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How to Migrate from On-Premises Exchange Server to Office 365 Effortlessly

There are organizations that hesitate whenever they have to move mailboxes from On-premises Exchange Server to Office 365. So, what is holding them up? While Office 365 comes with latest sharing and security features and also termed as Microsoft’s fastest growing business ever.

As per migration requirements of Exchange server to Office 365, the beforehand planning and executing the transaction may produce conflict with other daily issues and finally delaying the Exchange to Office 365 Migration. Incomplete information about mailbox moves and legacy archive issues leads to improper licenses purchase.

Basic Steps to follow to start the Exchange Server to Office 365 MigrationMicrosoft Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration process

Executing the Exchange Server to Office 365 migration process requires help that can go a long way in your purpose of actually moving to Office 365. Knowing this, Microsoft has released the Office 365 Deployment Center.

Explore the options under the Migration tab present in the Exchange Admin Center. The Migrations tab under the Recipients feature provides various migration options according to the need of the client and these are listed below:

For Exchange Server 2010 to Office 365 and above versions support:-

  • Remote move migration- Requires a hybrid configuration between Exchange server present on-premises and Office 365 i.e., Exchange Online.

For Exchange server 2003 and Exchange server 2007 only:-

  • Staged migration – Provides the support for specified Exchange Server to Office 365.

For Exchange server 2003 and above versions:-

  • Cutover migration- Suggested if your on-premises Exchange organization has fewer than 2,000 mailboxes and due to the length of time it takes, it is reasonable to migrate 150 users or less.

For Google and Other IMAP services to Office 365 migration:-

  • IMAP migration- It’s a great option when considering migration from Google and so on.

Now considering Hybrid Migration:-

This Migration process of hybrid deployment has various features as given below: –

  • a shared domain space (such as

  • a unified global address list (GAL)

  • Calendar Sharing free/busy.

  • Easy onboarding and offboarding among the two platforms as per your choice.

  • centralized mailbox management through the Exchange Admin Center from on-premises Exchange 2013.

Hybrid Migration- What needs to be known.

It always takes time for a remote move migration while performing a hybrid migration of mailboxes from Exchange Server to Office 365 and the intense research included to get everything up and running smoothly.

And when it gets more complex, it is suggested to hire Microsoft’s FastTrack team or a third-party professional services team, as they are very well aware of the issues and how to deal with them, after all, it’s your organization’s precious data which you will never want to lose.

There are various prerequisites for employing the hybrid configuration such as including Active Directory synchronization to help keep your on-premises Active Directory and your Office 365 directory synchronized. You might want to create a single sign-on for the users to access on-premises and online features by using same username and password.

It should be noted that active directory sync and SSO services should be deployed properly before progressing towards hybrid configuration wizard for Exchange Server to Office 365.

Microsoft provides tools for hybrid migration that are helpful in greenfield deployments, coexistence deployments, and migration-focused deployments such as Deployment Assistant. Another such tool by Microsoft the Remote Connectivity Analyzer, for testing connectivity and making adjustments if required.

Trouble-Free Solution to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365

There are alternative solutions present for Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration using Hybrid Configuration. Limitations faced due to the above method can be overcome, as there is a software namely “Exchange to Office 365 Migration”. Programmed in such a way that it moves the complete data from Exchange server to Office 365. Easy to use as Office 365 account credentials are only required by the tool. It is safe and secure for executing conversion process in the right manner. Works on all Windows OS versions. Some advanced features of the tool include Exchange Mailbox Mapping, View Active Directory Details, Apply Email Filter, Empty Exchange Server, etc.


So, the point is that one can use the manual method as well as using a third-party tool such as Systools Office 365 Migrator to migrate mailboxes from Exchange server to Office 365 easily by following the guide.

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How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST using eDiscovery Step by Step

A lot of important conversations need to be extracted daily for official purposes. They need to be downloaded and saved as a personal file to the desktop or a laptop. It provides a user full authority to access emails even without internet or when the server is offline or disconnected. It can be useful to know how to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST by eDiscovery is possible. It is a simple manual technique that can be performed by anyone. In this post, one can find all the steps necessary to perform the export. It is not a common procedure but can be quite helpful to know in any professional environment. A lot more information is available in the post below.

