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5 Keys to Improve the Checkout Experience in Your Mobile App for Profits

Ask any shopaholic these days and they will tell you how much they are in love with mobile shopping. And why wouldn’t they? It gives them the comfort and convenience to browse the new collection in the stores they love and buy the product just with a few taps on the screen, and all of these can happen even when they are on the move. So, needless to say, shoppers are rapidly moving from their desktops to Smartphone for shopping these days. Considering this phenomenon, the online retail stores are coming up with their updated apps to provide their buyers easier and hassle free shopping experience.

However, when these retailers are designing their apps to attract attention from their buyers, they are often ignoring one fundamental factor that can affect their sale. I am talking about the checkout experience here. Yes, if this step is not smooth, as a consequence, the buyer will leave the cart immediately. As a result, you will lose a sure chance of a sale. So, how to stop this from happening? Well, the only way out of this is designing a smoother checkout experience that the customer will find to be hassle free. How to achieve that? Take a look at the following points to know more.

How to Professionally Improve Checkout Experience of your Mobile App

NORDSTROM - Improve Checkout Experience in Your App
There’s need for urgency in closing the sale. Your inability to take the customer from the product page to the checkout page means you haven’t done your home work pretty well. Nothing else should stand in the way of your customer’s attention than the checkout button. Customer’s inability to migrate to this stage means you’ve just lost a sale.

A Great First Impression

This should be the basic step that an m-commerce site should follow. Obviously, if the shopper is not really pleased with what he first sees on his screen the moment he taps on your app icon, you have lesser chance of getting a sale. Make sure that the home page gives a great impression to your customers so that they prefer to stay with you till the purchase is done.

Remove Distraction

When shoppers are visiting your app they are driven by a purpose. Now, a mobile phone is already full of distractions like emails, messages, social media notifications, calls and so on. Amidst all of these, when the shopper is trying to make the purchase, pop up, ads or additional information will only add up to the clutter. And if the checkout page is so much cluttered, there are high chances that the irritation will get the better of your customer and he will eventually leave the cart. So, make the checkout page clutter free.

NORDSTROM - Keys to Improve the Checkout Experience in Your App
There are many tweaks you can implement to your mobile app for it to deliver high valued sales e.g. reducing as many clusters as possible and eradicating distractions would improve the customer experience and hence, improve the checkout experience. We offer you key ways to improve your mobile app checkout experience without breaking the bank or spending above the company’s budget limit.

Guaranteed Security

It is obvious that when the buyer is making the payment, he will look for a secure gateway. But if you are failing to provide that security for the information he is submitting, you will fail to gain credibility. So, it is necessary that you integrate security badges in the checkout page so that the customers can be assured that their information is safe.

Design Strategically

While designing your retail app, you need to think of the design functionality too. You have to make sure that the design fits ergonomically in the hands of the users. Your goal is to design a layout that will make the user feel comfortable. According to recent researches, the pattern of user interaction with the screen can be divided into three parts, one handed (49%), cradled (39%), and two handed (15%). As most of the users will hold the phone in one hand, your design should reflect that you have thought of them. Information and the buttons should be placed in the app conveniently so that the user finds it easy to touch and tap.

Seamless Navigation

A seamless easy navigation will ensure that the user will be able to reach the checkout without any bump or issue. And it can also be a contributory factor for retaining your customers. So, when you are thinking of making the check out easier for them, make sure your app design can be navigated seamlessly. Shopaholics around the world are falling in love with mobile shopping lately – it is becoming a growing trend! As a businessman aiming to grow big in sales, you need to devise strategies to professionally improve checkout experience on your app, and the points above should help you do just that.

So, now as you know about these five ways to better your checkout page in the app, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional in calgary for app design and forget all your worries.

Tim is a famous blogger and has immense experience of app design. Here, he talks about making check out process smoother in the app.

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Top Keyword Research Tools That Most People Do Not Know About

Ever since Google introduced its Hummingbird update, many people believe that keyword research is now dead and it is sufficient to write content that is original and relevant instead of trying to please search engine algorithms. The real fact is that while there can be no underestimating the value of good quality content that lends value to the user, ignoring the necessity of keywords and its role in search engine optimization would indeed be foolish. Searchers are still resorting to keywords to address queries and researching the keywords that are being used remains as important as ever for attracting visitors to your site through search engines.

Even though Google’s own tools are delivering less data than before, there are a number of other keyword research tools available that can be used to get an idea of the most appropriate long-tail keywords that are now essential to the search process. Some great keyword research tools that most people are not aware of:

Top Keyword Research Tools You Probably Might’ve Not Heard About.

Top Keyword Research Tools You Probably Might've Not Heard About
Ranking top on search engine page requires strategic keyword researches. And to obtain good result, we have carefully selected the best, paid and free keyword research tools for your usage. They’d surely save you a lot.

SERPs Ubersuggest Alternative

One of the easiest ways of getting keyword ideas is to use Google’s autosuggest feature. You need to just type into the Google search box and it automatically suggests keyword phrases that might be relevant to your query based on the actual search terms fed in by users from all over the world. SERPs Ubersuggest Alternative allows you to choose the language of the search as well as the niche for which the keyword suggestion is required such as shopping, images, recipes, etc. In order to add keywords to a list that you are already running you need to just click on the + button. You can even click on the keyword itself to expand it to generate more long-tail keywords. A handy button allows you to copy the running list to a clipboard.

Niche Laboratory

Niche Laboratory is a great tool for extracting keyword ideas from sites that have achieved good ranks for a particular keyword phrase. It grabs the information from the top ranking results of a search engine results page and generates a list of the top keywords and phrases that it discovers in those pages. It also reveals which of the words are more important by displaying a keyword tag cloud. Additionally, it also displays a list of the top 10 websites, along with their titles and Meta tags, images, and niche-related forums.

