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12 Ways to Drive Up Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Social selling has become the newest trend in eCommerce that’s taking digital marketing to another level. The purchasing power of the masses through social media is something that business owners can no longer ignore. When social media apps became popular in the 90s, we thought that it was just a way to connect to long-lost friends. We were all excited at the thought of personalizing our internet experience by making a digital mark out there through our social media accounts. But the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have taken social media into a level where people are regularly glued to it, rely on it for not just connecting with friends or posting content, but also for other tasks they used to do on separate platforms. News and information websites, for instance, also keep their social media platforms updated alongside their website.

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If you want to master the art of social selling, here is how to increase your social media conversion rate by setting up effective social media campaigns that generate greater ROI. 


Business owners now maximize the potential of social media apps to reach a 3.8-billion-strong market with social media ads in the hope of converting followers, likes, and shares into actual sales. Now, it is easier to align social media strategies with sales goals because these major platforms have integrated Social Selling into their system.

Worldwide, Facebook now has 2.50 billion monthly active users (MAU). It has daily active users (DAU) of 1.66 billion people on an average log. This is a vast market, and if social media marketers and advertisers just play it right, they can have a portion of this market share, generating leads and conversion for their brand. We should be looking at how we can use our content to potentially bring in revenue for our brand through paid and organic reach. Social media engagement is also one of the metrics that search engine algorithms use to rank websites on SERP. So, the next time we post, we need to make sure we are optimizing that post’s full potential instead of just filling digital space.

According to Shareaholic, social media leads all others in driving traffic towards websites. You’ll know if your social media marketing strategies are worth their weight in gold if they are converting leads not just into engagements but to sales. Keeping track of your social media conversion rate will give you insight into how your social profiles directly affect your company’s sales.

How to Improve Your Social Media Conversion Rate – 12 Steps to Follow

12 Ways to Drive Up Your Social Media Conversion Rate
Social selling is now the new gold in the eCommerce industry, with just a landing page, you can turn in millions in sales. It is on an upward curve to move digital marketing to another level with a social media conversion rate on the rise.

Here are 12 effective ways that can help you increase your social media conversion rate:

1. Reach Your Target Audience with Relevant Social Ads

Assuming you have a website before your social media accounts, you may already know your target audience and is simply following them where they are at to seek more significant attention space. You need to be consistent in your client avatar, even if you are on a different platform. Make your marketing efforts align with your existing target market to make the most of your social media strategies like brand awareness, higher engagement, and relevance. Ultimately, you want these strategies to guide users to your website and convert them to consumers of your products and services.

One of the best ways to get users to go to your site and buy or subscribe is ad placement for your products on social platforms. When users click on your social media ads, they’ll be directed to your landing page, which brings you closer to a sale.

You can target your ideal audience by factors such as demographics, keywords, profession, intent, or behavior. You will then know where to dangle your ads to reach your specific market to turn up your conversion rates.

Strategize how you will place your ads in such a way that you are not hard-selling. People know when they are being marketed to, and brands that sell at first contact tend to turn off users. Even if you have to spend a little bit more with new ads, it is better to build brand awareness organically but steadily. Your goal is not just to get one-time sales opportunities but to convert visitors into repeat customers and even loyal supporters of your brand or product.

2. Different Platforms Need Different Content Distribution

Creating content for different social media platforms is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Different demographics go to various platforms. For instance, Gen X and younger generations prefer Instagram over Facebook, while millennials and older use Facebook more than Instagram. All these generations meet comfortably in the middle on platforms like YouTube. So creating content and merely copying it on all your platforms is not optimizing the unique reach of individual platforms. Here are different content delivery based on the platform:

  • Facebook: Videos and curated content, stories.
  • Instagram: High-res photos, high-quality videos, quotes, and stories.
  • Twitter: News, blogs, and GIFs.
  • LinkedIn: job posting, company news, business content.
  • Pinterest: Infographics, instructional photos, and videos.
  • Google+: Blogs that you want to rank on Google.

Creating content that respects the social media culture and content expectations in every platform increase the chances that its audience will accept your content. More so, your campaigns.

3. Improve Sign-ups with Social Login

It becomes more convenient for users of your website if they can just subscribe or sign up using their social media accounts, rather than creating a new account just for your website. Website owners are seeing higher conversion rates through this method, and if you notice, more and more websites are adapting Social Log-in into their interface.

Stitch Fix was ranked as the best fashion subscription site in 2019. Their website uses Social Log-in when new visitors click “Sign-Up.”

Stitch Fix social sign-on login

Image Source: Stitch Fix

Visually, people see clicking a button to be much more comfortable than filling out a form. On a screen, a web page form looks heavier—as if it takes more effort to complete. People will almost always choose a more straightforward option. The way you offer account sign-up affects your visitors’ choices. Providing this option increases your conversion rate faster.

4. Create Landing Pages that are Seamless, Responsive, and Mobile-Friendly

Since there are 89% of internet users on mobile devices, it’s a no-brainer that our websites and social media content should be responsive to any type of device and Mobile-Friendly. Our goal is to give our users a seamless, consistent experience as they move from point A to point B. Landing pages must be easy to navigate and has a cohesive feel as to the social media site the visitor came from, with no interruptions, if possible.

Hubspot gives this short guide on how to create landing pages in this short video:

Video Source: HubSpot © 2019

If you’re not sure if your landing pages are up to par, you can use Google for a quick mobile test. To further improve your strategy for social media conversion, you can continuously split test your social landing pages and optimize them over time with tools like Optimizely that allow you to A/B test different elements such as imagery, article copy and link placement to maximize conversions. Unbounce also offers mobile-friendly landing pages to make it easier for you to create stunning and simple landing pages based on your current social media campaign. It’s good to refresh your landing page designs to match any ongoing promo, theme, or campaign as part of your users’ seamless experience.

