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5 Steps to Keep Home Network Safe for Remote Working

The current social distancing rules have forced many companies to make the switch to remote work whether they were ready or not. This unveiled just how unprepared and unsafe home networks are when it comes to standing up to a determined attacker. As such, we offer five tips to help regular people set up a more secure work environment from a distance.

How to Keep Your Home Network Safe for Work

The current world situation is difficult, to say the least. The healthcare and economic systems of almost every country on the globe are negatively impacted by the social distancing rules, and we don’t know yet when the situation will return to normal (if ever).

However, there are companies that managed to adapt to the situation by setting up their workers to work from home. Luckily, this is not a new situation as many people already work remotely in many parts of the world. Even more, this is an upwards trend that’s expected to take over most industries by 2028.

Still, remote workers can be a risk for the safety of the company if it’s not done correctly. When working from home, employees don’t follow the same rules imposed by the company when it comes to file sharing, IT security, or software used. Many home computers don’t use an up to date operating system and rely on free software tools that are easier to hack.

When we combine the idea of low-security remote workers with the recent surge in cyberattacks, the result is a bit chilling.

As such, a safe work environment (albeit a remote one) is a responsibility that both employers and employees share. Since we know cybersecurity and new technologies are not everyone’s cup of tea, we put together a few guidelines to help remote workers up the security of their home network.

So, make sure to read everything carefully, and apply the measures that fit your situation in keeping home network safe during and after the social distancing rules.

Keep Home Network Safe – 5 Tips to Stay Safe While Working from Home

How to Keep Your Home Network Safe for Remote Working
To work with peace of mind while maintaining the social distancing rules for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, here are steps to keep your home network safe. Make sure you follow these guidelines for staying safe while working from home.

#1: Update the Security of your WiFi

Home WiFi networks are rarely well-protected and many homeowners don’t even bother to change the default security settings on their routers. This makes the work of anyone who is trying to break your network so much easier!

So, to avoid getting a data breach via your WiFi, follow these basic steps:

  • Change the SSID (service set identifier or the name of the network). If you keep the default one (usually provided by the router or the company that offers the service), you tell an external actor that the password is also the default one or something extremely generic.
  • Change the Password of the router – If you don’t know how to go about this, you can ask your service provider. Also, make sure it is strong (at least 20 characters long with numbers, letters, and various symbols) and avoid using personal information (pets’ names, children’s names, dates of birth, and so on).
  • Enable network encryption – Most modern routers offer encryption possibilities, but they are turned off by default. Make sure to check the router’s settings and turn on encryption (the most effective is WPA2).

#2: Update your Software

If you’re that person who checks “Remind me later” when it comes to software updates, it’s time to stop!

Software updates are not there just to annoy you. This is a form of support provided by the producer to keep your device safe from various vulnerabilities and flaws that could become gateways for hackers.

As such, make sure that every software item you use (including the operating system and router firmware) has the latest updates installed and running.

#3: Use a Solid Security Solution

Stay away from public networks for as much as possible. And, if you do have to use them, take all the necessary precautions. This is the first rule of online safety!

The second rule is about using a reliable antivirus solution. Many people think that just because they have a free antivirus on their systems they are safe. This is completely false and this way of thinking can lure people into a false sense of security.

For an extra layer of protection, you can use a VPN solution. It may slow down your connection a bit, but it’s a price worth paying.

Lastly, you should consider taking an online course on cybersecurity. These courses are affordable, easy to understand, and flexible, but most importantly, they offer valuable information on IT security and protection against the most common threats.

#4: Separate Work from Personal

Working from home can get a bit messy if you don’t establish clear boundaries with the family, the clients and colleagues, and even yourself.

For instance, if possible, try to use a different computer for work and another device for personal activities. If not, make sure you have separate profiles for work and fun and that both profiles are users without administrative rights. Also, if more people use the same computer, make a separate profile for guests (again, no administrative rights).

#5: Change Passwords Frequently

Let’s be honest – the standard username/password system is flawed and, with that many data breaches, it’s no longer effective. Add to this the fact that many people don’t understand the purpose of a strong and unique password and you have the perfect recipe for hacking.

Right now, the most convenient way around this system is two-factor authentication, but it can be difficult to implement and not exactly cheap.

As such, to make sure your professional accounts remain safe, you should change the passwords every two or three months. Also, stay up to date with the latest data breaches, and if any of the platforms you’re currently using was attacked, change the password immediately.

Wrap Up

Yes, it can be a bit daunting to make sure your online presence is safe from prying eyes, but the alternative is much worse!

These measures should be applied by anyone who uses the Intenet to keep their home network safe, but if you work remotely, they are mandatory. Also, we strongly recommend doing more research on the topic of cybersecurity to find new ways of keeping your business safe while beyond the social distancing rules set by the government to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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Security Cameras – 7 Of the Best Security Cameras in 2020

With the rising concern for security all over the world, people are now more prepared to invest in security measures on an individual level. With the growing level of crime and the kind of crime we see around us, I would prefer to set tripwires and mines around my house to keep the ones I love safe. However, since that’s out of the question, the only thing that can maintain security levels around your residence is a security camera. If you want to upgrade your security, you will have to buy one for the inside of your house too.

