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Printer Offline Error: How To Get Printer Online In Windows 10

“Printer Offline error” is considered a serious issue because you’ll not be able to print anything till the time your printer changes itself back to the online state. Mainly, it is assumed that the printer appears offline only when there’s some communication problem between the printer and your PC.  However, not only this, there are many other reasons as well. Therefore, getting your printer back to an online state is not that simple, as you don’t know the particular reason behind the printer offline error.

The possible reasons behind the Printer offline windows 10 error are:

  • Paper Jammed Error
  • Network Connection Issues
  • Or Out-dated or Corrupted Printer Driver is, etc

How To Get Printer Online?

In order to get your printer online in Windows 10, you need to look for a proper guide to solve this error. So, we’ve mentioned the below-given steps to help you fix printer offline error:

First of all, you may need to confirm whether your printer is in ‘Offline mode’ or not. If yes, then select ‘Start’ go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Devices’ and then to ‘Printers and Scanners’. There, open ‘Queue’ to choose your printer and under your printer ensure that ‘Use Printer Offline’ mode is not selected. If it is selected then remove it to get back your printer in ‘Online’ state.

But doing so will help you temporarily, and so required some permanent solution to this problem. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open Windows 10, go to the ‘Start’ button, click ‘Settings’ and there on the setting screen click the ‘Devices’ option.
  • Then on the next window, you need to hit the ‘Troubleshoot’ option from the side menu.
  • In that option, click on ‘Printer’.
  • Doing so will get you the expanded menu and there you have to click ‘Run the Troubleshooter Printer’ option.
  • This option will then show you two suggestions i.e.,
    • Update Printer’s Driver or
    • Make your Printer ‘the default printer’
  • Lastly, sticking to the ensuing instruction, click on ‘Apply This Fix’ in order to apply the suggested fixes and get the printer back to the ‘Online’ state.

Additionally, if you want to know, how to manually update Printer’s Driver, here how you can update and re-install it:

  • In ‘Settings’ options choose ‘Printers’ in order to select the printer.
  • After selecting the printer, click right on it to choose ‘Properties’.
  • Then, search for the driver button under the ‘General’ or ‘Details’ to choose the driver again (if needed download the updated driver from the official website).
  • Now, by going back to the “Select the printer under ‘Printers’ option in the settings menu” you’re required to re-install the printer
  • Delete the previous printer and reinstall it again through the ‘Add printer wizard’.

That’s it; by following these steps you can definitely troubleshoot your printer offline error. Still, if the problem persists; it is suggested to contact your printer’s company. With the aforementioned guide, you will be able to fix printer offline error without external support.

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How To Choose Good Quality Printer Cartridges?

Choosing a good quality printer cartridge is one of the crucial decision for any buyer. As everyone wants to get high-quality documents printout. But how to choose a good quality printer cartridge is one of the biggest concern. Because many buyers, in order to get good quality of cartridge, make a blunder for paying the high cost without viewing about the quality. Therefore, if you are also in a queue to replace the cartridge then let’s know some basic tips to choose the best printer cartridge.

Expert’s Guide to Buying High Quality Printer Cartridges

How to Choose High Quality Printer Cartridge
How do you spot a high quality printer cartridge from the myriads of cartridges that are available in the market. This article proffer you definitive guide to identifying quality brands of printer cartridges from others with advice on saving money.

1. Go With Big Brands Only

There is a flood of cartridges in the market under various brands for the original, compatible and fake category. But, the experts always prefer to go with original brands only. The reason behind, their cartridge are not studded with diamonds. But, they have good quality cartridge and ink which assure us about the print out quality. Moreover, we feel safe that for the printer prolong life. On the other side, non-branded cartridges can cost you less in the initial stage but may end-up by printer replacement in a short time.

2. Check Company Accreditation

Accreditation helps the customers to know whether the company is serious about its product or not. So, if you choose a certified manufacturer means that your printer is under safe hand, as the manufacturer has the right to produce certified products. To check the product authenticity, you should check whether the product comes under the ISO 9000 family or not. Another accreditation you can check is UKAS. You can easily choose their product without worrying about quality.

3. Search For Company Age

This is another factor that needs to be known before choosing your printer cartridge. The longer the company life, it will be better for the customers. Basically, 10 years age is considered as one of the positive aspects of buying a cartridge. The reason behind is very simple that long term enterprise really worries about reputation, brands and product quality. Whereas short term manufacturer only focus on making profits. Moreover, the aged companies also have their own service stations or the local technicians are also familiar with their product repairs tactics.

4. Look For The Guarantee

The manufacturer that only focus on profit, never put their name or logo on their product. This proves that they are also not confident of their product in terms of guarantee and warranty. So, buying a product from such customers could be more harmful for your printer. But remember, all businessmen are not of the same time, some provide guarantee and warranty for their cartridge, you can give chance to them. Because they can refund your money in case of any malfunction arise.

