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How to Auto-Share Posts on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously

How to Share Google Plus Posts to Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously – Automate Google+, Facebook and Twitter easily.

Folks are you ready to do something new this season? Social media marketing is taking another turn and we need to make sure that we change so that we aren’t left behind.

Few years ago, Google announced that it’s social networking site, Google plus One votes (+1 votes on your vote and others) would start to influence search engine rankings as soon as possible as the system is fully implemented. And truly, those techniques came into being and Google has started using that to rank blogs and websites that have lots of Google plus likes and votes.

It happened in such a case that when you search for something and Google will bring search results according to what your friends on Google+ and people who you follow or those who followed you votes and liked. That mean, you need to share more and get good votes from people or else, your chances of getting good result from this recent Google Plus your World changes from Google will not pay you any way.

Anyway, for those who doesn’t have too many votes and likes, what is the way out?

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But to get going sharing things on Google plus isn’t that easy because then site have no API yet for developers to create auto-sharing tools and plugins for auto-posting to Google+ just as many other social platform have.

So, how do we do it without those plugins?

Sharing manually in Google+ is lengthy and not everybody likes to open a website all the time to post their latest updates and that is why I will be sharing with you here how you can auto-share post inside your Google+ to Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms without hassle.

Using on single platform will help you stay focused on some other things rather than spending that time on single thing without good result at the end of the day.

You can easily post to Facebook via Twitter and vice-versa but Google plus does not allow such presently because there is no third-party access to its API. But I have a way to share post to Google+ and Facebook respectively without hassle.

Before we continue, kindly read this post to know how to import your friends from facebook into your Google Circle easily.

Kindly follow this full guide on how to automatically share your Google plus articles and updates with your Facebook friends.

How to share Google+ (Google+) post with Facebook friends

Facebook in order to make it easier for its mobile users, they allows mobile users to upload and share their Facebook status, photos etc. through a secret Facebook email address – which is known to the person alone. And you can also use that same secret facebook email to upload your Google+ post to your Facebook without hassle. Here’s the guide on how to do that.

How To Share Google Plus Posts in Both Google Plus and Facebook At The Same Time

Step 1: Go to Facebook mobile page and log-in into your account with your Facebook account details. At the bottom side of the page, you will see your facebook unique and secret email address. That email id that looks somehow like the one in the picture below is what you’re going to be using for uploading contents to your facebook wall. Just copy the email into somewhere on your computer, Notepad is preferable (hope you know that you can chat with your friends via Notepad? Kindly read how to chat with notepad now.) Facebook Mobile Email id

Step 2: After copying the email that was shown in the image above (yours is different from mine, hope you understand and it must be kept secret because spammers and hackers can use it to spoil your record on social media by uploading rubbish information there without your permission – that is why I did not show you mine), then head over to your Google plus profile, then click on the update status as if you want to post new information there. Once the box is opened like the one you’re looking at below, then write something there and add that secret facebook email in the box below it and then press Share button. (See image below). Google plus Techatlast

* You must understand that, you need to add your circles in the visibility box for the post to show to everyone in your circles and, but if you do not, the post will remain invisible to your Google plus friends. Just change your visibility to Public and add your circles in the box before posting your update so that it can appear.

Step 3: Congratulation! Now check your facebook page for the post and you will see it there that you have shared the update from Google+ with your facebook friends.

Step 4: In the meantime, you can easily make your secret Facebook email address something you will always remember to use by adding it to a circle with name such as Google+ Facebook or any other name and then automatically add it whenever you are posting new update.

You should know whenever you add someone’s email address when you are about to post and it happened that the person does not have Google plus account yet, the update will be delivered into the person’s email as a message, and it will be shown on your Facebook wall as an update (if you don’t have Google+ account yet, kindly create one here Create Google+ Account)

And also, you need to know that it will takes some time before your update will be shown to your friends on your facebook wall, this is because Facebook normally authenticates contents that are coming from email address upload – but be sure that it will be posted. You just have to wait if it doesn’t come the way you’ve expected it.

Another thing you need to know is that, the facebook email uploading system doesn’t accept contents that are more than 50 characters. So, when you are posting new updates, make sure that it is as short as possible. Or else, your update will be rejected automatically by the Facebook email uploading system. You can use this technique on both your computer desktop and on mobile phone. You just have to browse through to Facebook via the mobile platform and Google+ via mobile as well.

Use Chrome Extension to Cross-post updates from Google plus to Facebook and Twitter

If you think all the above steps is somehow hard or looks too technical for you. You can just install a free Google Chrome extension known as Extended Share into your Google Chrome web browser and start sharing.

Once you have installed that into your browser, you can then start sharing post just by using the extension. Just post what you are about to share inside your Google plus stream and you will see a “share” button at the right side of the screen.

Click it and it will show a light pop-up window with many social media button where you can post your update to. But Twitter and Facebook is what you are going to choose from its setting page in this case.

Selecting the Facebook icon will show up a window prompting you to share with your friends on Facebook while same is the case with Twitter.

Tip: Learn about How to Format Google Plus post when editing inside Google+ platform here or you can use this one.

Which of these two techniques do you prefer most? Is it the Facebook Mobile Email Uploading system or the Chrome Extension? Kindly share your words in the comment section below so that we can commune with each other.

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