How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST using eDiscovery Step by Step

How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST?

Listed here are some of the steps through which a user can export Office 365 emails to PST file format:

    • First, log-in to the Exchange Admin Centre using Office 365 credentials.
    • Then, go to permissions >> admin roles >> Discovery Management >> Mailbox Import Export role.


    • Then, click on the Save button in order to backup of Office 365 emails to PST.

eDiscovery Mangement

    • Then, go to Compliance Management >> in-place eDiscovery & hold and click on the New (+).

in-place eDiscovery

    • From the ‘In-Place eDiscovery & Hold’ dialogue box, type in the name and description and click on the Next button.

In-Place eDiscovery & Hold

    • Then, specify the criterion for all mailboxes or choose the ones by adding the ‘+’ button. This can be helpful with exporting Office 365 mailboxes to PST files.

Search all mailboxes

    • From the ‘Search query’ screen, set the appropriate filters and click on the Next button.

eDiscovery Search query to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST

    • From the ‘In-Place Hold Settings’ dialogue box, provide the number of days for which the items are to be kept before they are deleted from the server. Then, click on the Finish button to help with Office 365 Export mailbox to PST.

In-Place Hold Settings

    • Finally, click the Close button when the confirmation message appears.
    • Now, all the generated search gets listed. After the completion of the process, click Preview search results to view the results. Finally, click on downward arrow to export the .pst files directly to desktop PC.


    • Then, run the security warning when asked to do so.

security warning

    • From the ‘eDiscovery PST Export Tool’, set the destination location where the exported PST file will be saved. Then, click the Start button in order to initiate the Office 365 mailbox backup.

eDiscovery PST Export Tool

    • Then, type in the necessary Office 365 credentials and click on the OK button.

Office 365 credentials

    • Next, click in the Close button on the completion of the process.

backup Office 365 mailbox to PST

  • Finally, use Outlook to access PST file in any of the existing profile.

The Preferred Choice to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST

Any business strategy cannot have manual steps as its policy. To ask each employee to extract and save PST files individually on their local machine is an arduous task. Furthermore, it will take up a lot of time and efforts to train them for it. The alternative is to go for a better, more refined product like Office365Export PST tool. It is fully designed software built with advanced technology and multiple features. It has got all the latest that a company can hope for in a conversion application as such. It can extract and save complete mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendar etc. to PST, EML and MSG format. The utility is compatible with all the latest version of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP or earlier ones. It can work with both 32 and 64-bit machines.

To export PST to Office 365, please visit here:


There is no direct way to download Office 365 emails and save them to the desktop. The only way has been mentioned in this post. It covers all the necessary essentials on how to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST and save to desktop. It is a difficult task but not an impossible one. There are tricky steps which may be confusing to common non-technical businessmen. For them, there are automated third-party solutions prescribes that are a perfect fit for the company. They are efficient, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly. They guarantee accurate results with no data loss. It is full value for money deal that is worth giving a shot for with a demo version that comes for free.

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ScanPST Cannot Repair PST File – Alternative Method to Fix Issue

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications used for the exchange of information. It has a database file, namely Personal storage table (PST). PST file does not only hold emails, but calendar entries, scheduled meetings, appointments, notes, attachments, contacts, etc. However, at times PST file gets damaged and corrupted due to various reasons. In this case, users take help of Inbox repair tool to repair minor corruption in Outlook data file (.pst), but sometimes Scanpst cannot repair PST file. Inbox repair tool is especially designed to rebuild damaged PST files of MS Outlook.

