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How Images Can Improve Your Social Authority In 2020

If you want to increase your brand’s exposure on the internet, social media is one way for you to go. However, catching the attention of your audience is one thing you need to know before promoting your product or service this 2017.

Speaking of attention-grabbing posts, it is one of the weaknesses that social media marketers should overcome nowadays. If you are thinking about using social media as a source of promoting your business, you might consider doing your homework or research before taking action.

Why Boosting Social Authority Means A Lot to Businesses of the 21st Century

Gaining Social Authority Using Images
Gaining Social Authority Using Images: It has been proven over and over again that the largest percentage of people hitting the BUY NOW button do so as a result of the graphical appeal of the web pages they are on. Images project the expectations of the customers and businesses in this era could take advantage of this.

If you share posts that are text-based, it is not going to be that engaging and eye-catchy to the viewers. However, adding an image would make a difference in your social media post.

Why should you add images to your social media posts?

According to Stonetemple, they’ve come up with a study of 4 million tweets that those posts with a picture has an increase in generating retweets and likes than those with no images at all. With these images, it increases the social authority of that Twitter profile. However, it does not mean that you should always put images in all of your social media posts. You can mix it with links, videos, GIFs to balance everything in your social media profile.

Furthermore, images could help you increase user engagement that leads to level up your social authority. Influence is very powerful, and it’s one of the reasons why entrepreneurs and social media marketers are successful in their campaigns.

Social media is one way that could attract your business leads. However, it is not that attractive if at least one image was not present within the post. Furthermore, there are some rules that you need to know about sharing posts with images. Make sure that the images should be relevant to the topic that you are posting. Not only that, the images should have the correct dimensions for better social media optimization.

Getting social authority could bring more targeted traffic to your brand’s website as long the images are relevant to your topic’s discussion. Images help increase page authority of a website. Just like in websites, the content is more readable, shareable and optimizes very well to gain better results and conversions.

How to Improve Social Authority of Your Brand with Images
You can use attractive images is very effective to improving the social authority any brand without breaking the bank.

What are the recommended image dimensions for posting on social media?

For each social media platform that you are in for your business, you need to follow the exact image size for better optimization. Without further ado, here are they:

Facebook – 1200 x 630px (470px minimum width)

Twitter – Any dimension will do as long it’s on a 2:1 ratio (506 x 253px is the minimum image dimension)

Instagram – For best quality in posting images, the image must be at least 1080px. For square dimensions, it must be at least 510 x 510px.

Pinterest – Any 2:3 image ratio and a minimum of 600px will do. For pins, 736 x 1000px is the optimal size.

LinkedIn – Before you post, make sure that they are of good quality and size. Sponsored updates have images with 800 x 400px, which is the optimal size.

Google+ – 426px is the minimum image dimension for sharing. The optimal size for uploading is 2048 x 2048px.

What are the free tools for designing your visual content?

Several clients worldwide are having problems in generating their visual content to make an eye-catchy post. They thought that the only way to do this is to spend money to buy photo editing software and programs like Adobe Photoshop. Without a doubt, this is the best photo editing software ever. If money is not an issue, you can buy a license for this software.

However, if you don’t have a budget to buy photo editing software or program, there are free tools you can use for visual content designing.  Without further ado, here are the free tools you can use to create beautiful and engaging designs without the need of a professional designer:


This is one of the most popular and best free platforms for designing your visual content. Several template sizes are social media-friendly, and it’s almost like the free version of Adobe Photoshop. You can even create professional infographics using their platform without the need of shelling out hundreds of dollars for outsourcing or buying Adobe Photoshop license.

Canva designs helps in creating a social authority online.


This alternative free tool alone can make simple social media-friendly images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I personally use this on many occasions to design quotes and some other things.

Pablo by Buffer App Team

Online Image Editor 

Another free alternative that you can use for creating and uploading images to Facebook and other platforms. It is a bit limited in features as compared to Canva but you sure get some value there too.

Online Video Editor

Moving forward

It is not that easy and simple for social media marketers to catch the attention of their audience with just text-based posts alone. If you want to gain influence for your brand, adding images to your post is the answer. It is why images can improve your brand’s social authority.

Or what do you think it? Let’s talk in the comment section below if you have addition or any feedback contrary to using images to boost brand’s social authority.