The following tips are ways you can optimize your landing pages:

  • Use the images of your product that was in your ad: Do not mislead your customers with a different product or service than the one you placed on your ad. Be consistent, so your visitors will not get turn sour in proceeding to whatever you said you were offering that made them click the button in the first place.
  • Provide complete product details: Provide as many details about the product as possible, enough to answer the questions of your potential clients just by looking at your landing page image or video. 
  • Mention product applications when necessary: Briefly mention how the product can benefit your customers, or maybe how other satisfied clients are using your product or service.
  • Don’t hide the Price: Do not give your visitor a hard time by hiding the pricing on another page or not providing it at all, or else they will quickly bounce from the landing page, and you lose the chance to convert.
  • A Compelling Call to Action (CTA): Be straightforward yet sincere in your call to action. Your CTA should be very understandable, easy to find, and use with direct verbiage like “Buy Now,” “Learn More!” or “Get involved today.” Don’t use vague CTAs that may be creative but lack the power to give clear directions for your visitor as to what’s next in the funnel.
  • Mobile-friendly: Since 4 out of 5 mobile phone users do online shopping and banking, it is critical for any conversion campaign that every element of the user’s social media journey is mobile-friendly and again, responsive to any type of mobile device he or she might be using. Don’t ignore mobile-friendliness in your design strategies because SERP rankings are greatly affected by this feature. Your website or social media page will be less prioritized when it is not mobile-friendly, as search engines continue to aim to give the most accurate and useful results to queries that they get from visitors.

5. Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement Through Video

Videos prove to get the most engagement on Facebook, and compared to text ads, Facebook also offers video ads much cheaper. It is wise to take advantage of this and use video ads to increase awareness for your brand and encourage more engagement with visitors and followers.

Social Media Conversion Rate - Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement Through Video
Social Media Conversion Rate: It has been proven over the time that Facebook charges less for video ad promotion as against text-focused ads. The same goes for video content updates, they drive engagement more than text and images.

Videos do double duty in getting the attention of social customers and social ads that optimized this generated more leads and conversions than traditional ads. BigCommerce claims that with video ads, you can increase free trial conversions by 3x, decrease per lead cost by 20%, and increase the quality of leads by 10%.

A simple, stop-motion video campaign by Nuxe showed that “the campaign successfully conveyed the inspirational quality of NUXE’s products, resulting in a 6.2X return on ad spend, at a far lower cost. The ads in Instagram Stories placement converts and resulted in a 46% lower cost per acquisition and a 62% lower cost per click as compared to other placements.”

Here is a sample of an Instagram video ad campaign by Make Me Reach and Instant AdCopy and Spotify:

Instant ad-copy


There are websites like Wideo and Biteable that help create video ads to make the process of producing fresh content often be so much more convenient for advertisers.

6. Conduct Split or A/B Testing on your Social Media Campaigns

A/B tests allow you to run two different versions of your ads or landing pages so you can determine which is more successful in terms of engagements and conversions. No brand is going to get it “totally right” from day one. So, exploring the market with tools such as split testing gives the advertiser greater insight into the pulse of the market and the effectiveness of the campaign they are running. If a campaign is not connecting well, it will be easier to see why because there is another version of the campaign running that can be used for comparison.

Sprout’s social analytics helps advertisers see their top-performing posts and campaigns across all their networks. Their reports include details such as best hashtags to behavioral trends among followers. Facebook and Instagram can split test your ads automatically for this same purpose.

Conduct Split or A-B Testing on your Social Media Campaigns
In order to get an accurate social media conversion rate, you must regularly split, and A/B test your campaigns.

7. Provide Social Proof Through User-Generated Content

Take advantage of users raving about your products or services. Encourage comments and sharing of pictures and videos. It’s mostly free advertising for your brand. Not to mention, 55% of consumers of all ages trust user-generated content over other forms of marketing, so a word form your loyal customers, for example, build trust in your brand and increases your conversion rate.

Social proofis the marketing tactic/technique for easing the minds of worried customers,” according to Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout. It comes in many forms like reviews, social status updates, side conversations, word-of-mouth marketing and more.

Social media is a critical player in relaying social proof because people tend to trust the feedback they see on social media, which to them more unbiased and genuine.

Leverage your happy customer’s experiences with pre-fill social sharing options where all they need to do is click a button to share information to their social network about their purchase or even your latest promo or blog. Include promos if you can, like incentives on the next deals, when they share their experience with their friends or when they write a review about your product or service.

Google considers your social following when displaying search results on SERP as well. Embed positive comments from Twitter, or view the current number of social shares, and other positive comments and testimonials. Curate your social proof and refresh at least once to twice a month, so users know that you are actively making customers happy with your product or service. Think of a creative way you can incorporate social proof, like what Keds did with theirs. They used user pictures and included it on their landing page.

Provide Social Proof Through User-Generated Content
In closing the sale, there are many factors to consider such as providing social proof of user-generated testimonials, comments, and feedback about your product/service; the conversion rate is always over the roof!

8. Use Peer Reviews and Recommendations

Peer reviews are excellent trust elements that can help increase conversion rates as well. A word of recommendation from marketers and other influencers through tags, posts and mentions can make a huge difference to increase lead generations and conversion rates.

9. Schedule Posts and Interactions Well

If you are serving different areas with different timezones, you must schedule posting content and responding to messages to interact with as many people as possible. Make sure to keep that schedule consistent. You can use different tools to manage postings wherein you post consistently on schedule, in multiple accounts.

10. Use Simple Checkout Process

Baymard Institute gives the following reasons for online cart abandonment:

Use simple checkout process to avoid cart abandonment
Another factor that could negatively impact your social media conversion rate is how intuitive the checkout process was for your customer.

Use a simplified checkout process so that you don’t lose potential customers just because they lost interest along the way through a cumbersome checkout procedure. Keep customers hooked and ready to purchase by providing several payment methods, allow payments without requiring an account, delivering a seamless design, so people don’t get nervous they are being redirected somewhere unsafe, making errors easy to spot and correct, not asking for unnecessary information, and providing proof of secured payment and privacy. eConsultancy found out that 58% of respondents dropped out of the checkout page because of payment security concerns to concerns about payment security.