Repair PST File with SCANPST.EXE Utility

These are the following steps using, which users can repair PST files with the help of Scanpst:

  • Firstly, go to “Start”, then “Run”
  • Now, to open “Scanpst.exe” type in the location of the tool, i.e. “drive name: \Program files\ Common files\ System\ Mapi\ Locate ID\ Scanpst.exe

Know the Location of SCANPST.EXE in various versions of Outlook

  • Once you done that, click on “OK”. As soon as click on ok a message box will pop-up
  • Next, put in the name and path of the corrupted PST file
  • Now, finally click on “Start”. This will start process of repairing

What if Scanpst Cannot Repair PST File

Scanpst does not guarantee that your PST files will be repaired. It is possible that Inbox repair tool unable to repair Outlook data file if the PST file is highly corrupted or damaged. Now, the question arises that what can be done to repair highly corrupted PST file? Apart from that, consider this query to understand the problem a user may face while repairing PST file with Scanpst:

“My Outlook is not opening in Windows 10 and it seems that my PST file get corrupted. I tried to repair PST file with the help of Scanpst.exe utility, but the process stops in between when it is about to complete. Is there any alternative solution of Inbox Repair tool to repair the same?”

Outlook PST Repair Software: An Expert Solution

Users can go for Outlook PST file recovery Software to repair Outlook PST files that are highly corrupted. This software is designed in such a way that it can repair any PST file regardless how extreme the corruption is. Follow these steps to use Outlook PST file recovery software:

    • First of all, launch the software by clicking on Start >> All Programs >> Outlook Recovery
    • Now, to add PST files, which need to be recovered, click on “Add File”

    • Select the file by clicking on “Browse” button in a dialog box that pops up when you click on add file.
    • Click on “Advance Scan” mode to perform recovery from extremely corrupted PST file

add pst file

    • Next, click on “Add File” and start scanning process. Once it is done, click on “Yes” to save scanned files or “No” if you do not want to save them

scanning done

    • Now, choose the emails you want to export after the recovery process. Make a right click and select the option of “Export” to start export Outlook PST Files.

Export emails

    • To proceed further, apply filters and once you done all of this click on “Browse” option to choose the destination to store the files
    • The software pops up a success window once the process is completed. Now, click “OK” to finish the process.

  • Click on “Save As” to save the exported data.


Scanpst.exe is a free tool developed by Microsoft. Its main motive is to repair corrupted PST files in Outlook. However, as we have discussed, we cannot rely fully on Inbox Repair tool as sometimes Scanpst unable to repair PST file. Therefore, to overcome this limitation we have explained one of the best alternative method of Inbox repair tool I.e; Outlook Recovery, which gives the users guaranteed results.

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Microsoft Nigeria launch; reactions, praises and surprises.

Microsoft Nigeria launching underway!!!

Microsoft Nigeria launchRise of Technology Giant Stakes in Nigeria: Few moment before the launch of Microsoft Nigeria office at V.I. Civic Towers, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, earlier today.

It looks like the early days of imported gadgets and softwares that runs on them is edging to a corner with the current development in the field of technology across Nigeria, the largest technology importer in Africa till date. Microsoft, one of the largest technology services providers all over the world has deem it fit to commence its operation in Nigeria. The launch event which took place at  happening at Civic Towers at Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island has taken most Nigerians in the tech space by surprise. In fact, myself, I’m amazed!

But it is good news…

Now the time for the music.

While speaking, the managing director of Microsoft Nigeria assured Nigerians of creating job opportunity for capable citizens of the country.

“We have doubled our capacity in terms of human resource. We are scaling up our intership programme to get more young people in the ICT world. We’ll create more employment opportunities for capable Nigerians. At Microsoft, we want to enjoy enormous support from indigenous Nigerians.” – Kabelo Makwane, MD Microsoft Nigeria, said in his speech.

Microsoft Nigeria official launching

Meanwhile, Main One MD, Funke Opeke also has something good to say about this latest development. She congratulated Microsoft Nigeria on the choice of location where there are several other options they could have looked at.

For Temidayo Ogunniyi, he thinks Microsoft opening in Nigeria would open the door of opportunities for unemployed technologist in the country.

Praises  and concerns for Microsoft Nigeria launch.

Here are the other reactions from the social media to the news of Microsoft launching in Nigeria.

