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What Is White Label Link Building to Search Engine Optimization?

Link building has been a basic tenet of SEO (search engine optimization) since the dawn of the internet, and it remains just as important today for anyone who wishes to market their brand online.

Whether you’re trying to establish your new online business or increase the popularity of your blog, you need to know how to build up links. It’s always possible to take link building courses or pursue link building services, but it’s still important to understand the basic principles involved.

What Is White Label Link Building to Search Engine Optimization
White label link building is an act of generating links to a web page from other established entity on the internet in order to build your brand identity.

Understanding white label link building

Every online venture needs clear goals and an overall strategy. But what is a link building strategy? It may sound simple, but generally, the only strategy you need is to create link-worthy content. This is any content that will be useful to your audiences, such as information, entertainment, or educational content.

It’s unlikely that you have any plans to write content your audience can’t use, but having good content is just part of the battle. People have to be able to find it. This is where white label link building services can come in. While the title might sound complex, white label link building is simply the practice of linking to web pages that are built by another source and applied to your brand identity.

To put it another way, a white label link building deal would involve a small business purchasing links from an outside agency which then creates content relevant to the business, and the business would then use this content however it sees fit. Such services are often referred to as “link building packages” or “custom link building”.

Advantages of white label link building

For brands, the biggest appeal of white label link building is that it offers the ability to greatly expand their scope and influence without dedicating any new and costly infrastructure.

With such enterprise link building services, virtually any brand can boost their SEO efforts affordably. A major reason for small businesses to pursue white label packages is that they’ll get the service of SEO outreach experts who can build links for nearly any brand, no matter how specific.

These services generate high-quality backlinks using only white hat techniques. This basically means using only techniques approved by Google and other major search engines to improve your site’s rankings and increase your web traffic. These techniques are the only ones that will work in the long term, and they’re your best bet to improve your DA (Domain Authority).

Of course, since you’re hiring SEO specialists, you can also expect white label links in a timely manner. While it’s never a good idea to rush SEO efforts, you’ll be working with people who have likely seen the kind of content you need to produce before, and they should have no trouble creating more.

Choosing an agency

You’ll likely see anyone who offers link building services claim that they offer “high quality” links. But what does that really mean?

Fortunately, there are some ways you can discern the quality of a link building service you’re interested in. A high-quality service should be willing to study your anchor text (your text containing a link) and link spreads to ensure a distribution that search engines will read as positive.

Depending on your goals, it’s also important to look at their publication statistics. Some agencies will focus on higher DA, while others may focus on higher social engagement. Above all, you’ll need to pursue the service that best fits you and your needs.

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Content Based Link Building Strategy and Why it is Important in 2017

Link Building is the process of improving the search engine rankings of your page by getting other websites and blogs to link to your webpage. Search engines decide where your web page should be placed in the search results by crawling the web looking for links between your web page and others by deciding how valid your content is. This tells us how important good quality content is when it comes to link building. When we say good quality content, it doesn’t just imply one loaded with keywords, but something of a top notch article or blog which is fully equipped to establish links to your web page. The reason is simple. It’s only this kind of top quality content that gets shared.

Quality content brings value to businesses by helping in building quality links. Good content containing authoritative links combined with lot of links coming back to the web page is an index of validity and popularity of the web page. Consider it just like a voting system. More number of votes go to a solid trustworthy candidate. In the current day, inbound marketing has become more important than ever.

Top Strategies of 2017 for Link Building via content

Content Based Link Building Strategy
The impact of content based link building strategy is the process of improving the search engine rankings of your business website through recommendations from other related platforms cannot be quantified. It is like people or institutions vouching for your services.

Creating Linkable high quality content:

Here is what high quality content looks like. First off, it must have accurate and up-to-date information which is derived from extensive research. It should be able to reach its target audiences by bringing something of value to them. The content should be impeccably well written. It should be well fed with content forms like images, graphs, infographics and videos. This is what makes your content stand out of the crowd.


