Mark Zuckerberg Finally Gets Married to Priscilla Chan

One individual that the world talks about most last week is the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg! Throughout the week, he was in the news, doing this and that. But, what baffles me most is that of the recent news about his wedding ceremony which was not in the news if not until hours after the weeding. That show us that the master of privacy knows how to keep his own privacy. In fact, it took Mashable hours before learning about this news and ours as well. 🙂

In fact last week was a big week for Zuckerberg and the guy will never forget such a great week, and I pray your own week of GLORY will arrive.

As reported by Mashable, Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg finally gets married to his long time girlfriend by name, Priscilla Chan, in his home at Palo Alto, California on Saturday. zuckerberg married his sweet heart, Chan

The wedding ceremony was a privately hosted wedding which does not involves more than 100 notable guests!

However, Zuckerberg who recently became billionaire as a result of the recent Facebook IPO that went through last friday, reported placed a ring on Priscilla’s finger during the event  – and we learnt that the ring was specially designed by Zuck himself for the event (also, the ring features a very simple ruby that makes it look nice :)). The event was thought to be a celebration of Ms. Chan’s medical school graduation, but the event turns out to be a wedding ceremony for the new couple. 🙂  – As reported by Associated Press

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan at the event

In the meantime, immediately after the event, Mark Zuckerberg quickly changed his profile details from Single to Married on his official facebook profile here. And you can also get mark zuckerberg wedding photos from here.

About the couple

Mark has meet Zuckerberg when the two were attending Harvard – the time when the whole concept about Facebook was still in the making, and they have been together ever since then till date – roughly nine years association finally results into an evergreen marriage.

Hat’s off for Zuckerberg and his lovely lady, Priscilla Chan. 

Please check other pictures of the Facebook IPO below.

zuckerberg ipo
zuckerberg ipo
facebook nasdaq
facebook nasdaq

Hope you love the union of this great couple? Please let’s talk in the comment section area about what you think. Thanks for reading.