How to Buy Good Quality Printer Cartridges
How to buy high quality printer cartridge for your office printing works.

5. Check Cartridge’s Online And Offline Reviews

To check the company’s online reviews becomes the most trending way to acquire anything. Then, why not to choose this option for buying a good quality cartridge. As you will get the product feedback before its buying. On the other side, you can also take help from your near and dear ones in the form of offline reviews. This will help you to buy more reliable ink or toner cartridge.

6. Know About Page Yield Capacity

Finally, the page yield capacity also helps you choose the best printer cartridge for your printing needs. The page yield capacity describes the number of pages users can print from a cartridge. Almost all manufacturers mention this information on the face of their cartridge to guide users. Remember, the page yield capacity varies from company to company and from printer models, so you must check it thoroughly before making any blunder.

Bottom Line on Acquiring Printer Cartridge

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find out good quality cartridge for your printer. So, before buying a printer you must check company authenticity on these parameters. In addition, you can make a list of your requirements and match with the branded cartridge to make your choice wiser.

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Reliable EcoTank Printers Offer Up to Two Years of Hassle-Free Printing for Students


Dress Your Desk, Room and More for Success This Back-to-School Season with Epson EcoTank Cartridge-Free Printers

LONG BEACH, California. – Aug. 16, 2017 – New classes, back-to-back study sessions and seemingly never-ending shopping lists of school supplies are enough to keep any student’s schedule tight, and their budget even tighter. Whether printing out multi-page homework assignments and study guides, décor to brighten up your study space or weeknight club meeting, the Epson® EcoTank® line of all-in-one printers provide cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks for affordable, hassle-free printing.


Dress your desk, room and more for success this back-to-school season with the help of epson ecotank cartridge-free printers. The reliable ecotank printers offer up to two years of hassle-free printing for students and it is never too late for you to avail this opportunity.

With up to two years of ink in the box1, EcoTank all-in-one printers can help students dress their desk, room and more for success this back-to-school season:

  1. Print Hassle-Free: For the student whipping out essay after essay, lab reports or study guides, Epson EcoTank printers require less hassle than a cartridge printer with up to two years of ink in the box1. EcoTank’s affordable, long-lasting ink solution means printing out the whole eBook you need for reference or that extra-long study guide in full color without guilt or the worry of running out of ink during a late night study session or workgroup project.
  1. Project Organization: Organizing your study space and creating a process to stay on track of deadlines can make or break a student. Clear off desk clutter and keep drawers, folders and binders organized with color-coded printing, create and distribute agendas for team meetings to stay on task and print a daily to-do list to track priority projects.
  1. Map Out Your Goals: According to a study from Dominican University, approximately one-third of people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them than those who do not keep a written list2. Print your goals for the school year and tape them up by your desk to help you stay on track. As goals change and ambitions build, print monthly, weekly or daily goal-setting trackers.
  1. Decorate to Inspire: Keep the creative juices flowing and the morale high with fun prints, calendars, inspirational quotes as wall décor, photos of friends and family, and patterned designs for desk crafts such as pen holders and drawer linings. 

Epson EcoTank Supertank printers, like the Epson Expression® ET-2650 EcoTank, offer enough ink to print up to 4,000 pages3, making decorating, organizing and printing at school both convenient and affordable.

Avoid running out of ink at the worst times this back-to-school season, such as during late nights studying or the last few minutes finishing up a big final project. Epson’s cartridge-free EcoTank line of all-in-one printers offer easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks for affordable, hassle-free printing students can rely on.

With up to two years of ink in the box, Epson’s EcoTank printers offer students a myriad of options to prepare for success with enough ink to whip out essay after essay, develop school flyers, keep afterschool clubs organized with various printouts, and create fun and inspirational desk decorations.



Drum Unit: Understanding the Role of Drum Unit in Printing Process

Nowadays, laser printers have become the mandatory office accessory in most of the home and offices for producing superior quality printouts at faster speeds. Probably, you can easily find one in almost everywhere including schools, colleges, offices, and large organizations. Moreover, the significant innovations in laser printing technology such as color printing has made the laser printers a much demanded need for even the children and professionals to get the hard copy of their projects. But, did you ever try to find out the science behind the colored printing? Or what makes color printing possible? Well, the key component of getting high quality and clear colored printouts is the drum unit in a printer. Despite its importance in print mechanism, very few people have a clear idea about its role in the printing process.

I am hanging printer - free up space for your printer with perfect drum unit.
The innovative I AM HANGING PRINTER showing how vast technology has really impacted the printing industry over the years.


What is a Drum Unit?