Especially in a medium like Twitter or Pinterest, infographics are a link treasure. They can help you build authoritative links from expert sources online. They get shared easily and invite a lot more attention than written content. Avail yourself such privilege to get the right attention for a free!


An eBook is like a lead magnet. Offer an eBook for an email address and you have yourself a lead to continue in conversation with any time you want. Building your email list alone could guarantee you a bulldozer loads of traffic to your website.

You’re in charge and you can email whenever you feel like contacting these group of loyal fans and indeed, they’re eagerly waiting for your emails.


They work so well in social media and always invite a lot of hits. Try to implement it into your marketing strategies and see what comes out of them.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Videos are a dominant and effective form of content marketing. Some SEO experts have testified to the fact that content marketing alone account for the largest majority of their website visitors. Why spending so much on PPC or paid advertising when you can easily leverage different link building techniques above to rank above your competitors for free?

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging with the sole intention of getting back links is spam. Neither should you be paying blog networks for guest posts. The content on your web page itself must be able to bring value to your niche. It should be influential and beneficial to the user. When your website has such valuable content, others in the same niche will want guest posts from you. When this happens, even if you do not get links, your brand has been built. 

Utilise Social media channels:

Use tags to get better results. It increases the social signals by using highlighted content. Read How to Utilise Social Media Correctly, to get the MOST OUT of your Brand if you want to have an understanding of maximizing social media effectively for your business this year. The article is fully packed with ideas and tips for success.

Create Educational content:

Which ever industry you are targeting, make sure you give them valuable educational content which they can use. You can also utilise alumni sections that offer profile links for this purpose.

Content for new Blogs and Communities:

This works just like the barter system. If you have good content you can also offer it to starters in your niche. Offer the something that can benefit the both of you. As they grow the back links you provided them with will also benefit you. 

Reaching Out to Bloggers and Influencers:

First of find out who is sharing hot content in your niche and then reach out to them. You could either do this by making a mention about them on a piece in your page or you can reach out to them and ask for a mention of you on their page. Mentioning an influencer increases the credibility of your content. You can also get top bloggers/ influencers to review your product or service. this not just gives you backlinks but also provides valuable information about your product and creates awareness. 

Get Interviewed:

Getting interviewed by industry related publications or websites is a great way to promote your brand. Find out what the audience of these publishers is looking for and provide them the same. Give a brief opinion and get quoted on a relevant topic. 

Utilise Broken Links:

Reach out to websites with broken links. Offer the link to your web page to replace the broken link. 

Skyscraper Content:

Content based Link Building leverages the content that is already getting links. This is the kind of content that gets shared. Find out the top performing content in your niche and add more value to it. Share your link with people reaching out to this content. 

Use Discussion Forums:

Platforms like Zomato and Tripadvisor are very effective in driving a lot of traffic to their website. Getting listed here or by partnering with top reviewer platforms can help you go a long way in building backlinks. 

The importance of content in link building cannot be denied. It is the most effective strategy for back linking if done well. With the rat race between growing competition and emerging start-ups, content based link building can go a long way in giving your business the required edge and exposure.


5 Effective Ways To Win In Blog Outreach; Actionable Steps to Win Big in Blog Outreaching

Content Marketing (or call it blog outreach) is one of the most effective tools in improving traffic and page ranking nowadays. The tactic includes guest posting, where an author (mostly ghostwriters) write for their target blog or websites as a guest or a contributor.

Guest posting started a new trend in content marketing ever since Google announced content as one of the primary criteria for search engine optimization. It had become a craze that everyone tried to do. Unfortunately only a few succeeds. Below are the five basics of blog outreaching with the spices to win.

Actionable Steps to Win Big in Blog Outreach…

Actionable Steps to Win Big in Blog Outreach...
Winning Big in Blog Outreach: Effective content marketing strategy is one of the most effective tools in improving traffic and creating awareness. Guest Posting is one of the main-driver of content marketing, where an author write for another websites as a guest or a contributor in exchange for link juice.