Merchant Words

Those who are conducting keyword research for e-commerce sites, especially Amazon, will do well to add Merchant Words to their armory of keyword research tools. The tool scans the Amazon site and also obtains Google’s keyword data and then combines the two to provide the estimates for search volumes for each keyword being analyzed. The free search option is fairly limited but is good enough to illustrate how the tool works. Subscriptions start from $39 and you get access to a larger number of keywords as well as a reverse keyword search feature. A paid subscription lets you get access to the top Amazon searches – a full 20 million of real search terms used by Amazon visitors as they go about shopping. These keywords are extremely valuable since their commercial intent is very high. With the tool you can get information on search volumes for specific keywords, so that you can figure out what is popular and what is not.


Despite what many people might be saying, keywords and keyword research remain an integral part of content development and delivery. As an SEO practitioner, you need to be very clear about what you are trying to achieve. Once you have got a fix on that you need to scout around for the most appropriate keyword research tools. With a large number of such keyword research tools available, you need to employ only the ones that you think will deliver the desired results.

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Desktop Users vs Mobile Users: The Shopping Experience Scaling

It’s no surprise that there has been a tremendous, continuous growth with the way mobile phone users engage in online shopping as it is easier to shop on the go. You no longer have to wait till you sit in front of desktop computers before you can shop online. In fact, it can be rigid sometimes especially when you can’t move your desktop around as easily as you do your mobile phones. Surely, most e-commerce websites have realized this while others haven’t.

To Maximize Your Online Marketing Output, Should You Focus on Mobile Users or Desktop Users?

Desktop Users vs Mobile Users - Shopping Experience - How to maximize mobile users traffic
There are several (in fact, numerous) advantages the mobile users have over the desktop users. But in actual sense, are mobile users more valuable than desktop users? | CC:- Techndustries Media

I have had the opportunity to check out some shopping websites and their mobile version is a big turn off. This in turn, will definitely affect their gross orders because it is safer to save more when orders come from mobile users than desktop users.

For a top e-commerce website, say Jumia Market, they sure do realize the importance of mobile shopping. Not only is their mobile site responsive; they also have the mobile shopping app to back it up which is available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. There is no doubt when I say that it is much easier to shop with mobile phones than desktops.

There are several advantages the mobile users have over the desktop users. First of all, you can shop anytime, any day, and anywhere that is, no matter where you are, as long as you are connect to the internet. Also, you have the benefit of the flash sales marketing strategy which is usually done by shopping sites, you sure don’t want to miss it. I could recount my experience in 2012, Aliexpress had its Black Friday flash sale. During the Black Friday flash sale period and the Cyber Monday, I was able to cart-away wide range of gadgets, jackets, and foot-wares. The fact is, they are excellent and top quality products; they are indeed real value for my money at such a run-away price!

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With your mobile devices, you can easily order these discounted products once they are available. Just like the name “flash”, don’t expect the deal to be open for long because they come with massive discounts.

According to global reports about mobile users and desktop users, it is a known fact that mobile users far outnumbers desktop users. Therefore, it is wise for e-commerce sites to target mobile users more by making sure all the required mobile problems are fixed in order for their users to enjoy shopping on their website. In Chirag Kulkarni’s article titled “How Mobile Technologies Are Innovating The On-Site Retail Experience”, he delved more on the reasons behind the sudden rise of mobile purchase on some e-commerce websites than desktop based and why this would continue for the next centuries. It is just a matter of time before the total shift from desktop to mobile takes its full course.

Since the past two years, even Google released that there are more search queries coming from mobile users than desktop users. Mobile phones have changed the world. For anyone thinking of an online business, make sure not to leave out the mobile users because there will be more traffic from the mobile devices. Also, when planning how to release newsletters, emails, text messages, all these marketing strategies should be aimed at reaching a large audience of mobile users. The future is therefore in mobile technology.


5 Ways To Have a Secure Online Transactions

Secure online transactions…is that even realistic in this era?

We are living in modern times where almost everything can be bought via the Internet. You can just simply click on a purchase button, enter the requested information and that’s it. This is one of the easiest ways of shopping but, as well as it is convenient, it’s is also dangerous.

When you purchase something, you’re doing it using your credit or some other type of card, or via paycheck. You must be really careful when it comes to this because you can easily get tricked and leave some information to someone and put yourself in danger. They can literally take everything you have.

But come again, does that mean one cannot have a sweet internet purchasing experience? Or are you telling me there aren’t ways around it? I’m already assuming what’s already going on in the minds of many reading this. And for this purpose, I’d be sharing with you techniques and guidelines you can follow to have a sweet and secure online transactions starting from this moment.

Here are some examples of how to have a secure transaction and not lose a penny using the internet.

How to Enjoy a Secure Online Transactions Without Breaking The Bank

How to Enjoy Secure Online Transactions Without Breaking The Bank
How to Enjoy Secure Online Transactions Without Breaking The Bank | CC:- Viktor Hanacek

Avoid using public computers

You know where you will be safe and sound, at your own home using your personal computer! There are many reasons why you should prefer using your PC. First of all, people tend to overlook the question which every browser asks, which is “Do you want this browser to save the password for this site?” or “Do you want to stay logged in.” If you neglect those questions, you can put yourself and your personal information exposed. Therefore, anyone that can access that computer can access the information that you just left there.

You should also have in mind that you should do these kinds of transactions while being connected to a password secured Wi-Fi network rather than a public Wi-Fi because many hackers can steal your personal information if he has access to the Wi-Fi on which you’re connected at the moment of the transaction.

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Use Appropriate Security Software’s

Well, since there are hackers who can steal you information, there is also a kind of software protection against them. You should also be very careful when you choose which kind of software protection you want. Always have in mind that all of the protection software often has a small glitch which hackers tend to use to their advantage. So if you get protection software, that still doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe. You always have to keep your webmail or web browsers up to date to encounter many dangers such as hacking and virus attacks.

You should consider using Lifelock software because that is one of the most popular and the best identity protection services out there. Or better still, check our article here on other mobile security softwares.

Use SSL Certified Websites

In general, what SSL Certificates does is that it digitally binds a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When you install it on the browser you use, you then have a more secure connection which goes from a web server to a browser. Another thing you should have in mind is that the website, which doesn’t have an SSL certificate, are not the ones to be trusted. You must be extremely cautious if you’re purchasing anything from a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Therefore, that should be the first thing you check before you make the purchase.

