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How To Install Application On Android Phones

This is  a guide on how to install and uninstall applications on Google android phones.

How to Install Application On Google Android Phones

In order to install applications on your Android phone while using Android Market platform, use the following steps for easy installation.

  • Go to the Android Market and in the Applications menu.
  • You can select any option that you want to choose from- Applications, Search or My Downloads, but this depends mostly on what you want to download. After this, you will see all types of apps under the lists that you choose.
  • You will be able to see applications under the list and there equal ratings, the number of downloads and user comments about the application, you can also search on names of apps and others.
  • Choose the application you want from the list that shows up from the results that you get when you conduct the search.
  • Install the application by clicking on the Install button below the screen.
  • After clicking on install button, it will take you to another page where you’ll be able to see more details about the application you’ve choose to download. Check the permission that it’s asking you and click on ok if you agree to finish the installation process.

There’s another option that you can use to install it without from the android market but we’re going to cover that one later.

How to Use the Applications On Google Android Phones

To use the new application that you recently installed on your google android phone, you will only need to go to your android phone menu and choose the application you want to use and then launch it.

If you want to check the list of all applications that you have installed on your google android phone, go to Android Market and select the My Downloads from the lists of options and you’ll be able to see all the apps that you’ve downloaded.

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How to Remove Applications From Your Google Android Phones

If you just think that you don’t want a particular application anymore on your android phone or you just want to get rid of it. Go to android market once again.

  1. Open the Google Android Menu from the option you see, then go to Settings and select Applications.
  2. After that select Manage. It’ll show the list of all applications that you’ve installed on your phone.
  3. Then select the particular application which you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall button to uninstall it from your phone.

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