Carefully Pick Your Target Blog Owners

In the process of picking blog owners, you must carefully consider their Domain Authority (DA), Traffic, Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) you can also add all necessary SEO standards you may want to add, but most depend on these four basic rules to make things simpler.

The main responsibility of a Blog Outreach is to link building, and in doing this, you want to have links that are from reliable, established blogs on their specific niches. You certainly want your great content to have as much exposure as possible, but you don’t want to compromise the quality of the link. So make sure your target blogs meet all the necessary requirements.

Customize Your Sheets

In gathering blogs, you must have a comprehensive sheet that allows personalized email blasting later on. This means that you must have a customized sheet, allowing you to list all the necessary information such as; (1) Name of Blog Owner, (2) Title/s and Link/s to their previous article that you want to relate to your pitch, (3) Link to your own blog that relates to the article you also linked, and (4) if possible add their emails.

You may think that this will make your sheet quite messed up, but you will all see the beauty of this later on. Make sure that you get this information right because you will need this on the next step.

Personalized Email Blasting

This is the reason why you want to customize your sheet. Nowadays, blog outreach is no longer new, and most of the blog owners would only see your email on their spams. So how do you get your emails acknowledged?

The answer is to go personal. Avoid looking so spammy in your email. Make your subject line catchy, personal and controversial. One example to this is to have the name of the blog owner on the subject line, that will give an impression that the sender is probably an acquaintance even though your email is not familiar to them.

If you don’t have their names personally, you can put the title of their recent published article on the subject line. It sounds like crack, but it works.

Avoid using words that are so fancy sounding, if you find the first two samples time consuming, you can also just directly tell them your intention- just cut to the chase. As blog owners who have high traffic, they are so used to receiving emails from blog outreach managers who want to have a guest post on their website.

It’s not something new, so chances are they receive hundreds if not thousands of emails everyday. Making your subject line unique and personal gives you an edge over others who just sent their emails in bulk. This may consume time, but as they say, “slowly, but surely.”

Include Links to Your Already Published Articles and Blog

As mentioned in the second step, include a link to their recently published article in your email, this gives them an idea that you went to their site, showing them genuine interest on doing guest posting.

If your subject line tells them you like their recent article, make sure to add that to your email text. If you want to go the extra mile, add a link to one of your blog posts that relates to theirs. Not everyone does this, so you’re going to stand out.

After establishing genuine intention, pitch your article idea and ask them for any article they might like to have on their blogs. If you state their direct benefit right away, they will surely be waiting for it. You can also tell them you have content ready and ask them if they want to check it out.

Maintain a Reliable Social Media Profile

Do not forget to maintain a reliable social media profile. This is basic, but some people fail to keep this in mind. Places like Facebook, Pinterest, TwitterKlout and LinkedIn are just a few of the social media avenues you can freely take advantage of.

Because of familiarity, blog owners want to see your genuine intention to have a guest post on their website. They also want to make sure they are talking to real people, having a social media account they are assured that you exist and that you’re a real expert in that field.

Your first strategy is to build a genuine relationship with blog owners. Adding a link to your social media account on your ending signature is a total plus!

Send Great Content

This is where everything boils down to. The content you send should be the content you agreed to send to them, and it should be fresh, not a rehashed, generic topic that doesn’t talk specific samples.

Try to question the prevailing trend and create a good headline. This is the writer’s responsibility, but if you give the writer the exact parameters of the article, your chances of getting a live guest post are higher.

Before sending your content make sure that the text and the pictures being used have copyright permission.


There’s no secret to successful blog outreaching; it’s just a matter of great communication and keeping to what you said you are going to do.

