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Amazon-Magento Integration: How Does it Unleash Business Prospects 

Magento’s migration from version 1.0 to version 2.0 has provided a new impetus to the e-commerce store. Magento 2 provides superior and scalable performance with many more advantages. Amidst the various benefits, it includes its ability to integrate with extensions. The Magento-powered extension enables you to easily integrate your Magento store with the most popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart.

With every online entrepreneur looking to expand the business horizon, Magento-Amazon integration provides a viable opportunity to upsurge the product’s visibility amongst millions of customers. This is your chance to scale up business revenue and manage audiences across the globe.

But before we go into the details of how Amazon-Magento Integration will unleash a plethora of opportunities, let’s first set a successful Amazon-Magento integration process.Amazon-Magento Integration - How Does it Unleash Business Prospects  - TechAtLast

Magento-Amazon Integration Systems 

Various systems streamline the process of Magento-Amazon integration. All these systems make sure that Magento remains at the core central system. It mainly acts as a communication bridge between Amazon and Magento. The integration helps to update all information related to product data, inventory, and price levels. Thus, you can develop new listings. It also includes advanced features such as real-time Amazon’s automatic repricing tool.

Third-Party Inventory Management System 

The products listed in the third-party inventory system take center stage across all online sales channels. They are now the main product database that handles all orders. This can prove equivalent to Amazon-Magento integration as you can list your products both on Magento and Amazon. It also allows you to keep your stock up-to-date.

Synchronize Current Listing 

The next important factor that comes into play is synchronizing the existing listing. But when you are connected to your current listing, there are a few essential points to consider. For instance, if you are selling any product listed on Amazon by any third-party vendor, then you cannot change product data to a large extent. However, you can change prices and lower shipping costs to compete with other sellers.

In the second scenario, if you are the owner of Amazon product listing, you need to pay attention while connecting product listing with Magento. You need to make sure that Amazon data does not get overwritten with product details from Magento. If the listing gets overwritten, then there’s no chance of retrieving the data back.  Also, before the synchronization of product data, you need to ensure that all Amazon listing data is within Magento and mapped properly.

Create a New Listing 

The top Magento development company enables its customers to build Amazon listings using Magento data straight away. It means that users don’t have to take the difficult route of listing the product manually and then synchronize it with Magento. They just need to map the Magento fields containing product data.

Automatic Importing of Products 

With Amazon-Magento integration, you can automatically import Amazon orders into Magento. It also allows you to update your sales channels with the available stock.

Major Advantages of Amazon-Magento Integration 

Now that we have discussed the Amazon-Magento integration set up process, let’s highlight how this integration will boost your business prospects.

Saves a Lot of Time 

One of the biggest plus points of Amazon-Magento integration is that it helps you to save a lot of time. You can focus on other core aspects of the business. You don’t have to manage two different platforms on a separate note but concentrate your attention on a single integrated solution. You can upload and manage all your products and inventory using one dashboard.

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

Since you are saving a lot of time due to Amazon-Magento integration, you can dedicate more time to framing customer-centric business strategies. As the competition gets stiffer, the drift in fulfilling specific customer needs is gaining prime importance. You can provide more loyalty programs, attractive discounts, and rewards to increase web traffic towards your site. 

The Benefits of Amazon Fulfilment 

Online web stores can leverage Amazon fulfillment solutions such that they don’t have to manage shipping and logistics. Moreover, you can view what orders are getting synchronized and added to the admin panel by Amazon integration services. Thus, you can see all the information and details related to the product, mode of payment, and shipping option, all in one place.

Improves Product Visibility 

It is extremely important for any web store owner to increase product visibility to generate more organic traffic. Amazon-Magento integration provides you with the scope to reach out to a wider target audience. Amazon is one of the most popular and extensively used marketplaces with more than 300 million customer bases.

The Last Thoughts 

While Magento Development Services integrates with Amazon’s marketplace, it allows web stores to reap various benefits. Online retail stores can save both time and money. Also, they can reach out to more customers. Magento-Amazon integration simplifies the business process.

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The Familiarity of the Magento Experience and its impact on eCommerce Business

Of all the software packages out there that can be used to build ecommerce websites, Magento has established itself as arguably the most popular of all. Now used in millions of websites all over the world, Magento is involved in the creation of about 1 percent of all the websites on the worldwide web. Magento is thus the favoured solution for many ecommerce entrepreneurs and the intuitive features and functionality that Magento ecommerce offers have now become familiar and valued to business people the world over.

The Impact of Magento CMS on eCommerce business

So how has Mangento established itself as such a favored eCommerce solution? One of the primary reasons for this is that Magento has addressed the needs of all ecommerce entrepreneurs whatever their budget and requirements. While other competitors and particularly proprietary software has perhaps served the large corporate sector well, Magento’s two distinct versions has ensured that it has tapped into this market significantly, but also not neglected the value of small and medium enterprises.

Magento has also been particularly praised for the simplicity of its set-up and feature set. You don’t need to be an IT expert to get the most out of Magento, far from it, getting your ecommerce site up and running quickly is painless with Magento, meaning that you can start making money with minimal initial outlay.

Magento Top Advantages

However, despite the ease of use of Magento, the software by no means scrimps on the features packed into the software. Magento is optimised to guarantee the maximum quality of user experience, enabling ecommerce site owners to build websites that increase sales conversion and average order values rapidly. Magento makes full use of Google Analytics and the most advanced marketing and site monitoring tools available, meaning that it not only helps you build your website, but also monitor, measure and improve its effectiveness going forward.

The open-source nature of Magento also makes it a very flexible and adaptable piece of software. Ecommerce entrepreneurs who require a particularly customisable platform for their business have really relished Magento’s flexible feature set. And because the program is open source, those ecommerce businessmen and women who are particularly IT literate have been able to adapt its source code for their own particular needs.

It is recognized by ecommerce entrepreneurs worldwide that Magento is also the ideal package to grow with the needs of a business as its scope expands. This means that the software can adapt and integrate perfectly with the future direction of a business, another big factor in the Magento success story.

Magento Performance

Another major concern for a lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs is security. There are massive issues related to Internet security, and while these are often overblown and generally the Internet is no less secure to shop with than a high street store, these issues must nevertheless be addressed. Customers must be able to accessyour ecommerce store and know that their private and personal information is secure.

Magento has been a market leader in this department as well. The Magento package is well known to offer one of the best and most advanced security packages among ecommerce site building software, with data backup and payment gateways among the best in the industry.

It is this sort of quality that has seen Magento being purchased by Ebay. The fact that such a legendary ecommerce name has swooped to acquire Magento shows how well recognised its qualities have become.


The quality ecommerce package that Magento delivers hasn’t gone unnoticed among consumers either, quite the opposite. Magento has built up a massive reputation since it was first released in March, 2008, and today millions of entrepreneurs have become familiar with its features.

This is one of the best arguments for signing up for Magento. Its vibrant forum and community of dedicated users can share their knowledge and familiarity with Magento’s features with all new customers, making the transition to building your own ecommerce store as easy as possible.

Magento has established itself as the major creative player in the ecommerce marketplace. Millions are familiar with its features now, and this number will only grow as more and more businesses pick up on the exceptional feedback and buzz that Magento has created among its millions of loyal customers.

Stuart Gonsal is the co-founder and managing director of Lava Digital Agency, a boutique web design, development and digital strategy agency in Melbourne. Stuart believes in collaboration and that people and ideas are at the heart of every successful project. Follow Stuart on Linkedin, Google+ or visit at