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How to Follow Your Passion without Quitting Your Day Job

At the outset, let’s state this fact clearly. Quitting your day job to follow your passion is easy. However, following through comfortably with what you love to do while sustaining yourself enough to live a good life is definitely not.

Even though you see people handing in their resignation letters every day to follow their dream, there is so much in the background that you do not see. You’ve seen your colleague leave his well paying IT job for a career in travel photography. But do you know how much effort really went into making a bold decision like that?

Letting go of a reliable source of income for a dreamy idealistic career related to your passion without a safety net is childish at best. This is not to say that you should never follow your passions. You have to weigh the costs between both streams and understand a realistic way to transition into the one that you are hopeful about. A corporate HR manager cannot expect to get paid for his paintings the very day after his resignation. It is crucial for you to build yourself up strongly in your dream career while not affecting the day job that that helps you pay your bills. This also ensures that you don’t end up penniless and start hating your passion for not being able to support and sustain you.

Here are a few steps you can follow to pursue your passion without quitting your day job until you can be confident of making the switch eventually.

You Can Follow Your Dream While You’re Still On The Payroll; Don’t Quit Your Job Yet!

How to follow your passion - Step to combining your passion and job.
How to perform at optimal pace while at the same time follow your passion. Combining your passion and job is doable with actionable steps explained below.

Finding Your Passion

It is easy to find your passion and most likely you are already aware of it. People who haven’t found it, can ask themselves this simple question. What is it that you love doing? What makes you come alive, sets your soul on fire and makes you feel content. Is it food, Travel, Photography or Writing? Ask yourself this question and you will have a resounding answer. If you’ve already found your passion, then the answering this question will leave no room for doubt.

Making Time for It

It is important for you make your passion a more important part of your everyday life to be able to put more work and and be more involved in it. You can start with as little as half an hour every day and later increase it overtime. If you love playing music, you can spend a minimum half an hour every day in practice to understand how to play your instrument or compose better. In time, you will become a highly skilled musician who people can rely on. On weekends, you can spend more time doing the same and you wouldn’t mind it because you already love music. Your dedication and focus during these times will determine your career graph later.

How to merge your hobby, passion and job together
How to merge your hobby, passion and job together without tendering your resignation letter or getting yourself sacked earlier than expected. Follow your passion wisely while keeping your bills settled appropriately.

Taking Up Small Projects

Once you’re confident of your skills, you can approach potential clients for some small-scale projects that you can do. There are many freelance opportunities that you can take up and confidently deliver. Start with one and figure out how to handle the time, space and logistics for it. You will have to make time for it during your weekends and not let it affect your day job or your family time. You may not get paid very well but you will definitely get a taste of the industry that you will be working in. This can give you a broad understanding of how to work your way up the financial ladder in the industry and make a sustainable living.

Analysing The Financial Gains for Sustainability

Once you’ve delivered well on a few projects, it’s time for you to understand your footing in the industry. What is the amount of work you can deliver on a monthly basis and how much will you get paid for it? If you’re an aspiring tattoo artist, you will have to figure out the going rate for your tattoos and how many you can do in a month. Is it enough? Sustainable? Will you be happy doing this kind of work for the amount you will be getting paid? You have to answer these vital questions for yourself and understand the pros and cons.

Diving Right In

Even when you are confident that you can sustain yourself by following your passion, it is wise to give it at least six months before you dive right in. You can take this time to take a realistic approach towards your new career, grow your network and chalk out a viable business plan for your work. This is important so you can have a safe future and don’t let your talents to turn into liabilities.

Once you’ve taken care of all three steps you will be secure enough to make the switch from your day job to your new career that you’ve always dreamed about. Now you can lead a healthy and passionate work life no matter which field or industry you choose. Your day job will get the credit for help you sustain yourself when you were building yourself up to follow your passion.

Why do people think following your passion is a bad idea? Some may even argue that passion is not enough rule the world. But, imagine what the world would be like if passion didn’t exist!


Donald Trump Charges American Companies to Release Job Opportunities to the Masses

Yesterday, Donald Trump – the incoming POTUS, sent mails to the American Companies and he had succeeded in his trial through this mails. As a result, he was able to keep 700 employments in Indiana  and many more exploits like that just for him to kick off the unemployment rate. Even though he is not yet a president, within few days, he endeavored to get the main U.S organization like the Ford Motor Co. and Carrier Corp onboard in a short time.

