What Are Static Websites?

A static website is a web page that was mainly creates for the main purpose of using it to sell or promote an information product. This type of website is not mostly experiencing content updates like how a normal blog do because it is was mainly created for a purpose of short or long term product selling or branding purpose.

All the information that you will see on this type of website are almost the same thing that you have seen there for about some years back. It is known as “a do and forget” web pages. The owner of the site has created it and they only need to start building links for it to ranks higher. In addition, after that, they do not need to do anything but to start getting the result in terms of traffic and recurring sales of their products.

In some cases, this type of web pages are created just to make the company have good reputation that it exists on the internet, some large companies that mostly involves in getting jobs from the government and other larger corporate bodies uses this tactics sometimes to convince their prospects clients that they have good reputation. They will create their website and host it on the internet with some tantalizing images and slideshows of the company and that is all about the site.

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