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Choose a Trusted Payment Gateway for Secure Online Transactions 

If you buy something from someone via the internet, then there must be some kind of service between you and the seller. These are so-called payment gateways, and that’s exactly what their business’s primary focus. They are that “one” in between. Their main job is to get some crucial information from you and guarantee the other side that you are a valid and trustworthy buyer. There are many different payment gateway services, and some of them are PayPal, Skrill, eCommerce, Payoneer, etc.

There are also those websites which are not using any of those payment gateways, and that’s where you need to be careful the most because that’s a perfect place for a hacker to get some critical information about you.

Avoid Sharing Your Personal Account Details

This is where it gets tricky; it’s hard to determine who to trust and who no to trust. You must be sure if you can trust that someone who is asking for some critical information about your account or something else before you give them that information. For example, a hacker can be posing as an employee or a member of a support team, and he’s asking for some of your personal information. That is just one of the reasons why you should be careful when it comes to information sharing.

Like I used to say, in some of our previous publications, about online security, particularly on having a secure online transactions experience without much glitch, we can’t get everything perfected for you! You are the best person to help yourself stay secured almost all the time you are online.

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Do everything possible to “stay awake and aware” of what’s going on around you so you can make good decisions when next you find yourself in the similar situations. Purchasing online is fun, and should remains that, as long as you don’t jeopardize what’s most important to you and your loved ones out of care.

Thank you for taking time to read this piece once again, I look forward to meet you guys pretty soonest and if you have comments, you know how we do it! Engage me below. 🙂

I love you all.


How Mobile Point of Sale Systems is Improving Local Business and Increasing Revenue

If there is one thing, we need to credit the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs with; it is reshaping how to think about customer presentation. Beginning with understanding the difference between what people think they want and what they actually want, few entrepreneurs have done as much as Jobs for changing the way we think about customer interaction. Do you remember the first time you entered an Apple store?

Their open floor plan, inviting environment, and helpful, highly-educated customer service representatives were an entirely new business model at the time when it was initially implemented. For the first time at a major outlet, customers were able to check out and pay for their goods anywhere in the store, without ever having to encounter a line. While the Apple model has many groundbreaking components to it, one that is easily transferable to other businesses, is a mobile point of sale systems.

mobile Point of Sales Systems
A mobile point of sales systems; a device to aid the collection of payments from the customer. | Copyright: Olivier Moritz

While the Apple example is notable because it was groundbreaking, it also has several components that might not be a good fit for every business model. That said, the benefits of mobile point of sale systems should convert seamlessly across most industries. SMBs struggling to keep up with the corporate competition, in particular, may find such an update to be the exact leg up they need to keep things going.

4 Benefits of Implementing Mobile Point of Sale Systems 

If you want to know how the mobile point of sale systems and other e-payment solutions is gradually improving local businesses around the world, this article will guide you through.

Now, let’s study four reasons why introducing a mobile point of sale systems will skyrocket your small business growth.

1. On-the-Spot Checkout softens the closing process

While the walk to the counter and a short line may not seem like a huge issue, the fact is that every time a customer considers making a purchase, they get momentarily thrilled and then gradually that excitement fades until they have either paid for the item or returned it to the shelf. By providing on-the-spot checkout, you reduce the time between the initial, maximized level of excitement and closing the sale. This minimizes the chances of a customer changing their mind. Check out one of our older articles for more information about how to use point of sale solutions to improve sales for your business.

2. No in-store Lines

Along a similar line, waiting in line gives the customer time to second guess their purchasing decision. But even if they do not go back on their choice and go through with a purchase, they do not enjoy standing in lines. By reducing your lines, you produce a better customer experience that is guaranteed to yield a higher number of returning customers.

3. Improves Customer Service

By eliminating a swamped employee at the front desk, rushing to check out customer after customer to keep up with a growing line, each client is aided more efficiently, freeing up your employees to provide better service to each customer.

4. Allows for Deliveries and Curbside Checkouts

This is a big win for smaller storefronts, like pharmacies, which may need to increase flexibility to provide for individual customers. If you have ever owned or worked at a small, local pharmacy, you know how difficult it is to keep up with the corporate competition. By providing the quickest and painless process for fulfilling prescriptions, you increase your chances of being able to hold your own against the bigger companies. Curbside checkouts, drive-through options, and deliveries are the best customer experience for such purchases; the mobile point of sale systems are integral for these types of improvements. 

When it comes to finding the right mobile point of sale system for your business, Forbes provides an overview of some of the most common and most useful POS systems out there for traditional retail environments. When it comes to mobile pharmacy point of sale systems, the EvolutionPOS from RM-Solutions was one of the original options and remains one of the most common solutions for pharmacies of all sizes.

After reading this article, we’d love to hear from you…would you consider implementing mobile point of sale systems into your business for better customer experience?

Business Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Digital Certificate – Its Architecture, Process & Interactions

Digital Certificate which is also called as Digital ID, is one of the credential which is used to provide identification over internet. In other words, you can say it’s similar to driving license, national or international passport. It gives an information about the identity of the particular entity or any information related to it. It comes with digital documents, which helps in serving the identification. It is issued by the trusted CAs (Certificate Authorities,) who also provide the validity of the certificate which are issued by them, which in return work as a proof that the person or any entity to whom the certificate is issued is not fake and they are what they say are. For proving this, CAs applies their digital signature, which tells that the certificate is not altered and it’s original.How Digital Certificate Works by Comodo

Every certificate issued by CAs are unique to identify, as they offer serial number, holder’s name, how long the certificate is valid (expiration date), public key of the owner of the certificate which is used during the process of encryption & authentication, lastly signature of the CAs who has issued the certificate.

Commonly it’s used where business transactions asks for encryption, digital signing or authentication. Before we get more into Digital certificate, first let’s see what SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificate is. SSL/TLS is one of the today’s trending technology which offers security protocol in order to secure communications and transactions which happens on internet. It plays a big role in today’s internet transactions which took place in regard to e-commerce or e-business. Though SSL/TLS certificates uses the protocol of digital certificates to make a successful, secured & confidential communication between two parties, but still it differs from Digital certificate.

