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JPG To Word Conversion: Why Converting a JPG Image to Word Document?

JPG to word document conversion, is it really possible? Yes!

In case you ever need to convert a JPEG image into a word document without necessarily going through the hectic data entry process, then you need to know that there are now plenty of software available that can perform this task. However getting a reliable software is not as easy you may think. As an end user, you have two options, either get an online OCR conversion service or find an OCR software that would do the trick.

So how will I be able to convert my JPG to Word document?

Using any free JPG to Word conversion software, you can be able to carry out this conversion process hassle free. With this particular software, you do not need to carry out the same work again saving you time and effort.

What is an OCR software?

OCR is Optical Character Recognition. This is basically a computer software that is able to digitize several file formats that include JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, BMP, and PDF, converting them into an editable version such as word or HTML. Due to the growing needs for converting JPG to Word document, there’s a growing customer and user base for publishers of this particular software – they are growing rapidly by the day.

Advantages of JPG to Word Software

Once the OCR software has completed the conversion process, then you are able to get the converted file into your computer in a readable form. With this particular file, you will be able to edit the text into your desired format with all kinds of word processors such as Microsoft Word. You will also be able to integrate this converted file with any web page, use compression tools, email and compress the file in less space. You will also be able to use speech synthesizers or screen readers to decode the file and read the text in it.

GUI of the JPG to Word Software
GUI of the JPG to Word Software displaying amazing features such as ability to edit PDF files, convert images and others to an editable MS Document or other word processing applications, etc.


With JPG to Word Converter software you are able to secure your files using password protected watermark. This will enable the user to limit illegal distribution of the files once the documents are watermarked and password protected, ensuring that no one can illegally view or copy the converts of your document.

Input Image Preview

The JPG to Word converter ensures that the user is able to preserve text, tables, and graphics. This particular software is able to retain the logical structuring and formatting of the elements in a single as well as a multi-page document. The software has the ability to recreate correctly and reorganized complicated layout outputs formats such as legal documents, tabled documents, faxes, and graphics, photos that have been captured with both digital and mobile phone cameras.

Select Output Format

The JPG to word converter is able to detect and correct orientation, the rotation, skew and tilt in input images and pdf files. Not only is it able to detect the rotation or the orientation, but this software also has the ability to correct them. You will also be able to reconstruct broken text and characters using the software to provide better accuracy and recognition.

Which JPG to Word Software can I use?

In order to get the best JPG to Word Converter, you will need to be a bit picky. Though almost all the JPG to word converters work in the same way, the difference exists in the quality of their output. However, in case you would like to have your own copy of the JPG to word software, you could follow this link JPG to Word Converter.

A video tutorial of the JPG to Word software is embedded below.

The JPG to Word Converter software is available on Softonic website at and the publisher also make it available on their website.