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Long Tail Keywords: What Do You Need To Know About SEO? How Can You Use SEO Effectively For Your Business?

When it comes to SEO talks, there has been a lot of attention gathering for last few years regarding keywords. There has been a lot of researches done and strategies defined for various businesses by playing with keywords.

For sure, keywords and keyword research play an important role in SEO strategy, because they do perform well in the market, that too because best-performing keywords are the one that is easily clicked in anyone’s mind. But, since they come easily in any user’s mind, it has more uncertainty about the user’s intention behind the search. Whether the user is using a search engine to purchase a product or just learn information.

But as the years are passing, the industry realizes the importance of long-tail keywords. Few companies are coming up in the market who are getting expertise in long tail keywords, which is good for industry growth.

So, before we understand the importance and usage of these long-tail keywords, let us first understand, what exactly a long-tail keyword is?

A long tail keyword is the more specific form of a keyword, usually like a phrase, which contains more specific details about the product or service that a customer might be looking for. Let us understand this by differentiating it from regular keyword with the help of an example – If you are a company who sells a bottle, for you the general keyword can be “bottle.” But the long tail keyword can be – “Nova bottle 1-liter blue color”. As you see, this long tail keyword contains more detail about the product or service that customer can opt for.

Now, since you have understood what a long tail keyword is, let us now understand how it deserves importance in your strategy:

Understanding Long Tail Keywords And Why You Should Not Joke With Them

Long Tail Keywords - Best SEO Practices for 2020
Brands are coming up with high level of professionalism in long tail keywords, and I’d that is cool for the growth of the industry, but the question is; what are the importance and usage of some of these long-tail keywords?

Brings customer closer:

Long tail keywords help the customer to find the exact website of their need and what is available with you. To understand this, imagine yourself as a customer and go through this example – Suppose I want to go to Italy for a week vacation, I start my search as Italy accommodations. Later, after some study, I find that I would like to live exactly near Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia, thus now I would search for exact “accommodations near Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia.”

This brings the customer closer to the true result, the result for which he/she opened an internet browser. So, you see, a long tail keyword brings customers much closer to the desired result.

Higher conversion rate:

As compared to normal keywords, long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate. As said above, long tail keywords are more specific to the product or service; it means that if a customer is making an effort to exactly searching a product or service with those details, he or she might already be ready with the wallet and credit card to make the purchase.

A customer writing “Adidas Sports shoe size 8 US” has more potential to purchase the product than a customer writing “Shoes.”

You can see this as an analogy like –

You would prefer 10 purchases from 50 customers visiting your store than 5 purchases from 1000 customers visiting your store. That’s the importance of long tail keywords.

Long tail keyword possesses less competition:

Since long tail keywords have more specific details, it is more likely that they show up a better position in the search result box. This applies to both, organic as well as paid marketing. For example, if customer types “power bank”, there will be too many results and fewer chances of your website appearing, but if customer types “1000 mAh 2.4A power bank”, there are more chances that your page will be positioned higher in the rank, because there are fewer websites containing that keyword and your website is one of them.

Higher time on the website:

Those users who get redirected to your website through a long tail keyword search, tend to spend more time on your website. It is because they have the specific need about which they are clear, and they have entered your website with the intent of purchase. Thus, there are high chances that your website’s products variants will be explored by such users. This makes the user learn your website, and if your website is attractive and appealing, the user would like to visit the site again. This increases the rate of conversion as well as the average time spent by users on your website.

This average time comes into play when your website is in the labyrinth of search results available with Google. As search engine also determines how qualitative and useful your website is, the higher average time represents more trusted website and more qualitative website.

There wasn’t much information and awareness about long-tail keywords in the digital marketing and SEO world, but with the mammoth growth of the internet, there is a demand to analyze what’s best for the industry. Thus, many experiments, iterations, and researches have proved the significance of long tail keywords. The significance has proved that companies opted to play their card with long tail keywords have always won the game. Normal keywords have fewer chances of winning the bet, but long-tail keyword always wins the bet.

Now, since the definition, importance and benefits of long-tail keywords are clear to you, next step is to talk to the companies and get their expert service to implement this. Just do it. Expert companies should be approached to get this done. It is because expertise always plays a big role.

However, you as the originator of the business idea understand your product or service well than anyone else. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to understand your area, market, and the needs of your product demographically and age-wise. Then only you would be able to conduct proper keyword research and find the most suitable keyword for your business. Once your keywords are finalized, the time of higher ROI doesn’t stay far from you, and your business soon leaps.

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Advantages of Applying Game Theory in Pay Per Click Marketing

Due to the lucrativeness of the online market, most vendors are interested in maximizing its potential for the profitability of their business. This has created very stiff competition for the people selling the same products. The fierce competition can lead to lack of profitability. The guidelines below show the advantages of applying game theory in PPC marketing.