The main difference between SSL/TLS certificate & Digital certificate is that SSL/TLS certificates are used for securing the transactions or communications which happens between web browsers and server, which is done by showing the secured connection of “https,” whereas Digital certificates, are mostly used to do code signing of the software or its related content, which is later on used by its distributors.

Sometimes, digital certificates are also referred to as code signing certificate which helps users to identify that the signed software is by authorized person.

Contents of Digital Certificate:

The content of Digital Certificate is in text format which is visible to everyone, as it does not contain any confidential information which should be remain private. Due to this, visitors of the website are able to decide whether they can trust the certificate holder and certificate provider or not.
Contents of Digital Certificate

Preview of contents you can find embedded into Digital Certificates.

Though it provides content which are not encrypted, but that also mean that it isn’t quite possible to make any change to the provided information. CAs uses two keys; Private and Public key. Private Key remains only with the holder of the certificate, which is used to sign the digital certificate whereas Public Key is used in order to do the verification of the digital signature.

An Architecture of Digital Certificate:

Certain information regarding user, computer or services are kept in public key, which is provided as the information regarding the subject of the certificate like, services, and applications which can be used by certificate. As per the certain standards of Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) Working Group (PKIX) of IETF (Internet Engineering Tasks Force), these are some of the objectives which is mandatory to be met with the certificates that are issued for Windows Server 2003 or earlier PKIs.

X.509 version 3 certificate is the latest format of the certificate which is used in a Windows Server 2003 PKI. Below is the figure of the same.

Digital Certificate - X.509 Version 3 Certificate
X.509 Version 3 Digital Certificate

X.509 Version 3 Certificate:

Here are the fields that are supported by X.509 version 3 certificate.

Subject: It is also referred through the use of X.500 or LDAP format (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.) It provides certain information like computer name, user information, network device, services which are issued by CA for the certificate.

Serial Number: It’s used for the unique identification of every certificate that’s issued by CAs.

Issuer: The name of the issuer is most of time referred through format of X.500 or LDAP and it offers the notable name for the CA who issues the certificate.

Valid From: The date & time from when the certificate became valid.

Valid To: The date and time, when certificate expires and can no longer be considered as valid.

Public Key: Provides the public key which is used with the certificate.

In X.509 version 3 certificates, additional extensions are provided which offers additional features and functions to certificates. Though it’s optional and it’s not necessary that it will be included in all the certificates which are issued by CAs and they are as follows:

Subject Alternative Name: More than one format can be used to make the subject. Let say, if the certificate has to be issued which must have the account name of the user in LDAP distinguished format, name, e-mail address, UPN (User Principal Name,) then it can be included in the certificate through adding the extension of subject alternative name which provides the formats for additional name.

CDP (CRL Distribution Points): Whenever any user, service or computer issues a certificate, a service or an application, is there to acknowledge that the certificate has been revoked before the expiration of its validity period. The work of CDP extension has to do the same, it offers more than one URL where the service or application are capable of getting the CRL (Certificate Revocation List.)

AIA (Authority Information Access): Once a certificate gets validated by the service or an application, the CAs certificate who issued the certificate, also called as parent CA is also tested for the validity period and revocation. This AIA extension provides more than one URLs, from which the service or an application can recover the certificate of the CA.

EKU (Enhanced Key Usage): This extension comes with an OID (Object Identifier) option for all the services and application which can be used by other applications. All OID comes with a unique number sequence from the worldwide registry.

Certificate Policies: It determines the rules and regulations which has to be followed by the organization to get the validation of the certificate request or before a certificate get issued. For the process of validation, OID is used which can also include URL which is policy-qualified, which fully describes what measures had to be taken in order to validate the identity.

Certificate Templates:

Certificate templates are used by CAs of Windows 2000 & Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. It is stored under the services directory named Active Directory. It offers default attributes to certificate, which includes authorized uses of the certificate, cryptographic algorithms that are used along with certificate, length of public key, format of the subject, requirements of issuance.

Certificate templates are basically configured over enterprise CA, and these templates are used to accept or reject any new certificate request which is coming in. Another thing to note is that, only enterprise CAs are able to issue certificates which are based on certificate templates. Information regarding certificate template is stored under the directory named as Active Directory.

CN=Certificate Templates, CN=Public Key Services, CN=Services, CN=Configuration, DC= BrattRootNameDN

To note, BrattRootNameDN is the LDAP distinguished name of the forest root domain.

By default few certificate templates are offered to new CA installation. If needed more, they had to be assigned additionally.

Certificate templates are divided under two different categories. Firstly, certificate templates which are allotted for users and another one is certificate templates that are allotted for computers. One thing to know is that, certificates which are issued for computers can only be used by computers and the certificates which are issued for users can only be used by users. Apart from that, you can also distribute the certificate based upon their use.

Single Function: As it name says, this certificate template is limited for the single function. For example, at a time it can be used for only one function for which it is assigned like for only encrypt to decrypt files.

Multiple Function: Multiple function certificate templates offers more than one function. For example, you can use the same certificate template for encrypting & decrypting the files, to authenticate with server and also to send and receive emails.

Process & Interactions of Digital Certificate:

As discussed earlier, digital certificates are one type of credentials and like other credentials such as passport or driver license, this also has to be created before making any use of it. Once it’s created, there has to be a valid reason to validate the authenticity of that certificate and verification is also needed to know its usage purpose. Once these certificates are created and validated, it can be used for some of the below basic cryptographic functions

  1. Public Key Encryption.
  2. Message Digest Functions.
  3. Digital Signing.

Digital Certificates – How it’s created?

CA (Certificate Authority) are the ones who issues Digital Certificates. CAs can be any service or valid entity who is ready to do the verification of identity and validate them with its provided keys, to those the certificate has been issued. For example it’s possible, that companies might issue certificates to their employees. One important thing is that, public key of CA’s should be trustworthy or else the certificates won’t be trusted. As anyone can become a CA, digital certificates can be trusted up to a level as much the CAs who has issued the certificate, can be trusted.

Below steps shows the procedure for requesting and issuing the digital certificate.