Be sure to display your security credentials with SSL and PCI badges, and an updated tally of satisfied users served, all upon checkout, so that customers will feel more secure with the transaction they are making with you. Also, integrate a social check out option to minimize shopping cart abandonment as much as possible.

11. Use social listening to stay on top of buying trends

Social listening is the process of monitoring mentions of keywords or key phrases across social media and the Internet at large. It’s a way of knowing people’s awareness about your brand, their opinion on it, without having to ask questions. There are digital tools available that allow social listening that can influence your social sales strategy, such as Awario, TweetDeck, Talkwalker, Mention. Doing this keeps you fresh and up-to-date in giving the needs of your target market in every season.

Use social listening to stay on top of buying trends - it is an effective tool to step up your social media conversion rate
Taking out time to listen, monitor, and track everything people say about your brand could cost you a whole lot of time, but with social media listening tools, you are in good hands.

12. Track your social analytics and conversions

Make sure you assess your social media conversion rate. You can begin by watching your social traffic in Google Analytics. You can set explicit social conversion goals to scoring a better social media ROI.

Track your social media conversion rates through Google Analytics to know where there’s need for improvement.

Conclusion: Increase Your Business through Social Media Conversion

In the world, with over 70% of internet users active on social networks, it is clear that social networks have become a sort of reality in which people connect, communicate, and place confidence in. Social media has definitely become a new dimension of reality in the business world where 90% of marketers now use social networks for business, with more than 60% of them getting new customers over social networks. Hence, it is more than crucial to optimize business promotions through social media platforms to generate more awareness and income for your brand. It is your time to increase your social media conversion rate this year. Start engaging your audience!

Social Media

What Will be the Role of Social Media in 2020?

What role does social media play in your life?

Wait, let me rephrase my question.

How important are Snapchat and Instagram in your daily routine?

Most of the readers will be like,’Duh, these social media apps are part of my day-to-day activities!’

So, what next…

  • How will social media change in the coming year?
  • What can be expected from social media in 2020?
  • What are the social media predictions for next year?

These are some of the most common questions that people on the internet are constantly asking. In this article, we will be throwing light on what to expect next from social media in 2020 while taking a look at some of the top social media apps as well.

What to Expect from Social Media in 2020

Below are some of the predictions made regarding social media and trends that we are likely to witness on social media along with its role in the coming year:

1. Rise of Social eCommerce

There’s no denying the fact that almost every consumer now owns a mobile device and can access content in various forms. Out of all the different types of mediums, video content has been considered as the best option for learning about new services and products.

Brands are trying to make use of the full potential of social media to provide a native eCommerce experience to their user base. For this, companies are coming forward with simple yet effective product videos that are visually attractive as well as informative about the target product. For instance, Instagram has recently included the option to make direct purchases from its application.

2. Promotes Passive Networking

As per recent reports, it was stated that online consumers spend more time browsing the internet through mobile devices rather than using the web. But the interesting part is that new trends are being noticed as users are accessing different social media platforms.

One of them being, users nowadays are sharing less personal data on major networking sites and are more inclined towards passive networking which includes sharing videos, forwarding articles, memes and other non-related content over the internet.

3. Optimized Regulations

With fake news becoming a major issue on social media, companies are revising their policies. The primary aim here is to control the widespread of irrelevant and fake content on different networking platforms. For example, one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook will now ask marketers to confirm that they have user consent for the ‘Custom Audiences’. With the help of regulated social media applications, the governments, as well as the end-user, will have better-guarded data.

4. Market Saturation

Globally recognized brands have started using social videos to boost their overall traffic while strengthening their brand image. As stated by a survey conducted by Social Trends, 46 percent of users said they’re already implementing social videos, while another 26 percent said they are planning to implement social videos by the end of 2018. The survey also supports the statement that by the year 2020, digital marketers are likely to face market saturation when it comes to social video content.

Final Word

Apart from the well-known players of social media like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there are also some new social media applications that are hitting the app stores with full force. Looking at the present-day scenario, these apps hold great potential of going viral but instead of blindly installing these apps, you can always go ahead and check out detailed reviews of those apps. There are many tech-based platforms over the internet that offer valuable insights into the mobile app industry.

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Writing the Perfect Social Media Advertising Headline

How can I write an irresistible social media advertising headline that converts like magic?

As a copywriter, one of the most essential tasks you are charged with is coming up with advertising headlines which are impactful and engaging: after all, you are a salesman with the written word.

Advertising on social media is an important aspect of an effective marketing campaign. Indeed, with social media’s reach, it is perhaps the most vital aspect of an effective marketing campaign, and with social platforms so inundated with posts and banners, how can you ensure that it is your copy that is noticed, and ultimately converted? What does the perfect social media ad headline look like?

Steps to Writing an Effective Social Media Advertising Headline That Converts

How do I write a perfect social media advertising headline
As a social media advertising headline writer, it will be a colossal mistake for you to think that the same headline will work on all social media channels. You should always try to be creative and improvise!

It’s tailored to your chosen platform

It’s a mistake to think that the same headline will work on all mediums. In fact, it’s a mistake to think that the same headline will work on all social media channels. The fact is that different audiences engage on different social media sites (Facebook is more popular with the over-30s audience, while Instagram appeals to the teen market and those in their 20s, for example, while LinkedIn is obviously more business-focused).

“Knowing your audience means knowing the social media channel your audience mostly frequents, and from there you can tailor your headline accordingly (appealing to the target demographic). If your demographic is wide enough to frequent differing social media platforms, then tweak your headline (and your copy in general) accordingly. That’s just smart marketing,” says Bobby Newsome, a social media marketer at LastMinuteWriting and Writinity.

It’s conversational

An ideal headline needs to appeal directly to an individual audience member, and the best way to do that is to use a conversational tone which is obviously not too formal and full of words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ – pronouns which speak directly to an individual and their needs. A conversational tone also helps strike up a friendly approach which is more likely to see engagement.