We’ll create more employment opportunities for capable Nigerians

What do you think about Microsoft Inc., coming to Nigeria technology space?

Business Windows 10

Top Windows 10 Apps for Top Business Productivity including Windows Hello, Passport & Others

After Windows 10 was released on July 29, a number of business users have begun showing interest in the software. Although released primarily as a consumer version with some business features built in, Windows 10 was downloaded on to 75 million PCs in the first month alone. At 5% of the PC market, 1.5 million of these downloads were by business users.

The business edition of Windows 10 includes a number of features designed to simplify the user experience, enhance productivity, and ensure the protection of personal and corporate data. Here are some of those features that make the Windows 10 experience easier for business users.

Windows 10 Apps That’d Ignite Your Business Productivity in 2016

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows Hello and Windows Passport

Windows Hello introduces users to a new, more secure way of logging in to their Windows 10. Using biometric authentication features, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition, Windows Hello allows users to eliminate using passwords, which can become lost, forgotten, or fall into the wrong hands.

Windows 10 security

To use Windows Hello, you will need certain hardware and technology. Facial recognition cannot be done on a typical webcam and requires more advanced services, such as the Intel F200 RealSense 3D camera. While these features are not currently standard with our devices, regular business use would make them a staple in future device developments.

Windows 10 security

Microsoft Passport works in conjunction with Windows Hello to give users access to other apps and online services without having to type in a password.

Virtual Desktops

One of the many features, for business users constantly operating multiple apps or switching programs, Windows 10’s Virtual Desktops allows you to split or group different open apps across a number of different desktops.

Instead of needing to use different monitors, Virtual Desktop keeps everything organized, open, and ready to use on its respective desktop.

Creating and using a new desktop is easy. Simply enter ”Task View” on your Windows 10 screen. In the bottom right hand corner, you’ll see a plus sign with the words “New Desktop” written below. Select to create a new desktop. Drag the apps you would like to hold on your new desktop into the designated space and you’re all set.

To switch between desktops, simply enter ”Task View.” Task View should allow you to see all the desktops you have currently operating. To move to a new desktop, just click on the one you would like to work in.

Windows Update for Business

Windows Update for Business is a system that makes it easier for business owners to manage updates. Right now, Windows Update for Business only has two features, Defer Updates and Windows Update Delivery Optimization, but more features will be added in the future.

Defer Updates allows business users to avoid updating their software for a few months. Windows Update Delivery Optimization allows you to get updates from other sources, making it easier to manage updates if you’re using a number of different computers or devices.

Enterprise Data Protection

Because companies recommend using one device for both business and personal use, users are storing a lot of personal and professional information on their cellphones and computers. Enterprise Data Protection will protect and encrypt any enterprise information for Windows 10 users.

Enterprise Date Protection allows users to view both personal and enterprise apps on the same screen, so user experience is not compromised. Marking an app as business will protect the personal apps from gaining information and access to anything labeled as enterprise.

Device Guard

Windows 10 securityDevice Guard is another protection service from Windows 10, in addition to Hello and Passport. Device Guard works to protect applications and programs from attacks by hackers who have already gained access to the device.

Device Guard provides business users with another level of protection that works in conjunction with traditional control technologies.

Credential Guard

Credential Guard is yet another level of protection against online and malware threats. Credential Guard works with Device Guard, but where Device Guard protects the actual device, Credential Guard protects the information within. If the device is compromised, Credential Guard will protect important information from falling in the wrong hands.

Mobile Device Management

Because business typically operates on a number of different devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablet, Mobile Device Management ensures that each user’s experience is as similar as possible.

The business version of Mobile Device Management includes features like multiple user management, control over Windows store and user groups, and management of virtual private networks.

Continuum for Windows Phones

Business users can find themselves needing computer capabilities at the most inconvenient times. With the addition of Continuum for Windows Phones, users will get a desktop PC experience on their smartphones. Through connecting a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, users can do almost everything on their smartphone that they could on a typical computer.

