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African Music Streaming Giant, Playfre launches its Music Distribution Arm SongRoute

African music streaming service giant, Playfre has announced the launch of SongRoute, its music distribution arm for African artists.


In a bid to further help African artists monetize their creative contents, African music streaming service Playfre launches its music distribution service SongRoute. This comes after the launch of myPlayfre, a platform intended to help African artists to sell their music online without the need for a music aggregator.

SongRoute is intended to help African artists from across the continent, both major and emerging to sell their music on music streaming services like Playfre, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, et al for free!

“Playfre is growing rapidly by the day and this pleases me. I want to use this to help struggling artists out there to get their music across the continent to listeners that matter the most. With SongRoute I think this will be possible as we intend not to only to get their songs across the globe but to also promote them on our platforms to give them maximum exposure” says Chika Nwaogu, CEO Playfre Africa.

With this, African artists will quickly be able to get their songs on Playfre and over 400 plus more music stores across the globe for free” Chika Nwaogu continued.

Chicka NwaoguPlayfre is an African music streaming service that launched on May 1st to help music lovers from across the continent access over 45 million songs for free. Playfre has amassed over 150,000 streams and over 2,000 registered users.

SongRoute offers a range of promotional services to African artists that sign up to their platform which includes Global Music Distribution, Playlist Pitching, iTunes Carousel Pitching, YouTube Monetization, Piracy Protection, Marketing and many more.

Launched in both Kenya and Nigeria, SongRoute will not only help African artists get their works across the globe but will also leverage on its fast-growing music platform Playfre to push their music across the continent.

SongRoute will help African artists in so many ways to showcase their talents, and at the same time make money from their craft. If you’d recall, we covered the news when Playfre first graced the African music streaming landscape, so this news is coming as a great sign of instant acceptance for a new entrant tipped to become Spotify killer in Africa.

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Online Music Promotion – Top Tips for a Successful Online Music Promotion

Out of thousands of talented artists and musicians, only a few were able to get recognized in the music industry. Some were discovered by famous producers, others worked hard to build a solid fanbase. You may think that you have what it takes to be known as a great artist but doesn’t have an idea about how to promote yourself. With emerging technology, promoting your music online is one great key to be successful in the music industry. 

How to Succeed at Online Music Promotion With a Tight String Budget

How to Succeed at Online Music Promotion With a Tight String Budget
How to succeed at online music promotion on a tight string budget by leveraging resources around you.

To some, attaining the limelight as a musician is just a piece of cake, while some spend almost everything they had to get the words out there with no success. We want to help you get the basic of online music promotion so that you can focus on what works and leave those that haven’t been effective lately.

Here are the top tips for successful online music promotion for newbie music promoter or expert singers:

Maximize Your Social Media Platforms

According to research, there are an estimated 3.2 billion social media users around the globe, and the number of daily users is continually growing. There is a greater opportunity to promote your music through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms. It is also a budget-friendly type of promotion especially for those who are just starting to create a fanbase.

To Maximize Your Social Media Platforms, You Need To Do These Things
To maximize your music promotion, you need to leverage the power of social media in its fullness. Let your presence be known on all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other music hosting sites like Spotify, SoundCloud.

Have Fun on Facebook. Make your closest friends and relatives know your musical side through Facebook. If you are a beginner, you may share some videos to your friends and family. If you are already starting to have a solid fanbase, you may create a fan page so they can get updated on your whereabouts. You may also do Facebook live for small gigs and recording updates.

Get Insta-Fans on Instagram. IG is one of the social media platforms being used by businesses to promote their brand. Others even pay celebrities to post on their IG stories to endorse their products. You may also use this to promote your gigs online. You have to consider creating two different IG accounts though – one for personal use, and the other one for building your brand as a musician. This is recommended unless you want your fans to get updated about your personal life as well. 

Let them know YOU on Youtube. We all know that there are several celebrities who started their music career on YouTube – Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, and Shawn Mendes to name a few. The most common thing you can do is to post cover songs on Youtube. You may also share original songs to your listeners or create music videos that people will find interesting. Lastly, if you want to give back to the community, you may also share how to’s and singing tips for other aspiring singers and musicians.

