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Quora Extends Service With Mobile SMS Questions Posting Ability

Quora is a question and answer based platform just little differnet from Google because it has features of indexing over 1million questions and answers in its database. Long bfore, all Quora users can only post questions for answers on the Quora web based application site but now that the comnpnay has extends its servcie delivery to mobile users, it is now possible for anyone that have a mobile based device to post questions to quora for a reliable answers eitehr from the system apps or from others users on the platform.
With this development, Quora is expanding on a dilay basis and gives all users more exposure to qulaity contnets and solutions to their problems.

One bug that I notice in this Mobile application is that, Quora team needs to improve on the type of suggestions that the application brings out when users search for keywords, so that all Mobile based Quora users can stick to using it than any other platform. Read my article on how to get more traffic to your blog here.
How To Use Quora From Your Mobile Phone
You can now search and add questions to Quora through SMS. To get started, visit the Settings page to connect your mobile phone number with your Quora account (you need to be a registered user of Quora to use this service). After entering your phone number, you should receive a welcome text message from Quora. Reply back with the confirmation code we show you from the settings page, and you should be all set to go.

To use the service, send a text to Quora with your question. We’ll reply back with some questions that may be what you’re looking for, and from there you can choose one of them to view. If none of the questions are quite what you’re looking for, you can add your original question to Quora.

When you select a question, we’ll send you a summary of the top answer on the page, along with a link to the full question page so you can view it in your mobile browser. It’s a quick and lightweight way to check answers on the site.

Note: For now, this feature is only available to users in the United States.


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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Benefits Of Using iCloud Services

iCloud is a service been offered by Apple Inc. which was announced to be introduced on June 6th, 2011 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WDDC). This service will enable users to store some of their valuable data such as music and video files on the system and the data can also be retrieved back from the servicewhenever the user needs it and it can also be used to synchronize data from one device to another such as iPods to iPads and iPhones or back to your personal computer system respectively. It also works as a server for your emailing system and can store contacts and calendars and many other useful data. Each iCloud account holder will be given a  5GB of free data storage.

If you are an iTunes user, any music files that you purchased from iTunes will be downloaded to any registered mobile or computer device such as computer, iPhones, iPads (the device you’re using to access the iTunes download area) with the use of iCloud service.

One more benefits that you can get from using an iCloud service is that whenever you buy new songs or video from iTunes, even if at all you lost your device, you don’t need to download it again when you need it because it would have been Sync into the iCloud server and you only need to Synchronize it back to your computer or mobile device without any hassle.