Additionally, users can continue using phone systems, like text messaging, while working on Continuum.

Operating System (Computer or Mobile)

New Security Features Introduced with Windows 10

Microsoft products are among the most used in the world, and because of their widespread popularity and use, these products are unfortunately often targeted by various types of threats and cyber-attacks. With the latest update released by Microsoft, Windows 10, users will benefit from having access to even more security features. With a closer look at what these are, you will see that these are features that you may want to benefit from by upgrading to the latest Windows version. Windows 10 security

Windows HelloWindows 10 security

If you are concerned about the vulnerability associated with using a password or a PIN, you may feel more secure using Windows Hello as a login function. Windows Hello uses biometrics, such as your fingerprint, your eye’s iris or your facial features, to identify you for login purposes. The actual user must be physically present in front of the computer in order to log in and use the features, but you will need to have a machine or equipment with biometric reading capabilities.

Windows PassportWindows 10 security

Windows Passport is another new feature available through Windows 10. It can work in conjunction with Windows Hello or a PIN to authenticate the user. Once the user has been authenticated, the user will have access to a full list of networks for finances, social media, business networking and more.

Device Guard Windows 10 security

One of the biggest threats that users of previous versions of Windows faced related to zero-day attacks. These are threats that have become immediately known and that the programmers have not yet had time to develop a fix for. The time immediately after this threat is introduced is the time when users are most vulnerable. Device Guard is effective at preventing zero-day threats because it blocks any enterprises, apps or software programs that are not deemed to be trustworthy. This is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive anti-virus program.

Windows Store: Trusted AppsWindows 10 security

Windows Store was first available for users using Windows 8, and it continues to be available for Windows 10 users. There are currently more than 206,000 trusted apps that are available for users to download through the Windows Store. This is very similar to Apple’s App Store, but the apps available through the Windows Store must be approved by Microsoft before they become available to you. Because of this, they are deemed to be safe to download. Because the Windows Store is a relatively new option available for Windows users, you may find that there are still some kinks and limitations available through these apps. Updates and new developments are expected to continue in coming years.

Secure Boot Windows 10 secure boot

The Secure Boot feature is not new to Windows 10 users, but some may think it is. This is a security feature that was previously available through Windows 8, but many people did not know that it was an option available for them to use because the feature was disabled and had to be manually turned on through Windows 8. This is a security feature that is designed to prevent malware attacks and rootkits issues during the booting process. It works by only allowing Microsoft and other software programs to load during a boot process. While this is a beneficial feature, you should be aware that Linux users may need to disable Secure Boot due to the fact that Linux is not an approved program.

Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 Microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge is the new default Internet browser available on Windows 10. It is designed to remove support for legacy technologies while also enabling integration with new technology, and this makes it lighter and more navigable. This browser essentially eliminates the security vulnerabilities associated with the Windows operating system. Every web page that is visited through Edge will run in an app container, which is deemed to be considerably more secure than the alternative. This works in conjunction with Passport technology for one-time authentication, and there are anti-phishing features in place as well.

Innovating security with new technological updates is crucial. With the new security features available in Windows 10, it will be difficult for cyber-attackers to find a blind spot to penetrate.


Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Debuts; Here’s the big Plan

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 debuts into the software market as the company struggles to become relevant in a world where more people increasingly rely on Smartphone, tablets and online information.

Windows 10 debuts with amazing apps aimed for top business productivity

No queue is expected as it used to be 20 years ago during the days of the Windows 95, but Microsoft expects tens or even hundreds of millions of people to download its latest software release free within the coming months. Microsoft is set for a global marketing campaign, like LG did with FlashMob awhile ago, to accompany this release – to reshape its own future and to reach out to vast audience of computer users globally.

The PC and tablet will be having the Windows 10 first, later to get on phones, game consoles, and even holographic headsets. Some of the new features to expect are the revamped Web browser called Edge and a desktop version of the sweet lady Cortana, in response to Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

The company still bank on the statement that the Windows 10 will seem familiar with the Windows 7 users, the 6 year old OS still running on most PCs. Seem Microsoft and PC makers is trying to erase the memory of the 2012 big update named Windows 8 which pretty look strange and unacceptable to PC users.