Start a Music Blog

Another way to promote your music online is by starting a music blog.

While you may think that there are no benefits in creating a music blog since you are already promoting through social media, running a music blog can be rewarding. Aside from being able to express your thoughts and share your ideas to your readers, your blog can be a means of some perks and extra income as well.

Advertisers can use your music blog to promote their products or services. You may be invited to music shows and concerts for free, and some may even pay you to listen and review new albums even before the releasing date.

Being a consistent blogger is hard work, though. You have to come up with interesting topics for you to attract more readers and rank up on Google. However, your love for music will surely keep you going.

Collaborate with other artists

Learn to form an alliance with other musicians of similar interest and fan base with you. It helps in establishing your brand.

Reach out to other music bloggers and artists – may it be through co-writing on a blog post, doing a song collaboration, or swapping gigs. Music collaboration is one great way to reach a wider audience and make new connections.

You may also collaborate in creating original songs and filming music videos. Aside from being exposed to a wider audience, a collaboration with other musicians will surely give you a new set of fans when you come up with great visuals. Also, make sure to work together with artists of the same genre as yours to bring a greater impact on the music industry.

Keep up with your fanbase through an email list

If you want to grow your fan base really quick, invest more into having an email list sequence detailing every bit of your journey to success as a musician.

Email marketing is another way to get your fans’ attention. While you have to fight for their attention against thousands of accounts on social media, growing an email list can give you a direct connection with your followers.

You can simply create an email list by setting up an account, collecting emails and importing it to your preferred email marketing platform. You may ask your social media fans to sign up on your email list or offer a weekly subscription to your blog readers.

To grow your email list, you may also offer special incentives to them or give them a sneak peek of your future gigs and events.

Building your music career doesn’t start in the shower. You have to step out of your comfort zone and intentionally make yourself known by people. Celebrate every added follower in your list and do not focus on the number of viewers you have on your recently shared song cover. Instead, express yourself through music and your passion will eventually touch the hearts of many.

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Music Streaming Service Playfre releases Android App, Appoints Purity Nganga as its Head of Operations, Kenya

Playfre android app which has been touted to be released this week by Chika Nwaogu of Playfre Music has been launched this morning. African music streaming giant which has attracted well over 800 registered users in just 8 days of its release has appoints Purity Nganga as its Head of Operations, Kenya in a move to enter the Kenya music streaming market.

Playfre will be competing with already known players in the East Africa which include Mdundo.

Playfre has an added advantage over already existing players in the music streaming industry here in East Africa as it already comes with over 45 million songs, something every other music streaming service here can’t boast of,” says Purity Nganga, the new Playfre’s Head of Operations Kenya

“It is great having Purity on board. I have always wanted to make a debut in both Nigeria and Kenya, and subsequently expand to Ghana and South Africa. This is just the first step towards that direction” says Chika Nwaogu, CEO of Playfre Music.

Playfre android app just hit the Google Play store a few days ago and is now available for free download. The app enables you to listen to any music on playfre even while you are not on the app as opposed to the web player.

“Now you can take playfre wherever you go and in all your devices and listen to music whenever, however,” says Chika Nwaogu

Purity Nganga will oversee all things Playfre in Kenya and East Africa.

With a portfolio of over 45 million songs, Playfre is Africa’s largest music streaming service. Playfre currently has over 800 registered users in 8 days from its launch.

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Explainer Videos Gimmicks: How Tech Startups Can Benefit from Video Explainers

When it comes to content marketing for tech startups, explainer videos are a great way to interact with potential customers. Online video is such a powerful force that, video content is anticipated to account for more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

The moment a tech startup opens their doors they’re under constant pressure to situate themselves within the market and develop a unique value proposition. Being able to communicate their values to a diverse audience is often the difference between a successful startup and one that folds. A professional explainer video opens a dialogue with the target audience in an engaging way.

Tech giants like Google have often used explainer videos to break down their services without boring potential customers. This concept can be used by startups and SMEs to introduce and explain new products without bombarding prospects with unnecessary information.