It’s not too long

The modern attention span is getting shorter, which is hardly surprising. Even less surprising is that if your headline is too long, people simply won’t bother to read it as there is simply too much-competing copy for them to pay attention too. Grab their attention quickly, and don’t lose it again with just too many words.

It’s urgent

You must add urgency to the headline, implying that the target audience must act fast in order to avail of what you’re offering.

“It’s best to give your audience the idea that they could miss out if they don’t act quickly: after all, who cares about a special offer that they can take advantage of for six months? Urgency requires action, and action is exactly what you want from your audience,” suggests Ronnie Talbot, a marketing blogger at DraftBeyond and ResearchPapersUK.

It’s useful

Can you imply in your headline that your product or service is going to make a difference to an individual’s life? That’s why, for example, brands focus so much more on being ‘cool’ than simply fulfilling a function, for example, because that is useful to the audience member (they will be cool by association). If your product or service can do something for them, and do it pretty much immediately, and you can express that succinctly in your headline, you are on to a winner.

It’s unique

Once again, with so many competing messages, what is an individual going to remember: something which just says the same old thing or something which says something they have never heard before? The message must be unique and impactful: something they are not likely to forget. That, of course, is a major challenge, and no one said this is easy, but just think clearly about what you would respond to, and that is really the only place to start. The best ideas are the simple one where you think “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s exactly like that with the best ad headlines.

It’s specific

As well as keeping it simply, try to keep it specific too, which means avoid generalizations. Make it relevant to your particular niche, and leave little doubt who you are and what you are selling. Ambiguity is likely to lose attention unless you can be so masterfully ambiguous that they simply need to know more. That could work too.

Social Media

Social Media Data Security: How to Secure Your Data and How Truly Secure Is It?

Social media data security is greatly becoming a trend, thanks to the latest tech inventions disrupting the way we relate and communicate.

The advent of the digital age through the internet has given birth to a new platform or tool that aims to fast track the exchange of communication. The term “internet” which was loosely described as a global network of computers served as the backbone for these platforms that amplifies what technology experts termed as a “global communication system.

Tech-savvy users used the terms internet, the web, or WWW interchangeably; all these terms operate in the same context and language of Information Technology or IT. The internet or the web as we call it today is composed of a very complex infrastructure of peopleware, software, and hardware. But all these elements perform a dynamic web of a communication system designed to provide easy access to information using advanced technological platforms.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the internet ushered a new era of technological tools with the end of the goal of establishing closer and efficient connectivity in real time. And so digital entrepreneurs launched “social media” platforms with each platform performing a unique and distinct role in peoples’ lives.

TechAtLast - What is social media and what are the security concerns pertaining to its use?
SM is a modernized way of interactions/conversations between people of diverse groups via a virtual network of communities.

What is social media? 

By its simplest definition, the term social media is a certain way of interactions where an individual or a group of people share information they created in a digital group or virtual network of communities. This type of social interactions is done by using several platforms or tools to engage other people using digital communication.

These social media platforms or tools are categorized according to their purpose and functions. There are blog tools intended to be a platform to generate discussions over a particular topic or issue. We have tools that connect your friends and families or with other people through a social network. We also have tools that aim to generate information by using a short type of messaging. Other social media tools served as a platform to publicly display and share your photos, and videos, among people. We also used tools that allow people to exchange relevant details about jobs as shared by a group of professionals.

Some of the popular social media platforms widely used by the netizens nowadays are photo and video sharing app Instagram, social media app Facebook, micro-blogging site Twitter, video sharing and hosting app YouTube, photo and video hosting app Flickr, text messaging apps Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, among others.

Social media statistics 

In gist, all these social media tools play an essential role in our lives, whether privately or publicly. A recent report by online site Statista revealed that at present, social media users across the globe now is at 2.77 billion. Statista projected that the present number of social media users is seen to increase until 2021. For 2019, the 2.77 billion social media users could triple in the coming years. The same company, however, warned that the increasing number of social media users across the globe is prone to identity theft. It further emphasizes the need to develop a stringent implementation of policy that would protect social media users’ personal information.

Threats of social media

With the expected ballooning of social media users, digital security analysts fear that such huge figures of social media users can be a target of digital fraud, identify theft and other digital-related crimes. In particular, they raised the issue of data privacy, which, in several cases, the personal data of social media users have fallen into the hands of hackers that led to identity theft.

The issue of the data breach was triggered when social media giant Facebook has reportedly stored the passwords of its users—numbering to millions—unencrypted. This means that Facebook is storing the passwords of its users in such a way that it can be read by its staff and employees. Such expose was met with harsh criticism from Facebook users, digital security analysts, and government officials.

According to Facebook, it receives at least 600,000 hacking attempts daily. Apart from Facebook, other social media platforms were also hacked in the past. For instance, it can be recalled in 2012 that LinkedIn was hacked when a hacker exposed the passwords of the 117 million users of the company. The hacking incident pushed LinkedIn to place a safety mechanism on its platform to protect the company’s users from any hacking attempts in the future.

How to secure your social media data on popular social networks? 

The issue of online security threats and breaches in social media data can be avoided by implementing the security features of each social media platforms. By doing so, data breaches can be prevented, and it provided another layer of protection against hackers.

TechAtLast - Facebook social media data breaches
What are the security concerns pertaining to its use? How can you steer-clear and avoid some of the security threats/complications attached to its use?


Facebook users can download and use the Tor Onion Site option so that hackers can’t track your location when using the social media app. They can also use a VPN service to establish and secure one’s location privately.


For Twitter users, they can use CSP so that browsers won’t be able to read Javascript that contains malware, and viruses. Users are also suggested to use a secure connection when using the app by way of Secure Sockets Layer.


LinkedIn users are suggested to implement three-level security to improve the app’s confidentiality level. Also, users are further advised to check names for duplicity by clustering them in groups. By doing so, users will be able to identify malicious names.