While some people may be critical of the fact that cameras can’t actually do anything about an emergency situation, I believe that they can be used as a tool of deterrence. Even the most infamous people don’t want to be caught doing something illegal on camera as it can lead to their incarceration.

Here mentioned below are seven of the best security cameras that security camera companies vouch for.

7 Best Security Cameras for 2020 You Should Buy

7 Best Security Cameras in 2019
Security is increasingly becoming a major threat to most homes, but with an advanced security apparatus in place, you can rest assured of security. Here are the top security cameras to keep your home safe this year.

Arlo Pro 2 

If you want to go for an outdoor wireless camera that many people vouch for, then this is the best camera that you can go for. It has a high-resolution lens that will make sure to catch a detailed picture of anyone who tries to come on your property. It has a night vision that can detect intruders even in the dark.

While you may not be able to set actual tripwires, you can set up virtual tripwires that can send an alert to your phone if someone tries to pass a restricted zone.Arlo Pro 2 is one the best security cameras for homes

Smonet Wireless Security CCTV

Another wireless camera that is highly regarded on the market is the Smonet wireless camera. It has a 720pixel camera lens that is sure to make sure nothing gets to pass it. It also has a two-way talking system that will surely save you from getting out of bed.

One main feature about it is that its weather-resistant and that is why if you live in a place with fluctuating weather conditions, this is the option to go for. It also has an infrared vision, which means that it can detect all movement regardless of the time of day. It also means that you won’t have to invest in additional equipment for light assistance.Smonet Wireless Security CCTV - Best security camera

TriVision Outdoor Security Camera

If you want to go for a wired option, then this the best option to go for. It is easy to set up and get connected to your phone. It has a 1080 pixel camera that can capture high-end images; it can capture clear and wide-ranged images due to its wide lens.

It has a night vision up to 30ft, which makes it an amazing option for surveillance at job sites. It is also synced to your phone, which means even if the slightest thing goes wrong, you’ll know about it.TriVision Outdoor Security Camera

Arlo Pro is another of the best security cameras

If you’re looking for an indoor wireless camera, then this is the best option on the market. Indoor cameras are really important as they comprise of an additional level of security. Not only does it have a 1080 pixel camera, but it also has a two-way audio system, which means you can keep an eye on what the babysitter does while you’re gone. It will also help you keep an eye on your pets and make sure that they behave.Arlo Pro


This one is another indoor option that you can try. While this option costs a little too much due to its cloud subscription services, it is one of the best and will definitely prove to work your money. It has pan, tilt and zoom features which makes it even more attractive, as you can keep an eye on what’s happening inside the whole time.

Nowadays, with kidnappings on the rise, this is a security appliance that all of you must have. It also has night vision which means you can still see everything after the lights are out. Last but not least, it also has a two-way communication system that can become an additional level of security.Best security camera AmcrestUltraHD

Wyze Cam

If you’re going for a more economical option, then this is the way to go. It costs $30, and it has all the features that you’ll need. It has a 1080 pixel camera, motion detection, alert system, and a free trial for fourteen days. While its cloud storage subscription may cost a little too much, it also comes with an SD card option so subscribing to a package isn’t compulsory.Wyze security camera


Here is another outdoor camera that can increase the security around your house. It can be accessed remotely and can be turned to make sure you have a view of the whole area. You can also get real-time alerts whenever something goes south. It cost around $80 and is pretty economical considering the perks that it has to offer.

It is a weatherproof camera with a two-way communication system which means it’s the best option to go for if you have children in the house. Teach your kids never to open the door unless they have made sure who is on the other side and even then only if they are from immediate family.Foscan 4MP Security Cameras with Artificial Intelligence Human Detection

If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned article, you now know about the best security cameras possibilities that you can go for. Keeping the above-mentioned information in mind, you should make a detailed decision.

Once you’ve finalized the model that you’re trying to buy, put aside some money for its installation. Many people spend a great deal on security systems and later try to save money in the installation process.

If your cameras aren’t installed properly, it can lead to a blind spot that anyone from the outside can take advantage of. So try not to save money when it comes to security essentials. Remember, you can put a price on the lives of those you love, so be ready to take every step necessary to ensure their safety.

With increasing security concerns all over the world, these seven best security cameras can keep your home safe against predators and intruders.

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13 Best WordPress Database Plugins With Feature-Rich Functionalities

13 Best WordPress Database Plugins With Feature-Rich Functionalities - TechAtLast
Have you been weighed down by the effect of data breach or data loss as a result of not making use of wordpress database plugins? Discover how to protect your database table meta data with these wordpress database plug-ins.

Most of the WordPress websites rely on MySQL DB, which is also the most popular choice in enterprise database management. It’s an open-source database system, which is called relational database. MySQL DBMS is used by the WordPress websites, applications, and plug-ins to store data and retrieve it when needed. You can consider MySQL as a filing cabinet at your office, which stores all crucial files of your business.

As we know, MySQL follows the relational database management concept, which runs at servers allowing a group of users to create and manage databases. MySQL is a key component in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, which is an open-source solution for website creation. Majority of the WordPress web applications are built on the LAMP stack.

