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Google Buy Motorola Patent Right – Now Owns Mobile Phone

Today marks a special day for Google Inc. as the news was finally announced that Google has acquired Motorola patent rights, the rights that will help Google expands its mobile phone producing business further than before.

Motorola is among the top 40 mobile producing companies in the whole world that runs on Google android operating system feature and for this reason is why Google made that move to buy the company some days ago before the deal was finally sealed today.

Apart from the easy or cordial relationship between the Google team and the Motorola’s, the main reason why Google bought the company was to make use of all the patents rights which according to ReadWriteWeb Google reveals that:

The move is a fork for Google in that it is getting into the device business on a large scale for the first time in its history. The big discussion surrounds the fact that part of Google’s acquisition of Motorola is to “defend Android” from patent lawsuits from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and others. Motorola has 17,000 mobile patents with another 7,500 pending. Google hopes to use those patents to protect Android and the entire ecosystem, including other Android original equipment manufacturers outside of Motorola, against attacks. <source>

With all the facts above, it shows that Google as at now can now have power to enter the mobile phone producing market and even dominate it within a short possible time with all the rights that has been transferred to Google’s profile from the Motorola team.