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3 Top Sexiest Programmers Ever

In this post, I will been showing you the top list of sexiest programmers that ever live on earth. You only need to stay tuned and read this information.programmers

Charlie Cheever, Co-founder of Quora

Charlie Cheever is the co-founder of Quora, and who is the former Facebook engineer and manager before he left Facebook. He is the brain behind the facebook connect button. He is known as somebody that loves to take risks and this qualifies him to be sexy.

 Neal O’Mara

Neal O’Mara is a programmer and has started this since when he is too young and this helps him master the act very well more than any other programmers in the business.

He is the founder of hallofax, the website that allows internet users to send and receive faxes faster over the internet. Also, the site offer services like helping internet users to fill and submit forms online easily with the features it offers.

Sara Chipps (Co-founder

Sara Chipps is among the best programmers when it comes to women in the business. She co-own GirlDevelopIt as one of her programming result. She even called on other women to embrace programming as this is what she believes is fun and sexy.

These are the list of top programmers that people known well as the most sexiest programmers ever as at this time. In case you have name of programmer that we didn’t include here please do contact us or through the comment section for review and we’ll update it as soon as possible.