There are many video formats to choose from. Next, to a traditional real live video, a great option for tech businesses is animation. Animated explainers work especially well when trying to highlight and visualize intangible products like SaaS services. Whether you choose to produce a live or animated video, you’ll definitely make yourself stand out from the crowd. Below we take a look at how tech startups can benefit from video explainers. 

Ways Tech Startups Can Benefit from Explainer Videos

Explainer video animation
To drive home your point in a shorter time, investing in video content marketing campaign will be handy. You can leverage explainer video to virally give a better impression of your ideas.

1. Developing a Brand Voice

Developing a clear and relatable brand voice is one of the main advantages of explainer videos. Without a clear voice, it’s difficult for customers to relate to your product and how your business can help solve their problems.

An explainer video that includes business storytelling based on buyer personas can help to personalize your marketing strategy and develop a relationship between you and your customers. This is important for tech startups because most solutions are aimed towards a target demographic rather than a broader audience.

2. Social Media 

In the last few years, video content has become a massive force on social media. Today, 45% of people spend more than an hour per week watching Facebook or YouTube videos. As a result, video content is one of the most effective ways to engage prospects on social media.

Developing presence on social media and connecting with this audience can really help a novice business to break through and it’s not easy to stand out in an industry as competitive and dynamic as new technologies. Simply adding a video to your Facebook or Twitter account can help to increase your online presence and draw the attention of new customers.

3. Demonstrate Your Solution

One of the unique challenges faced by the tech industry is that it can be hard to get customers interested in mechanical or mundane solutions (particularly if you are offering a complex SaaS solution).

For example, animated explainer videos enable you to demonstrate your solution in a way that the customer can easily understand. In many cases, it can be difficult to convey the benefits of your product without a visual accompaniment and a vivid animation can come in handy to demonstrate your products or services.

Explainer video process
Explainer video lets you automate and streamline the process of detailing your business goals and objectives without wasting your client’s time. Here is an example of a video explainer process.

4. Improving Your SEO 

Whilst seeking a high SEO ranking isn’t unique to tech startups, it’s vital for companies selling online products and SaaS. The higher your SEO ranking the more visible your site is on Google Search.

The Google algorithm is designed to prioritize sites with video content over more boring sites that only feature text. Adding videos to your site will simply help to increase your visibility on Google and drive more traffic to your site. 

5. Boost Your Conversion Rates 

When it comes to ROI, the biggest potential comes in the form of increasing your conversion rates. Producing engaging content with a clear CTA hooks the viewer in and makes them much more likely to interact with your site.

eCommerce store LemonStand added an explainer video to their site, boosting conversion rates by 10% and doubling the average session duration of visitors. Creating captivating video content is one of the best ways to boost your sales. 

Explainer Videos: Simple But Effective 

The secret to good marketing is presenting your product in a way that your target audience can relate to. Producing a simple explainer video will enable you to develop a brand voice that viewers can easily understand and relate to. Your video can be shared across social media, demonstrating the value of your product to a diverse audience.

Tech startups looking to develop traction in the market would do well to invest in video content marketing to get their products out there and drive enthusiasm. Ultimately, if you can’t get your prospects enthusiastic about your service then you have little chance of converting them into a sale. The easiest way to get them enthusiastic is to demonstrate your value. As the cliché goes: you need to show rather than tell.

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DIY Recording Studios – How to Create a Recording Studio at Home

Music lovers and amateur musicians listen up! If you have ever wanted to record music from the comfort of your own home, we have the answer.

Insulation retailer, Insulation Express in partnership with TechAtaLast has created a guide to DIY recording studios, including a look at the most famous recording studios in the world.

Read on to discover how you can create your own studio and the science behind the studios.

Famous Recording Studios

For those who prefer to keep it professional there are many recording studio options. However, there are just a few which can be considered legendary within the music industry.

  • Capitol Studios
    Located in the heart of Hollywood, Capitol Studio has been frequented by the likes of Tina Turner, Nat king Cole and Frank Sinatra. The space is unique because it offers an echo chamber made from reinforced concrete.
  • Abbey Road
    Perhaps most famous for that Beatles album, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Take That and Michael Jackson have all also recorded at Abbey Road in London. The building is now Grade II listed and still has accommodation attached where stars used to stay when recording.
  • Trident Studios
    The place where ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust’ was recorded, in 2017 a blue plaque was installed to recognise the David Bowie albums recorded there and Tridents rightful place in music history.

