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  • Samsung are About to Do It Again with the Note 4

    To say Samsung is ambitious would be an understatement. When it comes to gadgets, the Korean tech giant is always pushing the envelope. When people first heard of ‘phablets’, nobody was so sure about the concept. People figured, there were already smart phones and tablets in the market, why would anyone need anything in between? […]

  • Who’s got the edge – Samsung, Apple or Lenovo?

    As you hold in your hands any of the gadgets from these three technological giants, you wouldn’t quite perceive who’s got the best in terms of information processing capacity, memory and display because all three carries excellent processing, superb memory and sleek display. And what may be admirable for one person may not be so […]

  • Samsung unveils Series 7 and Series 9 touchscreen monitors

    The South Korean brand, with its incredible launches in the year 2012, tops in the global mobile market and is now in the full mood of doing the same magic in monitors market as it has enhanced its line-up of monitors by unveiling Series 7 and Series 9 touchscreen monitors. Series 7 SC770 Touchscreen Monitor is designed to […]

  • Samsung ATIV Tab finally arrives with a High price tag.

    High Priced Samsung ATIV Tab The Samsung ATIV Tab featured at the 2012 Berlin IFA for hot upcoming gadgets; this is the first tablet by Samsung powered by the new Microsoft Windows 8 RT tablet. The success of any gadget also depends on its retail price, online retailers has fixed a price for the Samsung ATIV […]

  • How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy S2

    The latest version of the Android Operating System, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was opened sourced few days ago. Now it seems that the developers have done their trick and finally ported the ICS to Samsung Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is known as one of the most popular Android smartphone ever released […]

  • The Samsung Stratosphere

    Samsung is a well-known brand in the market and one of the best companies in terms of selling the gadgets and especially the mobile phones in the entire world. The South Korean brand’s cell phones are famous for their signature looks and colorful features. Samsung’s newest debutant is the Stratosphere, coming with a four-inch touch-screen […]