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5 Reasons Why Solar Roofing Is More Profitable Than the Conventional Kind

What is that one part of your home that gets the most sunlight? Of course, it is the roof. It is particularly why solar panels are installed on the roof. Have you considered the possibility of converting the entire roof into a solar panel?

Not only is it possible, but it is also profitable.

Tesla might make everyone think that solar roofing is their idea, but the concept has been around for a while. Whether you go for Tesla style solar shingles or the regular solar roof, one thing will remain the same – it will cost you more than a conventional roof.

However, when speaking of cost, people often overlook the benefits of a solar panel. These benefits are not apparent right away, but they prove extremely profitable in the long run.

When it comes to solar roofing installation, the benefits out ways the let downs against the conventional roofing solution. Here are five reasons why solar roofing is more profitable than the conventional kind.

Why Solar Roofing? Is It Worth All The Buzz?

5 Reasons Why Solar Roofing Is More Profitable Than the Conventional Kind
Solar roofing has become a rave of the moment, but not many are aware of its amazing features. Here are five reasons why you should give solar roofing a try in your home or office.

1. Solar Roofing Is Environment-Friendly

There is no second opinion about it. Environment-friendly choices are the need of the hour. The whole world is suffering from the side effects of global warming. And it is all because of the careless choices we have made over the decades. Now it is time to make more conscious decisions, on a much larger scale. Smaller acts won’t add up to a significant effect unless we make a bigger decision. We are talking roof scale big here!

Solar energy is renewable energy. When you power your home with solar, you are not leaving behind any footprint on the atmosphere. There is simply no harmful emission or any adverse effect of solar on human health or the environment. Since it is the only planet we have and the same planet we will inherit, the profits will surely be reaped by generations to come.

Now,by comparison, a conventional roof is a contributing factor in global warming. Scientists are constantly working on ways to reduce the amount of heat created by roofs. Many solutions have been proposed,but nothing is as effective as solar roofing.

2. Solar Roofing Increases the Value of Your Property

Property is an investment. Even if you buy a home you plan to live in, you never know when you will have to sell it. So, it’s important to always think of in terms of resale. Solar energy is now considered a great way to enhance the value of any property. Homebuyers understand the kind of saving they can expect. And we aren’t just talking about one or two panels, we are talking about a whole roof that acts as a solar panel.

According to a recent study in this regard, solar installations can improve your property’s value by around $16000. The difference can be higher in states that offer better tax incentives. A solar roof will make your home appear modern and up to date. It will attract buyers who are more interested in greener choices. Since there is still a dearth of eco-friendly homes, you will have the upper hand in negotiations.

3. Solar Roofing Can Offer Tax Benefits

As the mercury rises beyond historical limits every year, the government is trying to encourage more and more people towards eco-friendly choices. It is why they are constantly offering tax cuts and credits for people who invest in green energy in their homes.

With Solar roofing, you will be eligible for the 30 percent federal tax credit, plus any additional credit applicable in your state. Moving forward, we can only expect improved incentives for solar installation. We might even see better incentives for solar roofing as compared to simple solar panel installations. Some states have an additional 20 to 25 percent credit. This means the cost of roofing will be slashed in half, which will be close to if not lower than the cost of the conventional kind.

A fair estimate is that you can easily recover the cost of solar roof installation within five years. That is just one another reason why overhead cost should be the last thing you should worry about when thinking of solar roofing.

4. Solar Is All About Long Term Savings 

Take out the solar installation calculator and get an estimate of solar roof installation. The figure might seem too high as compared to the cost of conventional roofing, but that is just half the story. The easiest way to understand the difference is to think of a conventional roof as an expense, and solar roofing as an investment. Whatever you invest in solar panel installation, you are likely to get it back within five years or even less. We can always count on better tax credits and policies.

As mentioned earlier, a solar roof will bring in plenty of tax incentives your way. There are federal and state tax credits. There is a significant increase in your property’s value. Not to mention, solar roofing is better at insulation,and your overall heating and cooling needs will also subside.

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United States of America all set to traverse the path of totality of cosmos

The whole world has started anticipating with awe for one of the most magnificent events in this year and that is the path of totality or the total solar eclipse that is due to be happening on 21st August, 2017. This is going to be an incredible phenomenon given the fact that the complete sun will be outshone by the moon as it is going to cover up the sun totally. Based on the trajectory of this whole event of the universe, there are certain areas that have been identified from where the solar eclipse can be viewed without any hitches. Hence, people all over the world have already started making prior plans to reach those places from where they can witness this historic phenomenon.

The Insider’s Guide to this Year’s Path of Totality – Solar Eclipse

SOLAR ECLIPSE - United States of America all set to traverse the path of totality of cosmos
USA is set to traverse the path of totality of cosmos. Total solar eclipse is slated for fourth quarter of this year.

What are the probable natural occurrences that can happen?

Whenever a solar eclipse is happening, invariably it will accompany certain changes in the atmosphere as a whole. It has been found in the history also during several other solar eclipses. Quite likely, the imminent path of totality that the moon is going to cross as it covers up the sun on the 21st day of August 2017 will bring along darkness during the morning time as obviously, the sun won’t be visible and rather will be wrapped up within the moon. At the same time, the temperature will also be witnessing a steep decline in the absence of the heat of sun.