Creating Your Studio: Nine Steps to DIY Recording Studios

Step 1: When creating an at home recording studio, you must first choose where you want the studio to be located. More than one room is ideal, but not essential and it is always best to pick a bigger space than you think you’ll need.

Step 2: Next, soundproof the space and use acoustic treatments to add density to the walls and reduce outside noise getting in. This will also help keep your neighbours happy as it will stop the noise getting out!

Step 3: Elevated floors will also reduce vibrations from the space below and can help stop any movements being picked up on your recordings. Spend some budget on that to keep your recording studio top notch.

Step 4: Technology can be helpful, but when you are just starting out you will only need the computer you already have. Update your computer once you know at home recording is right for you and buy the highest speed computer you can afford.

Step 5: DAW software allows you to record, edit and mix music. You’ll need this software to complete any recording and you’ll need an audio interface to connect your computer to the rest of your gear.

Step 6: Long XLR cables will connect your monitors and various equipment, we recommend one long cable for the mic and two shorter cables for monitors.

Step 7: Pop filters can create a softer sound and are essential for vocalists. Don’t ever think about not having it around.

Step 8: Microphones and stands are also important, though for starting out if you are a solo artist just one microphone will be enough. A large diaphragm condenser vocal mic is a great place to start.

Step 9: Two pairs of headphones will be important for checking your sound quality. The first pair should be noise cancelling while the better will have better sound quality.

These nine steps should get you started on the right path, however, you could also study the infograph below to have an indepth know-how of how to setup DIY recording studio from scratch.

DIY Recording Studios Guide – How to Create a Recording Studio at Home

DIY Recording Studio Guide: Living Room To Live Room - DIY Recording Studios for Beginners
Living Room To Live Room – A do it yourself guide to creating a local recording studios for beginners from the comfort of your home.
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CannonBall Audio Speaker; A Truly Revolutionary Jump in Speaker Design and Utility

Is Cannonball Audio speaker stylishly becoming the goto solution for music lovers of this age?

The CannonBall Audio 360º Bluetooth Speaker is the first ever Waterproof 360º audio speaker. This unique combination of 360º audio and waterproof durability opens up a fresh potential for on-the-go, wherever you are music! The ability to blend the modules and with an IPX7 Rating, makes it a fun way to listen to music in any environment.

Judah Uziel, the company founder and creator said;

“Cannonball Audio was orchestrated out of a deep love for sound and design and the ability to experience and listen to your music anywhere you are. We have a global vision of creating a speaker that could be used by anyone anywhere around the globe.” 

CannonBall Audio Speaker packaging display.
CannonBall Audio Speaker packaging display.

The Cannonball is a fully submersible floating speaker that spots a 360-degree sound and rugged design made to withstand any form of environment. The IPX7 rating makes this speaker capable of being submersible up to 1 meter for 30 or more minutes. It has a 33FT of wireless audio range so that the listener is able to stream their favorite audio music from a far distance effortlessly. It also spots a patent pending spring-lock design that keeps the round Cannonball audio speaker inert and motionless when it is not floating in water.

According to the company’s statement, Cannonball Audio’s compact design will not compromise its sound quality. To add to this is the rubberized shock-shielding cover that will help you to maintain the speaker’s durability. A surprising addition to the powerful cannonball audio is the existence of a built-in microphone system that will ensure the user can answer calls even when partying by, or in the pool.

See the image below for an example of what you should expect from the Cannonball Audio speaker!

Cannonball Audio Speaker Is Waterproofed
Cannonball Audio Speaker Is Waterproofed…you can use it ANYWHERE, even inside your swimming pool!

In a nutshell, to the casual observer, the cannonball audio speaker is undeniably and distinctly manufactured with the highest quality of materials and has a very durable feel, while providing a light weight feel. And the good news for buyers is, each Cannonball audio speaker will come with a one year limited warranty.