Use strong passwords 

As a general rule, social media users are advised to use strong and unique passwords, especially those who are using multiple accounts. A strong password has a combination of special characters and alphanumeric characters. A unique combination of these characters using a password manager will thwart any attempts of hacking.

Enable two-factor authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication in every social media account will add an extra layer of protection. This works when a social media app notifies you through text that your accounts are being accessed in a certain location using a particular browser or device.


But if you want to be secured all the time when using your social media accounts, you might as well consider using VPN. Using a VPN allows your communication to be private by securing it through the use of encryption. This means that all your communication will pass in a secure and encrypted communication channel.

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5 Social Media Strategies for Small Brand’s Success in 2019

Are you a small brand that is looking to make waves on social media? You can still have a major impact on the platform, even if it does not stand out when compared to bigger brands with better clout. You can achieve your desired levels of success on the internet if you carefully manage your social media activity.

The avenue continues to be very popular with upcoming businesses because it offers cost-friendly marketing options that allow these brands to engage with potential clients without spending a big portion of their resources. Aside from being better priced for small brands than traditional marketing avenues, social media also features a higher number of users and a variety of targeting options. Did you know that you can get free Instagram auto likes to help your content appear more popular and become likely to attract interest on the platform? It is just one of a number of perks that you could benefit from by setting up your small brand on social media.

If you are considering setting up a social media profile for your small brand, you could stand to benefit from the increased level of exposure. However, you need to develop and adhere to ideal social media marketing strategies to stand a better chance of success. These are some of the best social media strategies you should consider using to ensure success.

How to Build an Empire With an Evergreen Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies for Small Business Success
Even with your small startup, you can still attain the level of a big brand by leveraging some of the top notch social media strategies for 2019.

Take advantage of paid advertisements

While you can grow your brand presence organically, if you are a small brand chances are that you do not have sufficient clout to attract followers and interest without a little help. Even the largest brands may need to consider paid advertisement options to help get the right kind of response to their social media activity. You may consider using a number of paid advertising options to reach your audiences better and address one or more metrics that could help you achieve your business goals. Paid advertisements are available across multiple social media platforms, which may mean that you should take some time to look into the potential impact of each option. This will help you develop the right marketing strategy for your upcoming brand to help you achieve your desired level of growth.

Personal selling can be just as good

If you do not have the financial backing to engage in any type of paid advertisements, you should consider personal selling instead of bombarding your followers with advertising content. Social media users will generally develop negative perceptions about brands that excessively advertise themselves, with many people opting against following these brands. You may end up losing interest in your brand and could limit your ability to grow through the use of social media. Instead of repeated advertising, you may consider using personal selling strategies to help you increase your likelihood of conversions. Follow your followers to find out what they like, as well as take advantage of any failures by other brands to win over clients. You could even stand to gain by leveraging life events such as graduations, marriages and other opportunities for personal selling.

Create your own niche

You do not need to engage in certain types of activity online because it appears popular or has proven successful for other brands. Different brands have unique goals and are guided by brand-specific metrics such as their target audience and perceived brand image. While mimicking what other brands do on social media has the potential for success, it can be a risky strategy and may be unsustainable in the long term. For instance, some brands could get away with using suggestive content, but any attempt to replicate this in your social media activity could lead to significant loss of followers and a damaged reputation. It necessitates a carefully planned content strategy, which may be more likely to succeed if it is brand-specific and focused on a niche. Still, it could be a good idea to observe successful social media activity by other brands to understand what works.

Hire a social media team

Many upcoming brands do not feel the need for social media management because of the relatively small size. For these brands, a team could be an unnecessary expense because most brands are only active on a limited number of platforms. But taking up this approach could be limiting to your ability to grow your brand. You should consider hiring a social media team, even if this is on a periodic basis. Having a social media team help out with your activity could increase your efficiency and boost online productivity for your brand. The team will be able to develop suitable social content, which you may then schedule for consistent posts. They could help monitor analytics and increase user engagement and interaction levels by keeping in touch with your followers. You should assess your capacity and ability to manage multiple fronts if you can only afford a social media team on temporary basis. However, you need to be wary about the possible risks associated with a social media team. Since they represent your brand, any unprofessional posts could cost your burgeoning reputation.Hire a team of social media developers

Understand your goals

Do you know what aspect of your business goals you are targeting by going online? It could be integral in helping you develop the right social media strategy for your brand. Failing to consider the actionable goals that you seek to achieve through your social media presence could negatively impact your efforts. You would not engage in any other type of marketing without targeting certain levels of output. Social media is no different. If you do not understand your goals, you may be unable to engage in beneficial social media activity for your brand. It will limit your ability to grow both online and offline. You can use analytic trackers, which are available across multiple social media platforms to understand how your activity is impacting different aspects of your goals. This will help you tweak your social media efforts for better output, ensuring maximum benefit to your small brand.

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4 Ways Through Which Social Media Could Help Grow Your Brand

There are over 3.4 billion social media users who are divided across multiple social media platforms. The high interest in the platform offers marketers the ability to reach large audiences, which could help increase brand awareness and help you achieve some brand social media marketing goals.

You need to set up a brand social media page for your brand on as many platforms as you have the capacity to handle. You should make sure to monitor all active social media pages and make timely responses to your followers. You will be better able to accrue some of the benefits listed below. By being active on brand social media, which means making regular posts and responding to potential clients, you will be able to develop brand loyalty and build great partnerships, which could provide an avenue for personal selling. Your brand social media also allows you to monitor your competitors and potential client preferences, which will provide insight into your field and could bolster your growth efforts.

How to Grow Your Brand Social Media Influence

Grow Your Social Media Brand
How do you increase influence on social media for your brand without spending above your brand social media budget?

Can social media help your brand? Here are some of the benefits of setting up your brand on the avenue.