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7 Social Media Strategies to Maximize your Brand’s Awareness

With business companies turning to SEO agencies to handle all matters concerning social media, it’s safe to say that SEO agencies have upped their game. With temperatures on the rise, it’s easy for a recent hot Internet trend to soon seem outdated. Companies are now turning to social media to help provide that extra, refreshing boost to business websites as well as personal blogs. This fierce competition has inspired even more innovative and unique ways to advertise for your brand. The following points may be of great use if you wish to increase your page’s views.Social media For Business

100% fresh

If your business strategy is to jump on the social media bandwagon, then you need to make sure that your content is completely authentic and fresh. Remember, there are a thousand others, just like you, blogging out there. What makes your page so special? Optimization of your site should be your no.1 focus. If you’re unclear about how to go about it, then call an SEO agency. Reputed firms like Good Monster, a search engine optimization agency and many others are always equipped with the latest trends and strategies to help assist you.

Links, links, links!

Linking your YouTube video to your main landing page can make all the difference. A Facebook fan page can divert a visitor to your YouTube channel which will eventually land the viewer to your website. It’s all linked. This cycle is bound to create a buzz in the social media scene, making people more aware about your brand.


Coordinating all your pages will help your potential customers identify your brand better. Match your site colors to your YouTube channel, use similar fonts, link your Instagram account photos to Facebook. This will help capture the attention of your visitors eventually drawing them closer to your brand’s website.

 Tic tac toe

As your goal is to make your brand’s name reach out far and wide, it’s understandable if you want to use only the big names to advertise for your brand. Being picky about advertising only on the best social media platforms will help gather positive buzz for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all big names in the industry. They could serve as your tools to get the word out.

Connect with your content

Any form of social media, from the best used apps to the least utilized, are connected with through a screen. You need to make sure that you are staying connected with your followers, subscribers and visitors, daily. As most people use cellphones as their most convenient means of communication, optimize your website for small screen usage.

Local Search

An increasing number of people use local search applications to find out salons, restaurants, bars etc that are located in close proximity. These location-based apps can trigger your search engine rankings. By increasing the likeliness of a potential customer browsing through your brand’s name, local-apps play a big part in creating awareness for your brand.

Build your brand

Social media marketing can open an array of opportunities for you and your company. By increasing your access to people and organizations, your brand grows further by building new partnerships and strategies with more companies.

It is all of these numbers that you gather in the virtual world through likes, shares and re-tweets which will play a big role in spreading your brand’s awareness in the real world.


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More Tips on Choosing an SEO Company to Work With

There is no shortage of options when it comes to SEO companies around Canada. You can always find a suitable one to hire regardless of your budget and need. Choosing the right one to hire, however, is still very important, especially if you want to have an effective SEO campaign boosting your online presence.

SEO Flow Chart

There are a number of additional tips you can use when choosing an SEO company to work with. We have outlined some factors you can consider in choosing an SEO company for your next online branding and marketing project.

Relevant Experience

You would normally ask for information on past projects and references when comparing SEO companies. This is a good first step to take when you are looking into SEO companies to hire.

Take a step further and review the past projects that looks similar, or at least relevant, to the site you will be promoting. If you have an online store, for instance, working with an SEO company that has plenty of experience doing internet marketing for ecommerce is a good way to start.

Relevant experience is more than just about the same industry. Review the tools, marketing instruments and other elements of the campaigns the company has handled in the past to get a clear picture of what to expect when working with the SEO experts.

Local SEO and Social Media

Local SEO is the hottest trend in SEO right now. If you are targeting a local audience, focusing on local SEO is simply a must. You can get a much better set of results without having to pour a lot of time and money into the campaign. You can achieved this by working with a Canada-based SEO company that has sufficient experience in local SEO campaigns.

The same goes for social media. Social media is an inseparable part of a successful internet marketing campaign. The available social networks are also great for boosting the site’s presence and SEO performance. Ask about the companies’ experience in handling social media pages and campaigns before deciding the best one to hire.

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Cost and Benefits

We naturally compare SEO companies based on the quotes they present us. Make sure you compare the quotes not only based on prices or the bottom lines, but also on the services, add-ons, tools and bonuses you get in return.