Microsoft jumped the name Windows 9, a way to further distant itself from the last release as many analyst believed the Windows 8 crashed PC sales worse than ever, it’s still on watch if the Windows 10 will spin the industry back to growth.

How does Microsoft Plans to distribute the Windows 10?

Microsoft has planned Wednesday to run promotional events across cites, attached to a global ad campaign and different charitable donations. Windows 10 will become downloaded immediately to about 5million people who enrolled in an earlier test program.

To anyone who has the Home or Pro versions of Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 as free download over the next year (except for the enterprise version used by big organizations). Many may not get it the first day, Microsoft will be delivering downloads in waves, to ensure the whole thing goes easy but hasn’t talked about how long that would take.

Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples and other retailers will have some desktops and laptops already pre-loaded with Windows 10.

Why is Microsoft Offering Windows 10 for Free?

The company is set to get the new OS to the hands of as many users as possible; Microsoft needs a crowd of users to convince developers that it is worth it building great apps for the Windows 10 devices. Microsoft also believes if more people are able to try out the latest and the best Windows in town, they may likely be convinced to try other Microsoft products on mobiles and PCs.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO has given himself a target of getting 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in 3 years. About 1.5 billion people are currently using some kinds of Windows according to Microsoft’s estimate, rather than charging them to upgrade as the company used to do, its employing the free download technique after Apple and Google’s legacy.

How will Microsoft make Money from the Windows 10?

PC makers that pre-install Windows 10 on their latest devices will still pay licensing fees. Up to recent years, most users have always waited until they bought new devices to get the latest Windows. Microsoft will also make money selling Windows and other software to enterprise users (big businesses and organizations).

More so, Microsoft is counting on Windows 10 to spur more use of other services. The Bing search engine belongs to Microsoft, the company makes money selling adverts for the engine; Windows 10 debuts with many apps that steer users to Bing. OneDrive cloud storage, Skype, and Office software are also Microsoft products, users will pay a premium to the company to use these products.

More features on Windows 10 to Wow Consumers

Microsoft claimed to have designed the Windows 10 for the way people use the computer today; faster web browser, features to makes it easy for you to start a task on PC and then switch to mobile device (Google and Apple has similar features on their software).

An upgrade on security, Windows 10 users will be able to log in with their face, iris or thumbprint, instead of cracking passwords, though this will only work on device that has the hardware.

Microsoft will still give technical support to Windows 7 user for the next five years, even though the Windows 8 is unpopular, but Microsoft’s guys is still on sit to phase out maintenance and security support till 2023 as it did with the older Windows XP, still, no need to panic about upgrading right away.

Why is the new Windows 10 innovation important to the tech industry?

Manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard and companies like Microsoft, Intel and others whose products are PC based has suffered fall in sales of PC due to growth in mobile devices.

Windows 10 won’t make people drop their hand-held device, but Nadella has strategized to reposition Microsoft for a world where people use multiple devices.

Toshiba’s consumer PC business fore runner Jeff Barney said the new software can’t be compared to the Windows 8 and will complement hardware advances in Toshiba’s latest releases, although it is not expected to have big rush at the store on Wednesday at the release but over time, there will be positive trend in sales Jeff believes.

The windows 10 is available in 190 countries today.

Operating System (Computer or Mobile)

Windows 10 Release, Microsoft finally wakes up from Slumber

Microsoft Inc is set to release its latest Windows OS; Windows 10 sometimes next month precisely July 29. An upgrade latest to the Windows 8.1

Let’s take a trip into what the Windows 10 will look like

Windows 10 release

Windows 10 has been designed to run on numerous form factors including; desktops, tablets, phones, convertible devices, the Xbox One, holographic headsets, Internet device stuffs and barebones computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

The new OS will run on all this devices taking only the user Interface (UI) as the difference.

