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  • Wondering How To Make Your Website Flipping Rock? Read This!

    Is Website Flipping Still Worth Getting Into? The state of website flipping is far from what it was fifteen years ago, but you can still make a lot of money in the business if you have the skills and drive to see it through. Is website flipping still profitable in the modern age? In 2020? […]

  • A Winning Game Plan for a New Real Estate Agent

    As a newly licensed real estate agent, you need to make a game plan for success. The rental market is highly a competitive playing field, and you need to make your services stand up against agents who have been in the game for a long time. Getting established takes a lot of planning, marketing and […]

  • The Role of Real Estate Valuation in the Economic Development of Nigeria

    Today, Real Estate is a cliché in every country. Real Estate property is attributed as a sure-bank investment for persons who can afford this intangible form of assets, and unlike money, it is ranked higher than financial instruments. This article is not to argue about its societal placement as a form of an asset over other […]

  • The Importance of Facilities Management in National Public Buildings

    What are the roles of facilities management in the construction and realization of national public buildings? A building, whether a private or public building or a national or state-building, is not restricted to only mortar and bricks. There are more to it, such as the infrastructure for the provision of human comfort, the productivity contributed, […]

  • Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Site For Your Modular Home

    Prefabricated or modular houses have been on a considerable rise over recent years. Going for a modular home becomes handy for a number of reasons and there are numerous budget ranges too. However, your experience depends on the choice of installation site as much as it does on the home itself. These ready built home […]

  • 7 Best Ways To Build a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy

    Having a well-developed commercial real estate marketing strategy can bring many benefits to your business. However, it can be quite overwhelming to do so, be it with a team or with limited resources, on your own. An effective and good real estate marketing strategy can help you move further in your business and not fall […]

  • 6 Important Things You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria

    Real estate valuation is the process of making a report which contains information about the present monetary value of a landed-property, the size of the building and the structure on it, the general and technical details, the physical status (especially if there are structural flaws) and the cost of properties with similar attributes in the […]

  • Looking Beyond Conventional Mortgage Financing Home Buyers Can Evaluate More Options

    Government insured mortgages are very popular financing options as it serves the best interests of home buyers while assuring lenders of safe business. First time home buyers with limited financial resources would like to depend on this type of loans that can make home buying easy for them. Buyers must choose from different types of […]

  • Property Industry Growth: How Is Tech Changing Property Industry?

    Technology is an evolving market that has drastically reshaped the world around us. There have been many key industries, like property industry, that have adopted this new trend as there has been potential for further development and progression in the sector. Using innovative new tech in everyday life allows for advancements, predominantly within a business, […]

  • The Allure of High Rise Homes: Why Condo Sales in Downtown Dallas is on the rise.

    In 2016, the rate of Condo sales by May of that year had climbed up to 3.2%. This wasn’t just some fluke result as the growth of this particular branch of real estate had been hinted at in many cities. Dallas and it’s neighborhoods particularly the Downtown Dallas area seems to have gotten the best […]