1. Pair of Keys: The applicant is provided with the private and public by any authority or any valid organization.

2. Collecting Mandatory Information: Applicants have to provide all the necessary documents asked by the CA for issuing digital certificate. The information are like applicant’s e-mail address, fingerprints, birth certificate and some other documents asked during the identity verification process.

3. Requesting for Certificate: In order to get the certificate, request has to be send for the issuance of the certificate with all the required documents. It can be sent through email or postal & courier is also allowed. Request for the certificate should also be notarized.

4. Information Verification: The CA follows through their policies and guidelines in order to issue the certificate. These policies includes verification of provided information as well.

5. Creating Certificate: After all the verification process, CA generate and sign a digital document which also includes the public key of the applicant and other necessary information. The digital document which is signed is called as certificate.

6. Sending the Certificate: After the certificate has been created, it’s sent to the applicant.

Validation Process of Digital Certificate:

Once the certificate is received, before it’s acknowledged that the certificate is trustworthy Windows perform certain validation process to make sure that the certificate is valid.

To know what the status of the certificate is, it’s categorized under three different steps which are implemented through CryptoAPI.

  1. Discovery of Certificate: Here the process of collection of certificates of CAs is done through Group Policy, Enterprise Policy and AIA pointers which are all issued in certificate itself.
  1. Validation of Path: The steps through which issuer certificate & public key certificates are processed through in a hierarchical order till the chain of certificates reach an end point which is trusted and self-signed certificate. Most of time it’s a root certificate of CAs.
  1. Checking of Revocation: All the certificates goes through verification to make sure that none of them has been revoked.Generally this revocation checking occurs during the process of chain building or after the completion of chain building.

Chain Building: It’s the steps through which chain of trust or say certification path is built from the last certificate to the root CA. The process of chain building is to do the validation of the certification path by checking through every certificate which is in the certificate path from the end certificate to certificate of root CAs. These certificates are retrieved through Intermediate Certification Authorities store, URL specified in the attributes of AIA or through the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. The point to consider here is that, if even the problem with one certificate discovered by CryptoAPI, or it fail to find the certificate, the whole certification path will be discarded and it will be called as non-trusted certification path.

Storage of Certificate: In Windows XP & Windows Server 2003, certificates are stored in local computer or hardware device for which the certificate has been requested. Generally, there are two different type of certificate stores which is called as the machine store and another one is the user store. Its user store is known and referred to as “My Store,” which is used by the user who is currently logged-in. These certificate stores contains more than one certificate, which are most probably issued by different CAs as well.

Purpose of Chain Building: All the certificate chain are built through certificate chain engine. Graph of certificate chain is created, and from that it’s ordered through its quality. The certificate chain with finest quality is selected and returned as an end certificate for the application it’s requested for as by default chain.

All the certificate chains have one thing in common, they are built with the combination of certificates which are available in the published URL locations and certificate stores. Every certificate included in the chain, have a status code which shows that the certificate is like, does it contains a valid signature, is the start and expiry date of the certificate properly configured, is the certificate expired, has the certificate ever been revoked, is any of the certificate expired which is higher in PKI, is there any restrictions set on certificate. 

Path Validation of the Certificate: The validation path of the certificate gives an assurance that a valid path of the certification can be made for any given end certificate. It is defined as a certificate of end-user which can be tracked with a certificate chain in a trusted root CA. At the time of an occurring of this process, it’s possible that certain certificates might not be considered valid, and it could be due to some of the reasons:

  1. Valid time period is not configured, it usually happens when the start and expiry date of the certificate is not proper.
  1. If the format of certificate is not proper or does not match with the format of X.509 (versions 1 to 3 mostly for digital certificates), it is possible that certificate might go unrecognized due to which it gets discarded.
  1. The information in the fields of certificate is not filled properly or something is left.
  1. The digital thumbprint and signature of the certificate do not pass the integrity check which in result shows that the certificate has been altered or its corrupted.
  1. The status of the certificate has been kept for revoke.
  1. The CA who is issuing the certificate does not belongs to the list of trusted certification.
  1. Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store does not have the certification path of the root CA.
  1. The certificate does not have the permission to be used as per the specification of the CTL.
  1. The certificate carries an extension which is not understand by an application.

Policy of Issuance of the Certificate: Issuance policy also known as Certificate Policies Extension as per RFC 2459, gives permission to authorized CAs to define their requirements for issuing certificate. Issuance policy are set of guidelines which has to be followed to get a certificate. Authorized CAs, defines all the rules in certificate through OID. Though, OID is defined in the certificate template.

Application Policy: Certificates offers important information which is not specific for any application, but it is important to know which certificates should be used for some of the functions. Application policy let you issue certificates and also restrict their use for specific tasks.

Basic Operations of Cryptography: Information provided in certificates are like the identity of the holder of the certificate (which is known as subject) as an entity over network, public key of the certificate’s owner. It also provide information of who is the CA (Certificate Authority) that issued the certificate.

All the certificates issued by CAs are digitally signed with the help of their private key. CAs create Message digest from the certificate itself and encrypt it with the private key, to make the digital signature which further becomes a part of the certificate. Anyone can verify the integrity of the certificate by just using the CA’s public key and message digest function.  If by any chance a certificate get corrupted or shows that it’s altered by someone, the message digest of that altered certificate won’t match with the digest which is in the digital signature of the CA. This image shows how CA signs the certificate.

Digital Certificate Authority Keys
Digital Certificate Authority Keys

In the certificate X.509 version 3, Subject Public-Key Value field holds the cryptography operations for which both public and private key set can be used. Here are the basic cryptography operations which are maintained with the security system of Public Key.

  1. To do the verification of the integrity and origin of the data, digital signing of digital data is done.
  1. The symmetric secret encryption which are shared and transmitted over networks are protected with the help of secret key encryption.

Below are some of the operations of Cryptography which shows the purpose of the certificate.

1. Signature: It’s used for signing, authenticating the data or assuring that data is not duplicated.

2. Encryption: For the encryption and decryption of data.

3. Signature & Encryption: It combines both, does the authentication and digital signing of the data and encryption & decryption as well.