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Key Features of Cannonball Audio speaker

  • IPX7 Rating: Be able to bring your speaker with you anywhere. With its IPX7 Rating, the speaker is fully submergible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • 360º Audio: Sound all around! With its spherical structure, the speaker has a 360º sound system rather than a one or two-dimensional speaker only pushing the sound one way.
  • Floatable: The speaker is counter-balanced for optimal audio direction while floating
  • Wireless: Stream your music from up to 33FT!
  • Durability: Rubberized Shock-Absorbing cover for durability
  • Patents: The CannonBall has patented  stabilization in water and on land.
  • Built-in Mic: The built-in microphone enables you to make outgoing calls through the speaker for convenience sake.
Other key Cannonball features that we can't fail to mention
Other numerable features of Cannonball audio speaker which we cannot fail to mention are; a full one year warranty to ease your fear!; IPX7 which is submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes; Floating technology which is aimed at counter-balancing for maximum delivery; a 33FT wireless streaming range for effective communication between devices; an elongated playback time of 8 hours for optimal listening experience and host of others. What else do you want?

Cannonball Audio Speaker Specifications

Availability and Pricing

There is an ongoing Kickstarter fundraising campaign towards raising funds for the mass production, running of marketing and campaigns and distribution of this revolutionary speaker all over the world. The CannonBall Audio Speaker is available now for pre-order at a limited time offer at a special promotional price of $75 in standard black color at a reduced discount of 50% off the suggested retail price fixated at $149. Additional rewards are available with higher pledge amounts.

About CannonBall Audio

Driven by a passion for audio, CannonBall Audio developed an innovative product that inspires and enables people to be creative. Based in Manhattan, New York, the CannonBall Audio team has spent their blood, sweat and tears into this project making sure of it’s prodigiousness.

I’d not be surprised if the Cannonball audio speaker eventually go all the way to become an ever-present solution for music lovers across the globe. And my reasons are, its got almost all the features to convince the world to give it a try in their homes. My kudos to the great guys at Cannonball Audio, well done!


Vote NerveFlo at the global GIST Tech-I competition

This year, a promising Nigerian Tech Startup, NerveFlo, has scaled into the semifinals of the global GIST Tech-I competition (organized by the U.S. Department of State) with others from 135 countries. GIST stands for Global Innovation through Science and Technology and they are working towards empowering young and intelligent ideators, innovators, creators and inventors in creating solutions that would be well-received in the marketplace.

NerveFlo Samsung promo

NerveFlo provides African music, video and ebook creators with a platform to sell their work locally & internationally.

“We want to transform Africa’s creative industry with your help.” – NerveFlo Team

VOTING is currently ongoing everyday from April 1 until May 1 to help determine the 30 finalist that will showcase and pitch at the June 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2016) in Silicon Valley, California U.S.A.

By voting for Nerve Flo, you stand a chance to win a brand new Samsung phone by voting this tech startup from Nigeria at the global GIST Tech-I competition.

Kindly Vote for us and stand a chance to WIN a BRAND NEW Samsung smartphone as well as other cool prizes.

NerveFlo voting on GIST
To vote, take the following steps;  

  1. Log in/register at the GIST website here:
  2. Go to NerveFlo’s startup entry:
  3. Click the VOTE Button under the startups entry.
  4. Send a screenshot of this voting success page to

GIST TECH-I voting confirmation for Nerveflo

You can vote again once every 24 hours, for as many days as you can, to improve your chances in our weekly draw.
Prizes include a brand new NEW Samsung Ace device and original autographed Adidas/Puma soccer balls.

Thanks for your support. 🙂

– Team NerveFlo

PS: See example screenshots attached above for guidelines.

Editor’s Updates

It is part of our mission to showcase African startup businesses and Nerveflo happens to fall into this category. So, support them by voting!


