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A Brand New Social Media that pay its users

Bebuzee is a brand new social network. With no disrespect to any rivals including the newly trending social sites, it is believed that Bebuzee will compete if not better all major social networks in the world, including the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

A social media that pays


Bebuzee is a modern,fun-filled social network, founded and engineered by a social network enthusiast, and entrepreneur guru, with their small team of staff. They are reportedly attracting thousands of sign-ups and repeated subscribers daily.

It prides itself not only on being free but also on revenue-sharing with its users and its dismissal of selling user data to third parties. Simply meaning, those who heavily use the services available on Bebuzee, will be rewarded.

Users are said to receive one dollar by signing up and creating an account. Adding to this there are several great features, such as Image Shopping, Rate my pic and Blogbuz which are soon to be perfected.

Moving on, Bebuzee has reportedly created several features, which put together results in an incredibly modern social network.

Bebuzee have also got an unusual partner in crime in the form of BebuzeeAdbuz, which they are looking to part with in order to persue an advertising program on the side and enable the social network to take off on its own. The benefits are huge as this will allow them to filter traffic through their site as well as those off the millions of potential customers/clients.

This separate venture will result inBebuzeeAdbuz operating on a completely different platform. This could be a potential money maker. Other social networks will need to be ready for competition as there is plenty of room for this.

Users will be able to divert traffic to their individual sites using this feature. It is a well-known ad-feature similar to the one that Google released a few years back.

A pipeline evolutional idea that Bebuzee have in their pipeline are Video Status capabilities, which is a hidden feature which will be released upon perfection later in the year. Users will be able to upload statuses directly whether it is from their app on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Bebuzee will remain free for those who wish to use the platform to socialise only. Those industries or retailers who wish to advertise their products through Bebuzee will have the capabilities to pay a small fee of as no more than $10 per month to display their images for Bebuzee’s most recent feature Image Shopping. It is an e-commerce venture which has not been tried or tested by anybody else before.

You don’t invite your friend to connect with you if it costs your friend money. Even in the world of digital music – you can pay for services but most people don’t. Bebuzee will always remain free.

As for funding, Bebuzee has raised a sum from venture capitalists leading some people to question how truly independent and principled the network can be with profit commitments. At this stage they have not released the number of VC’s nor how much they have been funded. So from now on Bebuzee are said to rely on the support of its users and potential clients as to see how far they can carry this brilliant invention. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly, should you have any queries in regards to Bebuzee or their products.