What’s more, the whole sky will be filled with streamers of light being emitted from the shining silhouette of the moon. In fact, the picture of the universal incident will look like rounded silver and a dazzling crown being surrounding the moon in a marvelous manner that will definitely be a breathtaking scene to watch. America is the lucky country to pass through this path of totality on that particular day.

Stretch of the path of totality

The solar eclipse or more commonly getting named as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse will be clouding the sky throughout the stretch of Oregon to South Carolina in the United States of America. This will be precisely around 70 miles or 113 kilometers in width and anyone who can be present in any of the places that fall under this total area will be the fortunate ones to be a part of this path of totality.

Frenzy related to this Great American Total Solar Eclipse

This upcoming phenomenon has started escalating excitement throughout the human fraternity of the world and people have already started booking for the places from where they can view this overwhelming natural phenomenon. There are lots of guides available on the internet that will speak regarding the safety aspects and other related aspects of this

Eclipse Planet Solar System Science Fiction Alien

in the US. Therefore, one can easily proceed towards this iconic event of the year!

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Top Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Solar Energy for Long-Term Benefits

Earlier this year, solar energy marked a milestone in the UK by providing power to more British homes and businesses than coal power stations over a 24-hour period. Over the same day, it was seen that solar generated 29 gigawatt hours (GWh) of power compared to the 21GWh generated by coal-fired power stations.

What’s more?

In October, it was revealed that solar panels provided more power than coal for six months of the year in total, with April to September being heralded as prolific months in the history of clean energy.

There has been an increasing move towards alternative energy sources in recent years, with a number of businesses moving to install solar before changes to the government subsidy program were introduced in February (more on that later). The shift isn’t just happening across the UK though – over £113 billion was invested into solar power globally in 2015. So could solar be right for your business?

We take a look at five compelling reasons to give solar investment some serious thought…

Should you consider solar energy for your business? Consider these:

Solar Power - Solar Energy Systems
Thinking long-term for your small business? Here are 5 reasons why your company should invest in solar energy to take charge of the future. These are valid and well-detailed reasons to Invest in Solar Energy Systems | CC:- Tropical Solar Energy

It’s easy to do

With solar panels now costing 80 per cent less than they did five years ago, utilising solar energy has become a more realistic option for business premises across the UK. Solar panels can be easily installed, too; photovoltaic farm panels are laid and connected via a solar cable, and these panels last for a minimum of 25 years. You should ensure your system is installed by professionals using accredited panels, and that the solar cable used has a TUV certification to be sure of it’s high quality.

Lower your energy bills

The solar energy generated will greatly reduce your utility bill and lower your carbon emissions, both positives for business owners. Rising energy costs are becoming an increasing point of concern, and so with solar in place, you will have some protection from price inflation that may occur in the wake of both Brexit and the US election results. 

Claim tax benefits

The government overhauled it’s feed-in tariff”(FIT) scheme in February of this year, but businesses can still apply to receive rebates from their energy supplier for generating it’s own electricity. Once your solar system is connected to the grid, you will receive money from your supplier for the units of electricity generated, and any surplus units can be sold back to your electricity supplier in exchange for an export tariff. There are calculators on the government website designed to help you work out how much you could receive – for some businesses, it could amount to recouping the cost of the installation in as soon as 10 years.

Increase your business

Positioning environmental responsibility as a key focus for your business can be attractive to investors and consumers alike. Making sustainability a priority can therefore be good for business, and help improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. 

It’s the future

Finally, alternative sources like hydro, wind and solar are becoming the future of energy provision as traditional resources fall in supply. It’s projected that 13GW of solar capacity will have been installed throughout the UK by as soon as 2020, and so as more businesses and homeowners will move to make the smart choice, you can be ahead of the curve and start enjoying the many benefits of solar power sooner.

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The World’s First Solar Panel Road Unveiled in a French Village

World’s first solar panel road unveiled in a French village. Innovation they said would certainly rule the world, and that’s exactly what is happening at Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France. The small village is determined to take solar panels off the roof to the street. The town is boasting of housing the world’s first solar panel road ever to be recorded. The 1 kilometer long route approximately 0.6 mile enclosed by 2,800 sq/km of electricity generating panels was unofficially declared opened yesterday by the country’s minister of ecology, Ségolène Royal.

French village boast itself as home to the world’s first ever solar panel road network.

WattWay - Solar panel road

While thinking about the rationale behind the solar panels being installed on a road as per longevity of the panels, the officials reported that the panels have been protected with a protective resin made of silicon sheets to assist to resist the heaviness of over 2,000 motorists which make use of the road, while taking into care the friction between the tyres and the solar panel road.

This is not the first and yet, it is not going to be the last time such an interesting idea like this has surfaced. A very similar project of such was pronounced back in 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands but the difference is, it was to be constructed on a circle path unlike this one that’s on the road.

Solar panels well-layed on a road network in Normandy, France
Solar panels well-layed on a road network at Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France.