Smart Home: Top Accessories to Complement Your “Smart Home” Setup This Year

A “Smart Home” is a streamlined, high-tech sanctuary. It does not have to be a cluttered room with wires snaking around corners and bulging from interconnected devices. An HDTV and sound system are the centerpieces of the entertainment system and are a major focal point of the home. There are three major must have “smart home accessories” that comprise a well-designed, sleek entertainment center: the sound system, the wall installation system, and compatible devices. These devices will be professionally installed in such a way as to look as “smart” as they really are. Now, let’s look at these smart home accessories one by one, and do much more justice to them.

Amazing smart home accessories worth craving for

Smart home accessories and technologies you need
The era of analogical way of living is vastly diminishing. Today, we have smarter ways of doing things including living in our homes. Let’s talk about three major must have smart home accessories that must be in home for it to be consider as smart home!

The Sound System

HDTV manufacturers are primarily focused on the quality and sharpness of the display; good sound is not the major priority. When you watch movies or your favorite shows, you want the theatre quality sound. An affordable sound bar can be the cheapest upgrade that can be easily connected and installed below your HDTV. These sound bars have specially designed speakers and subwoofers that are compact, yet clear and loud. Unlike the old speakers in your garage, sound bars can incorporate technologies like Bluetooth wireless, tablet and smart phone connectivity and Wi-Fi control. That means when you are curled up on your sofa watching your favorite movie, you can control the volume and equalizer controls using your phone or tablet. New soundbars are designed to process and output clear, digital sound and some even provide surround sound capabilities. If you have more to invest in your home entertainment, a surround sound receiver (which receives, processes, and amplifies the sound) and speaker system can be an excellent upgrade.

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Smart Home Technologies you should crave
Smart home accessories and technologies you should crave for your newly designed home setup. With these tools, you could have an heaven on earth kind of living experience. This is the kind of innovation you need in your home right now!

The Wall Installation System

New home theatre systems can include many components that need to be connected together. In the past, this would mean a tangled mess of wires going from one component to the other. With professional installation, wires can be concealed in the walls or through outlets so that your home does not look like a jungle off with wires hanging from the ceiling. Additionally, some receivers or HDTVs can be programmed or controlled with devices to allow for wireless connectivity of components. Same goes for your interconnected smart door lock or CCTV monitoring system which could as well be controlled right from your mobile device or remotely. With wireless systems in place, devices sync together using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to transmit or receive clear digital signals. With smart phones, many home theatre component manufactures also produce apps to control HDTVs or sound systems, making your phone a universal remote. If your components do not sync with your phone, you can also consider interfacing a universal remote with all your components. These are manufactured to communicate with the majority of brands of HDTVs and components like Blu-ray players and sound systems. Having a single remote control greatly simplifies your “Smart” entertainment system.

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Accessories to Complement Your Smart Home sketch
A good smart home technology architectural design with aesthetic feel of the indoor from outside the building.

Compatible Devices

Make sure to examine the specifications of accessories that you are purchasing for your home theatre system. With a little research, you will be able to find must have “smart home” accessories that contain similar interconnectivity technology that allows them to easily sync with one another. Consult with a professional to get the best devices to fit your setup and budget. The specific ports needed on your HDTV are vital for ease of use and for clear, high definition video and audio.

For your “smart home,” make sure to invest in high quality accessories for your entertainment system that are easily controlled, concealed, and create the clearest picture and sound.

How does your home look like? Do you have some gigantic smart home accessories that you’d be proud to talk about?

Let’s have your experience, and discuss a better way of having a kind of home that would become the talk of the town below.

Apple iOS Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Mobile App Music

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Music is a part of everyone’s life and makes all of us feel delight. It gives enjoyment beyond any barriers of language and is universal. That is why loads of gadgets come with options for listening to music and to make the music lover in you satiated. Here are the 10 best music apps for your Apple devices. You can create music, download ringtones and have loads of fun with these apps.

Top 10 Best Music Apps by Popular Demand

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad1. Djay2

No longer, the DJs have to carry bulky record players for the party. iPad and Algoriddm together have made the job easy for them. Also, with the iOS 7.1 upgrade, the app too has been upgraded. The DJs can now see the music running in the waveform. This is much easier for the DJs to play and mix music. Viewing in the waveform view is optional, and there are default modes too.