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7 Social Media Strategies to Maximize your Brand’s Awareness

With business companies turning to SEO agencies to handle all matters concerning social media, it’s safe to say that SEO agencies have upped their game. With temperatures on the rise, it’s easy for a recent hot Internet trend to soon seem outdated. Companies are now turning to social media to help provide that extra, refreshing boost to business websites as well as personal blogs. This fierce competition has inspired even more innovative and unique ways to advertise for your brand. The following points may be of great use if you wish to increase your page’s views.Social media For Business

100% fresh

If your business strategy is to jump on the social media bandwagon, then you need to make sure that your content is completely authentic and fresh. Remember, there are a thousand others, just like you, blogging out there. What makes your page so special? Optimization of your site should be your no.1 focus. If you’re unclear about how to go about it, then call an SEO agency. Reputed firms like Good Monster, a search engine optimization agency and many others are always equipped with the latest trends and strategies to help assist you.

Links, links, links!

Linking your YouTube video to your main landing page can make all the difference. A Facebook fan page can divert a visitor to your YouTube channel which will eventually land the viewer to your website. It’s all linked. This cycle is bound to create a buzz in the social media scene, making people more aware about your brand.


Coordinating all your pages will help your potential customers identify your brand better. Match your site colors to your YouTube channel, use similar fonts, link your Instagram account photos to Facebook. This will help capture the attention of your visitors eventually drawing them closer to your brand’s website.

 Tic tac toe

As your goal is to make your brand’s name reach out far and wide, it’s understandable if you want to use only the big names to advertise for your brand. Being picky about advertising only on the best social media platforms will help gather positive buzz for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all big names in the industry. They could serve as your tools to get the word out.

Connect with your content

Any form of social media, from the best used apps to the least utilized, are connected with through a screen. You need to make sure that you are staying connected with your followers, subscribers and visitors, daily. As most people use cellphones as their most convenient means of communication, optimize your website for small screen usage.

Local Search

An increasing number of people use local search applications to find out salons, restaurants, bars etc that are located in close proximity. These location-based apps can trigger your search engine rankings. By increasing the likeliness of a potential customer browsing through your brand’s name, local-apps play a big part in creating awareness for your brand.

Build your brand

Social media marketing can open an array of opportunities for you and your company. By increasing your access to people and organizations, your brand grows further by building new partnerships and strategies with more companies.

It is all of these numbers that you gather in the virtual world through likes, shares and re-tweets which will play a big role in spreading your brand’s awareness in the real world.


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Is Social Media Ruining Science Journalism?

Science and technology are areas that have always had the ability to draw public interest – when something exciting has happened. We all look on in excitement at the New Horizons pictures of Pluto, or read with interest when a new medical advancement has been made. However, a lot of the time, the work carried out in science, technology and medicine takes the form of baby steps towards these impressive goals, and headline grabbing glamour stories simply don’t occur with the regularity of celebrity scandals or the other kinds of news we get to feast on through social media media science journalism

This, of course, has always been the case, but as journalism is replaced by blogging, outlets claiming to bring the latest and best science news often use the same tactics more traditionally associated with lightweight media. Has the social media age ruined the way science is reported in the mainstream?


Popular science blog IFL Science has come under criticism from its own fans for increasingly using ‘clickbait’ style titles for its articles. It is by no means the only offender. A clickbait title is one that misleads the reader into thinking the article is more revelatory than it is, and often includes a dramatic question that obviously the reader has to open the article to see the answer to.

This, when it is employed in lightweight news (‘Which member of 1 Direction has a controversial new tattoo?’) is effectively harmless, but when reporting on science and medicine, it can have worrying effects. A link that says ‘Scientists have found that sleep affects your cancer risk – but how many hours do you need?’ and then takes you to an article that explains that in a small study on mice, a possible correlation between sleep and breast cancer was observed, is clearly not responsible writing.

Exaggerating the Significance of Findings

Nobody would even attempt to get a paper published in a science journal which said that the findings of a small, isolated study were enough to prove anything more than that a theory deserved further exploration, however most people don’t get their news from journals, they get it from blogs. People tend to be afraid to simply report that a study was done and the findings were interesting – instead they feel they have to exaggerate the significance of it so that every bit of research says something terrifying about climate change or promises an affordable cure for HIV.

Do You Want to Write About Science?

