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5 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Great for Business

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had industry critics and commentators scurrying to compare it with other makes and models of smartphones. But a hardworking professional doesn’t want to be bothered with the details; they just want to know if the Galaxy Note 2 will let  them carry out their day-to-day business tasks efficiently and effortlessly. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just the IDEAL work tool for a business owner. Period.Business Benefits of Controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 2

5 reasons why this phone is great for business.

Reason 1: It has a large and clear display.

Just saying that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a large and clear display is actually undermining the brilliance of its 5.5-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen. The vivid screen is a boon for business owners who have to often work on spreadsheets and presentations on the move. The huge chunk of display real estate spares them the need to squint and peer into the screen or flick or scroll almost endlessly to go through their documents.

With the keys spaced out on the large screen, the Note 2 also makes for a smooth typing experience. What is more, the screen has a multiple-window mode that lets the user place two apps side-by-side and control the viewing area of each app by just dragging its border.

Reason 2: It pulls off a power-packed performance.

Trust a business owner to want to know all the nitty-gritties about the performance of a device before they actually buy one. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a powerhouse in this regard. The 1.6 GHz Quad processor and the 2 GB RAM lets the user work on multiple applications, have a download in progress in the background, and even watch streaming videos without making the phone crawl or worst, come to a standstill.

The performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 alone is enough to make business owners rush to place an order.

Reason 3: The S Pen adds oodles of convenience.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the perfect smartphone for the business owner on the move. Not all client meetings take place in the office where a pen and the notepad are handy. Nor will all client communications happen via the mail. A business owner may need to meet clients over lunch or at a coffee shop.

Scribbling down a quick note is easy with the S Pen included with the Note 2. You just need to take out the S Pen from its slot and a notepad automatically springs on the screen. You are thus spared the need to look around for pen and paper or even interrupt your client as he speaks to open your notepad program and then proceed to laboriously type on the keypad.

Do not worry about the size of the notepad; you can open it in the full-screen mode to take down larger volumes of text.

Reason 4: It packs in useful pieces of software.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes packaged with a lot of immensely useful pieces of software that make life easy for the traveling businessman. For instance, there is a utility that lets the user capture a part of the screen by just drawing a border around the requisite area. The Note 2 is powered by the Android 4.1.1 operating system and thus can run the entire gamut of useful business apps and productivity tools supplied by the Google Play store.

Reason 5: It has ample battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes loaded with a large 3100mAh battery that lets a business owner get through a whole day or two of heavy usage with a single charge. This is a feature that will endear the Note 2 to most professionals who have known the pangs of running out of their smartphone battery in the middle of the day with no charging station in sight.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just what business professionals on the go would need to carry out their sundry office jobs in an effortlessly organized manner. A large screen, robust hardware, battery life that redefines longevity, the many conveniences of having the S Pen around, and the choice to run an array of Android apps make this smartphone a tool that is about as handy as they come.

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Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Email, a best practices email marketing company.