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Forget – Use Google URL Shortener Now

If you have been looking for ways to shorten your website URL in order to make it look more attractive or to make it more easier for you to transfer it to your friend on social media sites without stress, then this post is for you. Google URL Shortener is the new service launched by the search engine giant, Google for internet users to make use of it to make tiny their website URL without hesitation.

With this service there is no need for you to go for the tinyurl, or even and others. This service is like others with its free to-use-access. You can use it at any point in time without the need to pay for it.

There are two form of Google shortener, one is for website owners while the other one for public purpose. The difference between the two service is that the official google url shortener which is for website shorten url more faster and shorten than the one that was made available for the public users. The outcome of the two Google URL shortener looks like this:

Official Google URL Shortener ends with:

Public Google URL Shortener ends with:

NB: The official google url shortener is only accessible by google websites owners while the public one is available for everybody.

Steps to Make Use of the Google Public URL Shortener:

First of all, go to on your computer and then enter your website address in the search box provided and click on shorten.

After that, then copy out the link provided in the box and enter it into your website browser box and it will redirect back to the normal page.

Now we can Shorten our Address within Gmail. A Gadget called URL shortener help us to shorten the links within the Gmail.

To know about G-mail Shortener.

Additional Features of Google URL

Google URL service give information about your Past works.It also give the Traffic information’s.How popular your links.Page view of your Links,Time you shorten .Platform etc…That mean it give status.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Untiny URL: How to Show the Original Link Hiding Behind a Shorten URL

Reveal Hidden Links Behind a Shorten URL

Shortening URL make a website links to become easy to read and to make it easier for sharing on social media sites without much hassle because of the short name that was given to the link after you have shorten it. But, shortening a URL makes the original link becomes invisible to you which is not good because some website normally have bad content and trojans on their pages and that can affect your computer and even your online accounts if you don’t know the link from the first instance.