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4 New Developments In Cloud Computing Technology To Consider in 2014 & Beyond

With rapid scalability and low cost of deployment, cloud computing continues to increase in global adoption. Many African nations including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa look poised to increase their investment on platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and cloud hosted infrastructure (IaaS) in 2014-2015 and beyond, reports IT News Africa.

While private cloud services have been the main focus of the large business sector in the country, there have been new developments in cloud computing that can improve the service offering, global coverage, price and competitiveness of African companies. As a result, African companies that choose a cloud strategy can take advantage of these new opportunities.

Mobile cloud computing

Here are four recent developments in cloud computing that could revolutionize the way African businesses operate:

The increase in cloud APIs

Many cloud service providers have exposed their cloud servers API, making it possible for businesses to plug into the cloud platform to do things such as open and control servers, reboot servers, custom software stacks, inject files into a file system, and more. These APIs simply ease complex processes, and speed up the development of new capabilities and services and hastening adoption.

They also facilitate hybrid cloud adoption by creating an interface between public cloud services and corporate data centers. Some cloud providers are also submitting APIs as open source projects, which serves as an indication of the direction the cloud is heading towards. This isn’t the industry’s only open-source effort; rather, it is an attempt to provide corporations more control and customization when it comes to cloud applications.

Hybrid cloud

The merits of private and public cloud models have been debated for quite some time. Hybrid cloud is a new cloud model that is giving businesses more choices for personalized solutions while satisfying security experts and big data advocates. More African companies are likely to drop the old debate and adopt this cloud model as hybrid cloud services go mainstream.

Whatever the requirements of a business may be, hybrid cloud services can provide flexibility of cloud computing and simultaneously coexist in the current environment. Service providers offering hybrid cloud services use a collaborative approach that aligns their cloud services with company strategies, setting organizations up with complete scalability to adopt to their changing needs.

Graphics as a service and web apps

Running high-end graphic applications requires a substantial investment in hardware infrastructure, but cloud computing is changing this reality. Several new cloud-based technologies from companies such as AMD and NVIDIA are allowing end users to run high-end design applications using a simple HTML5 web browser.

Also, scalability and efficiency continue to be the primary benefits of cloud computing, so service providers are also introducing cloud-based applications compatible with multiple platforms. With cutting edge initiates adding new life to HTML, it won’t be long since the web becomes the main platform for cloud applications.

Mobile optimization

The future of the cloud, one way or another, is firmly optimized on mobile. The exceptional rise in mobile devices are a contributing factor towards increasing the focus of cloud service providers to adopt a mobile approach. In the next 5 years or so, more cloud computing platforms and APIs will be accessible on mobile.

This simply means the need for optimal cloud experiences is the top agenda for companies that are embracing this technology. The trend is expected to grow more as cloud technology expands into various industries.


News: WHO warns against Mosquito bite, Nigeria Allocates 8% on Education

Hmmm, another evening news here again. After yesterday’s bug fixes on the site, I couldn’t do more writing yesterday than David Letterman, Evernote and Smiletrain’s smilestone campaign. Today likewise, I will not be doing more news to give way for my first article published today about AngloGold’s new term resolution about staffs morale.

Let’s dive into today’s trending news all around the world in the technology scene and some other categories. Remember you can subscribe to receive first-hands news and reports using the form on the sidebar or clicking here.

Today’s health news:

WHO says just a bite of Mosquito, fly & tick may pose a big threat to our health. And they’ve published a fact video to explain why you shouldn’t allow these small pieces of works come around you.


Ghana Allocates 30%, South Africa 25.8%, Uganda 27%, Swaziland 24.6%, Lesotho 17%, Nicaragua 15%, and the said Giant of Africa, Nigeria allocates 8% of the federation budget on education. Can somebody tell where the other monies will go to?

Are they truly invested in the future of our youths?

Are they truly invested in the future of Nigerian youths with this 8% allocation on education?Click to view larger image.

I’m sorry for my dear country, Nigeria, she’s been lead by people who do not think for the future but what they’d eat and enjoy now. Paypal has been riding on us for so long, nothing has been done to curb this shameful and limited international business opportunities exposure for our youths who are talented with fresh blood of creativity running in them.

When will Nigerians rise up to chase these hoodlums from our government? That, I can’t say, but time will tell.

In rebasing Nigeria economy, Oby Ezekwesil, the one-time vice president of the World Bank’s Africa division and Nigerian former minister of education, says sectors like Nollywood (entertainment), IT and telecommunication (mobile) industry are now pretty huge, but were not there in 1990. So Nigeria must rebase.

Do you agree with her?

Let’s hear your views on this.

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Business News

AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at Once

TECHATLAST – AngloGold Ashanti, well referred as AngloGold, says it is considering strategies to restore lost staff morale which “may” have been destroyed due to wide ranges of restructuring the firm went through last year.

The chairman of the JSE-listed gold mining company said while assuring the company’s interest in re-engineering working systems with aim of enabling/improving productiveness in the company.

AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs' Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline
AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at once

Last year, the company took away $500 million from part of the company’s operation costs for one and half years. The firm took the decision which has negatively affects the company operations. About 40% of the staffs were laid-off at the company’s head office and regional offices.

The decision came immediately after the appointment of Srinivasan Venkat, the company’s new CEO, at the time. The position was formally held by Mark Cutifani, who left for Anglo American.

In his statement, Pityana explains in the company’s latest annual report saying:

“While absolutely necessary, this was a difficult and painful procedure. AngloGold will ensure that its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen to all stake holders and the physical environment are not compromised.

With this move, AngloGold is set to restore high level of enthusiasm, confidence, and discipline of staffs towards achieving the company’s visions all at the same time.

I pray this goes as planned.

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