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Dealing with online attacks – tips for starters

These days, there are few businesses that aren’t online. Whether you’re self employed or part of a much larger company, most businesses will have some form of online presence. For many, it will be an important part of drawing customers or making profits.

As such, it should be of no surprise to know that this can result in companies being targeted. This can be for financial information, sensitive customer data or even just to make your website unavailable. In any of these cases, it is not something you want to happen.

To this end, here’s a quick overview on what you can do to protect yourself and your company. Likewise, it helps to know what your options are should anything actually happen.

Steps to deal with online attacks

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Protection yourself first (be prepared)

The best thing you can do is to protect yourself first, rather than waiting for something to happen.

Attacks can come in many forms, from simple viruses and infections to more complicated DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that slow down your systems by overloading them. For each of these you will want some form of relevant protection.

When it comes to cyber security you have plenty of options, but testing should always be included. Testing to see what should be done to protect your valuables would prevent your company from unprecedented events. Cyber Security at NCC Group is a perfect testing tool you can use for such if need be. Rather than just offering you a basic package, this will offer actual testing to see where your system holds up and where it doesn’t – it’s finding these holes that will allow you to fill in any potential risks before someone else does.


Likewise, it helps to have a plan of action should something go wrong. If someone does gain entry there are a number of questions you will likely want answered – how did they get in? What did they take? How can I prevent this from happening again? Of course, to answer the last question you need to answer the first two.

If something should occur, the best response is to quickly look into computer forensics – a service available from NCC Group. Setting this service up will provide you with quick responses and information on anything that happens. Not only would you be able to get information on how the breach occurred but you’d be enlightened to prevent upcoming attacks like that.

Combine this with adequate protection and cyber security and you should have a multi-layered defence. This will help keep your business safe, yet the simple act of investing in protection will put many thieves and opportunists off. Sometimes it really is better to be safe than sorry.

Protecting your data has to be your number one priority because the moment the data is lost, you’d not be able to regain it back – data protection is a big headache, and taking proactive steps to guiding them away from thieves should be your next subject line.

How do you deal with online attacks? Please share your views with me.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

How Improve Your Web Browsing Experience

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Browsing the internet on a slow computer system can results in slow internet access. Maintaining a good web browsing experience has a lot of challenges especially if you’re in a location that doesn’t support state-of-the-art technologies. Remote areas are mostly prone to slow speed internet connectivity because of little or no access to advanced technological gadgets that could be used in streamlining the expansion of the service to the area.

In this short article, we shall be looking at several steps to take to manage your existing slow speed internet by showing you how to increase your computer speed when using it to browse the internet.

Proven Steps to Improving Your Web Browsing Experience

Change Windows Usage to Increase Speed

Go to start, click run and then, choose gpedit.msc and ok. Then change the option to 0%. Then ok and exit and restart your computer.

Use updated browser

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Computer Security and Internet Security Tips

Computer Virus has become a real time headache to many newbie computer users because of lack of computer security ideas and techniques. Some users finds it hard to understand that when it comes to the issue of virus attack; staying away from it is not the main solution to the problem on ground but to get the solution that can help you.

Computer security doesn’t have to be something you will keep on neglecting when it comes to protecting your computer from unauthorized access. You need to have a full system protection method being put in place for your computer performance so that you can be sure of having your data secured both online and offline.

In this article are three tips to help you secure your computer system at all times.

Avoid Unnecessary Sharing of Your Connection

Sharing your internet connection with people can be one of the reason that makes your information unsecured. You need to avoid sharing internet connection on your computer so as to make people not to be able to see what you are hiding on your PC.

Always Use the Best Internet Security Tool

Antivirus is a cool tool that can help you protect your files from unauthorized access. You can install the best form of securities on your computer. Make sure that you don’t make your computer suffer attacks by using the best and most powerful mode of securities that you can lay your hands on.

Use Good Authentication Method for Your Security

Securing your files from people that can prove to be dangerous to you can help you a lot. You can protect your password by using the UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE symbol to protect yourself online and offline so that people can avoid coming nearer to you.

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Computer Tips & Tutorials Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

How To Increase Your Computer RAM Speed

If your computer system is running too slow it may be because you opened too many application at a time or because of too many page files that has been created on your computer in case you’re using a Window XP operating system. This page files are created automatically and they consumed most of your computer ram (speed) but the only thing you can do them is to eliminated by cleaning the all these files from your computer memory so as to have a free space. To increase your RAM speed, follow the steps below and within 5 minutes you will be able to put what you’ve learned in this post into practice.

On your computer screen, click on Start menu and go to Control Panel as in the picture below,

Then go to Administrative tools

After that go to,

and after picking local security policies, then go to the next picture below.

Then this next diagram,

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Internet Access

3 Ultimate Factors That Affect Your High Speed Internet Connection Performance

Your high speed internet connection will only work better when there are no problems hindering its performance. Having a problem-free internet connection performance is achievable if only you know how to optimize your connection. If you want to access the internet and your internet connection is working at a snail speed, you will certainly get annoyed and the negative experience get from this can also make someone to loose hope in that particular internet connection method.

Today, we are going to be talking about different factors that can affect your internet connection performance and possible ways of solving these problems easily. So, here below are the three different possible factors that can affect your internet connection performance over the time.

4G internet connection performance
There is a huge difference between 3G internet and 4G internet connection performance. They aren’t on the same level.

Location of Your ISP

The location of your internet connection service provider has a lot to do with your internet connection performance. If your ISP service provider location is far away from where you are accessing the internet from, you will certainly experience slow internet connection. The rate at which you will be able to access the internet from a particular location can be different from how you can access it from a place closer to your internet service provider’s network service. You can only enjoy your internet connectivity if you are located in a place closer to your internet service provider’s connection base.

Location of the website you’re trying to access

Your internet connection performance can be determined by the location of the website you’re browsing through. Most big website on the internet have different mirror servers which you can make use of instead of having trouble accessing the main site. Many website at times has different servers in different countries, if you are accessing a website and you notice that you cant access it efficiently, you should contact the administrator of the site to know if they have a mirror version if the site in your country or in a place closer to your location, e.g. you may have difficulties in accessing while you’re in Canada which supposes to be, but once you can locate the next servers that is closer to your location it will be easier for your to access the site with the full features.
To resolve this, you can contact the administrator of the website you find it difficult to access about the problem and ask if there’s a possible solution to it and also you can make use of internet anonymity software that can help you in accessing website that is too far from you with a dedicated server that’s present in that country, a great example of this is your-freedom software. It has over 20 different servers in different countries throughout the world.

Limitation of your Internet Data Transfer

If your ISP company puts limits on your internet connection data transfer rate, you may find it very difficult to access the internet or a particular website at a particular time because of limitation that’s on your internet connection package. At times, some ISPs companies limits the kind of websites that you can visit with their service by filtering your internet browsing transfer making it difficult for your to access a particular website at a given time.

All the above mentioned points are factors which can affects your internet connection performance and you need to take not of this so that you can enjoy your internet connection.