POKEMON GO: 5 Urgent Updates expected in next version of Pokemon

Pokemon Go, in only a short space of time, has become a worldwide phenomenon. For a long time, fans of the franchise have been begging Nintendo for an alternative way to play the famous game only to begin losing hope in anything other than the latest RPG update. Until earlier this year when news got out that Pokemon was coming to mobile. We all became 10 year old kids again excited with the prospect of going outside, spotting Pokemon throwing out pokeballs and waiting in anticipation as the ball moves left and right before either stopping or bursting open. The world was excited as this is what we had all been waiting for.

Not only was this appealing to Pokemon fans alike, but now casual gamers were involved, taking advantage, not only of the games fun elements, but this game also encouraged exercise! Those negative stereotypes of video games making people lazy and being damaging to society was shoved back into the critics face. (Although as always there were some questionable events surrounding the game. There’s always a few). Although this game was a smash in terms of record buys and users, a lot of fans still asked, is this all?

Sure it is extremely fun being able to walk around, seeing Pokemon live on your screen and joining a game of cat and mouse as you try to catch them all. But Pokemon isn’t just that. Those of us who grew up with either the games or shows remember challenging our friends to a duel to see who the better trainer was. We could trade Pokemon because we had two already. We could train our favourite Pokemon so that our Pidgey or Zubat could handle those bigger and more powerful pokemon. These elements of the Pokemon experience are just missing in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Updates needs to have these features
The ability to trade or train your favorite Pokemon and many other elements of the Pokemon experience are just missing in Pokemon Go. | TechAtLast

In the following video, we discuss this exact problem, listing 5 things that people have been asking to be included in Pokemon Go. We discuss what it would mean if they were included and why we think that it is essential that Nintendo should include these things in the game in order to make it the perfect Pokemon Experience.

5 Updates expected in next version of Pokemon Go

Watch the video below to explore the new and exciting features we are anticipating to experience in the next version of Pokemon Go.

What update do you think Nintendo should make? Do you Play Pokemon Go? How Many have you caught? Let us know below!