4. Signature & Smart Card Logon: Digital signing of data and smart card logon.

Several security functions regarding security technologies can be achieved through public and private key set. Some of the security functions which can be made through public key are:

  1. During e-mail communications, providing security by offering authentication, integrity & confidentiality.
  1. Securing web communications done between web users and servers, by offering authentication and privacy.
  1. Code signing for the integrity of the codes, which are shared over internet.
  1. Local or remote login credentials for the users associated with the network.

Public Key Encryption: Different keys are used for encryption and decryption of the information, when it comes to public key encryption. Among the keys, first one is a private key (only known to the holder of the certificate,) whereas the public key can be shared among others. Both the keys are different but are dependent to each other. The information which is encrypted through public key can only be decrypted using the matching private key which is with the holder of the certificate.

Digital Certificate - Encryption & Decryption using Asymmetric KeysEncryption & Decryption using Asymmetric Keys

Public key encryption is quite popular for offering strong security over internet. It is mostly used for the below functions:

  1. To encrypt symmetric keys for protecting it during the sharing done over internet or other networks.
  1. Digital signature to offer authentication& integrity to online data.

Message Digest Functions: Message digest function which is also called as hash functions, are mostly used in combination with asymmetric keys to provide an extra layer of security to public key encryption. They are mostly in 128 to 160 bits length and offers unique digital identifier for all the files and documents. It contains two copies of the file which have the same message digest, but among them even if the slight change happens to document, the whole message digest will change.

Digital Certificate - Process of Message DigestProcess of Message Digest

Mostly, message digests are used in combination with public key to make digital signatures, which are used during the process of authentication & integrity of the online data and files.

Digital Certificate - Integrity Check through Digitally Signed Message Digest

Integrity Check through Digitally Signed Message Digest

As the message digest is signed digitally along with the private key of the sender, it’s not possible for any intruder to alter or play any mischief with the message.

Digital Signatures: Mostly public key encryption is used to offer digital signatures. Digital signature is similar to hand-written signatures or an actual thumbprints of humans which is used for the identification of the people for important things like online transactions. Digital signatures does the unique identification of the data which is signed with the digital signature and also assures that data is not altered.

One of the way to create digital signature is through the actual owner of the data. Simply create the signature by encrypting all the data with the private key of the owner of that data and assign the signature along with it. Anyone, who have its matching public key will be able to decrypt the digital signature and able to see the actual message. As digital signature can be made only by someone who possess private key, it will be sure that the decrypted message is not altered and it’s original. Even if any mischief has been done, then also the attacker won’t be able to create a new original signature. Lastly, if the signature get altered, it won’t be able to pass the verification which will make it invalid.

Here are few of the reasons which clears that it’s not necessary to encrypt all data to offer digital signature.

  1. The encrypted message is almost same or greater in size, than the plain text message. Due to this bandwidth and storage space is consumed in huge amount.
  2. It affects the performance of computer negatively as the encryption of Public key takes a lot of load while doing computation.
  3. The huge data of cipher text which are produced during the encryption of all data, can make some negative impact. As these cipher text can be used during attacks like cryptanalysis.

Algorithms are very efficient which are used to create digital signatures. These days message digest with the private key of the owner, is widely used for creating digital signatures. The advantage of creating digital signature this way is that the signature will be shorter compared to the actual data which needs to be signed, as only message digest is signed in the whole process. The advantage we get is that due to this, load is low on computer during the data signing process, which will not lead to huge consumption of bandwidth and finally the cipher text which is produced will be not be big enough which can become helpful during any attacks like cryptanalysis.

The SSL Store™, is one of the biggest reseller who is Platinum Partners with the world’s most recognized CAs (Certification Authorities), which includes Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Certum and Comodo. If you are looking for digital certificate, we can help you get your own SSL/TLS certificate. The Digital certificates offered by us are exactly the one which are sold by the Certificate Authority. Benefit of purchasing from us is that you will get in the price range, you can afford easily. As we purchase in bulk quantity, you will be able to enjoy the discounts we offer. We also offer one of the best technical support to solve any of your query. We have the team of experienced web security specialists, which will guide you to getting your digital certificate.

With all the information we’ve been able to provide about Digital certificates, the technology behind it, its structure, its processes and the different interactions that takes place during encryption, do you think we’re a bit behind? Let’s talk below.

Social Media

New Look, New Buz – Bebuzee – The Start of the Empire!

Bebuzee have finally upped their game in contending with the world’s finest! It certainly seems as if we are about to see great things this year in 2015. To begin with, the website is now looking very sleek and modernised.  The new features are incredible, boasting the all new blogging service. Users are now able to use gif format image upon uploading images to go along with their blogs.

Talking about gif format images, users are now able to upload these directly on to their walls in order to be displayed amongst the news feeds for fellow network members to see. This has been extremely popular with Bebuzee users with the website now trending full of gif images at various capacities. Taking things, one step further, users are seen to have been taking full advantage of the whole gif concept with many now replacing their static cover photos on their profiles with a more animated approach. With the most recent update, users are now able to create their very own slideshow on the cover photo section of their profile. Other users are also able to go on their fellow friends’ profile pages to look at these when accessing their profiles. Those who have actually sat down and played around with this feature, have taken this up a notch. By doing so, with the permitted six image limit on the cover photo the public have gone wild. Way before I discovered what you could do, I discovered that these cheeky users were actually either making their own gifs by cutting small videos or finding continuous gifs to then set it as their cover photo. What this means is that if somebody then went onto their profile, the cover photo would simply look like one long video, rather than different frames of images.

Consequently, this has created a crazy trend with users all over the world now competing to show off their incredibly moving (see what I did there) profiles. Sooner or later I reckon the word gif will be amongst the trending topics on the column, situated to the right of the news feed.The new Bebuzee Press Release Image

Going back to basics, as many of you may already be aware, Bebuzee are based in Bournemouth,which is a beautiful seaside coastal town in the South of England. Bebuzee are believed to be one of the world’s fastest growing social networking sites within recent times reading in excess of over ten million users on a global scale, surpassing some of the most successful and well established names in social media and technology.