Understanding the Magic of Game Theory in PPC Marketing – Know The Do’s and Dont’s!

Game Theory for Social Media Advertising
WHY GAME THEORY? The fierce competition in the online market can lead to lack of profitability. We think you should apply game theory in your PPC marketing to get the desired results by following our guidelines.

Skills and knowledge

The agreement between your fellow competitors in game theory can be the best platform to acquire new skills and expertise. The main agenda for coming up with this agreement is to enhance the profitability of your businesses. These relations can culminate to sharing of effective strategies that will boost the sales and the profitability of your trade. This is a way of getting new skills.

Market segmentation

While competing, businesses normally fight for a territory. This is called market share in marketing terms. Vendors are always seeking to find effective ways of dominating the market. This causes other businesses to either close down their operations or encounter minimal sales. Game theory provides an opportunity to get your own market share without fighting for it.

Market penetration

Many new businesses find it hard to venture into the market successfully because of already established firms. Introduction of a new business needs the support of an already established one to start easily. The dominance of established trades is behind the failures of new businesses. Game theory makes market penetration to be extremely easy due to support obtained.

Reduced expenses

The Orlando Florida search marketing company is aware of the importance of digital marketing to the retailers in online business. Due to this information, the charges are normally high. Investing in effective marketing will cost you lots of cash. With game theory, the marketing expenses will reduce. This is because you will be focusing on specific websites within the online market.

Minimized competition

The worst element that culminates in closure of online business is increased competition. Every time retailers are on the increase selling the same products. Game theory on the other hand gives you an opportunity to reduce competition for your business. You will be collaborating with a competitor and that reduces the threat of losing your business due to strong competition.

Greater marketing efficiency

Marketing can only be efficient when your resources are focused on a particular segment. The essence of marketing is to let many people know of the existence of your business and products. That forces countless vendors to overspend on marketing since they want to reach as many people as possible. Such strategies are ineffective. Concentrating on a manageable market segment is very effective.

Preservation of resources

After dividing the market between you and your competitor, you will have an easy time reaching out to specific customers within a particular segment as agreed. Since you will not be covering a vast majority of the websites within the online market, you will preserve your resources. This includes your time and your energy. This is achievable due to minimized rate of competition.


When considering targeting numerous customers within the internet, it is possible to lose focus. Millions of people visit the internet daily and working on promoting your goods to them will be extremely tiring. It may reach a point where the objective might seem unreachable. To maintain focus, you need a market share that both you and your workers can comfortably handle.

Competitive edge

With decreased level of competition, you will have time to focus on the advancement of your business and the development of your products. Rest from competition will open up opportunities to build a competitive edge against other competitors within your segment. By improving your merchandize in quality, you will become a force to reckon with within the online market.

Stability of business

Numerous businesses have perished because of competition. Customers will always prefer acquiring their products from the stronger competitor. This leaves the weaker ones perishing due to lack of enough revenue to support their operations. Game theory increases the chances for the stability of your business. This is due to decreased competition by the agreement with a fellow retailer.


The commitment between the competitors is the binding factor that brings trust in their partnership. Other retailers commit by word of mouth. This is dangerous since either party can revoke the agreement easily. To enjoy the security of the agreement, you should get a lawyer. Through legal representation, the agreement will be protected and you will enjoy its benefits.

Exploit other opportunities

Confusion caused by extreme competition does not support focus to look for other opportunities. Most of the time the retailer will be thinking of finding better ways to ease or beat the competition he/she is facing. Losing to a strong competitor taking a legal agreement will empower you to seek other fresh opportunities that have not been exploited in the market.

Self-appraisal of the business

These agreements do not last for long. This is because they are made for the mutual benefits of the parties involved. Hence, it is possible for one of the parties to decide to ditch the agreement. Before this happens, ensure your business has the capacity of handling competition on its own. Take this chance to examine your business and build it to become capable of competing on its own.

Minimal workforce

Game theory for PPC marketing gives you an opportunity to cut costs by using few workers to achieve your objectives in promoting your merchandize. With reduced competition, only a few employees can manage to deal with the rest of the competitors within your range. This will reduce the expenses of your trade and escalate your profit margins. You can invest in highly skillful workers.


Regardless of the benefits of game theory, this agreement can only be effectual when you collaborate with a competitor that seems to be a threat to you. Rather, get a competitor with the same capacity to pull down a notorious but strong competitor. Hence, take time to examine the strength of your prospective partner first before choosing them.