The printer drum unit is an important printing component which is responsible for producing quality-based images during the printing process. A drum unit attracts the toner particles through electrostatic polarities to create clear texts and images. Most of the printers that are available in the market these days comprise toner cartridges with in-built drum units. This is probably the reasons why most of the printers these days have better printing speed. However, the combination cartridges are not economical in the long run. In most of the cases, it has been found that the drum unit still remains in a good running condition even when the toner cartridge runs out.

How does the Drum Unit Work?

The laser printer drum unit serves as a photoconductive unit which is specifically designed to transfer and create digital images right into the surface of the drum. During the printing process, the documents which need to be printed is transformed into a raster image by the computer and then sent to the printer. The tiny laser beams from the printer laser scanning unit draw patterns on the surface of the drum unit to create images and texts. The surface of the drum unit is positively charged and the images and texts produced by the laser scanning unit is negatively charged. When the drum rotates, it attracts the negatively charged toner particles and the excess toner is wiped away by the cleaning blade to produce clean and quality printouts. Toner that remain on the surface of the drum unit then gets transferred to the paper. Once done, the paper then transferred to the fuser roller for the final bonding before it comes out over the paper tray.

Is it Possible that Laser Printer Work Without Drum Unit?

The simple answer is no. Laser printer depends on the drum unit for creating quality images and texts onto the paper. Without a drum unit, the printer is unable to produce any printout. It is what that makes printing possible.

Does Drum Unit Require Replacement?

Drum unit, as like other printer parts, requires replacement to maintain the efficiency and performance of the printer. The laser printer will produce poor quality prints even when you replace the old toner cartridge with a new one when a defective drum unit is being used for printing work. Replacing the drum unit with a new one will not only improve the printing quality but also adds operational life to your printer.

Hope, you have now a good understanding of the role of the drum unit in the printing process. As it plays a critical role in producing quality printouts, it is imperative to use the best quality drum unit like brother drum to improve the performance, efficiency, and life of the printer.


The Best Option of Multifunction Printer

When it comes to finding the right printer, everyone seems to have their own unique standards on what the “right” printer actually is. Some people only care about speed and couldn’t care less about the quality of the print. Others care desperately about how attractive the colours are, how clean the blacks look and they’re willing to wait for it. Then there are others who are sort of in the middle-ground on the whole issue. No matter what a specific consumer’s needs are, the fact remains that there is a printer out there that perfectly suits those needs.

The trick is to start out by looking honestly at what is needed from the printer and going forward from there. The truth is that most large offices don’t need to have a printer that produces perfect colours every time. Most of the time, these offices just need something that prints with lightning speed so they can get their reports out on time. On the other hand, professional photographers who do their own prints can’t settle for just “good enough” when it comes to things like clarity and colour reproduction. The sheer diversity of the potential uses for this technology is enough reason to step back and look at the bigger picture.

10 Questions about Ink and Toner you're afraid to Ask

Many people find that they are better off with a printer that can do reasonably well in all regards. For these people, a good multifunction printer is the best option and it can be more than suitable for their needs. In truth, the people wanting a printer like this will likely outweigh the amount of people who would need one extreme over another. To put it more simply, homeowners will be specifically consistent users of printers like this. Businesses will always end up caring about one extreme or another depending on the unique needs of their industry.

In the end, there are a lot of different printing options out there for people to choose from. The trick is to not assume that one printer is more of a necessity than another based solely on specs. It’s important to first look closely at one’s own needs before moving forward with looking at specific types of printers. This is the best way to be sure that the printer being purchased will actually live up to the needs of the user. When this caveat is taken to heart, it’s easy to find the perfect printer for any given need.

What are the other things to look out for when looking to buy a printer that’s different from what I’ve mentioned in this article?


Portable Mini Printers For Travelling

Here comes the era of portability; everything in small size. Then why printers left behind. So the innovation of portable printers came out. You can take them everywhere you want as they are small and lightweight. Connect them into your laptop while travelling or at your office. Let us review the best portable printers:

1.    HP OfficeJet H470

HP started a new range of portable printers in the market with the new officeJet H470. This new portable printer is about 13.4” by 6.5” wide and 3.2” thick and it weighs about 4.6 pounds and has a very sleek design. This is the fastest mobile printer of its kind.

It is capable of printing 23 black pages and 16 colored pages per minute. It has a capacity of 50 sheets inside it. It also has USB slots and flash memory card slots.

As it is having so many features in one compact box; it is not cheap.


  1. Fastest portable printer
  2. USB and flash card slot
  3. Sleek design

1.    Expensive
2.    Not wireless like the other models

2.    Canon Pixima iP100

Canon Pixima is a portable printer specially designed for printing photos and pictures. It has a 5 color ink system which enhances your photos with wide range of colors. It has a dimension of 12.7” by 7.2” by 2.4” and weighs about 4.4 pounds.

It also works wireless with the help of Bluetooth.


  1. Designed specially for photos
  2. Includes wireless technology
  3. Not much expensive

1.     Not as fast as its rivals