As crazy and wacky as it may sound, Bebuzee has a great concept that social networks must share their profits with all their users. This is due to the fact that the social networks itself only generates any sort of revenue in the first place, because of the support of those who use Bebuzee.  All content that is uploaded or shared by users is what results in online traffic which adds up to be converted or transferred into money. Similarly to how adverts without viewers are simply pointless until users either click or view the contents. Without the help of our fellow users, there would not be any revenue for the Social Network or any of its services. Since it is what drives the entire platform forward, Bebuzee have decided to share their profits with all their users as mentioned previously. By doing this, it automatically puts Bebuzee a step ahead of the game.

The way it all works is actually quite simple. All users can begin earning through advertising impressions and clicks. Each time another user clicks on a piece of advertising displayed on whatever page, the advertising user will receive a sum of twenty-five cents ($0.25USD). As advertising seems to be displayed on Bebuzee’s platform, it can turn out to be very advantageous for those who wish to make a few bucks. On the other hand, impressions is a measure that records the number of times content uploaded by advertisers is displayed or seen by the end-user. It does not matter how many clicks are made, but simply the number of times it appears. For example, every time a photo, video or just a status is seen by another person via the platform, it is counted as one impression. For everyone thousand impressions achieved by a user Bebuzee will pay out $0.50 to that person.

To keep track of things, Bebuzee have a superb dashboard under the ‘My Earnings’ button on every individual’s profile. All new users are still said to be welcomed to the social network with a complimentary dollar ($1USD) upon initial sign up.

Bebuzee have already brought out many features allowing users to generate more impressions for users to earn via. Some of which are the original, image rating feature Rate-My-Pic and blogging service Blogbuz.

For those who are not completely aware of the ‘Blogbuz’ feature, it is not only dedicated to keen bloggers but for those who wish to post stories, experiences or current affairs. This has been quite a popular platform, especially since it was originally launched allowing all users to post up to five pictures per blog (including gifs), a single video and text space to publish whatever they wish, within reason of course. The site is said to be very highly moderated and so any explicit content will be removed with responsible individual treated appropriately. Blogbuz also displays your slideshow from the profile page, as mentioned previously, to brighten up your blog page.

Moving on to the rapid growth of Bebuzee, we must mention the release of further products and services, taking Bebuzee’s product tally to an almighty seven. These are the Social Network; Bebuzee Adbuz – Advertising Network; Shopping-By-Images – Self Explanatory; Properbuz – The Global Property Search Engine; Bebuzee Points – The Worldwide Business Search; Question-&-Answer and News Site both of which are self-explanatory. Most of these incredible platforms and features, could help push Bebuzee towards becoming an everyday household name. From now onwards, we can only watch Bebuzee gradually grow to becoming one of the largest empires in the world of technology.

Business Mobile App

New shopping tech: Cardberry gather all your loyalty cards in one

Loyalty cards become a part of our everyday life but also a heavy burden in our wallets. An innovative gadget that solves this problem has finally arrived. It will help us get rid of tens of cards out of our wallets and at the same time simply use all of them through one single electronic card.Cardberry all in one loyalty card

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? I have about 20: I use frequently some of them, some hardly ever, and there are also those that just lie unused at home. And I always feel sorry if I don’t have a card with me and loose the opportunity to get a discount. Now every even small store has its own loyalty program. If you like shopping, I’m sure your wallet is not big enough to store all these cards. In a month an innovative solution to this problem called Cardberry  launches at several markets.

What is Cardberry and how does it work?

Cardberry is a rewritable gadget that lets you store all your loyalty cards within a Smartphone app and use them in a simple way, through only one device. Cardberry device looks like a typical plastic card which makes it easy to carry in your wallet.

There are thin layered microelectronics inside: Li-ionstorage battery0,5 mm of thickness, dynamic magnetic strip, resistors, printed circuit board with microcontroller and Bluetooth module.Cardberry all in one loyalty card

So easy to use

Along with Cardberry gadget the set includes compact card reader. It connects with mobile device via jack socket or Bluetooth. First you need to download the free Cardberry Smartphone app (for iOS and Android). Then you add all your loyalty cards to the application, using card reader for magnetic cards or by scanning bar codes and QR codes. All added cards are displayed on the screen. After that you can go shopping with a light-weight wallet.

Straight before cash desk switch on Cardberry gadget and sync it with your smartphone. Then choose a necessary card in your app and press ‘Send’. Data from the chosen card will be transferred via Bluetooth to Cardberry gadget in a couple of seconds, after which Cardberry will reproduce your loyalty card. Pass Cardberry to cashier and get your discount!

Exchanging loyalty cards with friends and family

You can also exchange loyalty cards with your friends within the Cardberry app to get more discounts for yourself or help friends collect more bonuses. Of course, they should also have a Cardberry device.

For example, you come to shoe store, choose a perfect pair, but unfortunately you don’t have the loyalty card of this brand. Then you open Cardberry app and see who of your friends has it. It is possible thanks to synchronization between Cardberry app and contact list.

Let’s say you find it, and then you send your friend a request to share the card. When approved, the card is available for you, record it to Cardberry and get your discount! It becomes highly advantageous for cards with cumulative “more you shop – bigger discount you get” schemes.  24 hours later, loyalty card will automatically return to the owner, so you don’t have to worry about returning it in time.

Acceptance in stores

You may ask, what about stores? How will they respond to the new tech?Imagine cashier that sees the brand-new card without his company’s corporate identity. What should he do – take it or deny? Company assures that it won’t be a problem. Cardberry team strongly prepares to the launch and has already started a special campaign to inform stores and organizations about the project. First tests in stores in Moscow, Russia already show willingness of sellers to accept the card at over 90% of the stores.

When does Cardberry become available?

Initially the project launches inRussia and United States. First cards for those who pre-ordered will be available in March 2015. Later this year, expansion of Cardberry sales is planned to Europe and China.

Pre-order at 25% discount

Cardberry smart-device is priced at $100. But by placing a pre-order at the company’s website before the official launch you can save 25% by using a secret word TECHATLAST. Check out universal and innovative Cardberry gadget for yourself!