With a decent website by a design agency like anybody can have a professional looking, nice blog, but that doesn’t mean they are actually qualified to talk about anything – it is still hugely important to display some journalistic ethics. If you want to cover science, medicine and technology on your own blog, make sure you aren’t overblowing the significance of findings, and when you speculate on possible future implications, don’t state your theories as fact. Do this, and report honestly, and maybe you can help turn the tide of misleading and dangerous medical and scientific reporting on the web.

Social media has changed news in both good and bad ways, but when it comes to science and medicine, a move away from misleading journalism really needs to happen.

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The Evolution of Twitter – The Rise, the Growth, and the Good Memories of Twitter

I came across an amazing infographic detailing the beginning, the development, the rise, the growth, the advancement, the progression, the expansion, and above all, the Evolution of Twitter from a startup wannabe to a popular social network giant within just nine years. I thought of sharing the infographic with you, our esteem readers, so you can learn from the giant stride of this amazing company which could also mean a whole lot to your small business success.

Being one of the top #5 most visited website in the world, Twitter has pride itself to be a game changer in the social media industry over the years. It was founded on March 21, 2006 by four amazing guys namely; Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Jack Dorsey. They have a burning desire and passion to create something different from the common that everybody is familiar with – and that’s what bring about Twitter of today – a short social networking service that allow its users to send and read 140 words of text per tweet.

From mere passion to becoming a full time business entity, Twitter has went on to become an innovative and creative hub where people now rely on to send and receive data, engage, and do business, and it has even went beyond that to becoming a news portal for what’s trending.

With existing translation up to 33 languages of the world, including Chinese language which was reported awhile ago here despite its ban in the country, Twitter is easily accessible on the go to people all over the world. It takes a smartphone and internet connection to get connected and sharing in seconds. In fact, with recent advancement in technology, I recently learnt that some dull-phones now have text messaging functionality, powered by service provider, that enable users to tweet without internet with short codes. Though, it wouldn’t have been possible without these network service provider bundling this into their package in partnership with the social giant.

But the truth is, its real!

As I’m writing this, there are about 288 million active users sending and receiving more than 500 million of tweets per day. With their larger user base, the number of employees in the company still stood at 3600 employees across the world.

Before, Twitter was basically for socializing between individuals, but that has changed lately with Twitter boasting of enabling businesses grow fanbase, improve engagement and increase sales through its advertising platform. Small businesses thrives better on Twitter these days, especially when the campaign is highly targeted to the right audience.

The Evolution of Twitter infographic elaborates more on how frequent the company had embraced change since its inception, migrating from “What are you doing? question to “What? Why? How?” question and now “What’s happening right now?” in a more stylish way that doesn’t give room for too much detection from users.

I bet, you too didn’t take note of these changes!

Most retweeted post ever

Ellen degeneres still holds the record for the most retweeted post ever on Twitter till date at over 3.3 million times.

Most followers

Katy Perry leads with 67387699, Justin Bieber with 61945823, President Barack Obama on 57098677, Taylor Swift at 55037637 and Google’s own video search engine, Youtube got 49760981, while Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna shares 45195201, 43545091, and 42764,643 respectively.

The Evolution of Twitter – The rise and growth of Twitter after nine years of establishment.

Go through the infographic below, titled The Evolution of Twitter. Do let me know if you agree with the figures claimed below through the comment box. Let’s start talking.

The Evolution of Twitter

Africa Social Media

Is Bebuzee the Social Network we have been waiting for?

Bebuzee is a new social network, Launched 1st of July 2014 and in its early days it claims to have surpasses 5 million registered users at such an early stage.

Going through the website I can recognise it functions smoothly and has many traits Social Media users recognise. Friends are called networks, status updates, uploading photos and videos, blogging, rate my pic and worldwide business search, plus other features for which I will not go into detail.

Is this the new social media network we've been waiting for, see why Bebuzee beats other social network sites in revenue sharing with users

What’s the appeal?

For starters the heart and soul of Bebuzee is banking on sharing half of the revenue earned through digital ads with its users, this ads displays on the right side of the screen when browsing through this Social Site. So for every post shared on your profile impressions are earned when viewed by your friends and network, for every 1000 impressions 50c of a dollar is earned and every direct click to an ad link 25c is earned. This feature is tracked on my earning tab on the users profile so the user will keep a record of how influential their post has been and encourage user traffic.

