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New Technology for iPlayer App; you may start changing TV Channels with your Brain instead of Using a Remote

BBC and The Place are working on a new BBC iPlayer technology; this technology will allow you to Navigate TV Channels with your mindBBC iPlayer app headset

BBC has teamed up with a user experience company “The Place,” to create an application that works like a Mind-control TV remote.

According to a blog post, the system uses an ECG-branwave reading headset which is able to display a power bar on the screen according to user’s concentration. Wearer will be presented with program list to watch and as the app cycles and changes highlighting stations every 10 seconds, user will simply meditate with their mind to select what they want to watch. Think of it like the golf game’s power bar.

Though, impressive technology like all other consumer-grade brain scanning hardware, it isn’t that great at the moment; it can only detect one binary input (hence the need to subsequently switch between shows). But at least, you could see how important this new iPlayer technology would be for people with limited mobility.

Don’t throw away your TV remote yet, the iPlayer headset isn’t coming to market any time soon, prototypes is just being developed.

Looking at the TV technology trend, the new iPlayer headset which will allow you to navigate TV program with your mind might be the next update.

The first electronic TV would now be 84 years old if it still exists, the TV technology was never imagined it will become what it is today, and this is to tell us never to doubt what it will become.

Far back as I knew in the 80s, if we ever want to control the TV, either to change the channel or alternate the volume, we have to get up, walk up to the TV and roll the knob.

The TV technology from the 90s up till now has experienced tremendous growth.

I could remember when I first handled a TV remote, it looked more like a magic, the present age, which is the 21st century experienced controlling TV via Smartphone or tablet through app, life got more fun, comfortable and luxurious.

The future seem to be saying your finger will not be doing the job; thus iPlayer mind control technology.