Business Freebies

Coupon codes you can use today

With the holidays close upon us, everyone is beginning to scour their Sunday newspaper inserts as well as the internet for the best deals on gifts that loved ones and friends will enjoy.  As of today, you can save from 30-75% off a robust variety of items with coupons.  These coupons that are found there can be used with minimal effort when shopping online.

coupon codes

With the 15-50% off deals that are currently available on major appliances and more, the additional savings on clothes, jewelry, and more made available through the use of coupons is enough to have any savvy shopper dancing through the upcoming holiday season.

What coupon codes Available out there?

For those that may be wondering how these great savings would benefit them, company like Sears has always been a leader in offering a diverse product line.  Rather you need to purchase a Craftsman tool set for the handy DYI expert in your life, J.C. Higgins camping essentials for the nature lover you have befriended or a trendy ensemble courtesy of Cheryl Tiegs for the fashionista is you; free shipping code sears has you covered.

The company has been offering its client base an expansive variety of products since its doors opened decades ago.  Rather one may need automotive tools, interior decorating components, or simply a new pair of shoes; it can be found within their stores, catalogs and online.

Is There a Coupon code for What I Need?

Unlike many retailers now-a-days, many retail shops do not limit their savings to a handful of products within its inventory. No matter what a person may need, a coupon is available for it.  Shipping, major appliances, children’s and adult clothing, jewelry and more all have coupon codes attached to them,  the company that has a longstanding reputation for being customer friendly releases coupons monthly for the benefit of the consumer that truly values their dollar.

There is no reason to miss out on the perfect gift for a dear loved one because there is a coupon for everything under the sun for one’s home and family.  For instance, one of today’s coupons offers $15 off children’s clothing and accessories AND free shipping.  That is correct, a DOUBLE savings via a single coupon.  You save on the item/s as well as the shipping.

How Much Does a coupon code Cost?

There is no cost to use a coupon.  Theses coupon codes are not a part of a coupon club, therefore you do NOT pay to save.  All you need to do is find the coupon code for the item/s that you desire, click the green box marked [either] “show coupon code” or “get deal” and copy and paste into the PROMO code section during checkout.

No charge. No Hassle. Just savings. That’s the company’s way.

Designs & Invention Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Marketing

What Are the Different Types of Barcode Scanners?

When you decide to implement barcoding in your business, there’s another decision that you have to make. You have to choose the right barcode scanner. So before you make this decision, you will have to get to know the different types of barcode scanners available so that you can make the right choice for your business’s needs. The scanner you pick needs to useful for your business and it needs to be capable of reading the barcode symbology you choose to use.

Introducing the Wide Variety of Barcode Scanners

Types of Barcode Scanners

Wand/Pen Barcode Scanner

According to Thomas Net, this is the least expensive and simplest barcode scanner that you can buy. It’s durable and doesn’t have any moving parts. But when it’s scanning, it has to touch the barcode, and this can be annoying. If the barcode has to be read over and over, the need to touch the scanner to the code might end up damaging or smearing it, which may make it unreadable. Another issue is that the wand’s powered by a human, and it has to be held at the right angle and moved at the right speed to properly function. This is the best option for someone who is looking for something that’s usable but cheap.

CCD Barcode Scanner

According to Semicron, this barcode scanner can read your barcodes easily and quickly. But there are two major limitations that the scanner comes with. Its scanning range is short, which means that it has to within one to three inches from the barcode. It also has a width that is limited, which means that it can’t read barcodes wider than the scanner’s face.

Laser Barcode Scanner

Featured on Barcodes Inc., this scanner is the most popular one. This scanner doesn’t have to be close to the code or touch it to be usable. The scanner, with a standard range of six to 24 inches, is quite versatile, but the scan range is also affected by the size of the barcode. Long range versions of this scanner are capable of reading barcodes between two to eight feet from the scanner. The scanners that are extra-long range are able to read barcodes up to 35 feet away from the scanner. These scanners range in price from $200-$2,000 and have lots of different models to choose from.

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Fixed Mount or Hands Free Scanner

These kinds of scanners are anchored so that users are able to scan the barcodes using both of their hands. Durable, extremely reliable, and versatile, these scanners boost the productivity of stores to higher levels with minimal effort on the part of employees. These scanners are often seen in self-checkout lanes in retail stores.

Codeless/Wireless Barcode Scanner

This type of scanner is for warehouse and factory applications in which cords and cables restrict free movement. In harsh environments where cables can become damaged and make scanner systems inoperable, cordless scanners are the best solutions. They are also useful in shipping and receiving environments where cables can also deny freedom of movement. They are also useful in retail stores in allowing cashiers to scan heavy and bulky items.

Wearable Barcode Scanner

These scanners function in two amazing ways. A hand or ring scanner is worn by someone and then the person activates it either by pointing it at a barcode or by pointing their finger at barcodes while simultaneously pressing their thumb against the trigger that’s at the finger’s base.

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Two Scanners that are a Bit More Than Scanners

Portable Terminals

Semicron states that these data terminals are handheld barcode scanners that are battery operated and that store data in their memory to be uploaded elsewhere later. As well as being barcode scanners, these devices have keyboards and LCD displays. The user is able to walk around and scan and key in data while getting responses from their computer with each of their entries.  These combine barcode scanning with palm computing.

Barcode Decoders

Barcode decoders are used for translating a barcode’s information into a format the computer is able to use. Some low-tech scanners aren’t able to decode more advanced barcodes, so it’s necessary to have a decoder. Some users prefer using an un-decoded scanner and a decoder unit so they’re able to remove their scanner for use with portable terminals.

You need to take some time to figure out which of these barcode scanners is the type that will be right for your business. Take a look at what they have to offer and what their prices are, and then think about how you will use the scanner. Then you can figure out which one is going to be the best choice. It’s always a great idea to research your options before making a time consuming and costly choice that may not be the right one for you. Among eCommerce vendors I know, I think Shopify has a wide range of barcode scanners along with a compact wireless barcode printer. When doing your research, don’t forget to pick a barcode scanner that is capable of reading the barcode symbology your business uses.