Higher visibility levels on brand social media pages

Social media is a very cost effective way to market your brand digitally.  It will provide an avenue for your brand to increase its visibility levels, which will boost brand awareness and recognition. By setting up your brand page on social media and choosing insightful content for your followers, you could be able to increase brand awareness levels.

Higher visibility levels
There is nothing as great as maintaining a high visibility levels on most of the popular social media networks. It gives your brand a leverage to get noticed.

It can be difficult to get the right flow and performance when you initially set up your brand social media pages. You could solicit the help of paid advertisement features, which are available across different social media platforms. You can buy 50 Instagram likes on the platform to increase the visibility of your content, as well as promote your posts on Twitter and target people from specific demographics after certain life events on Facebook to increase your brand visibility levels on these platforms.

You should ensure consistent posts, which should be entertaining, educative or informative enough to attract your followers and trigger the need to share with their network of friends and family. With regular use, you will be able to develop a large loyal following.

Higher Incoming traffic

There is high interest in brands on the internet, with up to 80% of users across many platforms following at least one brand. If you choose not to market your brand on a particular social media, you will miss out on the potential of the platform to generate higher client numbers. The high number of active social media users makes it an ideal marketing avenue for brands looking to make inroads into their industry.

Higher Incoming traffic
Social media can play a major role in driving traffic to your brand website.

By failing to set up on the avenue, you will limit your potential client base to already existing customers, which could affect the rate of growth. Without brand social media presence, you are limited to a small pool of loyal customers, who may only be searching for keywords you already rank well for. You will also lack a platform to engage in personal selling and marketing, taking away the potential benefit of marketing through your loyal customers. This means that you could have trouble reaching anyone who doesn’t already know about your brand.

Social media can increase traffic levels to your brand’s website and pages. With every post, more people could know about your brand and develop an interest in your products or services. Marketing on social media could be a game changer for your brand, particularly because of its global reach. You could drive up traffic levels from around the world to increase interest in and popularity of your brand.

Better SEO rankings

Even though social media activity will have no direct impact on your search engine rankings, research by the Social Media Examiner suggests that about 60% of marketers that have invested in at least a year-long use of social media for brand awareness have noted dramatic changes in their SEO ranking.  If you have a business website for your brand, being on social media could help you rank highly and may impact your visibility levels. More people may also be willing to trust your brand and make purchases, which could increase the likelihood of development of brand loyalty.

Social Media Increase Better SEO Ranking
Gone are the days of blackhat SEO tactics. The tides are turning in favor of social media optimization to aid overall search engine rankings. Neglect this at your own risk.

If your business is not ranked highly enough, only very few people can find out about your products or services. This could limit your scope of growth, and may influence future performance as well. Since many people will not look beyond the first few pages of their search results, it is important to get your brand ranked highly enough. You can do this by creating and sharing high quality content with naturally inserted keywords into your social media posts. You can also spice up your profile and attract more followers by diversifying content through the use of images, infographic and audiovisual files. Remember to keep in touch with your community of followers to increase the chances of reaching out to their own community of followers and achieving expansive growth.

Better customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty

Social media provides the right avenue for your brand to network and communicate with people and other brands. You can humanize your brand by being active on the platform and using it to present your company values. Most of the time, this may be as easy as providing timely and personalized responses to your followers’ queries, claims and comments. Users will be more likely to acknowledge your brand’s attentiveness to the client needs, which will play a big role in increasing satisfaction levels.

Better customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty
The level at which brand loyalty depreciate is disheartening. Most business owners find it difficult to close the gap between collecting user’s feedback and processing them to deliver top notch services. Social media has made this easily attainable at no cost.

All interaction with your brand social media users on your page represents a great way to display your brand’s values. You can engage in interpersonal dialogue with your clients on the platform, which will make it easier to take up personal selling. More people will be willing to trust your brand, which could help in the development of brand loyalty. In order to attract and keep user loyalty, you should always offer timely, professional and personalized responses whenever possible. Leveraging customer loyalty could help you engage personal marketing, which has a high rate of success.

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Create Your Own Social Media Network And Get A Good Traffic To Your Site As A Result

A social network consists of a group of acquaintances and friends, which are there to share some similar interests, careers or even both. Creating one proper social network online can always mean gaining a proper audience, which will prove to be rather beneficial for your career or political clout. Creating that effective social media network will always mean that you will end up with some contacts to help you with the career or personal endeavors.

Furthermore, it can be well-proven that you can always have separate networks for both options. It is time for you to expand your social media network with the help of person to person interactions and then keep in town with the help of social media. If you want to know how you can grow your current Instagram followers or Facebook likes, then following some of these significant steps might help. For that, log online and don’t forget to consider your own research in this matter.

How to Build Larger Followership on Social Media Network
The question pondering on most people’s minds is how possible it is to build large followership on some of the popular social media networks. But, it is possible!

Getting to network online with the help of apps:

You are always asked to make profiles on some of the popular platforms. You can always get proper establishments on some of the popular sites like Twitter, FB, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr and even on Flickr. You have to be very careful regarding the points you want to put right on public profiles as anyone can easily lookup for that. Most of the broadest audiences will be here for you.

  • You might have some people whom you know are quite active on social media. Don’t forget to ask them what they use as their social media relief.
  • If you are looking for social media help for the sake of professionalism, then you better try LinkedIn.
  • Once you have gotten your profile one nice picture and cute or even accurate name on a platform of choices, you can always add friends freely around here.

Communicate with friends through messaging apps:

Just to help your business grow, you need transparent communication. To network with people that you have in life already, you can always check out communication apps which will let you send what are mainly stated to be cooler text messages. You can further check out the messaging apps, noted to be popular all around the world if that helps in any way possible.

  • It is always advisable to use separate phone numbers for various networks. There should always be one work cell phone and a personal one.
  • In case, you are well interested in maintaining privacy, you can always download an encrypted app like a signal.
How to Build Your Social Media Networks Following From Scratch
How does one build a good following on social media network of your choice from scratch? This guide explains every detail on how you can build your social media network following from scratch using available resources.

