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10 Top Technology Trends to Expect in 2013

Technology is ever changing. The technological wonders of today may just be the outdated methods of tomorrow.

To this end, here are ten trends that you can expect to see appear in 2013. Whilst there are some things that will always be useful, from microwaves to BT Phones, there is always room for the new and improved ones. Last year, an article was published here about latest Korean technology trends where we featured some newly introduced and emerging technology trends from KakaoTalk which is killing most SMS providers in the country to 4G WiBro (Superfast Internet Access experience that ever happened in the world at the time) and many more. But right now, things have really changed even beyond that stage, and other technology trends are emerging and we need to be informed about them.

Technology Trends of 2013 Worth Checking Out

technology trends to expect in 2013
technology trends 2013

1. The Age Of The Tablets

Tablets are, thanks to the iPad, highly popular right now, but they are still seen as an expensive gimmick. That said, they are becoming both cheaper and more useful. Cheaper tablets should appear in the future. With greater functionality, these devices may even overtake laptops.

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2. The Cloud

Cloud computing is already available in niche forms. Whether it’s for your personal computer or gaming console, cloud storage is already an option. Whilst traditional hard drives and storage space will always be valuable, expect to see cheaper and competitive cloud options in the future. Even businesses may even make the switch.

3. Beyond HD

Whilst HD is very much well loved, it is an outdated technology like everything before it. It was only a matter of time before new resolutions were available. Whilst it’s not exactly on the market right now, the likes of 4k, called so because it boasts 4 times the detail of HD, may just make an appearance next year. Like any trend, people will be eager to be the first to embrace 4k TV.

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4. Being Online

Most devices these days have many uses for the internet. In fact, it can be argued that most uses require the internet. To this end, it can be predicted that this will only become more so in the future. In 2013, maybe we’ll see devices that never truly disconnect.

5. 4G Technology

This one is slightly obvious. 3G technology has been around for a while now, and the new and improved version is waiting in the wings. 4G technology networking is going to be the ‘next big thing’ for mobiles. Of course, it can also be used for networking, allowing a strong, wireless signal into the home and office.

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6. Social Networking

Again, this is an easy one to predict. Social media is already important in day to day life, and various programmes, from computer games to apps, try to integrate social media.

More than just Farmville, expect social media to take a higher importance. It won’t replace e-mail any time soon, but it already fulfills so many functions in many people’s lives, its uses are only going to expand.

7. Windows 8

A new OS always results in a new trend. In the year of 2013, this is set to be Windows 8. Windows 7 came out to some mixed, but ultimately successful, responses. Windows 8 has already been criticised for its design, although it is built to be user friendly.

As such, Windows 8 may find itself on a range of new computers and phones. With a user friendly interface, it might also introduce new audiences (such as seniors) to the computer at last.

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8. Hands Free Interfaces

This one isn’t exactly going to become mainstream over night, but the signs are already there. The Microsoft Kinect was one of the first devices, allowing users to control the Xbox with nothing more than their hands. Several TV companies are also producing similar functions for their TVs, rendering the remote control a useless device of the past. Expect to see more devices forgo keyboards and keypads.

9. 3D Printing

There might not be as many uses, but that doesn’t mean the sheer novelty and ingenuity of 3D printing won’t take off. No one is expected to own a personal 3D printer next year, but they may appear in offices, in addition to greater 3D printing services.

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10. Personalisation

This is something the best devices already feature. Whether it’s your phone or computer, many devices already make note of your favorite media or searches, making them easier to find when you personally use them. Expect your TV to use this soon.

Other post to read about top technology trends of 2013 is a Forbes article I recently stumbled upon. It was a nice post but before you move on, do take a look at a previous article we’ve once published about Top 5 Technology Flops in 2011.

What’s your view on these technology trends? Do you think these technology trends are going to stay for a much longer time even beyond 2013? Please share your views in the comment section below.