Let’s say an SEO company quotes you $500/month for a full SEO service, while the other quotes you $700/month. At first glance, the first offer seems to be more effective. Drill down a bit deeper and you may find the second offer to include access to premium SEO tools, additional reports and advertising credits. If this is the case, the $700/month plan is actually more valuable, despite the more expensive price.

By focusing on cost and benefits, you will get the best value for your money. Bonus advertising credits, for instance, can be used to jump start your own SEM campaign. Promoting products and services will be much easier to do with the right marketing tools at your disposal. Additional services, on the other hand, can help complete the SEO campaign altogether.

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10 Link Building Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Good backlinks that point to your website will improve your website ranking, while bad links that point to your website will lower your website ranking. You have to be careful in placing your link online because not all places are safe for link building.

Best 10 Link Building Techniques That will Send More Traffic to Your Blog This Year
Link Building Tips

Here are 10 link building tips to improve your search engine ranking:

1. Avoid using link farms

Link farms are low quality websites with low quality content. Those websites usually made to spam the search engines. Avoid using link farms in your link building effort. This will only hurt your search engine ranking.

2. Use targeted keyword as anchor text

Your anchor text is important to boost your rank for certain keyword. Be sure to use appropriate keyword as your anchor text.

You must use better keywords in your post with good keyword research

3. Interlinking between content

You shouldn’t forget that internal link building will also help you to improve your website rank. By interlinking between relevant content in your website, you will be able to improve your rank effectively. An effective link building will consist of internal and external linking.

4. Link baiting

There is this term in link building that you should understand. Link baiting means attracting natural links to your website without any additional effort on your part. People will place link to your website simply because they find the information on your website valuable. The method of link baiting is simply creating valuable and high quality content that will help people solve their problem. As a result, people will link to this content in your website naturally.

Link baiting

5. Avoid linking to 404 page

There is something in link building that is called dead links. Dead link means the link that goes to non-existent page or 404 page. This type of link should be avoided because Google will lower your website rank if there are too many websites linking to your 404 page. This is equally true if you are linking to 404 page. So, whether you have incoming or outgoing links, be sure to avoid linking to 404 page.

6. Make use of social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon or Digg will help you to boost your website ranking quickly. Those websites have very high page rank, and many of the links from those websites will appear on Google first page within few days.Social Bookmarking Sites and Social Media planning is the best answer to help your site ranked well on Google

7. Link only from relevant content

There is one rule of link building that you must adhere. It is relevancy. Search engines will regard your links as legitimate links if those links are placed in relevant websites. So, for example, if you have a website about pet care, you should place your link in relevant pet care websites, not websites about weight loss or fashion.

8. Get high PR links

Website page rank is something that you need to consider in your link building effort. If you can place links on high PR websites, your links will have more weight in the search engines. If you want to improve your website rank quickly and effectively, placing your links in high PR websites is the best strategy you can use.

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9. Establish yourself in related forums

Links from forums will help you to boost your website rank in the search engine. Once you have at least 1000 posts in any forum, it means that you will have at least 1000 links pointing to your website from that forum. Not to mention that those links have higher credibility because you’ve already established yourself as expert in that forum (your forum credibility will usually be determined from the number of posts you have). It needs time to establish credibility in forums, but once you do that, traffic will come to your website constantly.

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10. Use article directories

Why use article directories? That’s because article directories are the best places to leave easy links to your website. You are only required to submit 400 words article to those directories and you will have active links coming to your website within few days. There are hundreds of article directories that you can use. Those websites usually have fairly high PR, so you can count on the link quality from those websites. If you intend to use article directories for link building, be sure to use as much article directories as possible.article directories

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Those are 10 link building tips to give you better result in your link building efforts. The key of successful link building lies in the quality of your link. If it comes from relevant and authoritative source, your link will have strong value for the search engines position. On the contrary, if it comes from irrelevant and low quality source, your link will be considered spam link, and it can lower your search engine ranking. So, follow the tips above to place your link properly for maximum result.