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US Army developing “Invisibility Suit”? Can this be true? Another World War looming? or What?

The US Army “Invisibility Suit” project! Isn’t this a strategic World war preparation in the making, or it is just a “Dodge and Fire” or “Boju Boju”kind of children’s play ideology?

It is no longer NOW YOU SEE ME”!

I believe you must have heard or see the blockbuster American fictional film directed by Louis Leterrier which features Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley. If you haven’t, I will be forgiving, it is not your fault, but you’ve got to see it!

Stepping back into the past a bit, I think I have been a devoted student of learning and cherishing other people’s cultural backgrounds – including mine. This has helped me to have a vivid memory of some of the childhood plays and games that we used to play back in the days such as Boju Boju, Dodge and Fire (or say “dojin faya” because that’s how it is well known for and pronounced mostly by kids in my native Yoruba language), and I will continue to, as long as I’m alive! – it pays.

This kind of children play requires children hiding from each other; one group would hide while the rest will embark on a Guinness Ultimate Search quest kind of a thing to find them and probably ambushed and shoot them with the fake gun upon sighting their whereabouts. I bet you’d enjoy this type of children “hide and seek” play if you were lucky to be born in Nigeria, especially in the South West part of the country where Yoruba culture is at its best.

What amazes me now, after many years that this kind of play has gone into extinction owing to latest technological advancements replacing old time memories at a rocket speed ( so, so fast), the US Army has embarked on a mission to stylishly bring back my old time dodge and fire game play into the furrow of its operation.

US Army developing Invisibility Suit - Can this be true

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According to the news emanating from our partner and an intelligence source, there’s plan to develop an invisibility suit for the US Army troops underway. The US Army has call for firms that are into developing stealth fabrics to get in touch and provide the first prototypes within 18 months. They hope that the stealth suit will have advanced military functionalities like ability to work in all terrains such as in ice caps to desserts, in bad weathered area, and in any kind of temperatures at any point in time.

The companies that will be selected will have to submit 10 different suits for testing within one year phase, and all the stealth suits that will be submitted must be conformable with, and function properly in, all environment from all angles.

You’d wonder how possible this could be, knowing fully well that the suit has to maintain its invisibility status at all times, that means there has to be source of power to run it. In response to this, the US Army has categorically stated that if need be, that the suit will requires power supply to work, it must have a battery lifespan of at least eight hours of uninterrupted power supply. And in relative to weight, it must not weigh higher than 0.45KG.

The US Army declared their intent and would want the following configurations for the Invisibility Suit:

  • Has 360-degree coverage and ‘can dynamically react to different ground location under varying light conditions.’
  • Can be built-in into the soldier’s equipment.
  • Preferably, will not require a power supply to work. But if it does, it ‘must last at least amount of 4hrs and weigh no more than two pounds’ including in-built batteries and connections.
  • Reveals infrared light just the same way like other army uniforms.
  • Functions in a range of terrain, as well as desert, urban areas, jungle, forest, and mountains.
  • It must works below freezing point and at temperatures that’s above 95° degrees Fahrenheit, in high storm, in tempestuous weather, and in dust, fog, or smoke.

The invisibility suit demo on the field

Watch the video below featuring Guy Cramer of Hyper Stealth, one of the companies that might be working on the proposed prototype of the Stealth Suit. He may be one of the selected few people who have their supplies used to help the military. He says he has verified and demonstrated its efficiency to the Military sometime last year and that the newly launched project will enable him to move forward on it. I’d expected him to talk more on how the technology behind this stealth suit works but Guy Cramer could not provide much detail on that.

I guess he didn’t want to expose the secret.


Looking at this invisibility suit project by the US army, I strongly believe there’s going to be a kind of upgrade in the military and it will encourage so many stealth war activities. Inability to see the enemy afar off means you stand the chance of been annihilated sooner than expected.

I’m afraid, this invisibility suit introduction into the army system might be exploited for personal gains by those in higher authority. What do you think?

I’d like to know your reaction, and probably, an update about the post. Thanks

Image Credit: Associated Press, Hyper Stealth