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How to Pay for Advertising on TechAtLast with Payoneer

Before you continue further, please review our payment processors page for other options you could use beside this one Payoneer.

As you all know, this website accepts advertisers and product reviewers, but the challenge of accepting payments with PayPal is one of our major concern – PayPal has some limitations that affect our location. In order not to deprive you of high quality services we have in place here at TechAtLast, we’ve opted for other alternative payment processors after careful considerations. One of the major PayPal alternatives is Payoneer MasterCard Online Payment! You can easily use it to collect and make payment online without hassle.

This is how you can easily pay for TechAtLast International product and services through Payoneer.  I promise this is going to be hassle-free, and the payment processor portal is 100% secure! Payoneer website is secure, fast and reliable.

No matter what amount of money you want to pay us at TechAtLast, you can easily use the Payoneer MasterCard Online Payment method via their secure payment platform (

Follow the process below to send payment to us via Payoneer, and make sure that you send the description of the services you want us to carry out for you via the contact form on the blog (after making the payment).

If you want to send payment to us via Payoneer, kindly visit their website here: and click on “Load Money to Card”. You will be taken to this page: where you will add the fund to the Payoneer Mastercard account we have with them (note: the money will  reach the account  three days after you have paid it because the company will go through a verification process in order to secure both parties involved). 
Our email for the payoneer account is: How to pay to TechAtLast via Payoneer email address
Select “BY EMAIL ADDRESS” payment option and then enter this email address into the email account option. It will immediately show up cards details registered with that email address. You will pick the one ending with: 88 as its last two digit. 
Then go to the next line of action as stated on the website loading and payment page. (Immediately after you insert the email, you will see the last 2 digits: 88. If not – don’t pay yet!). Just contact us here.
You can then make the payment into the account by selecting the amount due in the appropriate section. After that, select CONTINUE to make the payment.

P.S: Note that there are two options for paying us, either you pay the total amount as agreed by the two parties involved (Techatlast and your company during the conversation via email), OR:

  1. You can offer to pay the transaction charges
  2. We take responsibility for the payment charges (it all depends on the negotiation – but in most cases, we do pay the charges!)
 You can see the images below for better understanding….
payoneer homepage
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How to pay the amount to TechAtLast Payoneer MasterCard account:

How to Load Money to Payoneer Mastercard for adverts fees
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I believe you should by now know how to pay for product and services on TechAtLast International owned web projects if need be? Thank you for staying tuned!