WordPress hosting providers also have MySQL ready installation packages on the hosting servers, and it is also used in various open-source web applications. PHP is used as the programming language at many WordPress sites to store and retrieve data from MySQL databases. SQL queries are run to retrieve data from the stores and generate a dynamic content display. SQL means Structured Query Language which is also a programming language used in database programming.

Database management using phpMyAdmin

For those who are not so knowledgeable about writing PHP codes and SQL scripts, the WordPress hosting services offer a web application known as phpMyAdmin, which will let the users access their database using this web interface and manage it. Based on the selections you make there, phpMyAdmin will run the SQL queries at the backend.

However, database management is an essential part of business operations nowadays. So, for the users who have little knowledge about the technical aspects of database administration, it is even difficult to handle database through the default phpMyAdmin interface. In such cases, a good database plugin can help them to avoid confusions and better manage databases.

In this article, we are discussing some of the top choices in WordPress plugins for database management. These plug-ins offer many additional features too than basic database administration tasks. These are top rated wordpress database plugins by the users and also have a considerable number of downloads.

WordPress Database Plugins: A Few Top Choices in Feature-Rich WordPress Database Plugins

Best WordPress Database Plugins for Newbies and Experts - TechAtLast
When it comes to determining the best of WordPress database plugins for newbies and experts, you can’t fault yourself for not knowing which to pick from myriads of plugins out there. In this article, we have been able to demystify the process of picking the top WordPress database management plugins out there for you.

1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security was previously known as Better WP Security, which offers many ways to protect your WP site and database. It features a one-click activation of all features and also some advanced features for the pro users. It is one of the best wordpress database plugins you can find out there.

2. WP Clean Up Optimizer

This extensive WordPress database plug-in will help to optimize and clean up the WordPress database. There is no need for the users to access PhpMyAdmin to optimize or clean the database table with WP Clean Up Optimizer installed. You can apply native WordPress MySQL commands for optimization of the DB tables without manual queries.

3. Search and Replace

You can conduct a simple search to find the strings at your database and then replace it. Using Search and Replace plug-in tool, it is possible to search in the IDs, post content, title, GUID, content excerpt, comments, meta-data, authors, comment mail IDs, URLs, and category descriptions, etc. You may find further options of this tool as described here.

4. Edit Any Table

Edit Any Table is a plug-in which can be easily integrated to the dashboard, or you can use the admin page of the plug-in itself to connect to MySQL database. However, you need to ensure that the hosting provider also allows access to use it. It is possible to conduct the search, add, edit, and delete database records through this interface.

5. Contact Form DB

Known as “CFDB” in short, Contact Form DB is a WordPress database plugin which can be used to save contact form submissions. It features an administration page also with short codes for viewing and displaying the needed data. There are distinct administration pages under the menu of Contact form DB.

6. My Optional Modules

MOM or My Optional Modules is a wordpress database plugin which features a wide range of database functions to add more functionality or extend the scope of the existing features in WordPress. You can convert the default galleries of WordPress into horizontal sliders using MOM and also append the links back to the blog, and RSS feeds.

7. WP Backup

As the name suggests, WP Backup is used to back up the entire website as well as the database. All files can be backed up using this tool by setting a schedule. There are also add-on features like getting the backed-up file mailed to you, exclude some files or folders which you don’t want to back up, etc. It’s very simple to use, and there is no need for setup.

8. Formidable Forms

Formidable is an easy option to create WP forms by using this drag-and-drop plug-in. It is possible to construct customized web forms by generating from the given templates. Spam catching and usage of short codes also can run on it.

9. User Meta Manager

It is another handy wordpress database plugin which features a very simple interface to manage the metadata. You can add, delete, or edit metadata by using this tool. It is also possible to manage the metadata for the individual members as well as for the group of members. You can create forms using the short codes that allow the users to update the metadata

10. All in One WP Security & Firewall

As we have heard, WordPress is indeed a highly secured platform. However, this plug-in will help to add additional security and firewall protection to your website and database with the help of a security plugin. It enforces many advanced security practices which will give you an additional layer of protection.

11. User Login Log

The plugin can track the records of WP user logins along with additional information like the IP address, date, time, location, user name, etc. You can use it also to filter out the data by searching for the user name, successful or failed login, month, year, etc.

12. WP Backitup

It’s another backup tool for WordPress website, which makes backing up of data much easier and quicker. Just install the WP BackItUp plug-in, and you can run the backup command in minutes to get a complete backup. There are also no complex configuration requirements for it.

13. Participants Database

This plugin, as the name suggests, aims explicitly at building and maintaining the database of the users. It is custom configurable and allows the site admins to define the information fields as needed. The records can be easily entered at the WordPress admin panel and imported in CSV format.

Conclusion on WordPress Database Plugins

As time changes, these wordpress database plugins also upgrade their baseline functionalities, and there are many new plug-ins also coming up in WordPress database management, which you can explore and choose the best one for your purpose.


The Ultimate Smart Home: How To Prevent It From Being Hacked

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll probably have heard all the commotion about smart homes nowadays.

In short, they are the big thing on the block right now. Whether it’s controlling entry to your house, speaking to any intruders that have made their way in, or even turning on the smart home heating system before you arrive back – smart homes have it all.

