The amazing depth of the technology in your toys on the road

When capital is not an issue, and you can afford to spend, you can easily customize your “toys” and have them run on the road with the speed of light. To cater to the need of people who want to drive spaceships instead of car, luxury car manufacturers are taking customization to a whole new level. The incredible features of today’s high-end vehicles go beyond voice activation and lane-changing safety.

The amazing depth of the technology in your toys on the road
Ever imagine the amazing depth of the technology in your toys on the road? Today, cars no longer serves solely as means of transportation alone, but instead, it serves a much-bigger purpose – entertainment, education, relaxation and even, at times, could be homely! Anyway, this is where the future where going into where connected cars communicate in real-time.

Tech toys on wheels

Some of the most recent demands in car tech centers on luxury design that increases comfort level, enhanced connectivity, and memorable driving experiences. The newest auto luxuries include advanced technologies that blend wireless, the IoT and data science to craft genuine masterpieces.

Savvy buyers want sublime comfort when getting behind the wheel of their digital toys on wheels. But at the same time, they want high-end materials and extraordinary performance. Porsche recently made a seat that can be adjusted in 18 different ways, to make sure it molds perfectly after the posture of the driver. In terms of safety, manufacturers are aiming to keep the driver focused on the road by eliminating distractions.

In-depth advances for your digital toy on wheels

If you’re car enthusiast, in-depth tech advances embedded into your favorite model are a must-have. Those that can afford to spend want their vehicles to be both a moving and a living medium. They want to be connected not just to the internet when they’re behind the wheel, but also to data sensors that support cloud-based applications.

The mere act of starting the engine no longer resumes to the act of driving, but also to the act of “communicating”. When data is streamed we want our seat to mold after the shape of our body, and we want our climate control features to be GPS-connected and function intuitively. It’s ok to assume that car fanatics want their custom toys to “sense”, literally. They also want them to learn and respond to commands are fast as possible. When you’re behind the wheel, you’re basically interacting with your car.

In-depth advances for your digital toy on wheels
Increasingly more manufacturers are acknowledging the need for connected cars. Things are just beginning to get more interesting. You can get in-depth advances for your digital toys on wheels on the go! What else do you want?

Porsche’s latest smart features, Porsche Connect Plus and Porsche Innodrive, rely greatly on complex sensor technology that act like a concierge and protector for the driver. Mercedes’s newest Maybach model can “learn” the driver’s habits, as well as recognize when he’s feeling stressed. In essence, it is able to design a custom health system and even provide advice and encourage the driver to take a break and breathe.

Going all-in on connectivity 

Increasingly more manufacturers are acknowledging the need for connected cars. At this point, most luxury design feature upgraded packages, so that you can take your “toy” to get a makeover. Some of the best and most thrived for offerings are the Google Street View and Apply CarPlay features.

Feel free to make your pick and decide on the extra you want to implement into your luxury vehicle. For some extra peace of mind, you can easily add more security, safety and remote access features. Or, go for emergency assistance like silent alarm and airbag deploys. The choices are endless.

The Attention Assist feature compatible with Maybach models is excellent because it helps drivers track eye line, making sure the driver doesn’t fall asleep while on the road. Put your car to good use – your Maybach can monitor your pulse and even release fragrances and play adjustable sounds to keep you feeling good and energized when driving.

Digital toys are now going all-in on connectivity
Digital toys are now going all-in on connectivity and you need to get all-in on these amazing features.

Smart safety features 

The BMW 7 Series is constantly targeting the needs of the driver. The embedded features are all about improving night vision. BMW has targeted the tech to busy business people working on smart devices and computers all day; by upgrading its safety features, the cars warns you that you lack focus, and that you should take a break because you’re too tired to drive.

Today’s high-tech vehicles are slowly becoming our new personal assistants. The added technology is not just smart, but intelligent. The AI integrated in the available upgrades is transforming the mere habit of driving a car, into a habit of interacting with the car. Porsche with its Porsche parts shop, BMW with its night vision upgrades are living proof that our cars are amazing at making trips from A to B seamless.

Green Energy

5 Solar Energy Powered Gadget Ideas for Geeks

Renewable, versatile and pollution free solar energy is the energy taken from the sun. In the past the sun was used mainly to heat and cool buildings around the world, nevertheless, its popularity and adaptability has grown tremendously with the equally growing concerns about the environment.

Today, solar energy continues to deliver power to residential and commercial buildings as well providing energy to as an impressive list of additional products. Almost everything that is powered by traditional energy sources can now also be powered by the energy of the sun, however the gadget category seems to be the most popular of all solar powered items.

Looking for solar energy gadget ideas? Below are five solar powered gadgets ideas for geeks:

Five Solar Energy Gadgets Ideas for GEEKs

Solar Energy Powered Gadgets

1. Solar Energy Chargers

Versatile solar chargers are popular because they are usable anywhere the sun is, on the go techies can find pocket sized chargers for camera batteries and car batteries as well as larger sized ones for tablets and laptops.

2. Solar Powered Toys

To children as well the self-proclaimed geeky adults, it is almost magical to see a toy move or here the robot speak just by being out in the sun. Solar powered toys are not only educational, they are also cheaper in the long run and whole lot cooler than the traditional ones.

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3. Solar Energy Powered Lights

With the energy from the sun stored within, solar powered lighting can be used in many forms and in both the daytime and nighttime, flashlights, pathway lights and stand-alone lights are just a few examples

4. Solar Energy Powered Outdoor Products

The sun also comes in handy for the campers and naturist; products like mini fridges, fans, GPS and many more all come in hassle free solar varieties.

5. Solar Energy Powered Remotes

Universal television and radio remotes usually require batteries to work, obviously with the solar powered alternative the batteries are omitted, leaving the user with a more sustainable product of equal quality to the traditional.

Solar energy is the most available source of power on the earth, and with the aid of advanced technology and a more earth aware present we are now beginning to see the sun’s true potential.