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Microsoft Social Network is finally public, called

In the middle of the year was a move by Microsoft to create a social networking site that will contend with Google+, Twitter and the rest. Around May, Microsoft launched the pronounced “social”, which was initially offered only to students billed as an experiment in learning. You know what, the Microsoft Social network is finally out and open to the whole world to register., Microsoft social network

Microsoft Social Network, lets watch out it will go.

This service integrates Facebook and for now, it is considered as an experiment instead of being called rivals to other social platforms.

The new Microsoft Social Network thereby invites to create what is called “collages of content” with its Bing search engine technology as well as outside links, which could be shared with others.

As an user, you are able to identify people of same interest and same topics, monitor your associates’ feed and participate in video parties as the Microsoft Social Network members watch videos together, and making comment through the chat function.

You can sign in with your Facebook details, although the activities will not display on your Facebook pages except the option is activated.

A number of users can post just one image; others may collect several images familiar with the same topic in a method not completely creating collections on Pinterest.

Redmond says; the Microsoft Social Network, is an experimental research project with limited features which integrates search and social network for the purpose of making users express and share their ideas through rich visual collages, arranged by interest.

Maybe the Microsoft Social Network project is an experiment or not, it is already integrated in the new Windows 8 as one of the start screen default tiles.

When it first came out with the idea in May, Microsoft was trying to be corny in the presentation of the which looks more to be a design for students. But it looks so clear that Microsoft is trying to contend the Google’s social platform, Google+, which also integrates the social platform with its search engine. The only differences is that the Microsoft Social Network focuses on students and even encourages them to share content in a different fashion by making “Montages of visual web content”

They went as far as saying they expect students to associate with other social networks like Facebook to add with the new Microsoft Social Network.

Now in the form of Pinterest, the new Microsoft Social Network is now available to everyone to use.

News from Microsoft FUSE lab says it had redesign the to respond to people’s demand of how they had been using the social network. The homepage now displays people’s post created in either two or three columns. The public are now able to view all posts.

For now, it has not integrate any private interactions like the Facebook, or something like the Google+’s circles, but the beginning is tend towards communication.

As the “me page” displays your personal profile, the people’s hub on the new Microsoft Social Network allows you to others posts and profiles.

Microsoft is claiming that the may still go for a full launch, but that is after it has already collated all feedbacks from the public beta.

What do you think? Will Microsoft be able to stand Google+ and Pinterest in the shortest period of time?

Take a look at the new Microsoft social networking site is just

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