer video process
Explainer video lets you automate and streamline the process of detailing your business goals and objectives without wasting your client’s time. Here is an example of a video explainer process.

4. Improving Your SEO 

Whilst seeking a high SEO ranking isn’t unique to tech startups, it’s vital for companies selling online products and SaaS. The higher your SEO ranking the more visible your site is on Google Search.

The Google algorithm is designed to prioritize sites with video content over more boring sites that only feature text. Adding videos to your site will simply help to increase your visibility on Google and drive more traffic to your site. 

5. Boost Your Conversion Rates 

When it comes to ROI, the biggest potential comes in the form of increasing your conversion rates. Producing engaging content with a clear CTA hooks the viewer in and makes them much more likely to interact with your site.

eCommerce store LemonStand added an explainer video to their site, boosting conversion rates by 10% and doubling the average session duration of visitors. Creating captivating video content is one of the best ways to boost your sales. 

Explainer Videos: Simple But Effective 

The secret to good marketing is presenting your product in a way that your target audience can relate to. Producing a simple explainer video will enable you to develop a brand voice that viewers can easily understand and relate to. Your video can be shared across social media, demonstrating the value of your product to a diverse audience.

Tech startups looking to develop traction in the market would do well to invest in video content marketing to get their products out there and drive enthusiasm. Ultimately, if you can’t get your prospects enthusiastic about your service then you have little chance of converting them into a sale. The easiest way to get them enthusiastic is to demonstrate your value. As the cliché goes: you need to show rather than tell.

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Online Video Monetization Tips: How to Make Money from your Videos?

You needn’t not to search for tips on monetizing video published on sites like Youtube, DailyMotion and others when this post is at your disposal. Please read, like, re-read and share with your friends and peeps so they could benefit from what you’re enjoying.

Would you wish for a loyal audience or a large one? As far as social media is concerned a loyal rather than large fan base is vital to your internet marketing success. Lead generation takes place , only when the target audience receives your message. Video sharing platforms like Youtube and video sharing apps like Thwapr, Staree and many more,  have taken a step forward to convert this far-fetched dream into reality. These video sharing apps not only help businesses establish a meaningful relationship with customers, but help them drive sales as well with simple to use platform that enable them to monetize videos uploaded to their servers.How Do I Monetize my Video Online for cash

How to Monetize Your Video Online – Make Money Now!

Youtube’s  recent Partner Program offers its members the facility to monetize their video content both on and off of YouTube. While for smartphone users, Thwapr’s ‘Share to Phone’ button enables consumers to share videos from any web or mobile website directly to their friends’ mobile phones. This service also helps the users monetize their videos by displaying ads on videos. Staree, a new photo and video sharing service pays good photographers if your photo or video receives a large number of views. This service may bring lucrative offers from advertisers if your work is exceptional. I will show you tips to help you monetize video right below, please read on:

Here are a few ways to monetize video online for more money: 

1. Sell ads after, before or during a video

With the advent of smartphones and good quality cameras, shooting an appealing video is a cakewalk. The video content being uploaded is free, but creator scan make money by selling ads around the video experience. Selling ads on your video will give you better power to monetize video you uploaded online better than any other methods and since websites like Youtube and others offer online video monetization activities tracking, it is easy to integrate that into your business.

How to Monetize Video Online?
How to Monetize Video Online

2. Pay-per-view sales

Webinars serve a perfect citation for pay per view sales. For this kind of monetization is PayPal integration; along with other options like built-in ad server and an ad manager. You can monetize video owned by you simply by using Pay per view tracking company to help you track your video performance in order to make money from your video contents.

3. Sponsorships

An advertising brand is mentioned or displayed in the beginning of a video to exhibit that it is sponsoring the video.  A brand having a large fan base can be a big payoff for companies who sponsor video content.

4. Licensing

Suppose you create an exceptional video; companies in the same niche can offer you a good amount of money to buy it from you, instead of creating their own from scratch. For instance whosoever has their videos on Netflix is getting paid for the rights to use the license.

Even Hollywood marketers bring forth free teasers of movies, but the users have to pay a good amount of money to buy full movies.

Signing up to these video monetizing platforms is quite easy. Monetizing your content will make you eligible to earn money and receive payments with the help of advertising tools, pay-per–view, subscription models, and built-in reports. Some video monetization services also give you an in-depth analytics so that you can trace the results effectively.

What are you waiting for? Hone your video shooting skills to make some money for monetizing video online!