One of the commenters once said that he already had a tactic which showed that he would surely follow the foot-marks of the heroes such as – Teddy Roosevelt, John F Kennedy (JFK), Lyndon Johnson and so on and so forth.

I never believe that it is too late to be who you want to be to contradict some professionals who declared that his gradual strategy to save jobs for the good of his administration is too little and that it`s even too late for him to reverse in the provision of employment opportunities for the joy of the Americans.

Donald Trump effects on unemployment.
Donald Trump effects on unemployment even before resuming office is giving unemployed majority a sigh of relief.

Daniel Griswold, a professional researcher at George Marson University Mercatus Center commented that even if the Congress wanted to erect the kind of financial Berlin Wall  which had prevented the U.S organizations for the productive access location overseas, He exclaimed that they had to pass a law. He continued, adding that we shouldn’t let him fall back from his endeavor so as for him not to retreat from his good works. So it’s not because of his presidential campaign, but he already has the mind of a president – in term of risk, he is ready to take risks, in term of leadership without title, he is everywhere to be found.

The matter of the fact is that as Trump is invalidating unemployment before becoming the president, rousing the hopeless with promises that could transform American economy throughout his reign, reaching his two desired goals during the campaign-obtaining victory over the major American organizations (as big as Ford and Carrier) and others like Apple Inc.,the maker of Oreo cookies, and Mondelez International Inc., there would surely be peace during his reign without any controversy.

And as added by a representative for Mondelez, Mike Mitchell, who said that the company had spent $450 million as at 2012 to innovate domestic factories and also remained committed to investing in there U.S manufacturing network where business was very sensible to do and as from then, they sought to become more efficient, valuable and viable. Apple also made its own comment that it used to invest greatly in American jobs and modernization. And much more information would still be brought to you.

We would bring you the latest report soon…


First Impressions Making Your College or Job Interview Count

While it is often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that piece of advice doesn’t apply when you go in for a college or job interview…because first impressions mean a lot.

So, whether you’re being interviewed for a spot in a college tech program or for a job in the tech field, you need to make the sort of impression that earns you a job offer or an acceptance letter.

How do you make your first impressions count?

View of a Young Lady During an Interview Make up her first impressions

Before the interview, however, ensure that your online presence helps rather than hinders your prospects. Admissions officials and hiring managers are increasingly conducting research on candidates, and they may give you the thumbs down if their digging uncovers anything suspect. As such, use your tech savvy to clean up your online footprint, which may mean deleting questionable pics and controversial comments as well as keeping personal accounts private.

With that said, read on to learn about the importance of first impressions and how you can make your college or job interview count. A quality resume will certainly help, but that’s just the start.

Seconds Matter

Seconds matter when you’re sitting across from an interviewer. Consider the following numbers to get a sense of how quickly impressions can be formed:

  • 7…the number of seconds it takes to form a first impression
  • 90the number of seconds it takes one-third of hiring managers to determine if they’ll hire someone
  • 7…the amount of time it can take for someone to judge another person’s education level, economic level, sophistication, trustworthiness, credibility, sexual orientation, ethnic background, political background, values, social desirability, and level of success

In order to make a good first impression, you need to listen to the interviewer rather than just jabber away, concentrate on the interview rather than get distracted by anything else going on around you, stay humble about your accomplishments, dress properly for the occasion, and smile.

College / Job Matters

It goes without saying that some of the same interview tips that apply to college interviews apply to job interviews. With this in mind, it’s important to consider that a first impression is based on, according to research, your facial expression (55%), what you say (7%), and your voice, intonation, and body language (38%).

On the college interview front, about 23% of colleges say in one survey that interviews are of “moderate importance.” Meanwhile, 3.5% of colleges say that interviews are very important compared to 10% in 2006, and 16.9% of colleges say that student’s “demonstrated interest” was very important. So, you should be ready in the event that you’re asked to participate in one.

