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The Social Impact of Digital Cinema in This Age

One of the most important court cases in America’s long cinema history was famous Betamax case, which started when in 1983 Universal Studios sued Sony because they considered copying videos from TV to video cassettes to be a copyright infringement. Supreme Court decided in Sony’s favor, which was a precedent that marked the end of entertainment industry’s monopoly on copyright. Of course Hollywood entertainment companies still have a huge influence on both judiciary system and law enforcement, but these three are jointly losing their battle against advanced technology, fast internet and sharing economy.

Impact of social presence on digital cinema

Digital Camera for Digital Cinema capturing.
Digital Camera for Digital Cinema capturing. | Techndustries LLC

Influence of movie streaming

The emergence of companies like Hulu and Netflix caused a big stir in motion picture industry. This stir was much more hazardous for cable companies and theatres, then for the members of Motion Picture Association. Although Netflix and some other broadcasting companies stepped bravely into production industry, motion picture companies like Universal, Disney and Warner Brothers are still on the top of entertainment food chain.

The biggest losers in this set are owners of cinemas across United States and the world. Cinema admission is drastically failing each years, and this trend is reminiscent of video cassette craze that struck the world in the end of seventies and beginning of the eighties. Back then people realized that they don’t need to leave their house to watch their favorite movies, which made cinema admission drop from 200 to 54 million in United Kingdom alone.Digital cinema effects

Cinema owners then tried to attract their audience with 3D glasses, special effects, powerful stereo systems and 4- and 5D cinema. New concept of cinema that makes movies more real was quite successful, but now cinema owners have whole combination of tech novelties against them.

Home theatres bring troopers and hobbits to your home

Movie streaming companies that are able to offer a monthly subscription of top series and blockbusters for only $9,99, are just one part of this equation. Cinemas also have TV and projector industry against them. Home projectors became usual appliances in many Western homes and size of TV screens and their picture quality is quickly approaching to cinema’s standards.

With this in mind, and with companies like Universal home theatre that offer whole home theatre package, together with comfortable seating and powerful stereos, visiting cinema is becoming an exotic retro thing that happens once a year at best.

Many cinema owners realize the threat that comes from increased quality of picture and sound home entertainment provides. In addition to this, there is a whole new motion picture concept that ties best actors, writers and producers. Of course we are talking about web and television series, which are not suitable for showing in cinemas.

Why series rock?

In last 30 years, series concept faced dynamic development. Today when we have Breaking Bad, Intelligence, The Tomorrow People, Legends of Tomorrow, The Americans, The Wire and Sopranos it is hard to imagine that several decades ago this concept was as obscure as independent film. Today when series are backed by powerful streaming companies like Netflix and cable operators like HBO, many people decide to devote their free time to watching top quality sequels of niche-specific stories that sometimes last for more than 100 hours in total. All this is followed by innovative direction and acting, delivered by some of the most popular film stars.

Future of cinema is inevitable. The only appealing thing in today’s digital cinema concept is its romantic nature and nostalgic feeling that overpowers us when we see the first movie frames on big screen. Cinema owners will have a very difficult task to develop a unique strategy that will help them to stay profitable in the world where top blockbusters come at our doorstep, and where butter popcorn is replaced with delicious finger food made in our own kitchen.

Digital cinema is proving day by day as the future of you’d call Hollywood…in most aspects, digitization is taking its tolls on us and we cannot wait but to switch and upgrade. The process of that upgrade may come at a cost, but at least, it will all be worth it. Let’s go digital; Digital Cinema is the way to go!

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Netflix arrives on the Wii U console supporting two screens: the console’s GamePad and 1080p on your TV

With the Wii U launch in the United States and Canada recently, Netflix, the media content streaming service has announced that its streaming service is now available for Wii U home screen. Netflix consumers they said can now use the app any moment from now, all they needed to do is to sign-up for a free trial of the service from the Wii U interface.

The controversial technology company through its representative blogger, says it has made use of the advantages that the two-screen experience on the Wii U console can offer. He continued naming some of the awesome experiences users could miss if they had not made their service available on the platform, saying the app comes with supports for up to 1080p on consumers TV as well as it is on the Wii U’s GamePad controller.

And that means, users can have the same experience on then Wii U gamepad controller as on the TV with well detailed movies information shown at the option side of the device.

However, there are some other similarities on the Wii U gamepad console compared to the TV version of the NetFlix service, and some of these are the content control options that let user pause, play, stop, go to episode selection, the play scrubber, and the content title information are all available through the GamePad.Netflix arrives on Wii U

For example, you might decide to skip through or rewind the content you’re watching on the Wii U gamepad console, you can easily rewind or fast-forward what you’re watching by using the GamePad touch screen. And immediately you have made the changes, it will reflect on the TV for everyone watching with you in the room without the need to touch the TV remote controller.

The gamepad on its own can also be used for some other exceptional features like playing videos exclusively if you like – it doesn’t have to be used just as your personal assistant at all when it can do more than controlling your TV. That means, you can easily turn it into your personal video tablet if you need to. To do just that, tap the “Play on GamePad” button from the console and the playback will switch to the GamePad with sound through the gamepad speakers (or through the headphone jack).

On the other hand, the Wii U GamePad console supports all the same control features that you’d expect, be it the play, the episode selection, the rating capability, and the add to queue function – just everything! Though, certain controls are available by using the GamePad buttons or touching the screen (both options).

The bottom side of the Wii U screen provides access to content search feature and the popular Netflix Just for Kids functionality that let kids do safe-search without illegal content.

There’s a full keyboard on the GamePad for Netflix search that let user search for content and the result will be rendered through the TV in real-time.

And other on other gaming consoles and smart devices, the result may include Movies, TV shows, actors and directors in the search rendered content.

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Wii U Unboxing Video

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Microsoft Make More Money From Android Phone Than Windows Mobile Phone

The report from The Citi analyst Walter Pritchard informs the public from his research that, it shows that Microsoft Inc. may be making more money from the Google’ Android based operating system phone than from the Microsoft’s own model (Windows mobile platform based operating system).

Pritchard continues that Microsoft makes five times of what they’re currently making from selling Windows operating system apps from the Google’s Android operating system apps.

Another analyst Horace Dediu also estimates that HTC has sold confirmed 30 million+ Android smartphones overall. Horace also states that Microsoft has reported a sales of around 2 million of Windows smartphones.