The project is half-way up to its acceptance level and officials are really looking forward to WattWay’s answer to generating enough energy to power street lighting all across the town with 3400 residents before 2019, says The Guardian. If the project proves to be successful, the Royal would want the panel to be installed in every 1,000km (about 621 miles) of road in the country, and they currently have a total of 1 million km (approx 621,000 miles) of road network.

But there’s a problem!

The cost implication of completing a stretch of road goes for about 5 million Euros (approx US$5.2 million), leaving us room to question the project’s actual value. Here’s what Marc Jedliczka, the vice-president of Network for Energetic Transition (CLER) told Le Monde regarding it:

“It’s without doubt a technical advance, but in order to develop renewables there are other priorities than a gadget of which we are more certain that it’s very expensive than the fact it works.”

However, in its effort to reduce the cost of production of the solar panels for the road energy distribution system, Colas, the manufacturing company behind the solar panel roads, is working around the clock to make it work for a better and affordable rate. In the same vein, the company is also working on hundreds of other solar side-projects both in France and abroad.

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The Up-and-Coming Renewable Energy Source: Recent Advances Driving the Solar Power Craze

Compared with some of the wonders of the digital age, the technology that makes solar power a viable energy source has actually been around for quite a while. After all, the photovoltaic effect was first discovered all the way back in 1839, and the first commercially available solar cells hit the market in 1955. And in the more-than half-century of time that we’ve had to get used to the idea that we could possible get the sun to foot our energy bills, the technology itself hasn’t actually changed that much…. Not until now.

As modern technologies are becoming smaller, faster, and less expensive to produce, so too are solar technologies profiting from modern innovation and advancements. Residential and commercial industries have seen an increase in the application of solar power. Even the army has started using amounts of solar power. Here are five new innovations that may make it possible for you to run your life all on the power of a sunbeam.

1. Perovskites

One of the major drawbacks of solar energy is that most solar cells just aren’t able to efficiently produce enough energy to be seen as cost-effective. Sure, some commercially available panels are able to convert upwards of 35% of incoming sunlight into electricity, but these tend to be made from expensive and difficult to maintain materials. However, new advancements with perovskites may change all of that. Using the same production methods as the least expensive silicon cells, perovskites are able to achieve 15% efficiency. This may not sound like a lot, but given that perovskites have only been around for a relatively short amount of time, and that their efficiency levels are expected to improve dramatically, they could potentially revolutionize the future of solar power. Several solar power companies like Vivint have started to emerge, offering this new technology to homeowners at a discounted price. These solar companies now rent solar power to homeowners at affordable prices, which has seen a spike in residential solar power panel installations.

At the same time, it has been shown that perovskite cells could be modified to absorb only specific wavelengths of light, which means that by using several layers of cells, each designed to absorb a specific wavelength, one could potentially increase efficiency dramatically. We are likely to see an increase in the efficiency of perovskite cells, which will likely continue to increase the sales for solar power.

The Up andComing Renewable Energy Source - Recent Advances Driving the Solar Power Craze

2. Printed Solar Cells

What if every electronic device that you owned came with its own solar cell? We’re not talking about some clunky panel that would need to be set up in direct sunlight before you could get any useable juice; we’re referring to a paper-thin, durable cell that could be printed onto the device as easily as a decal in placed on a model airplane. MIT researchers have developed an inexpensive method that relies on special “inks” that can be printed directly onto most any material, effectively converting it into a functioning solar cell.

3. Nano-constructed battery molecule

Another MIT advancement that could change the future of solar power are special “battery” molecules. Using carbon nanotubes, researchers at MIT have developed a new molecule that can actually store solar energy almost indefinitely. That energy could be accessed and used at a later date, thus effectively turning these new molecules into microscopic batteries. Of course, the comparison isn’t totally accurate, because unlike conventional batteries, these molecules don’t contain dangerous chemicals, don’t degrade over time, and are cheap to produce.

4. Transparent cells

Imagine if the windows in your home or on your car could be used to generate power. That’s a concept that is currently being researched by the same people who have been making such amazing strides with perovskite. By using the material to create a thin solar-cell that allows light to pass through while still capturing enough energy to be considered efficient, one could potentially turn every glass window in the country into an energy-producing solar panel. Just imagine being able to contact a home automation company and having them drop by to to cover your windows in a transparent film that cuts down your energy bill.

5. Road surface cells

This idea has been getting tossed around for quite some time. Ostensibly, the plan revolves around replacing the asphalt of American roadways with durable solar cells, thus creating an intersecting web of energy-producing paths that could supply the country with as much power as it might need. Add to that the possibility of using some of the generated energy to create road surfaces that could be illuminated at night or heated to prevent snow accumulation in the winter, and you have a possibility that is definitely worth considering. Of course, implementing these new ideas could end up being quite costly, but when combined with some of these other innovations, we might find that solar energy is one venture that really pays for itself.

So, if you don’t believe that solar energy is the answer to the current energy crisis, just wait a few years. With all of the new advancements and technologies being developed, it won’t be long before we’re all letting the sunshine in.