Bebuzee is a referendum on how disillusioned we are with the Social Networks we have right now. Fortified Social media Sites like Facebook and Twitter who dominate the market have had many users desire to abandon and jump ship. In today’s digital age data is collected and sold on to marketers for huge profits, and the user is always wondering in frustration from endless calls and email spams who are invading them. The question many people have but yet to be asked is “How did you get my information?”.

So giving out personal information to the Social Giants bites back, this is the result from lack of respect for the user who can’t get away from constant bombardment of ads and only wishes to share moments with loved ones on Social Media.

Bebuzee considers what is true “Ads keep us running, but we must compensate and reward” This is true with all sites unless government funded no site will survive without ads.

The concept of sharing our content was born with Facebook but have they thought of the user who gives away all but receives nothing. I would suggest a big fat “NO”, Bebuzee is the only Social Network who have banked on an idea we have been waiting for “Revenue Sharing”. Share what the user feels is rightfully theirs, as they are the ones ads cater for.

Overall Social Media is and will remain as part of our lives, we want to be connected and update ourselves with moments and feelings of our closed ones no matter how far they are. Bebuzee is there to make things a little better and less frustrating, the user does want to jump ship from the monopoly but want to be active in this digital age.

Is Bebuzee the answer well I can only recommend you give it a go and see for yourselves? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

Social Media

A Brand New Social Media that pay its users

Bebuzee is a brand new social network. With no disrespect to any rivals including the newly trending social sites, it is believed that Bebuzee will compete if not better all major social networks in the world, including the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

A social media that pays


Bebuzee is a modern,fun-filled social network, founded and engineered by a social network enthusiast, and entrepreneur guru, with their small team of staff. They are reportedly attracting thousands of sign-ups and repeated subscribers daily.

It prides itself not only on being free but also on revenue-sharing with its users and its dismissal of selling user data to third parties. Simply meaning, those who heavily use the services available on Bebuzee, will be rewarded.

Users are said to receive one dollar by signing up and creating an account. Adding to this there are several great features, such as Image Shopping, Rate my pic and Blogbuz which are soon to be perfected.

Moving on, Bebuzee has reportedly created several features, which put together results in an incredibly modern social network.

Bebuzee have also got an unusual partner in crime in the form of BebuzeeAdbuz, which they are looking to part with in order to persue an advertising program on the side and enable the social network to take off on its own. The benefits are huge as this will allow them to filter traffic through their site as well as those off the millions of potential customers/clients.

This separate venture will result inBebuzeeAdbuz operating on a completely different platform. This could be a potential money maker. Other social networks will need to be ready for competition as there is plenty of room for this.

Users will be able to divert traffic to their individual sites using this feature. It is a well-known ad-feature similar to the one that Google released a few years back.

A pipeline evolutional idea that Bebuzee have in their pipeline are Video Status capabilities, which is a hidden feature which will be released upon perfection later in the year. Users will be able to upload statuses directly whether it is from their app on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Bebuzee will remain free for those who wish to use the platform to socialise only. Those industries or retailers who wish to advertise their products through Bebuzee will have the capabilities to pay a small fee of as no more than $10 per month to display their images for Bebuzee’s most recent feature Image Shopping. It is an e-commerce venture which has not been tried or tested by anybody else before.

You don’t invite your friend to connect with you if it costs your friend money. Even in the world of digital music – you can pay for services but most people don’t. Bebuzee will always remain free.

As for funding, Bebuzee has raised a sum from venture capitalists leading some people to question how truly independent and principled the network can be with profit commitments. At this stage they have not released the number of VC’s nor how much they have been funded. So from now on Bebuzee are said to rely on the support of its users and potential clients as to see how far they can carry this brilliant invention. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly, should you have any queries in regards to Bebuzee or their products.

Social Media Video Sharing

Driving Traffic to Your Website; 3 Underused Social Media Platforms That WORKS Like Magic!

You know what SEO keywords are and how they work. You know that overusing a keyword can cause your post to look repetitious and elementary. You know social media can greatly impact the traffic a website gets. But do you know, in depth, how to best utilize these social media forms? It is more than posting a link and having members of the internet audience click on it. It is time to delve deeper into what works for driving traffic to your website using social media.

3 Underused Social Media Platforms that Works in Driving Traffic


Driving traffic via social media

YouTube impacts in driving traffic

YouTube is an immensely popular website, but can it be used for gaining more traffic to your site? An interesting thought. Not usually categorized as “social media,” YouTube can be a useful tool in driving more traffic to your website.

