Firefox 8 coming with built-in Twitter search

firefox 8 releasedMozilla is going to release the latest version of its browser called, Mozilla Firefox 8 browser, Tuesday. The soon-to-be-released browser will arrive with the new integration of Twitter as the default search option which will lets users to scan the social network site from the browser search box without stress.

The new browser has leaked onto the web through a links to Mozilla’s FTP servers, but the company has warned users against downloading the browser until its official launch as the current build is still undergoing testing.

According to Mozilla, the new Firefox 8 will no longer have support for the third party add-ons for now by default setting so that it can make it easy for browsers to work faster and even become more secure.

The Firefox support page says, “sometimes Firefox addons are installed automatically by other programs like security software without your knowledge. These third party addons often add little value and can slow down or even harm Firefox.”

“With the latest Firefox update, we made an attempt to disable some of these add-ons so you can enjoy a faster browsing experience. If you want to keep these third-party add-ons all you have to do is re-activate them.”

The new version will also have the option that lets users restore previous browsing sessions in case it crashes or if it closed unexpectedly. Firefox 8 will let the user restore each tab the person want instead of restoring them at all once which might even slow down the browser. But, by opening it one after the other, it will make the browser works faster the restore.

However, Firefox 8 beta have support for cross-origin resource sharing, a W3C recommended method for sharing cross-site content in a more secure way – especially WebGL graphics content, which has been the focus of warnings about potential harm.

For the benefits of developers, the new Firefox 8 comes with supports for HTML5 media elements for audio and video content, with the ability to add items to the right-click menu option using HTML5 markup language.

Mozilla Firefox 8 is going to be released exactly six weeks after the previous version, and also, the alpha release of Firefox 9 is already available.


Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta Download Available with Direct Link

firefox-8-betaMozilla has just announced the availability of its Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta, saying, this latest Mozilla version will make ‘browsing more convenient’.

It is now clear that Google Chrome is now giving Mozilla web browser the toughest challenges that will make it uneasy even after fighting against the Microsoft’s IE.

The latest feature of the Mozilla Firefox 8 beta:

Secure and innovative

Mozilla says, the latest Mozilla firefox beta “put together features and user interface elements that will make net browsing easier and faster and the tools that will help developers build more secure and innovative Web experiences.”

The new beta version includes the arrival of Twitter as the default search option, restoring tabs on demand, that will gives users to option refresh tabs when they are selected – and animated tab movement.

Also on the update list is enhanced control of add-ons, HTML5 native right click menu, WebSockets updates and the integration of HTML5 media elements.

Click the link here to download the beta version of the Mozilla Firefox 8.

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