Find the chosen niche right online:

You need to search for the platforms you have joined for the set cause you care about, and even for some points, which may prove to be interesting to you. For example, you can easily join some groups on FB, follow some of the firms on Twitter, and even more. You need to take some time off your busy schedule to reply to the request and personalized messages from your friends and followers. If you want, you can add some other members with whom you can easily get along.

  • In case, you are in FB group namely Panda Habitat Conservation and you are quite inspired by the jokes made by a man from Idaho posts then you can start by liking the post, replying with your own created joke and then add the person as your friend.
  • You can even come across some message boards or even online communities, which are focusing on any one of the points you are otherwise interested in. you can easily post on the topic and then get to share knowledge. If someone is on a message board with the same interest or can easily teach you something, then you can send them an email or just a private message and start knowing better.

Make sure to add the people freely:

You can always request connections with anyone you know and any person that you like in your real life. In case, the network is a personal one, you can try adding some of the close friends who you plan to hear from for the unguarded thoughts. In case, the current network is one business one, you can always add people you have interacted with, whether in person or virtually and you can always grow the reach.

Be sure to represent yourself:

Always be a pro in those sites where you choose to be active. At least once a day or so, you can share one comment, article or even photo, which can otherwise interest you and you might think that others might be interested in the same lot like you. If you end up using the site just for the sake of following others, then people will forget you in no time and that’s the last thing you could have asked for.

Make sure to take time and interact with contacts:

The easiest way for you to strengthen network is by interacting with people that you have well connected with. You should invest not more than a few minutes a day for checking out the site and expressing enjoyment of multiple posts. There are so many platforms that might let you work on that in several manners. You can easily comment or just press points like “heart”, “like” or even “favorite.” But, make sure to comment in such ways when you genuinely like something and not just for the sake of it. If you do so in other manners, then your feed might be slowly filled up with things that will not interest you.

You need to be a bit genuine in the interactions so that you can find some true common grounds around others. There are so many other platforms available, where you might post things and then get to tag people you think will be interested. Make sure to do that only on occasion and not tag more than a few people for the same. Otherwise, this situation won’t feel that person like you thought it to be.

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3 Simple, Yet Effective Ways Corporate Businesses Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Promoting corporate links on Instagram hasn’t been that easy until Instagram stories was introduced. Top corporations with good amount of social media budget have been able to take advantage of this new innovation while some are still lost in translation over it. 

There is now a strong relationship between businesses and social media. This is because many social media platforms have developed into great marketing tools. No matter what business you’re in, using social media as a tool to promote it doesn’t get better than now.

One of the online marketing tools that has grown massively in recent times is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. But within those short hours, successful businesses use this platform to promote their products and/or services.

The following points will show you how businesses use Instagram Stories for marketing so that you too can join this trend.

Reveal the Behind the Scenes of Your Products/Services

Successful businesses share photos and videos of their products during the production and finishing stages. It helps show your audience the energy and creativity behind your business, and your consumers are likely to find that appealing.

This is particularly useful for small businesses and new brands looking to expand their territory and trying to gain a new ground. But how do you do this? It’s simple. Take behind-the-scenes photos and videos of how you make your products, look for a brilliant photo/video editor to put them in a flawless package, and share them with your audience.  

However, a small business or new brand needs to do this more anyway, and here are some things that can help your business thrive better. About 800 million Instagram users follow business profiles so you have high chances to promote your products.

Showcase Your Products’ Accomplishments

Another way businesses use Instagram Stories to attract new followers and potential customers is by showing their accomplishments. This works like magic because it convinces potential customers that your product is of high quality and that they will find it useful and effective.

How can you also showcase your accomplishments as a business owner? It’s simple. But first, know that you should never underestimate your accomplishments, no matter how little.

To do this, find customers who are loyal to your product to give their reviews or rate your products. You can even record this in a short, clear video, edit it properly, and share it with other followers. This goes a long way toward influencing the decisions of potential customers.

Share Promotional Offers and Discounts

This could be a timely thing to do, but surely successful businesses do this. Sharing promotional offers and discounts at some strategic periods can be a great way to bring old customers back and entice new ones.

As a business owner, you can use Instagram Stories to achieve this. Instagram Stories are fleeting—after 24 hours, they’re gone (unless you want them to appear again). This makes it more interesting because your customers will have to be targeting your timely offers and checking your stories often.

You can include links to your offers in Instagram Stories. While you get more sales with this strategy, it also brings more new customers to your Instagram page.


Whether you’re an established brand or a new business, Instagram Stories is a wonderful marketing tool that can help you maximize your business—i.e., get you more followers, help publicize your brand, bring in more customers, and of course, generate more sales.

Utilizing this doesn’t have to be hard. Showing the creativity and energy behind your products, letting your followers see how your products and/or services benefit others, and giving out timely offers and discounts are a great way to maximize your business.

Don’t delay, go for it now. Nothing brings more joy than a thriving business. 

How Corporate Business Use Instagram Stories For Marketing

3 Simple, Yet Effective, Ways Corporate Businesses Use Instagram Stories for Marketing (Infographic)
Here are three simple, yet effective, ways corporate businesses and startups use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes, properly explained in an infographic image.
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6 Time Tested Tips To Keep You On The Top Of The Game In Social Media Marketing

Social media networks occupies a prime spot in digital marketing today. No marketer can dare to overlook the potential of social media platforms that can give a big boost to their marketing efforts. While SEO forms the foundation of online marketing, social media helps to add muscles to it. The duo of SEO and social media marketing can work wonders, and you should know how to make optimal use of both so that it provides the best marketing results. Social media is immensely powerful in solidifying brands, generating quality leads and driving sales provided you know how to use it by creating proper strategies that align with the SEO initiatives. Just as you would devote time and undivided attention to SEO, you must have the same attitude when implementing social media marketing campaigns. Remember, that it is a full-time job.