Google uses SEO keywords in a complex algorithm of words and signals. YouTube does the same thing, just not to Google’s extent. When uploading an advertorial video or informational video to YouTube it is obvious you want one thing, for people to watch it. There are hundreds of people uploading videos at any given moment. What is going to make your video stand out? Here are some of the top ways to “code” your video in order to gain hits and in turn website traffic.

YouTube’s algorithm involves:

  • How many likes and dislikes are on the video
  • How long each viewer watches the video for
  • Tags and tags in the description
  • Number of comments
  • Who subscribes after watching the video

Creating a video that utilizes YouTube’s unique signals and creating a link in the description to your website as well as embedding the video on the website itself will lead to higher traffic.

Pinterest is a winner for driving traffic that sticks! 

This is another site that is not quite “social media,” but that should not be ignored entirely either. Pinterest is an up-and-coming way to reach articles through links from the photos and images the user’s search pulls up. As with YouTube, post-ers should keep a few things in mind that are special to Pinterest and will drive traffic to their website or blog.

  • Why should someone Pin your post?
  • Use your Boards to your advantage
  • Always, always use images when creating a post, a picture of text will not draw anyone in
  • Creating a contest on your blog will increase traffic, not something Pinterest is usually for but as with Instagram, people will “re-pin” or “re-post” if there is something in it for them
  • Engage on Pinterest, if you are not interacting with other users your blog will become stagnant and therefore useless

Business owners as well as website owners may not see Pinterest as a way to market and drive traffic towards their respective blogs and sites because of the stereotypes society has created regarding Pinterest. It is not all wedding, fashion, and cooking. As of late, new, important, newsworthy Pins have been increasing, making Pinterest an interesting and effective way to gain a following.

Twitter shouldn’t be left behind in traffic generation

How to use Twitter Hashtag to promote your brand on social media

Lastly, we come to Twitter. Most companies have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, so to speak, they have created their Twitter profiles and have begun gathering a following. The thing that is similar between Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube is that most websites fail to use these popular modes of communication. Using Twitter to gain website traffic is not the first thought an SEO expert would think. Twitter has a reputation of being superficial and not taken seriously, but it’s time to disprove those thoughts.

When creating a tweet to essentially “market” your business or your website, it is easy to create a lengthy definition of a product with links and exclamation points and loud, all-capital phrases. Don’t do this. Use simple language and make the tweet short and sweet. Anything under 100 characters will be read more than a long, verbose and let’s face it, useless tweet.

Do not be afraid of the hashtag. Create a hashtag that relates to your business and in every tweet, use it! This allows twitter users who want to know more about you, your website, and your company to type in or click on said hashtag and read everything you have tweeted as well as reach your twitter profile and in turn your website.

While these may not seem like the typical ways of driving traffic to your website, they are effective. Oftentimes instead of coming up with a time-consuming plan to gain viewers, the simplest solution can be right in front of you. Use the resources that are available to you.

Social Media

Earning a Living through Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

Social Media has only really been in our lives for a short ten years. LinkedIn launched in 2003 for business professionals, Facebook in 2004 for college students and Twitter just slightly later in 2006. More networks have emerged and we see a regular line of social network icons wherever we turn. We connect with our family, our friends and our work and industry colleagues. Businesses realize that an active social media presence is essential to their success, and employees and entrepreneurs alike utilize social media to work. Internally organizations connect through their own networks, or use external networks, Facebook pages, and these connections transfer externally as employees use their social networks to influence customers and consumers. Twitter feeds, and of course LinkedIn, where connections made whilst working with one firm, carry over to the next. How to earn a living through social media networks So can we earn a living through Social Media, businesses have recognized it must be a key marketing strategy, and many are taking advantage of the demand by:

Supplying social media services

There are many entrepreneurs and small firms, and large organizations too, specializing in digital marketing and offering outsourced social media management services. Designing and integrating the organizations networks, and managing them on a day by day basis with content to engage and drive traffic to websites and increase sales. These services are provided on hourly, weekly and monthly basis and work can be found easily through freelancing platforms like Elance, Freelancer, People Per Hour and Coworks.