One Windows 10 app across devices

Phones and Xbox One may not run legacy apps, but Microsoft has built the universal apps concept.

Even though the UI and hardware may be different for desktops, Xbox One, phone, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft has created a platform whereby developers can build one apps to run across all devices.

Microsoft showed off an example of this concept with its Outlook, Photos and Office universal app running on both phone and desktop during the previews. The universal app will change and reshape depending on the UI and input methods.

Another example Microsoft showed off is a news app featuring multimedia and articles on desktop and mobile, but revealing only video on Xbox One.

This is a really big ambition for Microsoft on the Windows 10 although the universal app game for them is a little late but finally developers have a reason to develop for the Windows OS.

Key Features of the Windows 10

New Start Menu

Microsoft has completely transformed the start menu on the Windows 10 OS; it is no longer full size like that of the Windows 8.1, the Windows Store apps is now embedded in the menu in form of live tiles.

Cortana Voice Assistant

Cortana is Microsoft’s new voice assistant that serves up information via text or voice. This is already a hit on the Windows Phone, but Microsoft has promised its launch for iOS and Android users.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Seem the Internet explorer is finally changing name, Microsoft Edge will be the substitute. Even at the beta, the browser is slick already, it has an offline reading mode, has ability to quickly make annotations, also Chrome/Firefox extensions are compatible.

Microsoft Continuum

If you use a convertible laptop or tablet, the Continuum mode dynamically adjusts your UI once you are changing from the laptop to tablet mode or vice versa.

The continuum mode on Windows 10 Phone is the most impressive; it will change to Windows 10 desktop style and scale up apps anytime you connect the phone to a TV.

Windows Hello

Microsoft has brief up security with the new Windows Hello, the feature offers biometric authentication in form of iris scanning or fingerprint reading anytime you are trying to login into the platform. This should make your device safer.

Xbox App

Xbox One users with the Windows 10 will be able to stream game from their console to a Windows 10 PC with the Xbox App. Gamers will be able to share footage and steam titles from their PC games.

Direct X 12: The Direct X 12 support will squeeze even more performance out of existing hardware.

System Requirement for the Windows 10

The requirement to install the Windows 10 is much more relaxed like the Windows 8.

1 GHz processor, 1GB RAM (2GB for 64-bit system) and 16GB storage disk, you ancient PC will conveniently run the operating system.

If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 device, you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 once it out.

Windows 10 Release Date

The new Windows 10 OS is set to release on July 29, upgrade is free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users till July 29 2016.

You can reserve your copy via the Windows icon on your system tray in the bottom-right corner or simply visit Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade page for more information.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

Microsoft and Nokia: Microsoft almost acquired Nokia before things fell apart and the deal broke

News broke out of Wall Street Journal proclaiming that Microsoft was on the verge of buying Nokia recently.Microsoft almost acquired Nokia

Things had been going on well between Microsoft and Nokia over few years now, when the Finnish phone maker announced its decision to employ the Windows Phone operating system to run its smartphone lineups. So many guesses came up that this union was tending towards acquisition, and as recently reported by WSJ, it almost became but the deal eventually fell apart.

The report says the negotiation began taking place immediately this month began, but eventually collapse at the end to an extend that the idea may never come up again, meaning that Nokrosoft or Microkia is not likely to come to reality anytime soon. The talk had gone so advance but eventually broke up due to financial issues faced by both Microsoft and Nokia.

It was written that Microsoft broke the deal prospect. Nokia has been rallying in the market and the Windows Phone is not yet making a good stand in the mobile OS market. Last quarter was not good enough for Nokia as it misses analyst expectations posting operating loss, though a much lesser than the report last year. Its sales had been declining over the years.

Microsoft and Nokia had been having a very good business rapport, and Microsoft was able to see and analyze that having a full merger or takeover is never good for the business health of both companies.

The next is to look out for where Microsoft is going on the smartphone business whether it will try to kick start its on its own like the surface tablet or to look for other partners like Nokia who will be able to work out good business plan with its mobile OS.

