Windows 8

Windows 8: Brand new features

Microsoft Windows 8 Features and Specifications


The reason behind success of personal computers single handedly goes to one company called Microsoft and its creator Mr. Bill Gates. The company alone has transformed this world into technology savvy. The company keeps on introducing latest software to cater to the needs of its users and tries to stay on top in the personal computer operating systems.

Windows 8
Windows 8


Moving Ahead

Very few people of this generation know about the Dos prompt that changed the world of computing and later on was followed by Windows. In the beginning the Windows were too slow but it was not the fault of Microsoft as the processing speed of these computers used to be very slow.

The path was paved with the launch of Pentium series and Microsoft introduced Windows 98. The product was a huge success and superseded all its previous models. Later on it was followed by famous versions like Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Now the ground is all set for the most inspiring and powerful windows till date called Windows 8.

Windows 8

As humans we always are looking for a change and something better. Microsoft knows this and they are also continuously evolving. With the release of all these new operating systems they have been sending out very strong signals to their competitors that Microsoft is still here and all set to dominate.

Recently on the 29th of February 2012 Microsoft launched the customer preview of their new operating system Windows 8. It is simply breath taking and no one in the market matches what they are offering or intends to offer.

Microsoft has taken a very bold step because for the very first time they have allowed the ARM microprocessors support to Windows 8. Previously Windows could only support the x86 and the AMD microprocessors. This alone will add miles to the performance of the operating system making it a force to reckon with.

The metro style layout which can be accessed by touch screen, ink pens and the mouse makes the interface very attractive and user friendly and this has always been Windows forte. A feature that is for the very first time removal of the conventional start button and instead of that a hotspot button has been entered. Something the whole world is getting excited about.

Windows 8
Windows 8


An awe aspiring feature is that one will be able to use Windows 8 via a usb. Yes this is correct, you don’t have to install into every single computer, just plug and play into any computer and thanks to the sky drive compatibility you don’t have to worry about data security or data loss. Just use your windows live id as an entry ticket.

Microsoft has also added Internet Explorer 10 with the windows 8. This explorer is tagged to be the gateway to super-fast internet access without any breakdowns or program not responding error.

In the end it is very hard to sum up all the functions, just check out the live preview and bedazzled by the magic Microsoft has just created.

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