Use social media to make your business work

Social Media LEAD - earning a living on social media through recommendations If your business or employer makes money then you will too. Whether social media management is internal or external the key is to use it well. A social media presence actively determines search engine ranking. To be top of Google you must be regularly marketing your content, and links to your website to represent your products or services. If you are good then your posts and tweets will also drive traffic to you site and result in direct enquiries or purchases. Building a healthy social media profile shows the world your credibility, your news and views and most people engaging with a new brand will click on at least one of those social media icons.

Find work with social media

Most job opportunities are now posted on social networks, either directly from the company or through job boards, recruitment agencies or freelance platforms. Google estimates that 1 in 5 job searches start with social media. Few times ago, I wrote an article about on hiring through LinkedIn and in my conclusion, LinkedIn are the job finding specialists with premium programs for recruiters to find candidates and massive investment to double the number of jobs posted on LinkedIn in the past year. Connections and endorsements on LinkedIn make it easy to connect with a new employer or client, and to see who you know already connects with them.

Let your social media connections find you work

Social media lifestyle - how to make a living using social media

You can go a step further and allow your social media connections and endorsements to gain you jobs directly. For freelancers there is a new platform which offers the normal payment protection and administrative systems but goes a step further to show potential clients recommendations gleaned from social networks. Coworks offers firms the ability to choose freelancers with what they term the new “word of mouth” referrals, rather than sifting through tens of propositions, taking a risk on an unknown resource. It also allows new freelancers to compete based on completed work or referrals gained outside of the platform, and aims to increase both price and quality by ruling out untried, inexperienced bidders.

Mobile App

2 Best Applications for known Photo Sharing Sites + Apps

Having thousands of unsorted images can be a headache. Sometimes, you just need to find the right image, at the right time, and you don’t have hours to sift through unlabeled digital photos library.

One of the easiest ways of curing this problem is downloading an app that enables the creation of galleries and portfolios. Some of these apps work with particular programs, others enable uploading to major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Most of them provide users with the tools to name, date, and comment on photos, as well filter them via tags, which makes the organisation process easy.

Best Known Photo Sharing Apps for you

Here, we take a look at what users have had to say about some photo sharing apps that are currently available for download.

zFolio – excellent photo sharing app for Android, Kindle & Nook

zFolio advertises itself as ‘the best Zenfolio app for Android, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook’. It enables the creation of galleries, the downloading of images and the uploading of them to ZenFolio. The downloading process is efficient and can occur while your phone or tablet is charging. The uploading function can be set to sync automatically with your device.Best application for known photo sharing site

zFolio’s interface is well-designed, making functions easy to access and use. The display enables sideshows in full screen mode, and continuous scrolling of both thumbnails and sets of photos. It is possible to shift photos from gallery to gallery; organize photo albums according to name, dates and tags; delete images; share pictures via Facebook, Twitter and email; and view information regarding both EXIF and uploads and downloads.

Frequent updates mean that the photo sharing app is being improved and expanded all the time. Also, it has been enhanced to suit Android 3.0 tablets that run Honeycomb and, on Android 2.3.3+ devices features enhanced jpeg decoding.

Users’ Feedback

Most users praise the speed with which zFolio enables the uploading and downloading of images. They also find the interface easy-to-use and visual appealing. They are impressed with its capacity to upload photos through major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which means that sharing with family and friends can be immediate. Some have commented that the enhancements for Android 2.3.3+ and Android 3.0. devices have also been useful in terms of maintaining optimum performance.

A handful of users have made complaints with regard to running the app on their devices. However, this seems to be the exception, rather than the rule, and is therefore likely to be linked to particular situations.


zFolio makes it easy to download and upload photos. It has the capacity for actions involving multiple images, which means that users can upload and/or download while using their device to perform other tasks. Its interface is simple-to-understand and has an appealing appearance. The developer offers constant support and is quick to respond.


Some users have complained of operating problems, but these are highly unusual, and many users have noted that the developer is quick to respond to, and resolve, customers’ issues. Also, the photo app crops thumbnails to a square shape, rather than retaining full-frame, and, thumbnails of wide angle images tend to appear out-of-focus.

Blurb App – lets you express yourself in a professional way!

Samsung Galaxy S4 users can now use their phones to print high quality publications, including books and magazines. This process is enabled by a new app, which is the product of collaboration between Blurb and Samsung.Best application for known photo sharing site

This is the first time that the smartphone has been able to produce publications of a professional standard. The development promises to expand possibilities for the self-publishing world, because it removes the need for a ‘middle man’ between the writer and the final publication.