There’s one small problem with them though; there have been some worrying stories about hackers gaining control of them. Considering some of the areas of your home that the systems control, this could obviously have serious repercussions.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Through today’s post, we will now take a look at some of the ways you can safeguard your smart home and ultimately, slash the chances of it getting into the wrong hands.

How to Setup Smart Home Security to Prevent Break-In; Expert’s Guide 

Smart Home Security - How to prevent hacking in your smart home
Of recent, hackers have up the score against smart homeowners by smartly penetrating through the loophole in the home security systems. However, we have identified some of the ways to protect and prevent hacking attempts on your smart home systems.

Make sure it’s installed correctly

It sounds ridiculous, but one of the main reasons why smart homes are hacked so often is because of incorrect installation. Naturally, this is more common in some devices than others. For example, in something as sophisticated as an in-home security system, it’s much easier to make mistakes with this form of installation as opposed to something like a light bulb. It’s for this reason that you would need to turn to a professional security installer to reduce the risks.

Always install the security updates

It doesn’t matter who you are, this is something that most people happen to be guilty of. A popup appears on your phone or computer, asking you to install some form of an update, and most of us don’t bat an eyelid.

Well, this is an invitation to hackers. Quite often, these updates surround potential security breaches, so it is crucial that you install them to close such loopholes. Make sure you open up every app corresponding to your smart home devices and check if any updates are available.

The risks of malware

Malware is something that has been around for years, and again opens doors for those who want to wreak havoc with your smart home devices. It’s also worth mentioning that contrary to popular belief, Macs can be hacked in this way nowadays as well. In essence, it involves dangerous software being installed on your device and suffices to say, it’s not unheard of for this software to influence your smart home devices.

Public wi-fi: almost the roof of all evil

Public Wi-Fi is something that we have all become used to over recent years, but it’s not without its problems. In short, it’s something that can again allow hackers to unscrupulously access your phone and quite possibly later down the line, your home. In short, shared connections can spell bad news, so try and use your own 4G connection or at least private Wi-Fi. The other alternative is to tap into a reputable VPN, which can mitigate the risks of public Wi-Fi somewhat.

Recently, hackers have upped their game against smart homeowners using different techniques to smartly penetrate through the backdoor in some of these home security systems. It is your duty as a smart homeowner to always stay atop of the trend in security so as not to fall prey.

CyberSecurity Security

How to Secure Your Business’s Network, Server and Data

Nothing is more valuable to a business than its data. While your employees, processes and office space are assets, it is your data that will determine your company’s success or failure.

For example, leaking your trade secrets could provide your competitors with an industry advantage, while losing sensitive customer data could result in legal and financial consequences for your business.

Unfortunately, with cybercrime increasing at a troubling rate, you must strengthen your onsite security against the likes of ransomware, phishing scams, and spyware. Learn how to secure your business’s network, server and data.

Why should you go for Dedicated server
Server security: Here’s how to secure your business’s network, server and data while keeping your company at the top of its game.

Informative Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity training is a must for every business, regardless of its size. Too many employees will be guilty of using weak passwords, ignoring essential software updates, or clicking on peculiar-looking emails and links.

Get your employees up to speed on cybersecurity through informative training. For example, you can educate them on the various cybersecurity threats and how to protect against them, such as generating strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and encryption.

Run Anti-Virus Programs on a Server

If you do not have an anti-virus program on a server, it could result in an infection spreading from one file to the next. An effective program can, however, minimize the damage of an infection, so it can protect your data.

Regularly Update Your Servers and Software

Servers and software must be continually updated to ensure they receive the latest security patches and features. If you fail to update the technologies, you shouldn’t be surprised when you become a victim of a hacking. Keep your server, network, and data safe from malware by immediately upgrading to the latest version.

Choose a Dependable Public Cloud Hosting Service

Of course, if you want to steer away from physical servers that provide limited security and flexibility, choose public cloud hosting. Safely store data in the cloud so that you can access your important files at any time on any device, so it is an effective form of disaster recovery.

You can also customize the virtual data center to your business’s exact requirements. The cloud will also provide you with the latest software update, which can prevent cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Make your way to learn more about public cloud hosting.

Frequently Backup Your Sensitive Data

You can never have too many backup solutions when it comes to business, and you must ensure you continually save the latest version of a document into a solution immediately.

Each company will have different needs. For example, small companies might need to backup their sensitive data on a weekly basis, as they may generate small amounts of data each day. While large organizations will more than likely need to do so on a daily basis. Find a frequency that works for your company and stick to it, and don’t forget to tweak your frequency as your business grows. You will be glad you did should you become a victim of a malicious ransomware, spyware, or phishing scam.

CyberSecurity Data Theft Hack Security

Digital Locks – Are Locksmiths the Future of Domestic Security?

Archeologists uncovered the oldest known lock, in palace ruins on the outskirts of Nineveh, in today’s Iraq. The lock is estimated to be some 4000 years old and consists of a large bolt with pegs in its upper surface to prevent unlocking.

Locks and keys made from wood were the standards until the Industrial Revolution changed the game. Locksmiths of the era toiled hand-making locks and keys to order.

Though initially, they didn’t specialize in just this craft, as their skills were required for all types of metalwork. As the design and knowledge of the production of locks improved, these craftsmen began to specialize, creating complex and often ornate locks for wealthy clients.