On the job interview front, you need to consider not only how interviewers will come by their first impression of you, but also what sorts of things grate on the nerves of hiring managers. Considering the following, for instance:

  • 67% of bosses have rejected job candidates due to a lack of eye contact
  • 38% of hiring managers say that poor body posture can doom applicants’ chances
Resume boosts your morale during an interview - invest on it.
Resume help boosts your morale during an interview. Do everything possible to invest a lot on it. It is one of the most powerful ways to improve your first impressions during an interview.

Other no-nos include, but are not limited to, giving the impression that you’re still bitter about a company you’re no longer employed by, lacking sufficient interest or enthusiasm, giving the impression that you haven’t adequately researched your potential employer, spending too much time focusing on what you want rather than on what you can do for your potential employer, and failing to show the interviewer why you’re the right person for the job.

Yes, first impressions count for a lot. So, you need to understand how others form their first impression of you if you’re intent on making your college or job interview count. If you follow the advice included in this article, you’ll be well on your way towards either a letter of admission to the tech program of your choice or the tech job of your dreams.

Study the infographic picture below titled “First Impressions: Making Your College or Job Interview Count”.

First Impressions Making Your College or Job Interview Count
First Impressions Making Your College or Job Interview Count
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How to Make Money in Nigeria on WOK as a Freelancer

Freelancing has been around for many years and has been wildly successful in developed countries and also among some smart and savvy Nigerians who caught the freelancing bug earlier on. You would often hear of success stories such as Simon Carter and his girlfriend, Emily of GreenBox designs who joined Elance, and due to their hard work, they have grown their freelancing careers which have afforded them the time and finances to travel to Thailand, Spain, Indonesia and South Africa. A fine second example would be Brandon Cowan who is the 19-year-old mobile app entrepreneur who founded Crazy Dog Apps and lives in Australia. He created hit mobile apps like iParkHere and routinely uses freelance platforms to find mobile app developers for his company.

Brandon Cowan, founder of Crazy Dog Apps who lives in Australia

However, in Nigeria, not much has been achieved in the field of freelancing, and there are a few reasons why our freelance economy isn’t yet developed. One of such reasons is that we are yet to recognize the potential that lies in the freelance world. Quite a few people have tried but failed to create an enduring freelance platform that caters to the needs of Nigerians and indeed Africans. It’s our mission to change that. Find below an infographic showing the countries with the top users of freelance services. There seems to be a huge opportunity in the countries with gray areas.Top users of freelance services by country

So what is freelancing or who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who isn’t committed to any employer in the long term and chooses to be self-employed but provides services to people who are willing to pay for it by the hour, day or per job instead of working a 9-to-5 job for a salary.

This perhaps explains the difference between WOK and Jobberman or NaijaHotjobs etc. We don’t deal with 9-to-5 salary paying jobs, but we allow freelancers who are willing to work from anywhere, including their homes, offices, cybercafés, campuses, hotels, classrooms, dormitories or hostels, cars, coffee shops in fact anywhere there is a computer and internet access. The most popular categories usually include writing, designs, web based services, programming, jingles production, and music production etc.

Why Choose the Name “WOK”?

As we all know, there a popular adage that says “Charity begins at Home”. Wok is a word we coined from the Nigerian Pidgin English which means Work. Wok can be used as a noun e.g. “I no sale any wok today” or as a verb e.g. “oga give me wok, I go wok am for you”.  The name was chosen because its easily relatable and its understood by all.

How safe is this website?

Safety has been the bedrock of our initiative, right form project development to launch. We are using the latest and strongest data encryption technology same as those used in bank websites to protect user data. It can be seen as a green padlock in the address bar.

There are strategic feedback systems which connects freelancers, buyers and website engineers including ability of users to flag and/or report suspicious activity on the website.

We built a trust rating system that allows the buyer to select freelancers based on their ratings, form the lowest 1 star to the highest 5 stars, so if you find a 5 star freelancer, you will be more than sure the freelancer has satisfied customers in the past, and can satisfy you too.

How to join the team of “Wokrs”

It’s very easy, you just need to register on and verify your email address. Wok notifications will be sent to your email when a buyer places and order so It’s important to use your most frequently used email address. In order to be successful you should make your work a very personal experience.

WorkFlow For Freelancers on WOK

WorkFlow For Buyers on WOK

Then Whats next?