The app provides a variety of design and layout options, and they can be applied automatically. Users need only add images and/or text, decide on the appearance of their publication, and hit print. The process happens within Story Album, which is found on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s Product Strategy Vice-President, Chan-Woo Park, has said that “The Galaxy S4 is furnished with a superb quality camera and unique, powerful features maximizing the usage for photography experiences. We expect that our customers will like to output their beautiful images into beautiful books and magazines. Our partnership with Blurb will provide the top-of-the-class experience for our customers.”

Over the past eight years, Blurb has established itself as one of the globe’s most competitive, popular and creative self-publishing platforms. It provides tools for the design and publication of books, as well as their selling and marketing, and has contributed to the publication of six-and-a-half million titles.

Technical Features

Have you always dreamed of publishing your own photo essay? Have you run some ideas past publishers but been unable to secure a deal? Do you have a stack of photos that would look amazing in a coffee table book?

Here’s your chance to turn your concept into reality. For the first time in history, the Blurb app allows users to print professional quality publications from their smartphone. You either select photos from your gallery or take some via the app, decide on a design and layout, touch the print function, and off you go. The app even works with Photoshop, Hipstamatic and Instagram.

The online version enables the creation of photo essays. You can distribute these among your contacts, through email and/or social networks. You can also display them publicly on the Blurb site.

The free photo sharing app allows for you to work with a selection of seven themes, You can publish up to eight images, an audio clip of 30 second or shorter, and/or a video clip or 10 seconds or shorter. If you spend $US1.99, you can extend this capacity, with an additional eight themes, up to 3 x 30-second video clip and an audio clip of up to two minutes.

Users’ Feedback

Overall, the Blurb app has received positive comments from users. Many have stated that they find it to be extremely stable, and efficient and easy to operate. Many users enjoy utilizing the option of sharing their photos via the Blurb site – the opportunity to be part of an online photography community is appealing. One of the helpful aspects of the Blurb site is that it updates automatically – i.e. if you make a change to the photos in your folio, the photos in your Blurb account will change immediately. There’s no time-consuming changing of URLs needed.

A few users have complained that the text size for captions should be more flexible. As it is so large, it can sometimes interfere with the clear online publication of images.


The Blurb app’s easy-to-use factor is definitely one of its benefits. It makes the creation of photo essays and publication designs a breeze. The fact that it is now possible for an individual to manufacture a professional quality publication from his or her phone is impressive. The world of self-publication is about to enter an exciting new phase.


The Blurb photo creation app enables a publication of professional quality, but it’s still not the same as a comprehensive professional setup. There are fewer options and less scope for flexibility. One example of this is that for online publications, the text size is set, and can prove too large for some images.

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JUST 5 Steps to Create Social Media Icons & Share Counter with CSS3

Social networking hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and many more has emerged as the most successful approach to promote a content or service. Every internet user wants to follow his beloved Brands, Authors and idols. Social networking websites helps the end users to connect with their favorite web pages and share the liking with their circle.

Whether it is a service providing website or an informational blog page; Social media icons are a part of every web design. Social Media icons are used to share the content on the social networking hubs and are also looked as a feedback collecting form for the author.

How to create social media icons for your website? Designing the Custom Social Media icons can be a complicated hassle for the beginners. To help everyone out there; with this post of mine I am explaining the simple steps to design Custom Social Media Icons in CSS3.

In this post we will design the social media icons and the sharing counters for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile. By following the basic algorithm behind the designing process; you can even extend the process further for more social networking platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Step 1: Designing the Basic Button Layout

To design the social media buttons; we will start with designing the basic button shapes. Development of HTML5 is an easy and affordable process and hence everyone can make an attractive online presence with the trade. The HTML code for simple button shapes is provided below:




<a href=”#”>Tweet</a>


<a href=”#”>Like</a>


<a href=”#”>+1</a>



After defining the basic button shape; we will concentrate on shaping it as per the requirement in the proceeding steps. In the upcoming step we will use CSS to tweak the appearance of these icons.

body {

font: 0.875em/1.5 ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

padding: 42px 40px;



a {

text-decoration: none;



.share {

display: inline-block;

margin-right: 20px;


.share__count {

background-color: #fff;

border: solid 1px #a5b1bd;

border-radius: 3px;

/* add in vendor rules */

box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15);

/* add in vendor rules */

color: #424a4d;

float: left;

font-weight: bold;

margin-right: 10px;

padding: 4px 10px;

position: relative;

text-align: center;


Steps to Create Social Media Icons & Share Counter

Till this step we had successfully designed the basic layout for the social media buttons and share counter. To finalize the desired basic look; we have to add the below provided CSS Code to the program.