Of course, the future of locksmiths has changed a lot since the original wooden designs. Nowadays, homeowners and businesses often require more versatility in their access control solutions.

It can frequently be impractical to supply keys to everyone that needs access to a location, but leaving the door unlocked is hardly the best choice either. This is where digital locks come in.

Keyless entry systems are becoming ever more popular for domestic security. Where they were once only seen in hotels and high-tech business premises, they are now more common in people’s homes.

The reasons are obvious, digital locks offer more versatility and remove the problem of lost keys. For example, a keypad entry lock is a perfect solution for Airbnb hosts, allowing them to easily manage access to their property. This removes the potential problem of copied keys and can allow access only over a specific period.

Many of these new electronic entry systems allow you to gain access just by using your smartphone. The Bluetooth enabled phone lets the lock know when you are near, unlocking the door as you approach. Some systems will even let you know who has been to your house whilst you aren’t there, messaging you as it happens. 

Disruptive Digital Locks Tech Currently Been Used Today’s Domestic Security

Digital locksmiths are going to be smiling for next decades to come
Digital locksmiths have over the years smiles to the bank because of the wonderful job they’ve done. With the increasing growth of digital locks awareness out there, we believe there’d be an upward trend for the next decades to come for this industry.

Amazon Key

Amazon made headlines a few years ago, with the announcement that they would use drones to help deliver packages. This was a creative answer to a problem faced by their delivery operatives; the problem of where to securely put a package when the homeowner isn’t in to receive it.

Amazon’s less well-publicized solution to this issue is the Amazon Key Home Kit. The Key package features a camera which uploads its HD, night-vision capable footage to cloud storage, and a choice of 8 different keypad locks from leading manufacturers.

You are able to monitor who accesses your property on your phone and authorize when people can enter. It is even possible to have a conversation with someone as they enter your property. The system is ultimately designed to make Amazon’s deliveries easier too.Digital Lock - Amazon Key Home Kit

The camera is fitted within the house so that the parcel can be placed just inside the door, without the homeowner having to worry about the delivery person doing anything they shouldn’t.

The Amazon system presents opportunities for locksmiths. Not only do people often need help in fitting and maintaining the lock, but it isn’t a full proof system and has been known to malfunction.

The increased adoption of Amazon Key will naturally prompt other people to look into buying similar digital lock systems and beefing-up their domestic security overall.

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Google Home

The Google Home platform allows you to integrate multiple different electronic systems to allow easy home automation. Security systems, cameras, and electronic locks can be added to homes so that they can be controlled by Google Assistant on mobile devices. The choices that are compatible with Google Home are limited at the moment but are sure to increase as the platform gains in popularity.

The Future for Locksmiths

With the push towards digital locks by big players like Amazon and Google, the job of a locksmith will evolve. These new devices are dramatically changing the way people deal with their domestic security.

Certainly, mechanical locks aren’t going to just disappear, but this new emerging reality is creating the need of relearning how to become a locksmith in order to keep pace with the needs of the market and customers.

Domestic security would depend on digital locks manufacturer's decision to evolve with time
In the future, domestic security activities would depend more on digital locks manufacturer’s decision to evolve with time. As smart home technology advances, electronic lock security needs to advance at the same speed.

The integration of household locks into the digital home will place locksmiths in an important role as these security measures increase in popularity. This gives locksmiths opportunities to help homeowners improve their household security by moving into the larger home security sector.

The profession is growing with the boost provided by these new technologies, creating more demand for the services of locksmiths which have adapted to the new business environment.

Just as the role of the locksmith has changed in the past, so it will in the future. The move to more electronic locks and integrated homes offers the chance for locksmiths to expand their business and become more prosperous.


The rapid development of technology and digitalization does not only affect modern sectors and jobs, but it is being integrated into each and every industry, creating a need for a larger workforce, new recruitments and up to date training for a happy and modern community. But one thing is sure, the smart home and digital locks innovation are here to make our lives easier and safer.

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CyberSecurity Trends: Top 5 Trends in CyberSecurity for 2018 and Beyond

Cybersecurity science is a major aspect of the development, understanding and practice of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a broad category, covering the technology and practices used to protect computer networks, computers, and data from harm. People throughout academia, industry and government all use formal and informal science to develop and expand cybersecurity knowledge.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2018
What is trending in cyber security industry in terms of infrastructural developments, technologies and adoptions?

As a discipline, the field of cybersecurity requires authentic knowledge to explore and reason about the “how and why” we build or deploy security controls. In every changing world of cybersecurity, there are some facts about what leaders want.

Cybersecurity leaders seek:

  • Balance risk, usability, resilience and price
  • Need enough visibility into what is happening
  • Gain much control–but only over what actually matters

Cloud security grows into a top priority

As the cloud platform evolves, it’s shaping into a security target and it will begin having security problems. It’s possible cloud will become a victim to a tragedy of the commons where as a shared cloud service turns into insecure or unstable based on rise in demands by companies. When in the case of cloud, security professionals will need to determine who they can trust and who they can’t. Companies should reinforce security guidelines for public and private cloud use and utilize a cloud decision model to implement rigor to cloud risks.