See alsoMicrosoft To Buy Nokia

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, a software conglomerate popularly known for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the number one productivity software called Microsoft Office Suite. The Microsoft Windows operating system has been a running power for most personal and commercial computers since the 80’s up to date.

Recently, due to the rising in competition in the mobile world and more demand for mobile devices than the PC, Microsoft came out to face the market with the Windows Phone which launched back in October 2010. The flagship was Windows Phone 7 and its successor the Windows Phone 8 launched a year after rocking the most recent smartphones in market as rival to the iOS and Android.

Nokia Corporation is a Finland based company who majors in mobile telephony; it manufactures mobile phones and portable IT devices. Around 1998 to 2012, Nokia was the largest mobile phone vendor, but for the past five years, it has suffered high market share declination due to the transformation that came to the mobile phone market with the Apple iPhone and Google Androids. Nokia seem to be sleeping and the rivals came to take over.

As a recovery strategy, Nokia partnered with Microsoft in February 2011 for its Smartphone lineups. Nokia replaced its Symbian OS with the Windows Phone so as to gain the smartphone consumer market. Some of the flagship product for the Windows Phone OS includes the Nokia Lumia 920, its successor Lumia 925 and Lumia 928.


Windows Phone Marketplace met over 75,000 published apps in 2012, says Microsoft

In the immense popularity of Android and Apple, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has been struggling to attract the customers. Microsoft is working very hard to make Windows Phone as the best mobile operating system. In its continuous efforts, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 with the intention of overtaking the popularity bars of Apple and Android. With the launch of Windows Phone 8, the two big challenges to Microsoft were to create a peak in sales graph, and to invite more and more developers to develop apps for Windows Phone 8. A huge crowd of Android apps is one of the major reasons for Android to be the best mobile operating system. That’s why Microsoft is working hard to make the Windows Phone Marketplace full with a plenty of apps, related to each category.

Well, the hard work always pays and has paid Microsoft as well. Microsoft revealed in a blog post that its Windows Phone Marketplace has met 75,000 new applications and 3,00,000 app updates in this year 2012. 54 is the count of downloaded apps per person. The Windows Blog writes:

Over the last year (2011), we have certified and already published over 75,000 new mobile apps and games and over 300,000 app updates. In addition to this, we have added another feature that let users tell us when they have concern about an app so as to report them.

Todd Brix, Microsoft’s Senior director for Windows Phone Marketplace said that Microsoft has been focusing on increasing the apps’ count in Windows Phone Marketplace and its direct investment has resulted in current strong position where the Windows Phone Customer buy or download more apps as compared to what it was after the launch of Windows Phone 7, two years back.

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A high density and diversity of apps is must for any mobile operating system. Windows Phone Marketplace has been struggling to stand in front of app stores of Android and Apple.But with this revealed info from Microsoft, it seems that Windows Phone Marketplace will give a tough competition to other mobile operating systems, in near future. Well, the developers only show interest if there is good possibility of revenue. Happily! Microsoft revealed in the same blog post that the revenue of esteemed developers is growing rapidly. It has increased up 40% in the 30 days since the SDK release. This much hike in revenue may be due to Christmas holidays and thus, may not be steady, but still, one thing is clear that Windows Phone Marketplace developers are now getting more money for their hard work, than what they ever had in developing apps for Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft is also paying attention to customer feedback so as to make the only best and useful apps to glow in Windows Phone Marketplace. Based on Customer Feedback, Microsoft found that 85 percent of users prefer to opt for apps with Live Tile functionality over other apps.

Windows Phone Marketplace is enjoying its golden period and is expected to touch the high clouds of success. The same Windows Phone Marketplace was seemed to be dead, but thanks to Windows Phone 8 and high-featured Windows Phone 8 smartphones to make the developers show interest in developing apps for Windows Phone Marketplace, and thus to bring smiles on faces of hard-working folks over at Microsoft.

The new year will bring more Windows Phone 8 devices, and thus this 75,000 count is expected to get doubled. Though we can’t say anything now; it would be great to let the ‘fast ticking time’ answer this.