.share_size_large > .share__count {

display: block;

float: none;

font-size: 18px;

margin-right: 0;

margin-bottom: 12px;

padding: 10px 0;



.share__btn {

border: solid 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);

border-radius: 3px;

/* add in vendor rules */

box-shadow: inset 0 1px 3px rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3), 0 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15);

/* add in vendor rules */

color: #fff;

display: inline-block;

font-size: 13px;

font-weight: bold;

padding: 5px 10px;

text-align: center;

text-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);


 Step 2: Styling the Buttons with CSS Elements

Step 2 concerns about the styling of the basic layout. In this step we will integrate the HTML code to the CSS element. I had provided the HTML code below which must be combined with the different share buttons you had designed. You can add the codes to the buttons as per their tag name; for example add “type_Twitter” for twitter style, “type_facebook” for the Facebook style and so on.

.share_size_large > .share__btn {

padding: 5px 0;

width: 100%;



.share_type_twitter > .share__btn {

background-color: #4099FF;



.share_type_facebook > .share__btn {

background-color: #3B5999;



.share_type_gplus > .share__btn {

background-color: #F90101;


Steps to Create Social Media Icons & Share Counter

Step 3: Designing the Share Counter

At this step we will integrate the Share counter to the social media buttons. You can add the below provided HTML code to the buttons which are employed to display the social media counters.

.share__count:before, .share__count:after {

content: ”;

display: block;

height: 0;

top: 50%;

position: absolute;

right: -14px;

width: 0;

margin-top: -6px;



.share_size_large > .share__count:before, .share_size_large > .share__count:after {

content: ”;

display: block;

height: 0;

left: 50%;

position: absolute;

top: auto;

width: 0;


Step 4: Finalizing the Design Interface

Up till this step you can see the actual interface of the social media buttons and we just need a few tweaks before finalizing the design. In this step we will add some basic styles and will fix Borders or Layout issue if any. Add the below provided code to the design to make it look more clean and fluid.

.share__count:before {

border: solid 7px transparent;

border-color: transparent transparent transparent #a5b1bd;



.share_size_large > .share__count:before {

border-color: #a5b1bd transparent transparent transparent;

bottom: -14px;

margin-left: -7px;



.share__count:after {

border: solid 6px transparent;

border-color: transparent transparent transparent #fff;

right: -12px;

margin-top: -5px;



.share_size_large > .share__count:after {

margin-left: -6px;

bottom: -12px;

border-color: #fff transparent transparent transparent;


Steps to Create Social Media Icons & Share Counter

 Step 5: Linking the Counter with Social Website API

Congratulations! You had successfully designed the front End interface of the buttons till this step and now it’s time to make them functional. For this we have to use PHP.

Copy the below provided code and integrate this with your design. You have to replace the URL written (‘’) after file_get_contents with the URL of your social media page/profile.

‘; $fbend = ”;

$fbpage = $facebook;

$fbparts = explode($fbbegin,$fbpage);

$fbpage = $fbparts[1];

$fbparts = explode($fbend,$fbpage);

$fbcount = $fbparts[0];

if($fbcount == ”) { $fbcount = ‘0’; }


function twit_count() {

global $tcount;

$twit = file_get_contents(‘’);

$begin = ”; $end = ”;

$page = $twit;

$parts = explode($begin,$page);

$page = $parts[1];

$parts = explode($end,$page);

$tcount = $parts[0];

if($tcount == ”) { $tcount = ‘0’; }



After saving the file with the name Social.php; you can now attach the social media buttons to the actual share counters. You have to paste this PHP code at the fake counter numbers which are located near your social media buttons.

Steps to Create Social Media Icons & Share Counter


I hope you had successfully added the social media icons on your website. Finding any error? Please feel free to share that with us in the comment section below. You can even share the snapshots of the icons if you had done some more creative tweaks in the CSS styling.

David Meyer is a professional blogger with years of experience in web development. He is currently working with CSSCHOPPER; A renowned name to hire Web Developer from India.  David is always keen to learn and share the latest web technology.