Organization and skills for cybersecurity continue to change

With no unemployment rate, there is a scarcity of security skill sets, the industry requires and will sustain the need of emerging skills, as cybersecurity progresses in areas such as data governance and data classes. It’s a problem that experts in security have avoided, but the reality is that in the next few years, enterprises will generate data that they ever had before, said Mr. Perkins. Transformations in cybersecurity will require emerging skills in data science and analytics. The general growth of information will mean artificial security intelligence is essential. Adaptive skills will become an important job for the future of cybersecurity.

Application and data security are led by development operations center

There are a lot more of opportunities in the application security, but many enterprises ignore it because of the expense. It’s the crucial time to figure out the correct path to evaluate the value of security and the right way to describe it to the business. Moreover, DevOps should turn to DevSecOps, with a focus on security. This is a good time to collaborate development and operations. The time to trade has decreased so much, it creates a lossless connection between operation and development, which means it’s important to stop running them as isolated units. This is the time to bring security to DevOps, or if the team is not internal, to ask the service provider what kind of security they provide.

White Label ransomware
White label ransomware may be the scariest cybersecurity risk ever recorded in the history of cyber security worldwide.

Digital ecosystems drive next generation security

Privacy, safety and reliability are considered to be a segment of cybersecurity. When these systems begin to have a direct physical impact, you now become responsible for the safety of people and environments. Without a handle on security, people will die. The reliability part is needed for operation and production environments.

Shift your focus from protection and prevention

“Take the money you’re exhausting on prevention and start to drive it more equitably to response and detection,” said Mr. Perkins.

“The fact is that you will not be able to stop each and every threat and you need to overcome it.”

A well-financed, dedicated actor who is after something in your agency is going to get it, even if they use the thinnest link– people–to do so. This means adapting your security setup to focus on detection, response, and remediation. That’s where the cybersecurity fight is today. In the future it will most likely move to suspense of what’s coming before something happens.

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3 Emerging Technologies Impacting Cyber Security Space

It’s a cat and mouse game between cyber security experts and cyber criminals. While the security guys endeavor to protect users and information, the criminals threaten to compromise data security using different innovative methods. It all seems to be part of a never-ending cat ‘n’ mouse game!

Ours is the age of digital connectivity; we are now on to automating all processes in the business world. Hence, as security guys keep on safeguarding users and data using encryption tools, security risks also go on increasing. Thus the security industry now focuses on building cyber security into applications and the devices that are interconnected. In addition to the basic encryption tools, lots of other security features and tools are now used to ensure comprehensive security.

Let’s here discuss some emerging technologies that would help secure vital information from hackers in a very effective manner:

The Evolution of Cyber Security and Threat Control

Emmerging Technologies Affecting Cyber Security
There are new developments in the cyber security industry lately with the emergence of newer technologies to disrupt the cyber security space such as development of user hardware authentication, cloud technology, and machine learning and artificial intelligence, with aim to combat and eradicate threats.

Cloud technology to have a great impact! 

Cloud technology is making a big change in the realm of information security. In fact, the cloud is impacting systems security technology in a very significant manner. Business enterprises and government agencies are now embracing cloud technology in a widespread manner; they use the cloud to store vast amounts of data on a day-to-day basis. The future looks bright as regards the employment of cloud technology in information security. Experts believe that techniques for on-premise data storage would end up being migrated to the cloud. Many components, including virtualized intrusion detection and prevention systems, virtualized firewalls etc would be used from the cloud.

Development of user hardware authentication 

Security experts, in a bid to come up with more secure authentication methods, have now focused on the development of user hardware authentication known as 2Factor hardware authentication. This kind of a development has become relevant as hackers now find it easy to get access to information systems and sensitive data of business/government organizations by cracking weak usernames/passwords created by data users. Security guys have hence developed a solution in the user authentication process with a new Core vPro processor belonging to the sixth generation of processors. This processor can combine different hardware components with enhanced factors simultaneously for the purpose of user identity validation. It’s to be noted that such enhanced hardware authentication methods are needed when it comes to securing IoT devices, wherein any device could prove vulnerable at any point in time.

Cyber Crime is on the rise
Cyber crime is on the rise but with the influx of emerging technologies into the cyber security space, combating crime will become easy for cyber security experts.

Deep learning is really relevant

Deep learning has its own relevance in cyber security. There are technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, that are encompassed in deep learning. Such technologies have a great role to play in cyber security. To be noted is the point that deep learning focuses on anomalous behavior. Hence when we feed machine learning systems and AI systems with the right data regarding security threats, these systems end up making decisions as regards preventing hacks, depending on their immediate environment. These systems would scrutinize entities having access to the information system and analyzes different entities found in an enterprise at the macro level as well as the micro level. This helps an organization to block, using machine learning or AI, any persistent or advanced cyber threat.

A conclusion…. 

To conclude, it’s to be specifically mentioned that such new technologies are to be used with the existing security fundamentals (like, for example, the encryption tools) to ensure that all information remains secure, in all respects.

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Land Mobile Radio Systems or LMR Systems: On The Way Out, Or Here To Stay?

Land mobile radios or LMRs have been used for decades in a variety of industries and applications for voice communications.

Multiple emergency response agencies rely on LMRs to communicate and coordinate their efforts for one incident. For instance, in the event of a fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and health care professionals all have to work together with the fire department and disaster response managers to get everyone safely out of the burning building. If a breakdown of communication happens, it could affect how these groups respond, putting lives and property at greater risk.