2. Stezza

Many countries and the States of the US have laws about calls and sending texts. In such places, it is wiser to use the apps that do not disturb the people around. When you use Stezza, you have bigger buttons to control your music apps. All the controls like skipping, pausing and playing the songs can be done with a tap and you need not concentrate completely on the device. Sideways glance will do the magic for you. The UI also lets you change colors to suit your car’s interior.

 3. Google Play Music 

With the iOS version of the music player, you can listen to any radio station, mix, and create albums and songs, and it is absolute fun. You can also listen to a playlist created by the Google music experts. More than 20 thousand songs can be added to your personal playlist.

4. Auria LE 

This is an iPad app that lets you record 48 tracks. If you don’t feel that the number is required, choose a lighter version that lets you record 24 tracks. You can view the download ringtones, play them n waveform. Waveform editor is best the option to cut copy and edit any part of the track.

5. TNR- e US 

This is an app created by a set of artists, who enjoyed mix matching music, and this had given ways to collect awards for the innovative idea. The same was launched by Yamaha for the iOS devices as TNR-I. Now, the TNR E, lets the users enjoy much more. This app is for everyone, and you can listen to house, electro and dubstep genres.

6. Music Studio 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. This is software that helps in complete music production. Compared with the competitors, this app offers great quality of sound. The app consists of drum pads, 85 key keyboard, 125 studio recorded instruments, of which 65 come for free, and the rest can be got from the iTunes store.

7. AmpliTube

If you hate to take your guitar with you when you are out, then this iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch compatible app is for you. The iPhone becomes a guitar effect processor. You can also modify the tempo to suit your needs.

8. Sample Tank 

This app is compatible with iPhone 3rd generation, and iPod Touch 3rd generation gadgets. This can also be used in iPad. You can find almost all the instruments in this app, and this is the perfect choice to record on the move. This app has a built in keyboard and drum pads.

9. NanoStudio 

This is one of the most popular apps to create music in iPhone. This app lets to record the songs live, and the tracks too can be mixed real time. You can find 16 instruments, and mixer that let a channel with four inserts.

10. Four Track 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod. You can make records, mix and upload audio tracks with this app.

Music News

Google Music rolls out of beta, adds Android music store

Google has unveiled its much-anticipated digital music storing store on Wednesday, stepping up the competition against its rivals, Amazon and Apple. The new service, Google Music features millions of songs from several record labels EMI, Universal, Sony Music  and several other smaller labels, but it doesn’t have access to Warner Music Group’s catalog yet. The reason behind this was because of the terms regarding the pricing and the anti-piracy measures which the two failed to reach an agreement on.
google music
Users of this service will be able to buy songs via the Android Market, with low rates of tracks cost ranging somewhere between $0.69 and $1.29.

Google in order to help the service stay better and become stronger, said that, it would offer free song for customers to be downloading every day while allowing them to share their purchased songs to their loved ones on the Google+ platform.

The search engine giant continues by stating that the Google Music service has now graduated from its beta testing period and now becomes available for public registration in the United States.

By default, the new service offers an online storage locker space where you can upload up to 20,000 songs you own for free. And all the songs you buy from the Google’s Android Market will show up in the online storage locker you have but it won’t count against the 20,000 song limit you have on songs you can upload to the service.

Apple on the other hand charges $25 per annum for uploading and storing of up to 25,000 songs that are not purchased through its sister service, iTunes, while Amazon on the other hand, offers unlimited cloud music storage (plus additional 20GB spaces for other files) for a $20 yearly fee.

Unlike Apple iTunes Match, songs stored on the Google Music online storage locker can be easily streamed to any other device via any 3G, 4G and a Wi-Fi access. Another benefit of the Google Music service is that, it stores the songs you have recently played in your cache so they are still available in case you lose your internet connection. You can also ‘pin’ the songs, albums or artists that you want to only make available offline.

The new service will no doubt help Google Inc. promote its Android smartphone operating system and android marketplace, but it’s not exclusive to the company’s mobile platform. It will be available through the Music app on Android 2.2 and up, a Music Manager desktop app for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, and an HTML5 mobile Web app that can be accessed on virtually any device by visiting using a mobile browser.