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Justin Foley’s The Most Exclusive Website Allows only One Visitor at A Time

The most interesting thing about the internet is that, when a document, video, or a website is published, it has the chance for hundreds, thousands even millions of people to view it at a time, this is great, wonderful and beautiful for brands and product launches, it is irony to light a lamp and drop it under a bushel.

Justin Foley created the most exclusive website

However, Justin Foley has decided otherwise, his website does the opposite, only allows one visitor at a time – The Most Exclusive Website (

Truly, this is what is called exclusive; only one visitor is allowed to get in at a time and can only stay on the website for 60 seconds as others are waiting on queue.

So, what’s exclusive about Justin Foley’s website? Nothing really!

According to The Washington Post interview with Justin Foley, he said

“It just sort of came to me. The Internet was designed to be open and accessible; what if I made a website that was the antithesis of one of the defining qualities of the Internet?”

While no one is sure what the content of the website is, Justin Foley hinted it might just be a photo of a cat, which is no doubt one of those things that is the internet’s favorite, but don’t believe this yet, feel free to queue up and get in if you are so inclined.

I personally tried to get in, but I was impatient and couldn’t even wait for the ticket page to load up like you see on that image above.

An engadget writer was able to get a ticket number 113,664 but has 3,662 people on queue ahead of him, you can do the maths – Justin Foley’s craziness. He was impatient like me and gave up, closing the page to get a queue for another time.

Over 300,000 people have tried queuing up to enter since Tuesday, but only 55,000 was able to get a pass, a lot of people eventually give up – Justin Foley has successfully created a psychological patience test. Some Reddit users claim to have queued for 8 hours; Justin Foley has stated he would make an exception if President Obama makes a request to throw a visit.

“Although if President Obama called and asked for an exception. I’d certainly consider it.”