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5 Ways to Convert Blog Visitors to Subscribers

Gaining traffic is the priority of each and every blogger. It is tough but a required process. But if you are able to obtain more subscribers, then it’s a very easy task. Getting more subscribers always help to retain more & more loyal readers. So, If you are able to covert your blog readers to Subscribers, this will help you to gain all time visitors and it is very hard to loose those loyal readers as they have been loving your site. Adding more people to your mailing lists will help to obtain a high impact in the Internet world. Of course, content is the king, but there some other few points that you should be aware of!! Gaining only traffic should not be your thinking, gaining more loyal readers i.e. Subscribers should be your goal. If you are having very few people in your mailing lists, then it is a problem to worry, as it can trouble you in one of the other way in the future. Subscribers give you a guarantee that they will visit your blog again and again. Getting more Subscribers is the only convenient way to build a site reputation and a real to get more subscribers to your list

So, I am going to narrate few tips that will help you to convert your one-time visitors to loyal ones.

(1) Good Appearance

Finding the perfect style or look is the first step for a successful blog. Give a calm and Smooth look, So that the reader enjoys reading your blog. Good design and Smooth Color theme will help your readers to love your site’s looks. If your blog is having a good look, Visitors will always like to spend time on your blog. So, you must give a good design for your blog. You can use a premium theme or hire a Good designer for your blog.

(2) Engage your readers

Provide links in and around your postings. Like, Related posts, Popular posts, Most commented posts, Provide links in your posts linking to other posts in your blog, etc. Engaging readers will help your readers to find your site very useful and will also help you decrease your site bounce rate.

(3) Create an attractive Subscription Box

Create an attractive subscription using your own technique. Just make sure that it should attract readers towards it. If your visitors find your subscription box interesting, then they may subscribe to your Mail feeds. Make sure that you have placed the subscription box at the top, not at the bottom of the blog. Let your readers get subscribed via RSS as well as Email.


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Also these points will help you-

(i) Setup RSS Feed for your blog

RSS Feed allows subscription to regular updates. It will help your readers to be updated with whatever you are sharing on your blog.

(ii) Use FeedBurner to distribute RSS Feed

I recommend you to use feedburner because it is the most popular service to distribute RSS Feed.

(iii) Enable FeedBurner Email Subscriptions for your readers

If you are not enabling feedburner Email subscription for your readers, then your readers wouldn’t be able to subscribe by email. However, you can activate this by logging in to your feedburner account, then go to the feed that you had already created, click on Publicize and then Activate Email Subscriptions. You’re done! Now your readers can subscribe by Email .

(iv) Show Stats

Showing the number of subscribers that have already subscribed will also help your blog readers to take interest in it and will engage them to subscribe by Email.

(v) Ask Readers to Subscribe

Add a Polite request from your side at the end of each post asking them Subscribe to your feeds. If your reader has been impressed by your posts, then he may subscribe to your feeds for sure.

(4) Offer Free Giveaways

If you reward your subscribers with free giveaways and rewards, then they will be very happy. It will also assure that you may loose such trustful readers. Also share this thing with the normal visitors of your blog who are not subscribers, then this will also encourage them to be a subscriber.

Of course, do not forget that Content is King. Without Useful Content, it is worthless to implement all these points. If your visitors find your site useful, then there are full chances that they will subscribe to your feeds. Otherwise if you are posting useless content, then they will find it worthless to subscribe.

Now After reading all the points, if you implement them correctly, then you will be able to gain more subscribers.

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