To remain on the top of the game, you must know that there is much more to do on social media networks than just creating quality content, posting it and then waiting for earning shares and likes. To help the campaign gather take some smart actions and remain completely submerged in the online activities that demonstrate your seriousness. The social media provides excellent opportunities for upholding your business so that customers can view it from various perspectives and start trusting it. Since the majority of internet users spend most of the time on social media, it offers endless opportunities for marketers to generate revenue through close engagement.

Keep reading this article to know what you should do so that you are always at your best in using the social media networks for business improvement.

How to Master the Art of Social Media Networks Marketing for Your Business

Social media networks icons
Social media networks occupies a prime spot in digital marketing today. No marketer can ignore what can give boost to their marketing efforts.

Devote enough time

Social media is very dynamic platforms that can change the colors of business any moment opine the experts at Eterpro, a digital marketing company. You never know how and when opportunities might crop up and must be ready to make use of it. This means that you cannot turn your eyes away from the platform even briefly but remain ever watchful and monitor it closely. You have to be active and agile and prove your presence every moment so that it gives a feeling to customers that your business is always easily accessible. Devote time on the social media to understand it so that you can leverage its features for gaining a business advantage. Study how some of the most popular brands are performing on the social media so that you can try to emulate it.

Select a few social media networks

While it might appear quite inviting to create your business profile across all available social media networks, it would actually be a wrong step. Firstly, you would find it difficult to manage so many channels, and secondly, the returns would be quite low as compared to the efforts you put in. Rather, you must be very objective in choosing the social media channels to host your business. Since you want to engage closely with the target audience, conduct some research to know which channels the audience prefers. Select the channels where your business would receive maximum exposure.  Create specific strategies for each one because no two social media platforms are alike – Facebook is different from Twitter and Instagram is quite different from YouTube.

Focus on building community

Social media is the platform where you are able to create followers and build a community or be a part of some community. As you start interacting with people, your network of connections keeps multiplying as also the number of people who want to stay attached to you. In the process, you can develop a community around your business that starts trusting it and even promote it through sharing. Since community power speaks a lot on behalf of brands and businesses, you must pay attention to building a community that becomes your source of sustaining the business and making it grow.  The social media provides ample opportunities for bringing like-minded people together who could patronize your business.

Use automation to maintain activities

It might be easier to say that you must devote time on social media but in practice, it could be quite difficult to be physically present round the clock.  Technological advancements have made it possible that your physical presence is not always necessary to remain active on the social media. Various tools of automation are now available that help to carry out activities like uploading posts on the social media and engaging in activities related to sharing.  While you must remain involved in activities like creating content that propels your business and interacting with customers to keep them engaged, you can automate much of the routine work.
Time tested social media marketing tips
Time tested social media marketing automation techniques to help you get the right words out about your brand for massive success.

Provoke the minds of people

As a marketer, your task is to make people act for which you must provoke their minds by asking questions and also answering their questions. When you start interacting with people, give them some food for thought by raising questions that could engage them in a conversation. Similarly, pick up questions floating around and choose the ones related to your business niche so that you can answer it and win the confidence of people by showcasing your knowledge on the topic. It is a great way of establishing your authority in the business field. Be active on various forums so that you become a well-known name for answering various queries and win the confidence of buyers.

Remain current and relevant

The social media is so dynamic that information spreads at supersonic speeds. Anything that happens in any part of the world is reported real time across the social media networks. Stay in tune with the current trends, business events and other happenings related to your business or industry so that you can latch on any opportunity that influences your business fortunes positively. Catch the eyes of influencers in the industry by following them, tagging them in your posts and even sharing their content. To maximize the benefits of social media networks many of which are image intensive, like Instagram and YouTube, blend good amount of images in the content instead of depending on text alone.
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Social Media Plan: The Benefits of Social Media Planning For Your Brand

In this technologically advanced world of today, many businesses are starting to take advantage of the power of social media. In most cases, you will be able to have a larger impact on your audience by learning about social media to advertise your business. For new business owners, using social media to get the word out about their business is the best and most cost effective means of marketing that they can find. In order to be successful in this medium, you will need to develop a strategic guide that details your plan for your social media. The following are a few of the many benefits that come from planning out your social media strategy.

Here’s Why Social Media Planning Should Be Up On Your “To Do List”

Social Media Plan: The Benefits of Social Media Planning For Your Brand
SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING DEMYSTIFIED: No crime in planning your social media marketing strategies, but there’s if you fail to. Here are the benefits of social media planning for your brand and you could avail it to your brand’s visibility.

Time is Money

One of the biggest benefits of having a social media plan is that it will save you a lot of time when you start to post on your page. Without a plan, you will spend a lot of time in front of the computer trying to come up with the right post for your social media page. With a plan, you will already know what you are going to post and in some cases you will have a lot of content already written. Except you want to contracted this action out to third-party search engine optimization service provider such as SEO services USA, I think it’d be worth your try if you can learn to do it by yourself.

Relieve the Stress

Another benefit of having an adequate social media plan is that it will help to keep the stress out of the whole process. For many small business owners, finding the time to post on social media can be a chore, which is why having a plan is so important. The better you plan out your social media posts, the better off you will be in the long run. Instead of leaving something this important to chance, you need to develop a concrete plan on what you want to do with your page. In actual sense, social media planning relieves you of stress, and lets you focus on the business of the day instead of wasting time on what doesn’t really matter to your business growth.

Diverse and Often Posts

Another benefit of having a social media plan is that it will allow you to keep divers and regular posts on you page. This will help to keep your customers and followers interested in your page and what you have to say. Keeping people interested in your company and your content is the only way you will be successful with this type of advertising. You need to make sure that you know who your core audience is because this will allow you to market directly to them. The more you know about your audience, the more success you will have with social media advertising.

Professionals will be able to help a business owner plan out their marketing strategy with ease. But, if you’d like to go through the do it yourself route, then learning these basic social media planning routine will saves you time and resources.