But with the advancements in digital communication technology, particularly the developments in mobile devices and their ability to transmit data at high speeds, land mobile radio systems may be seen as an aging technology. Are LMR systems still relevant?

Let’s take a look at the current state of LMRs in today’s digital-driven world, focusing on market trends, and determine the direction that these land mobile radio systems are going. Are LMRs–like the analog telephones and dial-up modems of yore–headed to the museum or will they continue to get a firm foothold in the market amid new communication technology?

Where are LMR systems used?

Land Mobile Radio Systems
LMR Systems On The Way Out, Or Here To Stay? You wouldn’t argue more about the bright future of land mobile radio systems across the world when you look at the ongoing technological advancements in the advanced telecommunication industry and the demand for these services. They are highly in demand, thanks to new-breed of technology been introduced to faced out obsolete ones. It is still the way forward for strategic emergency response system for all government setups e.g. Military and security agency like FBI and CIA.

A land mobile radio system is a kind of wireless communication system. LMR systems are intended to provide reliable and secure voice communications, and are typically used by emergency response teams (tribal, local, state, federal), companies doing public works, as well as the military for critical voice communications and low-speed data transmissions.

An LMR system commonly consists of handheld portable radios, mobile radios for vehicles, base stations, a network to connect the different base stations, and signal repeaters to increase the range of the devices on the same communications system.

The use of LMRs can be seen in the following applications:

  • Public safety
  • Emergency and medical services
  • Homeland security
  • Fire department
  • Military and defense
  • Manufacturing, retail, and commercial industries
  • Utility, mining, construction, and transportation
  • Tourism, entertainment, events

How is the LMR market doing?

In May 2017, Allied Market Research published the Land Mobile Radio System Market Report, which cites LMR revenues and growth rates across major regions and forecasts that the LMR system market will continue to grow.

According to the report, the global market for LMR systems is estimated to reach $43,707 million by 2022, registering a compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 17.1 percent from 2016 to 2022. The report points to North America as being the key contributor to LMR systems’ global market revenue, with an expected $15,674 million in revenue generation.

The estimates presented in the report are based on LMR market trends for 2015, in which the portable or handheld LMR system topped the device market, and North America accounted for $5,595 million in the global LMR market revenue–the highest share at 39 percent.

The market for portable LMR systems are expected to generate $26,880 million with a CAGR of 18.1 percent during the forecast period.

The report also cites that although land mobile radio systems are widely used in various fields, the limitations in terms of channel capacities, spectrum issues, as well as stringent government regulations hinder the growth of the LMR industry.

However, a rising demand for effective communication technologies in the Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, and other Asian countries) and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, Africa) regions, as well as the adoption of digital land mobile radio systems worldwide, may present opportunities for development and overall industry growth.

What improvements are being done on LMR systems?

Over time, many agencies using LMR systems have moved from basic, conventional radio systems such as two-way communications to complex trunked systems that are computer-controlled, enhancing LMR capabilities and allowing multiple individuals to share channels, make group calls, and provide high-quality audio.

The transition from analog to digital is a natural evolution to meet market demands and integrate new technology. Indeed, these improvements on LMR technology have enhanced the functionality, reliability, interoperability (the ability to communicate across different agencies) and spectral efficiency of both voice and low-speed data communications for public safety teams.

This transition is also pushing traditional LMR technology from a “critical communication technology” to a “critical intelligence technology.”

Technological developments in terms of improved handheld devices, mobile repeaters, and base operation solutions to ensure interoperability and provide secure communications are also being done to allow response teams to communicate in various situations and environments, especially in remote areas such as heavily forested and mountainous regions where radio signals can be obstructed.

LMR Systems On The Way Out, Or Here To Stay
Over the years, some of the top agencies using the land mobile radio systems have upgraded from the basic conventional radio systems like the popular two-way communications to advanced trunked systems are computer-controlled, enhancing LMR capabilities and allowing multiple individuals to share channels, interact through group calls, and provide high-quality audio output.

Can LMR systems really be used with digital communication technology?


The latest development in the use of LMR networks has to do with how it’s used together with other forms of digital technology. In the United States, the First Responder Network Authority or FirstNet is working to launch the first nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN), which will use LMR systems for mission-critical voice communication as well as high-speed data services (through laptops, smartphones and other commercial LTE services/devices) to supplement LMR networks.

Upgrading infrastructures is a challenge that governments have to face in order to integrate various emerging communications technology with current LMR tech. FirstNet, for instance, will first leverage existing infrastructure “where it makes engineering and economic sense.”

The goal, FirstNet says, is to not only keep costs down, but also reduce the time it would take to build the infrastructure and procure the equipment needed for the NPSBN.

What does the future hold for LMR systems?

FirstNet, for one, sees the continued reliance on LMRs in emergency response settings. For its broadband-LMR network to actually work, it’s necessary for agencies focusing on public safety to maintain and/or upgrade their existing networks.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security agrees:

“Without continued investment to operate and maintain LMR systems, emergency communications could be compromised.”

LMR systems play a major and crucial role in delivering emergency response, and we see the technology not replaced by, but used in conjunction with other communications technology in emergency services, especially if other countries follow suit.