  1. You should update your profile. Because it speaks volumes about you, your biography, your profile picture should be bright and clear. It give the clients a good first impression about your personality.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take a leap. Starting is very important and how best to do so can even be overwhelming to some people. Don’t expect too much at the start because the website has limited maximum job prices to 5,000 NGN this is to prevent scammers and spamming. It will also allow users to learn from their experience, to start small, learn and grow gradually. If your job should cost a lot, consider breaking the job into several segments and billing them separately, e.g., if the total cost of your service should be 20,000 NGN, consider breaking it into segments of 5,000 NGN each and posting them as separate jobs.
  3. Be ready to work Hard. Rome wasn’t built in a day, this isn’t a “get rich quick scheme”. Your success on WOK or any other freelance platform depends entirely on the freelancer. Your work has to meet certain standards and you will have to work within an acceptable deadline once contracted. Meeting a given deadline will go a long way to drive you on the wheels of success.

Feel free to contact Wok Nigeria Team on if you have any questions about the service.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

How to Land A Job Straight From Your iPad!

A leading VoIP provider in the United States surveyed hundreds of small businesses to measure mobile device adoption and cloud service usage among today’s businesses. Tablet adoption among businesses has increased to 62% from just 28% two years ago, says RingCentral. Interestingly, cloud app popularity in the business community paralleled the unprecedented mobile gadget usage in enterprises.

For instance, businesses around the world are expected to buy more than 96.3 million tablets in the next three years, from just 13.6 million units in 2011. Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and managing firm based in the US, also said that tablet deployments in businesses can grow to 15% this year, about four-folds from 4% in 2012.

Job interview

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most businesses use cloud services today to automate tasks crucial to their business, including their hiring process. In fact, cloud app usage among hiring teams or human resources officers are predicted to increase to 13% this year, according to the HR Systems Survey by CedarCrestone Inc.

Although on its road to recovery, the still-volatile US economy has shoved about 11.7 million Americans beneath the employment threshold. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.6% of the country’s entire labor force is currently unemployed.

And with an estimated 90 million tablet users in the US by 2014, businesses must’ve realized that hundreds of thousands of promising talents are now mobile. Thank heavens for cloud job hunting apps that can walk job seekers through finding employment in today’s economy. It’s high-time to take advantage of businesses’ mobile hiring processes through TechRadar’s job hunting apps for the iPad!

  • CV-Library HD

CV-Library HD is available for free in iPad. With about 50,000 real-time jobs available and 4.7 million users to boast of, this app can help you search for and land a job from across 70 industries in the country. Aside from finding the job that fits your skills and experience (coupled with useful info on the job description, salary, and company location), CV-Library HD also allows you to create and review your CV, just in time for your job application.

  • Interview Questions Pro

For a little less than a few dollars, you can download Interview Questions Pro to your handheld tablet. This app can make job interviews look like a walk in the park. After leafing through the classified ads and creating an impressive CV, Interview Questions Pro can prepare you for your big day—your job interview! Knock off the hiring manager from his seat with superb answers on categories such as behavioral aspects, work history, critical thinking, as well as questions about you—the candidate. Interview Questions Pro can also provide you with ideal questions to ask your boss to keep the conversation flowing.

  • Resume Designer

Resume Designer is a job hunting app that allows you to create your CV anytime and anywhere by simply filling out relevant information for your resume. Although for a fee, Resume Designer for iPad is a simple CV template tool you can take anywhere with you. Maybe you could try applying for a job even while enjoying a short vacation at the beach!

  • LinkedIn

Of course our list of the best job hunting apps in the app world wouldn’t be complete without social networking site LinkedIn on it. LinkedIn has a mobile version designed especially for your tablet PC. It is a business social network that allows you to create a virtual CV and upload it as your LinkedIn profile, keep in touch with colleagues, request recommendations, and look for job positions to apply for. Plus, you can keep posted with the latest industry news and company info using your LinkedIn account.

Edward is an article writer that talks about business and technology. He contributed different business and technology related articles like gadgets review, latest tech news, small business phone guides and business phone service in different websites. Aside from writing, he also loves to read books, to travel and do skydiving during his free time.