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The 3 Most Common PPC Mistakes You Will Likely Make

PPC is among the best internet marketing tools to use. It is very effective in generating traffic and increasing conversion. PPC can also be used for a wide range of other purposes, including creating awareness and generating direct sales. It all depends on the goals you are trying to achieve and how you formulate your PPC campaign.

Unfortunately, there are still a few common mistakes even an experienced ad manager makes when using PPC to advertise products and services. In this article, we are going to take a look at those common PPC mistakes and how you can avoid them.

The 3 Most Common PPC Mistakes You Will Likely Make

Online Marketing - Common PPC Mistakes marketing
PPC can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as creating awareness and generating direct sales. Unfortunately, there are lots of common PPC mistakes that you can make along the way and here’s how you can avoid them.

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

Just as the internet shifts towards mobile devices (and mobile users), internet marketing does too. This includes PPC advertising. There are a lot of great advertising networks and PPC platforms that allow you to reach mobile users effectively. Ignoring mobile traffic is one of the costliest – and most common – mistakes to make when formulating a PPC campaign.

Instead of using desktop-centric ads for mobile devices, you should actually create a separate PPC campaign for mobile users. This means creating a different call to action and setting up mobile-preferred ads to reach more smartphone users. Small differences can have a huge impact.

For instance, switching from the word “click’ to “tap” in your call to action is enough to attract more taps by mobile users.

Bad Keyword Targeting

Keywords are the heart of every PPC campaigns. Selecting the right set of keywords is everything. It determines whether your PPC campaign is a success or a complete waste of money. There are actually several quite common mistakes related to keyword targeting.

The most common one is the use of broad keywords. Overly broad keywords mean you’re competing with thousands – if not millions – of other ads (and products) for the same untargeted market. There is no guarantee that your ads will be seen by the right, potential customers.

Another common mistake is the lack of negative keywords. In fact, recent research suggests that over 20% of AdWords accounts don’t really use negative keywords at all. You can actually use negative keywords to filter out unwanted placements. It is a great way to improve your conversion and return on investment when running a PPC campaign. Avoid committing this common PPC mistake and your marketing effort will skyrocket by going over the roof overnight.

Bad User Experience

Sometimes, the worst mistake in a PPC campaign doesn’t lie in the campaign itself. One of the worst and most common mistakes you can make when using paid media marketing is directing users to a bad landing page. Bad landing page experience will ruin everything. It hurts your conversion rate (and of course your bottom line) and it will render the entire marketing campaign nearly useless. Be sure to set up a landing page that works. More importantly, make sure users can find the information they need and make purchases as smoothly and easily as possible.

Avoid making these common PPC marketing mistakes and you will see a nice jump in ROI from your PPC campaigns. The same tips and principles can be applied to other parts of your internet marketing efforts too, so get started right away and start fixing them.

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Google Adsense – No More Ads In IFRAME

Google of recent has changed its program policies notifying website publishers that they can no longer serve Google Ads in IFRAME anymore. This notification was recently updated on Google late last month, and this serve as a signal to all Adsense publishers to be aware of this in order not to violate Google program policies in which can automatically leads to account termination.Google adsense

Your ads (keyword targeted ads) should be placed within your website pages, and must have relevant content with the ads that google is serving the site so that it can be targeted and you can also be able to make more money than to display irrelevant ads which wouldn’t get clicked by your website visitors. You shouldn’t use IFRAME in serving your Google Adsense advert.

Here below is the change in the Google Adsense Program Policies so that you can take proper care of this as this can cause you to loose your Adsense account:

AdSense code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior, targeting or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. This includes but is not limited to the following: clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME.

Google did not want publishers to display ads in IFRAME though, it is boldly stated on part of Google Adsense support page that website publishers can display ads in IFRAME and that the problem being that the ads that will show on the page can be irrelevant to the content on the page. Google was quoted as below in one of their adsense support articles saying:

Our targeting technology is not optimized to serve ads within a separate IFRAME. If you placed the AdSense code in a separate IFRAME, your site may display less targeted ads or PSAs. For better results, please implement our ad code directly into the source of your webpage. Once you make these changes, it may take up to 48 hours or more before relevant ads appear.

This should serve as a notice to you as a publisher who use IFRAME to embed google adsense ads into your websites pages to have a rethink over this before things went wrong because this has now become a violation of law to Google adsense policies and can leads to closure of accounts if you continue to do so.

What I can say concerning this is for you to continue to stick to the normal google ads placement method of placing ads within the frame containing the content so that you can get the best results from your google adsense campaign and you will also be able to stay aloft from getting hit by google judgement.

For further reading on knowing what Google adsense accepts and what they don’t accept and will not like to accept, kindly visit Google adsense program policies, support page to learn more.

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