The way we see it, land mobile radio systems won’t be signing off anytime soon. These will continue to be relevant and are definitely here to stay, not only in terms of public safety and emergency services but in other applications as well.

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12 Innovative Approaches In Improving WordPress Only A Handful Of People Know

Since its first release date, WordPress never backed down regarding its constant improvements and incredible features. Each year WordPress employs clear strategies, brings in new attributes to make the life of a WordPress user easy.

To make you and your WordPress page prepared in the coming days, we have compiled few innovative approaches to improving wordpress, rather secrets of WordPress only a handful of people aware.

12 Amazing and Innovative Tweaks for Improving WordPress Website

Tweaks on Improving WordPress Site Performance
To make your WordPress web pages stand out, here are innovative approaches to improving wordpress site performance that only a handful of people are aware of.

1. WordPress Security

WordPress Security is often overlooked due to the fact that it is referred to as ‘Hardening’. Though the core installation of WordPress is easy and secure, the add-in features, themes, custom codes which you download are more likely to be hacked. Even adding more users to the installation increases the prominence of security. Hence, one must know technicalities and approaches in securing site’s backend to ensure even the slightest information is safe and not prone to any danger. We here talk about everything that improves speed and vulnerability management of a WordPress.

2. Bespoke Elements for Designing

Many organizations are moving towards bespoke elements of designing which make illustrations friendly and adaptable. It brings in features of customized photography and design, making designers build their own illustration.

3. Image Optimization

If you are the one who strongly relies on heavy images to make your site compelling, then you should opt for Image Optimization. These tools compress and optimize your image, making it lighter and easier to load.

4. Install a Scanner

A security scanner checks for malicious attacks in plugins, themes, files and ensure zero tampering is executed. There are quite a handful plugins in the WordPress repository that helps in improving WordPress operation that you can download for this purpose.

5. Install MultiPurpose Themes

Multipurpose themes are well known among its users for offering benefits of the creation of a site with the limited resources available. These themes are exceptionally customizable and flexible. An economical site owner can experience the immense benefits with this kind of themes.

6. Keep Track of Dashboard Activity

Having a track of what’s going on within your dashboard can be a great advantage. It allows you to trace the user’s steps. It improves the access towards each action within the dashboard. The constant WordPress logs organize all the data handled by the site. Certain free plugins keep a track of everything that happens on the site backend.

7. Limit Logins and User Access

“Brute Force” attackers are in rage now. Their primary target is to crack your password with infinite logins. However, you can prevent it by installing plugins that limit the number of logins from a specific IP over a given period of time. This restricts the unlimited user logins over a period of time.

Also, be careful while giving permissions to user’s tasks. Empowering them with all administrative powers just adds to more troubles.

8. Login LockDown

Relocating or renaming your login page with something different from this: or can definitely ensure high security giving a tough time for hackers. Meanwhile, I have seen an instances of different variations of implementing this such as using the website name with some other generic details to confuse the perpetrators.

9. Maintain WordPress Up-to-Date:

Sounds Simple Isn’t it! But Indeed, it has a greater impact than you imagine. Something this simple might change the way you work with your WordPress. Whenever you come through a “WordPress Update Available” Banner, don’t think twice and update the version to the latest. If you are worried about breaking out, make a backup before installation.

Updating themes and plugins from the reputed sources is as important as you update WordPress. If not, improper security causes plugins and themes to act as an open door to your personal information. At the same time, deactivate and delete the unused plugins and themes. Fewer plugins ensure better site security, better speed, and better performance.

Regular updating overcomes the security flaws related to the previous version. You should stay informed of when the new updates are released and try to upgrade your content management system in due course.

10. Mobile Themes

Another creative approach to improving wordpress web development is investing in mobile themes instead of depending on the default concept. More mobile WordPress themes are brought into effect as cell phone gadgets are experiencing a whooping 51% internet users. Hence web designers are now beginning with mobile responsive web page design, the one solution for all client groups.

11. Pick up the Best Hosting

A great selection of Hosting Providers reduces the vulnerability. A managed WordPress Hosting Service Provider is specifically designed for running WordPress inside and out. It includes all the best features in the market, thereby ensuring better performance and better usability of the site.

12. Set up Two-Step Authentication:

The Two-Step Authentication approach involves authorization code along with a password. This authorization code is sent to your mobile via SMS. Several plugins handle this feature. Clef is one of such application that let user take advantage of 2-Factor authentication inside WordPress platform. Unfortunately, the team are shutting down the plugin this coming month. But you can find some other two step authentication plugins to improve your wordpress.

13. Strong username and Password:

Many installs the WordPress with the username ‘admin’. If you have done the same, it is high time to change it. You can alter it by inserting an SQL query in PHPMyAdmin.

Similarly, change the password to something which includes numbers, letters, and special characters. If you are unable to generate one, the password generators always come in handy.

Final Words…

These are some of the practices that make WordPress experience a boon. Some you might have already known and some you might find new. Focusing on the most relevant features ensures better user accessibility to your site. Then why late? Become a WordPress Pro by employing the above strategies. Improving wordpress site performance is a continual process, you just have to continue innovating and learning about maximizing wordpress features. Its potentials are huge!